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Rid of perfection.


That was all she heard. The little girl rubbed her ears just to make sure, however she was certain. The clattering and sounds of movement that were present just a few moments before had escaped, through what she thought, an open window. Carefully she pushed the cupboard door open and stepped out from the dark confines, alert. Eyes peeled, she cautiously made her way to the stairs. Adrenaline pumped vigorously through her tiny form, her muscles tense. She climbed stealthily.

5 more to go. Keep breathing.

But on the second to last, the stair gave way to a hideous creak.

Eyes widened.

Sucked breath.

She gripped the rail, her feet fixed to the wood and squeezed her eyes shut, scared of what may come. Nothing. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Nothing. Taking a few precious seconds to compose herself she completed the staircase and walked down the corridor, to the last door.

This is it.

She felt her eyes burn with the pressure. Shaking fingers gripped the handle. Praying softly, she pushed and opened the door. And at that moment it seemed the world stopped, and all senses escaped her.

He was still sitting in that chair of his. Seemingly oblivious to the destruction around him. Papers were scattered, and books were torn off bookcases, and shattered glass was everywhere. Exactly what his study was not, he was always a perfectionist. His face was the same, but different. Pain was etched into his eyes, eyes which were just like hers, deep red, colour of rich wine. However, as she looked further down, the senses of shock, and intense pain kicked in. A small trail of red had trickled down the front of his neck, the source coming from behind.


Her sense returned, she screamed. Ran to him. Calling his name. Yet as she looked up at him, her eyes brimming of tears, no reply came. Slowly but surely, drop by drop, tears enveloped her face. Sliding to the floor she knew not of the pain and suffering which would come only later in her life, and how these tears would fall again. She only knew the present, as she hugged his legs, her luscious brown hair sweeping free of its loose hold, swathing the air around her. Eyes tightly closed, all she wanted was to fall asleep. She was tired, and he was gone.


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