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Small Surprises, Big Consequences

Chapter 1: Tenacity

Ann Possible was in the middle of vacuuming her home when the sound of heavy banging at the door broke her concentration. She was so surprised by the sudden noise that she forgot to walk over and answer the door for whomever it may be. During these few seconds the doorbell lent itself to the cacophony. The neurosurgeon turned and looked across the room as the door shook hard with every collision. She had no idea who could be so unbelievably rude but she intended to find out if for nothing else then to stop the noise, which was attracting the other three present members of the Possible household.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" She shouted to the door and the noise was quickly replaced by blessed silence. Kim and the Tweebs having heard the loud noise from their rooms came over to see who might be causing such a commotion. The twin siblings were curious as to what caller would come to their home in such a manner. Kim on the other hand only approached because she had a bad feeling about it and her intuitions were rarely if ever wrong.

With caution Ann opened the door and looked out at first seeing nothing but the empty street.

"Little lower." Said a young voice in what sounded like strained frustration. Ann looked down and was surprised by the sight before her. Kim remained by the stairs but Jim and Tim pushed past one another to see who stood in front of their mother.

A little girl probably no older then the Tweebs herself stood with her arms crossed and a scowl carved into her face before Ann, looking up at the neurosurgeon with obvious annoyance. Her hair was jet-black and cut just above her shoulders and her piercing eyes were an emerald green. Her skin was white and had a pasty smudged quality to it as well as dirt staining her left cheek. She wore a dark gray hooded sweatshirt at least two sizes too large, and black shorts with scuffed sneakers. The young girl was almost the spitting image of the stereotypical movie orphan.

Dr. Possible quickly found her bearings and spoke, "Um, can I help you dear? Are you a friend of Jim and Tim?" She asked considering their similar ages. The twins rarely had friends over despite being fairly popular at their school and usually used their time at home to find out new ways to blow things up or send them into orbit (preferably both).

"No mom." Said Tim.

"We don't know her." Added Jim. Although silently they both agreed that they wouldn't mind getting to know the girl. As far as the Tweebs were concerned the mysterious child was very cute even if she was glaring at the two of them through Dr. Possible's legs.

"As if," she tsked dismissively, "I'm looking for Kim Possible. She here?" Her tone had an air of rude entitlement that seemed as though it would be more appropriate on a member of the royal family.

Dr. Possible was a woman of incredible patience but she like any responsible adult didn't enjoy being talked down to by someone less than a third her age and half her size. Ann was about to open her mouth to scold the girl who hadn't even introduced herself but was cut off when Kim pushed the Tweebs aside and stepped up to the door next to her mother. She had heard the girl say her name from the stairs and figured that maybe she was there to request her help for a mission and didn't know how to use her site.

"You were asking for me?" Kim asked the strange girl. The little dark-haired girl turned her attention from the Doctor to the cheerleader. Kim was surprised to find the girl moving her eyes up and down her body. It was as though she was sizing her up and finding her wanting.

"You're Kim Possible? I dunno, I guess I expected someone… taller." She said sounding strangely disappointed.

Kim frowned at the response. She wasn't used to offering her assistance to people with such a rude attitude. If this girl wanted her help she was certainly going about it the wrong way. She heard the way she spoke to her mother and the twins and was frankly getting sick of it.

"Now listen you-" She was cut off when the girl held up a finger and turned towards the Doctor again.

"A little privacy please." She said offended and not at all in a requesting fashion. Dr, Possible sighed and turned to get back into the house. If the girl had come to her daughter then it really was no business of hers.

Besides, the older woman reasoned, If she needed Kim then maybe she's in trouble. That would explain her impatience. Ann had a habit of trying to find the lighter side of any situation. It might very well have been very personal too, like a kidnapping she can't talk to the police about. That's happened a couple of times in the past.

When Ann left the doorway, Kim stepped outside and closed the door behind her. She was used to occasionally having to keep certain mission somewhat hush hush and figured that this might very well be a situation of that particular variety.

"Okay, were in private. What can I help you with?"

The girl looked around cautiously with a face revealing that she had issues with Kim's definition of "private". After confirming that there were no onlookers she looked Kim in the eye. Something about the young girl nagged at Kim like an annoying itch. She felt like she met her before, several times in fact but couldn't place her. It was amazingly irritating.

"Okay, so I read you past mission roster on that site of yours…" She said cautiously. Kim was at a loss. If the girl knew about her site, then why not contact her through it? It wasn't like it was hard to use or any thing. The dark-haired girl continued.

"So like, that blue guy's thief. Calls herself Shego, you know her right?" Kim was taken aback. What was a young girl asking about Shego for? Yes Kim knew the pale-green woman but she wasn't a friend of hers or anything like that. She didn't have the woman's phone number if that's what the girl was asking.

"Well do you?" the girl said impatiently when she wasn't greeted with an immediate response.

"Okay lets hold up and back up a bit. You haven't even told me who you are yet. That sounds like a better place to start things off." Kim said trying to sound patient.

The girl furrowed her brow in annoyance and then seemed to retreat within herself in deep thought. After what felt like a minute she spoke.

"Agni, you can call me Agni." She said with some finality.

"Agni what?" Kim asked. She got the feeling that she was being given an alias.

"Agni None-of-your-business, that's what!" The emerald-eyed girl snapped.

"Hey listen, I don't like being jerked around by people asking for my help, so cool it!" Kim snapped. The girl was working her last nerve, and the feeling of familiarity she gave off made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. The green-eyed child grit her teeth and looked away.

"Sorry" she said barely above a whisper. To Kim it seemed like the girl apologizing took all the strength she had in her. The cheerleader decided to cut the girl a break.

"Apology accepted, now what were you asking about Shego?" Kim didn't want to admit it but she was very curious about Agni. There was just something about the young girl…

"So you do know her. Good. That makes things easier. Listen, I need you to take me to her."

For a moment Kim thought she had heard the girl wrong. However after looking at the resolute determination all over the girls face, she understood that was not the case.

"What? Take you to Shego? Are you crazy?" Kim said in shock. If the girl had gone to her site, she would know that Shego was a wanted criminal. The pale-green thief had warrants out for her arrest in almost every country in the world, not to mention the fact that she was extremely dangerous. Agni merely raised an eyebrow at the reaction.

"I certainly am not crazy!" She said hotly. "Listen, I just want to find her. I'll pay you if that's what you want."

Kim shook her head. She never asked for money and wasn't about to start with some clearly confused little girl. "I don't need you money." Then something occurred to the teenager that should have come to mind much sooner. "Hey, where are your parents?"

"My grandparents are back home in Go." Agni stated curtly. If Kim were drinking she would have reflexively done a spit-take after hearing that. Go was three states over, and the girl in front of her couldn't have been more then twelve. "You traveled all the way here, by yourself?" She stated shocked.

"Um… Duh." She said as If it were obvious. "There's no way Gram or Gramp would ever let me come here so I had to take some initiative. It was no big deal."

"No big deal! I have to get you back home!" Kim quickly said. The girl could have gotten herself killed just trying to get to her, and while she wouldn't admit it Kim was pretty impressed. At hearing the redhead's shocked outburst the girl shook her head vehemently.

"No, what you have to do is get me to Shego. So how bout it?"

Kim ground her teeth if frustration. How could one little girl cause her such grief in such a short period of time? It was looking to be such a good morning too. She decided to just get to the bottom of the matter rather then play Agni's little games.

"Why do you want to meet Shego so badly? She's a wanted criminal!"

The girl crossed her arms and scoffed. "I'm a huge fan. I thought you could introduce me to my idol." The girl said laying on the sarcasm as thick as molasses.

Kim had reached her limit of patience. She reached down and grabbed Agni's hand, and pulled her within the house. Her first and (as far as she was concerned, only) order of business was to get Agni back to her grandparents as soon as possible. First she would get her something to eat and then they would be off. While Kim was loath to call in a favor for something so minor she was left with little choice.

"So," said Agni in a cautiously questioning tone, "you going to take me to Shego then?"

"The only place I'm going to take you is back to your grandparents." Kim said hotly. She was tired of playing games and she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. The girl was just unpleasant to be around. At hearing Kim's response Agni began to pull feebly at Kim's hand wrapped tightly around her wrist to get free.

"Argh, dammit! Let go of me! This was a waste of time! I should have just done this myself! Leggo of my hand!" She said as she tried to brace her legs. Kim wasn't surprised that the girl swore. It seemed to fit with her overall attitude. What did surprise her was how strongly she was pulling to get free. A normal little girl wouldn't be that strong, and if Kim didn't have such a good grip on her she would have broken free by now.

"Calm down, when was the last time you ate?" She couldn't imagine it was anytime soon considering that at the sound of the word "food" the girl's stomach responded almost immediately with a strained rumble. She tried to cover it up by snapping at Kim.

"Shut up! I can take care of myself thanks!"

"I'm sure. You expect to find a woman like Shego when you can't even remember to feed yourself." Kim heard the girl mumble something under her breath. "What was that?"

"I said; I thought I'd need all my money to bribe you into helping me, so I couldn't waste it on food." She reached into her sweater pocket and pulled out a surprisingly thick wad of bills. " I have five hundred dollars here and it's all yours if you can get me to Shego."

Kim nearly tripped at the sight. "What's a little girl like you doing with so much cash?"

"I'm not little, and I'm spoiled rotten by my grandparents, that's what."

"Spoiled is right…" Kim said under her breath.

She would never accept such money from an adult let alone a child. However as she prepared a tuna sandwich for Agni, she couldn't help but wonder what would make the girl go to such lengths to meet a woman like Shego. She asked that very question, as she handed the girl the sandwich. Rather then answer, the pale young girl threw her an annoyed glare and nearly shoved the entire sandwich down her throat, barely able to hold In the small sigh of happiness from finally eating a real meal after three days of travel. She'd had nothing but granola bars to keep her strength up and those ran out the night before.

Kim sat down across from her and watched as the girl ate, wondering all the while who she was and why she seemed so familiar. Agni sensed this and looked up at Kim with annoyance before swallowing her current mouthful.

"Stop looking at me. It's creepy."

The teen sighed and silently decided to take the girl home after she finished her sandwich. As she thought of this, the Kimmunicators familiar ring tone filled the kitchen. Kim quickly answered it and tried to ignore Agni as she looked over her shoulder at the strange device.

"Hey Wade, What's the stitch?"

"Hey Kim, Listen..." He paused when he saw the small face looking over Kim's shoulder.

"Who is that?"

Kim looked behind her and sighed. "Hold on Wade." She turned away from the Kimmunicator and looked Agni in the eye. "I want you to stay right here and finish your sandwich. I'll get back to you in a minute."

Agni sighed and crossed her arms. "Yeah, whatever…"

Kim went up to her room and closed her door behind her for some privacy. The last thing she wanted was that girl getting any bad ideas. She turned her attention back to Wade.

"Sorry about that, Wade."

"Who was that?"

"It's a long story. So, the stitch?"

"Oh yeah, sorry, I guess I spaced for a bit. Well, it seems like our favorite blue inventor has decided to enclose all of Nevada in some kind of dome made of ice. Sounds like he's run out of ideas huh?"

"Drakken, really? What are the odd of that…" Well, now the redhead knew where Shego was, at least for now considering how the green thief got around. Not that the cheerleader had any intention of bringing Agni anywhere but home in Go city.

"Kim?" Wade asked having noticed Kim looking off into space.

"Sorry Wade, so just the standard operation then?"

"Seems like, your ride should be there any minute."

"Thanks Wade, I'll call you when I get there." She closed the connection.

"So, when are we leaving?"

Kim let out a shriek and fell off of her bed at hearing the sudden voice from behind. She quickly turned with her fists in the ready only to see Agni casually sitting on her bed.

"Agni! How did you get in here?" The redhead had been facing the door the entire time so she knew that the girl hadn't entered through there.

"Through the window, doy." She stated as though it were obvious.

"This is the second floor!" Kim hollered. Agni just shrugged dismissively. To have heard any of Kim's conversation with Wade, the girl had to have ran around the house, climbed up to Kim's window from a wall with no suitable handholds and gotten through the closed window, all within a minute and a half. On top of that, she did it without making any sounds that would have alerted Kim.

Who is this girl?

"Shego works for that Drakken dude right? The guy you're going after? Well what great timing! Lets go!" Agni grinned, maybe for the first time since Kim met her. The expression made the younger girl look very cute. Despite this, Kim just looked at her levelly. She had some bad news to break to the girl.

(Two hours later)

Kim hoped that the bratty little pre-teen wasn't giving her mother too hard a time. When she told Agni that she was leaving her in the care of her parents until she got back, the girl thrown a fit hard enough to shake the house. Kim had actually considered tying her to the bed to insure the young girl didn't follow her. She was currently in the passenger compartment of a military transport chopper waiting for when she would take the plunge towards the icy dome that used to be the state of Nevada rapidly becoming visible in the distance.

Apparently Drakken was demanding a ransom of fifty billion dollars from the state of Nevada in exchange for his release of the city. She got so frustrated sometimes with the blue scientist. He certainly had above average talent in his field, but the man was just lacking in everywhere else, common sense most of all. His greatest achievement it seemed was keeping Shego on his payroll.

Thinking about the green thief just brought Kim's thoughts back to Agni. The girl was a mystery that was for sure and not one easily solved considering how tight-lipped she was being. There was more to this girl wanting to meet Shego than she was seeing. Maybe should would inquire about the girl to Shego during their usual combat banter. Who knows, maybe the green-thief would be able to answer her questions. Kim noticed that the ice dome was now right underneath the chopper. She prepared herself for the freefall, checking on her parachute.

"Were supposed to land on that thing right?" Said a voice from behind.

Kim shrieked and whipped around, almost falling from the helicopter in the process. Agni was sitting behind her wearing a parachute that barely fit her and staring calmly while waiting for an answer.

"Agni, what are you doing here?" Kim shouted. This was getting ridiculous. The teen refused to believe that the young girl had been hiding behind her the entire time. Agni just looked up at her with an expression that said the reason was pretty obvious. Kim grit her teeth.

"Listen; there is no way I'm taking you on this mission with me! You're just a little girl with an obvious death wish! This is dangerous work, and you could get hurt!" Kim shouted without pause. She needed to take a deep breath after she got all that out. In response, Agni merely crossed her arms.

"You finished? Good. Now listen, I'm going down there one way or another. Either you take me with you or I go it on my own." Kim realized that she really wasn't given much of a choice. If she left the girl up on the chopper there was a very good chance that she would escape on her own and get herself killed. If she went with Kim then at least the redhead could keep an eye on her.

"Fine, she said after taking a deep sigh of defeat, "but listen up, I don't want you leaving my side for anything! You understand?" Agni's eyes lit up and she nodded vehemently.

It's strange, the girl acts so mature most of the time but she seems so young when she's happy, almost like a normal girl. At least, as long as you ignore her skin tone.

After explaining what they were going to do, both jumped from the chopper. Kim made sure Agni kept a firm grip around her waist as they fell towards the massive ice structure. It surprised the redhead that the girl took to such dangerous business so calmly. Agni had a strange look of determination on her face that surprised Kim quite a bit. After a moment of waiting and preparation the redhead released the parachute. Moments later the two landed safely on the surface of the dome. Using a cutting laser built into Kim's lipstick the unlikely duo made their way inside.

A large metal sphere floated high above the city underneath the ice-wall. It was about the size of your average mansion. If Wade's description was accurate, that was the machine Drakken was using to freeze over the state. It had been stolen from a top secret military research facility not ten hours ago by none other then Shego herself and Drakken wasted no time using it since she remembered to retrieve it's user manual (she remembered her mistakes after the weather machine incident). Using her grappling hook, Kim swung Agni and herself over to the sphere and made their way up to its entrance hatch. Kim used her cutting laser to make a hole big enough to fit through.

The entire time the hero thoroughly warning the young girl to keep close to her no matter what to which Agni's response was usually a rude, "I'm not deaf, y'know!"

The moment Kim entered the facility three of Drakken's hired thugs were upon her. Of course since these were Drakken's hired thugs they afforded her little difficulty. All three hit the ground in just under a minute after they charged her. Kim wondered if any had alerted the rest of the ship to their presence. She hoped not, not because of her own safety but because keeping an eye on Agni was proving to be a chore. The girl seemed like she was always trying to run ahead.

Unexpectedly Kim heard a whistle from behind. She turned around to find Agni was looking down at the beaten bodies with admiration, and then nudged one with her shoe.

"Hmm, this really is your thing, huh? Your better than I thought you'd be."

"Really?" Kim asked in surprise. It was the first compliment the young girl had given her. In fact it was the first positive thing that the young girl had said all day.

"Yeah, I figured you'd really suck. I mean, I keep sneaking up on you and I'm only twelve."

Kim's mood soured, "You're a cheeky little brat you know that?"

Agni merely shrugged. "Runs in my family."

"Some family," Kim hissed under her breath as they made their way through several more rooms and a few more guards. By Kim's calculations they should reach the control center very soon. The cheerleader rounded the corner keeping sure that Agni stayed well behind her before a very familiar green and black sight filled her vision.

Shego stood in front of the cheerleader with both hands ignited with that mysterious green power of hers. The older woman's eyes were half lidded in a look of extreme boredom. She smirked when she saw Kim and pushed herself off the wall where she was leaning against.

"Ahh, Pumpkin. There's finally, something for me to do in this big metal ping-pong ball. I'm glad you were so prompt in showing up. I was starting to get worried" She took a crouched fighting stance to compensate for the narrow corridor they stood in.

"Alright, Kimmie. Lets do thi-" Her words died off as Agni stepped out from behind Kim and looked up at the pale-green thief. The woman's stance dropped all at once and she just stood and stared at the girl in open shock completely forgetting about Kim.

Kim wasn't sure how to react. Something unseen appeared to be passing between the two in front and behind her. She'd never seen the pale thief look so surprised. Then they said something that turned Kim's world on its head.

"Agni…" Shego said in a mix of both shock a denial as though the woman was having trouble believing in the sight before her.

Agni looked up at the dark-haired woman and smiled. "Hi Mom."

Chapter 1: End