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Title:A Twist of Fate

Sequel to:To Trust a Stranger

"Let go of me!"Sakura still had her pinned down."Only if you leave."He glared.'I could lie, but...he would probably notice I was, since I'm a horrible liar...'Sakura thought."Okay, I'll leave Otogature."Sakura didn't look convinced.

"If you're lying, I'll have to kill you."He said....Liar...Inner Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes."I'm not lying."Sakura said....Liar...Inner Sakura rolled her eyes, mentally of course.What are you going to do when he lets go?Run to the castle?Inner Sakura said.'...Yeah.'Sakura replied.

"Ummm...Are you going to let go now?"Sakura didn't messing with his cherry blossom will be fun..."I changed my mind."He said, his voice showing no emotion.WHAT!?Inner Sakura yelled."What?"Sakura said, trying not to yell like her Innerself.

"I don't trust you, Haruno.I know you're lying."He almost 's as if he knows too much about knows her name, and he could tell when she was lying.'He knows a lot about me, and I don't know anything about !I'm so helpless...'Sakura thought.

"Listen, Uchiha, I know you killed Orochimaru and I'm just here to investigate."Sakura said."I know that."Sasuke said."Then what do you want from me!?"She didn't reply."Tell me or let go!"She began to struggle was looking annoyed right about now.

"It's useless, can't break free from my grip.I'm much stronger than you."He wasn't listening kept sighed."You're too it."He 's eyes widened as another memory revealed memory was from when Sasuke and her had kissed, he pulled back, she thought he was just toying with her, she cried, and Inner Sakura told her that crying made her look weak.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow, again.There she goes and spaces out you think she does that often?Because if she was on a mission like this and spaced out, I think she would be killed instantly...Inner Sasuke then, Sakura blinked.

OMG, WE KISSED HIM?!Inner Sakura said."I just ..."Sakura started."...never did tell me why you pulled back."She , Sasuke knew exactly what she was talking thinking, he answered, "I didn't want to get in too deep."

Sakura almost smiled."It was just a mission, right?You didn't really want to fall in love."She what she didn't know was that Sasuke really did fall in love with her.'She's regaining her memories of us.'Sasuke Sasuke smiled.Well I, for one, am glad.I never did want her to forget us, anyways.

Sakura then felt a familiar looked up and saw Pakkun on a tree branch, looking slightly looked to the chakra sorce and also found immeadiatly let go of Sakura and teleported in front of began to run, Sasuke following.

Unfortunatly for Pakkun, Sasuke was much soon caught up to the small dog and grabbed him."Stop!"Sakura said as she appeared behind Sasuke and put her arms around looked back at Sakura, who was now trying to get him to free Pakkun.

As soon as Sasuke was distracted, Pakkun took avantage of it and bit Sasuke's winced and let then proceeded to run back to Orochimaru's was about to run after him, but Sakura kept her hold on him."Let go of me, Haruno."He shook her scowled at her.

"I won't let you hurt my friends!"Sakura told almost rolled his eyes."You're never supposed to admit that you care for your 're not even supposed to show emotion, you're only supposed to be professional."He glared, and then her eyes softened.

"I know that, but..."She trailed then gasped.'How did he-'Her thoughts were cut short, though, as Sasuke knocked her caught her before she fell out of the looked to where Pakkun had run off.'The last thing I need is more pathetic ninja to fight...'He sighed and sat Sakura on a tree branch.

"WHAT!?SASUKE WAS PINNING DOWN SAKURA-CHAN!?"Naruto yelled inside the castle."Shhhh, Naruto!We still don't know who could be in here."Shikamaru sighed."We're going to have to postpone the now, we've got to find Sakura."He said.

They nodded."Pakkun, show us where you last saw them."Kakashi nodded and started to run out of the castle, the others following.'You have better not hurt Sakura-chan, Sasuke.'Naruto thought in rage.

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