Chapter one...

How does it feel to be betrayed by your best friend? I know, it sucks! How I know this, because my best friend betrayed me.

It was 2 years ago…

I was waiting on William, he was the most handsome boy of the school, he had black waving hair, and was always nice to everybody, that was one of the reasons I was so attracted to him; he was nice!

I was falling in love since the first time we met, it sure is a long time ago, I can't even remember it so clear, and well today I was going to tell him that I loved him!

I remember that I told my best friend about him, and she wasn't happy with it "it's always: William this, William that! Maybe he doesn't like you that way!" was her answer.

I didn't mind mind because today I was going to tell him, how i felt.

I was waiting for him to come when she arrived "Yumi dear! I have some great news! Who do you think asked me out just now?!"

Before I could even think of a name she said it "WILLIAM! William Dunbar has asked ME out?! Isn't this great"

I looked at her in shock 'he asked her to go out with him?!'

"Aren't you happy for me?" she asked me.

I closed my eyes for a second trying to hold my tears "sure.. I'm really glad for you.."

Now they still are a couple, and even now I like him, unbelievable isn't it? But today my life was going to change, I would welcome two new students at school…

I walked to school "heey Yumi!" I heard a friendly voice say, before I turned around I already knew who it was.

Slowly I turned around and tried to smile "hi William, Sissy" I saw the boy I liked, with his arms over the girl who used to be my best friend.

"Are you glad School starts already? I know how much you like school" William said to me, the summer vacation was over and today was the first schoolday, I enjoy school so I'm glad to go.

Sissy giggled like William just made a great joke, I looked at her, how could I ever be friends with that..girl?

"Umm.. yea I have to run school and umm.. well bye.." I said while jogging further to the school, I didn't want to see it, see them like I already had seen them for 2 years.

I was the first in class like I already thought, fast I took a seat, and grabbed a book out my backpack and put my ipod on, there was one thing I liked more than writing and that was music, from dancing to singing till listening to music. I love it!

A few minutes later another boy came into the class, his blond hear was messy and he looked over his glasses to the empty class "hi Jer! How was your vacation?" I asked my childhood friend.

After playing in the sandbox we we had been the best of friends, but when I met Sissy(a few years later), she said that I better couldn't talk to him because he was weird, so I did because I didn't want to loose Sissy as a friend, but since the girlfriend of William thing we were talking to eachother again and slowly were becoming friends again.

"Okay I think, you?" Jeremy asked me, he wasn't really a talker.

I smiled "it was great until this morning when I saw my 'dear' friend" I said, Jeremy smiled his wellknown smile, if there was one thing I knew he hated it was Sissy always talking with her 'dear'.

The bell rang, and the room filled itself with students.

Miss Hopper, our history teacher looked to the class, on that moment there were a boy and a girl in front of the class, they looked new to me, the girl had, did I see that correctly, pink hair? She wore red knickerboxes with a pink shirt, she had green eyes. The boy next to her had brown hair, further I couldn't see anything, because I looked into his eyes, they were a beautiful green, you could almost drown in them. I wasn't the only one who noticed it, because all the girls gazed at him, I saw Sissy almost drifting off her seat 'I hope you fall' was all I thought.

"Here are Aelita and Ulrich Stern, they are new in this city, well you two can sit next to …umm... (the whole class raised there hands) Aelita you can sit next to Yumi, Yumi raise your hand, and Ulrich you can sit at the other side of her next to Jeremy, they will make you feel at home, I hope"