Gender Bending 2: Zella

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Chapter 1

It was late night when Zelos Wilder entered his large mansion wearing a medical mask over his mouth and nose and carrying a flowerpot with a few flowers growing in it. A few flowers he recently "harvested" from the Ymir forest. A few very familiar, blue and violet petaled flowers. The red-haired ex-Chosen sighed. Am I really going to do this? He thought. A few months previously, the pollen from those very same flowers turned Lloyd from swordsman to the swordswoman Lydia. It wasn't long before the two developed feelings for one another, despite the interesting (to say the least) circumstances. At the time, Zelos managed to convince Lydia to take the cure created by Yuan to turn her back into Lloyd because Zelos was a spy for Cruxis and a relationship would cause both of them pain.

However, now that Zelos had betrayed Cruxis, the worlds were reunited and Yggdrasil was killed, there was nothing to occupy Zelos' mind and he thought back to Lydia. Not even his many "precious hunnies" were able to distract him. Now there was no reason he couldn't be with her, Zelos couldn't help but scheme. ... It would be so easy to trick Lloyd into smelling this flower... Zelos angrily shook his head. No! Lloyd's my bud and I'm not going to make him go through all the grief of gender swapping again!

Zelos angrily slammed the potted flowers onto a nearby table, took off the face mask and went up to bed. Due to the reunification of the worlds, Ymir was even farther from Meltokio than before and it had taken him the entire day to fly over there, find the elusive flowers, and fly home. Now he was too tired to contemplate if he should go through with his plan or not. I'll think about it tomorrow. I'm beat! Zelos exhaustedly crawled into his bed, but didn't sleep much. He kept arguing with himself about what to do about Lloyd and the flower. Eventually, Zelos finally decided he couldn't use the flower on Lloyd. It would be just too cruel. After making the decision, Zelos found his mind was at ease and was able to rest. His last thought before falling asleep was I've made the right choice.

Lloyd Irving yawned as he left the Meltokio Coliseum. He just won yet another fighting tournament there. I wonder if it's cheating to use the Eternal Sword in those fights... it sure was easy. Man, I'm tired. He thought about it. He was so tired and sore that he decided it probably wasn't safe to fly a Rheaird anywhere. Hmm... Where am I supposed to stay? Oh! I bet Zelos has some spare rooms! I mean, he lives in a freaking mansion!

A short walk later, Lloyd was at Zelos' house, and he knocked on the door. "Zelos? Sebastian? Is anyone home?" When no one answered, Lloyd turned the knob and saw that Zelos had neglected to lock the door. He walked into the dimly lit house and noticed a face mask and a pot of flowers on a table. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, Lloyd wasn't one and remained oblivious. He leaned closer to one of the flowers, trying to get a better look at it in the dark room. It looks...familiar. When his face was right next to it, Lloyd finally realized what it was. "That's the-" He began as a puff of violet pollen appeared and he inhaled it. "Oh no..." He began as he fell to the floor.

The next morning, Zelos opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into a pair of large brown eyes. "Lloyd?" He blinked. No... it was Lydia, standing over his bed. "Is this a dream?" Zelos gasped.

"No. It's your worst nightmare." Lydia snarled, her face pink with fury.

"Huh? Lydia, I-" He was interrupted by the brunette grabbing his precious red hair and yanked him to his feet, hard. "Hey! Ow! Ow! What're you- Ow! -doing?"

"Do you think this is funny?" Lydia yelled, gesturing to her 'new' body.

"Actually, yeah I kinda do." Zelos said and Lydia yanked his hair. "Ow! Okay, wrong answer..."

"Why did you have that flower of all flowers in your house?" Lydia growled.

"I...I don't know what you're talking abo-ow! Watch the hair!" Zelos whined after Lydia yanked once again on his long hair.

"I don't believe you! Come with me!" Lydia said angrily as she pulled Zelos out of the room and down the stairs.

"L-Lydia!" Zelos yelled desperately. "Don't hurt me! Remember all the good times we shared?"

"Don't even try it!" Lydia growled at him. "My body may have already changed, but it will take a while for my mind to! I'm gonna make you pay for making me go through this again!"

"Wh-where are you taking me?" Zelos stammered as Lydia continued to pull him through the mansion.

"So you think that flower's effects are funny?" She muttered, ignoring Zelos completely. "Well then let's see you you like it! You already look the part, anyway."

If Zelos wasn't distracted by the incredible pain in is scalp, he might have deciphered the threat. At the moment, though, he was using all of his brainpower to figure out a way to escape Lydia's clutches. Near the front door, Lydia seemed to have reached her destination, because she stopped walking. She yanked Zelos' hair particularly hard and pulled his head level to a table. The strength of the hair pull caused Zelos to close his eyes in pain and when he reopened them, he was staring straight at one of the remaining gender bender flowers. "What the f-" He began as he accidentally inhaled the pollen that shot into his face. Lydia released Zelos and he stood back up to his full height and rounded on Lydia. "Do you have any idea what you've done?" He angrily moved towards her... and lost consciousness.

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