A Little Less Conversation

By Still Stargirl

Author's note: Your eyes aren't deceiving you. I've returned to the fan fiction world! I've decided that for now, I'm not going to write a sequel to All I Know. However, I started this story after finishing The Deathly Hallows. This fic takes place before the epilogue, but after the last regular chapter. I'd like to know how I'm doing, as this is my first M-rated fic. (It will earn its rating in later chapters.) Read and review, please!

Chapter One: A little less fight and a little more spark

Since when did my blankets get to be so heavy? Hermione attempted to shift in bed. When she tried rolling onto her side, she was met with resistance. Grumbling, she blinked sleepily. Her vision was still a bit blurry. Though she was squinting at her bright surroundings, she noticed that her mum must've redecorated while she was gone. Her room wasn't previously painted orange with Chudley Cannons paraphernalia everywhere—

Ron! Hermione glanced next to her, realizing that her restrictive blankets were actually Ron's long, freckled, muscular limbs holding her in place. She and Ron weren't just closely entwined—neither of them had a stitch of clothing on! She swallowed nervously, noticing her mouth still tasted like Firewhisky.

Merlin's pants! What happened last night? Though it hurt her pounding head, she craned her neck, scanning the room for her clothes. She struggled to extricate herself from Ron's tight embrace.

After a few minutes of trying, she gave up. Ron wouldn't give an inch! She shook him by the shoulder and whispered exasperatedly, "Ron!"

He muttered incoherently and hugged her so she rolled on top of him, landing facedown on his chest. He smiled in his sleep, one hand traveling from her waist to stroke her back. She shivered a little.

She shook her head, attempting to regain her composure. She said louder, "RON." She crawled up to rest her head in the crook between his neck and shoulder.

He sighed contentedly, still not opening his eyes.

I need answers from this insufferable git. If only he'd actually wake up… Finally, Hermione shouted into his ear, "RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY!"

"Wha'samatter?" Ron slurred and flailed his arms a bit. Once he collected himself, he started blinking rapidly.

Swiftly, Hermione slid out of his grasp and tugged a blanket around her. She sat up and leaned against the wall. She noticed there was a tin of mints on his nightstand. After checking to make sure the tin wasn't a Weasley's Wizard Wheezes product, she helped herself to a mint. Then, she stared at Ron, waiting for his reaction. One…two…thr—

"Hermione!" Ron squeaked, his eyes bulging with surprise. Blushing, he cleared his throat and willed his voice to return to its normal timbre. "I mean, g'morning, love." The shock still registered on his face; his jaw dropped, once he realized his and his girlfriend's lack of clothing.

"Good morning, Ronald." She narrowed her eyes at him and thrust a mint into his gaping mouth.

Wonderful. She's taken the irritated tone and is calling me Ronald. I can already feel an angry shriek-a-thon coming on… Yet, she still managed to be concerned with morning breath. I will never understand this woman. "How are you?" He asked anxiously, not meeting her eyes as he chewed the mint. He wrapped a sheet around himself and sat beside her.

"Oh, I'm fine. I was just wondering…" She paused dramatically, then she grabbed his face in her hands, forcing him to look at her, "WHY ARE WE IN BED TOGETHER?! NUDE?!"

Ron chuckled, "Only you would choose to say the word 'nude'—"

She glared daggers at him.

Startled, he swallowed. "I mean. It's uh, funny you should ask why—"

"Did you bring me here by force?!" Hermione demanded.

Ron scoffed, obviously offended. "You can't be serious…"

"Well, I have no recollection of last night's events, so anything is possible—"

"You know I'd never push you to do something you weren't ready for! In fact, if anything, you were the one who suggested we go up to my room—"

She snorted. "As though I'd ever be—oh, what does your mother call it? Ah yes, a scarlet woman!"

"You don't remember anything about last night?" He gave her a dubious look.

Hermione bit her lip, her brow furrowed in thought. "Well, I know that your parents hosted a party last night."

Ron nodded, "Yes. We're at the Burrow."

"I knew that—"

"I'm just going through all of the facts so that there are no more misunderstandings or accusations of things I didn't and never would do—" He huffed with a hint of resentment.

"Right. Sorry about that." She replied quickly.

"Honestly, Hermione. You know I'd never—" He reached for her hand.

She laced their fingers together. "Yes, yes, I know, Ron. But you know that I don't drink—"

He laughed. "You certainly did last night—"

She blushed, "Okay, so I don't usually drink. Particularly, I don't drink as much as I did last night. You know me. The most I've ever had is a shot of Firewhisky or a glass of wine at a time. So please forgive me if my memory's a bit unclear."

Ron glanced at her guiltily, "I don't exactly remember everything about last night either."

"Then, you can just start from the beginning. We'll discuss what each of us remembers, so we can figure it out the sequence of events together."

He suppressed a smirk.

"What." Hermione stated, rather than asked. She looked so sternly at him that she eerily reminded him of Professor McGonagall.

Ron's mouth stretched into a full smirk. "Y'know the best part about all of this?"

"What." She repeated, irritated, and prepared to not be amused to an even greater degree.

"We're sitting in bed together, completely starkers—except for a blanket and a sheet, respectively—" He snickered, "—and you haven't once mentioned feelings or anything that any other girl would. Instead, you approach it as rationally as you would an Arithmancy problem!"

"I'm glad you find my coping methods so entertaining, Ronald." She rolled her eyes. "Now get on with it!"

Ron sighed exaggeratedly, "Okay. The beginning…right…" He thought a moment, then continued, "Ah yes. Last night, Mum and Dad decided to throw a party to celebrate all of us defeating Voldemort…"

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