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Title:A Twist of Fate

Sequel to:To Trust a Stranger

Let The Story Begin!

"You're late!"Tsunade bowed her head in shame."Sorry, Tsuande-shishou."She apoligized."Please forgive me."Sakura sighed."...Just go treat your patient."Tsunade nodded and hurried she got to room 159, she hesitantly opened the door.

'I really hate this 's such a pervert!'She thought.I swear if he dare touches me again, he's gonna have more than just a broken leg!Shannaro!Inner Sakura grimaced at the was broke out of her thoughts when she heard and ever so annoying voice.

"Sakura!"Her patient almost scowled."I am your docter, please call me Haruno-san."Sakura patient laughed."Your so funny, Sakura babe."He 's eye twitched ever so picked up his clip board and read over it.A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

"After today, you will be free to go home, fushigora-san."Sakura frowned."Awww, really?I'll miss you, Sakura babe."He 's eye twitched, again.He better stop calling us that if he knows what's good for him!Sakura ignored her."Same here."Sakura said, sarcasm clear in her voice.

Fugimore smirked."Well, if that's how you feel, Sakura babe, then I'll just keep breaking bones, and then we can see eachother everyday!"He 's brow furrowed."Heh , don't."Sakura just thought she was going to puke.

She shook her head."Now, Fushigora-san, I am going to take off your cast."She said."So just stay don't want to go through what we went through last time."She just didn't trust got close enough to take off his kept her eyes on him, not letting her gaurd down, not even for a second.

She removed the cast with ease and began healing his leg."Mmmm, I like your touch, Sakura babe."Fushigora almost sighed, trying to remain she healed him, she went back to his clip means she turned around, her back facing him.

Bad mistake, Sakura.

As soon as she felt his hand brush against her backside, she turned around, fire burning in her gave her his 'innocent' clenched, and unclenched her fist."Fushigora-san."Sakura said through cleanched teeth."What have I told you about touching me, at all?!"She said.

Fushigora shrugged."You know I don't listen to well, Sakura I do watch your lips some other parts of your body that I guess you wouldn't want me to mention."He said."Ahhhhhhh!I can't take it anymore!"Sakura watched in horror as Sakura took a needle and stuck it through his arm.

The man fell unconsicious shortly after."Sakura-san!"Shizune said as she opened the door."Yes, Shizune?"Sakura asked."I-I heard a everything okay?"She smiled."Yes, everything is okay, -san is just resting now so..."Sakura held her index finger up to her lips."Shhhh."

Shizune held disbelief in her eyes, but nodded and shut the door almost laughed.'I'm finally free of this pervert!No more 30 year old pervert!'Sakura thought."Woohoo!"She said and jumped for joy....Outer, I think you're going crazy...(No, Sakura didn't kill him!)

"Tsunade-san!"Said two male ninja as they barged into the Hokage's office."Orochimaru is dead!"One of them almost spit out her coffee."W-what?"She asked."Look!"The other one said and handed her a peice of scanned it carefully.

"Uchiha Sasuke."Tsunade whispered."Yes!Uchiha killed Orochimaru!Apparently, Orochimaru was his mentor, and I guess Uchiha just turned on him!"A male ninja 's brow furrowed."Thank are dismissed."Tsunade two ninja bowed and left her office.

"Shizune!"Tsunade called."Y-yes, Tsunade-san!"Shizune said as she hurried into her office."Get me Sakura."Tsunade nodded and ran out the sighed and rested her head on her hands.

Sakura walked down to the Hokage's office quickly.'Shizune sounded pretty urgent.I wonder what Tsunade wants me to do that's so important...'Her thoughts trailed off as she reached her door."Yes, Tsunade-shishou?"Sakura asked as she opened her door.

Tsunade looked at Sakura and sighed."Sakura..."She became was always strait to the was she hesitating?"What's the matter, Shishou?"Sakura cleared her beckoned for Sakura to come closer.

Sakura did as instructed and stood in front of her desk."...That patient that you couldn't remember..."She nodded, waiting for her to go on."He...The reason you couldn't remember him was because he erased your memory."Sakura's eyes widen."Okay...what's so impor-"She started but was cut off."He was a student of Orochimaru."Tsunade said.

Sakura's breath hitched in her throat."...W-what?"She said."I think he was going to hurt you or wanted to destroy this village, so he sent your patient to kill , that would help the destruction of your patient must of fell...in love with you, so he didn't kill you."Tsunade said.

Sakura had an OMG face as Tsunade informed her all of this."And now, Sasuke had killed Orochimaru."Sakura gasped."Do you remember him?"Tsunade said as she showed her the picture on the paper that the two ninja have just recently given her.

Sakura looked at the picture closely.'I've...seen his face before...'Sakura thought....He's soooooooooo hot!Inner Sakura started to drool."I kinda remember him.I've definently seen his face before."Sakura said."But why are you telling me this?"She asked.

Tsunade sighed."I think you loved him, Sakura."Tsunade blinked.'That still doesn't really answer my question...'Sakura thought."I want you, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kakashi to go and investigate what will be their medic nin."Tsunade hesitantly nodded.

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