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Title:A Twist of Fate

Sequel to:To Trust a Stranger

Sasuke awoke in a dark room, chained to a chair, had already happened once, and one time was thing is, the chains aren't that comfortable, so...yeah.Sakura looks even more beautiful when her green eyes glisten with tears, don't cha think?Inner Sasuke scowled.

'Why are you still here?'Sasuke Sasuke sighed.I'm still here because you wont admit that you want Sakura!Now, since you will never admit it, I guess I'll have to convince you.Inner Sasuke mentally cocked an eyebrow.'And how are you going to do that?'

This is how!Inner Sasuke , a mental picture of Sakura wearing nothing but a flower in her hair popped into Sasuke's Sasuke were a pervert, he would have a major nose , he wasn' a blush did appear on his cheeks.'Stop.'He commanded.

Inner Sasuke ignored his command.Wouldn't you want to have her in your bed, kissing you like no tomorrow, her fingers sliding across yo-'SHUT UP!'Sasuke tried to shake his head of the mental image, er images, that Inner Sasuke had generously given him.

Oh c'mon, you surely lust after this girl.I'm just here to assure you that you do!Inner Sasuke said.'I hate you...'Sasuke thought Sasuke chuckled.But I'm just trying to help my outer half!Inner Sasuke said, 'innocently'.

Sasuke tried to ignore his inner half and tried to focus on his surrongings.'This must be cell 85.'He Sasuke nodded, as if he knew tried to use an escape jutsu, but suddenly stopped, knowing that they would of put some kinda jutsu on the chains that if he tried to escape, they would bring immence pain

"Sasuke-kun."He heard an oh-so familiar voice was Sakura, just standing outside of the cell.'Sasuke-kun?'Sasuke put a key into the key hole and opened the gate-door went in.

Much to Sasuke's suprise, Sakura sat down in front of of course he wouldn't show his he rembered what she had said.flashback "...That night...I said I loved you...and you said you loved me too..."She sobbed and turned her head so she could look him in the eye."If you do...why are you doing this to me?"

'She remembers me almost completely now.'Sasuke thought."Sasuke-kun."Sakura said quietly, snapping Sasuke out of his thoughts."Do you hate me?"She ignored his Inner Sasuke's constant no's, and his emotionless expression didn't waver."Hn."He replied.

Sakura's expression didn't waver either."I need a real answer."She said, her voice a little shaky, tears forming in her wanted to clutch his heart, it hurt so he wouldn't, couldn't, do averted his eyes away from hers, not able to lie to those emerald eyes.

"You disgust me, Haruno."He said tears fell free from Sakura looked down."I expected that."She stood up and got closer to Sasuke."But...I still...I think I still love you..."She said, her voice 's eyes kissed his forehead, and Sasuke found himself wanting more.

Sakura turned and was about to walk fisted his bit his lip and let the blood trickle down his watched in pain as Sakura got to the door, putting her hand on one of the bars.YOU IDIOT!Both Sasuke's and Sakura's Inner self fumed.

Sasuke took his chances and used an escape was right, the chains did cause pain, but nothing he couldn't gasped as Sasuke suddenly pinned her hands above her head against the wall, staining them with his then proceeded to crash his lips onto hers.SHANNARO!Inner Sakura yelled as Sakura welcomed the Sasuke was dancing.Guess you don't need me anymore...He said and exploded.

Sasuke slowly pulled away from their feverish make-out session and looked at cheeks were slightly pink, her lips were slightly bruised, and her eyes were shining with lust, just like his.

He moved forward to where their cheeks were touching, and his lips were close to her ear."I love you, Sakura."Sasuke whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spine."I love you, too, Sasuke-kun."Sakura said as Sasuke pulled smiled lightly before ravashing a trail of kisses down her neck.

Some hours later

"So, where'd you bury him?"Sakura asked as she started writing on a piece of paper."Under his castle."Sasuke nodded and added that onto the had Sakura's back against his chest, his amrs wrapped around her put the pencil down and read the letter over.

"We need to leave soon...in case someone catches us."Sakura blushed as Sasuke started kissing her neck."Are you sure you want to do this?"He asked against her skin."It's kinda crazy."He smiled."Love makes people do crazy things."She said.

Sasuke smirked and resumed his kissing."It will be night fall in a couple of hours...we'll go then."He turned around and before she could say anything, Sasuke captured her wimpered for a moment before kissing back.

Later that night, a ninja burst into Tsunade's office."Sakura Haruno has become a missing-nin!"He spit out her drink."What!?"She ninja handed her a read it couldn't help but smile as she finished it.

Dear Tsunade,

Thank you for being my I'm afraid that we are no longer student and teacher.I love Sasuke, so I have run away with him.I know you are disappointed, but I'm only following my heart.I have some information, though, that you is buried under his don't worry, Tsuande-sama, I will take care of if we ever meet again, I hope we can still be the others that I will miss them, and that I love , Tsunade-sama.

Love, Sakura

Sakura smiled up at the sky as she walked with Sasuke, making there way torwards the Grass intertwined her fingers with smiled at her."Sasuke-kun."Sakura whispered."Hn?"He replied."I love you."She said and gave her a chaste kiss before saying, "I love you, too."SHANNARO!Inner Sakura said.

Sakura smiled looked back up to the sky."I will stay with you forever, I'll help you achieve your goals."She said."I always be by your side and we'll complete our goals, together."She smiled at her."I'll stand by yourside, no matter what."She added.'Forever...'

You'll never have to be alone,

You'll never have to cry at night,

You'll never have to worry,

Because I'm here, it's all right

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