The characters are not mine I'm just borrowing them for a bit! This story has floated around in my head for awhile, and decided to address it, now. It's a bit sappy and very much M/R, I hope you like it. I have about six chapters done, and more ideas to add, so it's a work in progress right now.

Chapter 1 The Plan Of Action

Review Of The 3rd Season Ender Through Abigail Layton's Perspective

The world as the tree house residents knew it had spun off its unsteady axel, as each explorer dealt with a new mystery, the plateau currently thrust into their unwilling hands. This recent development had sent each one to another time and place to deal with ancestors' mistakes or into the future where the human race will endure the misfortunes caused by the past.

This scene was what had the walls of the Protector's dwelling in Avalon in chaos, and the elders in a state of despair, disarray, and confusion. The elders looked toward the head of the table for the guidance they longed for from the lone figure at the head of the table. The question that hung in the air was "should they or shouldn't they proceed with the next plan of action?"However, the lone figure sat in deep thought contemplating more than just the next move to save the plateau but the stories that have slowly been pieced together over the years that should have remained legions but now appear to be the plateau's destiny, that all centered around the Protectors, the new Chosen One and her Guardian, and the odd family that surrounded them.

I, Abigail Layton, had hoped that contacting my daughter, secretly, would have prevented the current state the plateau was under. She had hoped that the prophecy was just a myth old men and women loved to tell young children to entertain, scare, or provide romance to their lives. Unfortunately the tales appear to be coming true with the world spinning out of control.

My family knew that this day would come about three decades ago, especially when the reincarnation of the Chosen One was born within the walls of the Avalon palace. My third cousin, surprised mother of the new Chosen One, Sarah and her husband William feared for their daughter's life due to the legion that followed the Chosen One. During the birth of the Chosen One, I a mere sixteen year old, only understood a small portion of the remorse and sorrow that followed my cousin after giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. It was when I was brought into my parents' study one night that I (at eighteen mind you) was told that the child was to be placed on the doorstep of a convent where the Protector's outside sources dwelled. My mission was explained in full length for over two hours to ensure the success of "disposing the child to the right sources" (but those words of course were not what were used, however, that is how I felt as I watched my cousin Sarah hold on to her daughter for the last time with sobs raking her body for the lose of her child for the sake of the plateau), I vowed I would never return to Avalon until it was absolutely necessary, and would never place my family in the same position if at all possible.

It was not until I returned to the plateau and took over the role of the Protector that I learned more of the tale of the Chosen One and what happened to the line, and how important it was that the child remain safe away from the plateau (even if this child had a difficult life, it would hone her survival skills and assist her when her powers where required to balance out the plateau). See the plateau was wavering toward the evil side more and more now than it had been in the past; it had been on a steady decline to the other side for over a century now. Mordren and his clan had been slowly gaining power since the demise of the Chosen One's line many centuries ago, but now they were close to taking over.

The Protector and the Chosen One's jobs intertwined together. The Protector was the heart of the plateau and the Chosen One was the sole. Together they balanced the plateau on a more peaceful note, oh it was not all blissful by any means, but balanced without the threat of evil being inflicted on the lives of those that tried to protect it. Their job descriptions were as follows: the Protector protects the power of the plateau and make sure it is used for good, and the Chosen One create and sustain life and order on the plateau. However, Mordren's ancestors hoped to break the interwoven bond of the two, by destroying one of the lines.

The tale of the last Chosen One was definitely a romantic one. The Chosen One had found herself a mate as equally passionate and powerful in his own mortal way. They were not the powers that came with being the high priestess, but those that were all male, beast, and rogue combined. The legion described their union as flames suddenly igniting when ever they were within range of each other. Whether they were fighting or in blissful harmony their lives were definitely entertaining to those who were blessed enough to have lived among them, no the Chosen One and her Guardian were certainly not your typical couple.

The legion also discussed how the line of the Chosen One was not very fruitful. It was actually told that the Chosen One could only produce children with her sole mate. Up until Morrighan the line had never been broken, because the Chosen One always found his/her sole mate (legion also said that a birth mark was the indicator of the Chosen One's sole mate). However, the line ends with an evil twist (believed by Avalonians) that Mordren's ancestors set a plot to end the line of the Chosen One and cause chaos on the plateau which in the end would slowly bring them the control they desired; but, they would have to wait until the Protector's line diminished before their line could destroy what the Protectors and Chosen Ones fought to protect.

The story behind the loss of Chosen One, was her Guardian was framed for killing his own children while the Chosen One was away. It was said that he was found rocking his sons and daughters with blood seeping into his clothes and soaking the floor. The accounts of the villagers that night were skewed with what the Guardian repeated while holding his dying children. Some said that he repeated "what have they done," and others said "what have I done." Without the technology that humans now are slowly inventing today the blood and his ranting were enough for those that hated and wanted to eliminate the Chosen One's line to hang the Guardian while he was still dazed with his grief.

When the Chosen One returned she mourned the loss of her loved one and their children, but what was to occur next was what those who opposed the death of the Guardian feared, REVENGE, blind revenge! The storm that Morrighan began to conjure up before she was stopped by a group of druids has been linked with the plague that reaped in Europe killing thousands of people many centuries ago, and legion suggests that the plague would have been worse had the druids not stopped her.

The Chosen One has not reappeared since she was stopped by the druids; however, it was told that before she died she cast a spell that would bring her and her lover back eventually, to right the wrong that was done to them. The druids ceiled her tomb so her spirit would never be able to leave, therefore, the spell or prophecy would not occur for fear of what the "righting of the wrong would be, that is would it be good or bad?"

I learned from my cousin Sarah on my return that the Guardian had been found. He lived near the Chosen One in Avebury, born four years earlier to a noble family. I also learned that Sarah and William had taken on a job to search for their daughter's sole mate to ensure his safety as well as her own. They actually could not bare the thought of being far from their daughter so moved to England near the convent where she resided, when she was five years old. Sarah actually took a job as a cook within the convent, and William became a gardener there, soon after, and that left me two great sources on the outside of the plateau.

Sarah often wrote to me of the cruelty her daughter endured due to the spoiled children who attended the school; and, also spoke of how she wanted to tell her little girl every minute of everyday that she was loved and wanted; but, the fear of her being the Chosen One and what that all entailed scared them to death. However what the child, known as Marguerite, did not know was that the two people that bestowed compassion to her during these awful years in her life were actually the ones that gave it to her. Slowly, Sarah watched as her daughter turned cold to ensure her self preservation, but one thing that never changed, even when she graduated from school, was the kindness she showed to them. Sarah knew that the road her daughter was on could easily turn her to the evil side if she felt it was in "her best interest." That was when Sarah and William returned to the plateau to concoct a plan to bring her Guardian and her together.

Unfortunately, they were both not in a place to love each other and to with stand, together, the hardships that were to occur in the near future. The Guardian, a Lord John Richard Roxton, had just shot his brother, an accident, while trying to save him from an ape. He was easily found in pubs and taverns with liquor being his only nutrition as he wallowed in self-pity. Yes, he was definitely not ready to take on the role as Guardian of the Chosen One, however, that did not mean he could not have some contact with her, even if his appearance was that of a bearded pirate wearing fashionable clothes those days.

Marguerite on the other hand, was on her third marriage to a man that only wanted a trophy on his arm when out in public, but a whore in his bed (and it usually was not Marguerite, though he expected her to play the role when it suited him). He physically and emotionally abused her when he was not passed out. Unfortunately, she had no one to turn to and could not find Sarah or William for support. Eventually Sarah and William returned with the plan, and sought employment with Marguerite. Marguerite welcomed them onto her "husband's staff" (really hers) not knowing what was in store for her.

Upon their return, Sarah and William learned more of Marguerite's past. How she searched for her parents through the trail of money left by them for her schooling and upbringing, but it ended cold in Shanghai, where Marguerite also had a bad run in with a warlord named Xan. She also divulged her dealings with Adrienne and her plan to get rich quick, but it back fired when the protection racket from the Fat Boy's did not want to loose their prized possessions (at least not the singing nightingale that captured every man's heart and purses that entered the establishment). How she became an international jewel thief wanted in several countries, starting with China, just so she could surround herself with the comfort that money provides, so she would not have to rely on a husband; however, that some how changed when Pierre came onto the scene with his charm and dashing appearance (at least that was the front he bestowed to those in public). Sarah and William actually believed at that time that Pierre blackmailed Marguerite into marrying him (that is he probably knew of her darker side); because they did not understand why she was with him in the first place, she was much smarter to fall for his charade, but Marguerite never told them otherwise until much later on when it slipped out.

Since Marguerite's husband was so found of the spirit water and Lord Roxton was wallowing in it, the year of 1914 appeared to be the perfect year to set forth their plan; and, greater fortune occurred without their intervention one night when Pierre became fast friends with Lord Roxton (or more like annoying leach attached to the poor besought Lord). Because having a friendship with a powerful Lord with great family status could raise Pierre into the society life he felt he rightly deserved, at least that's how his vain self felt.

So, on nights that the Lord was to drunk to remember his own name Pierre brought him home to "his and Marguerite's home." Once the Lord became a known resident in the house to sleep off his drunken stupor, Sarah and William began to put their plan into action. First Sarah would make a potion that would reduce the Lord and Marguerite in a hazy/lustful condition that would be much like a drunken state. Then drug Pierre with another potion so he would not wake for several days, then lock the Lord and Marguerite in the same room and hope that they would procreate. After all Marguerite was on her third marriage and in between her second and third marriage she did not live like a nun, but still no child was ever produced. Therefore, it appeared the part of the legion where the Chosen One was only fertile with her mate seemed to be true, and there was only one way to find out (that was to test the theory). They had both key players in the same home at the same time, and on one fateful night which turned into a fortnight changed the lives of not just two people but many.

Sarah had watched carefully for several months for Marguerite's monthly cycles, because they knew they would only have one window of opportunity. Once, Sarah and William were sure the time was right they drugged the three parties. The Lord was sleeping off another night of spirits to ease his pain, and Pierre went to Marguerite for a little bit of fore play before he passed out. Sarah went to Marguerite to help her put him to bed, and help settle Marguerite in another bedroom to sleep with some peace and quiet (or that was what Marguerite thought). Sarah gave Marguerite a glass of milk before she turned in for the night (of course it had the potion in it!). William placed a glass of water near the Lord's bed and Pierre's, because a night with spirits definitely left the throat parched.

Sarah and William stayed up that night to verify that the potions were working on all three people, of course Pierre's was to keep him asleep. Once, the Lord and Marguerite showed signs of the "hazy/lustful" stupor, Sarah and William placed both of them in the same room with a pitcher of water that contained the "hazy/lustful" potion. What occurred for the next fortnight was what Sarah would call productive with a glint in her eyes, and Sarah would often blush when Mari asked about her conception.

After the fortnight the Lord awoke in his own room, at Pierre and Marguerite's town house. See, the Lord had never met Pierre's wife, she kept to herself in different rooms of the house until he left. He figured she was disgusted with her husband's drinking and whoring, and anyone associated with him probably fit that category too. For some reason that day he woke up and realized his life was on a downward spiral; and, he needed to pull himself together after all a war was brewing among the European countries. As a Lord he could enlist in the Army as an Officer and see some action to take his mind of his brother's awful death; and, if he did die it would be an honorable death and not from stupidity that coincided with alcohol. His mother too, did not need to loose another son and lie in shame because he died at the hands of alcohol. No, it was time for him to return to his life and take over the role of the Lord of Avery. He also, had this odd fuzzy feeling every time he tried to remember what occurred that fortnight. All he could remember was that he dreamed of a beautiful maiden that warmed his bed and helped to mend some of his broken heart.

Unfortunately, what occurred in the house of Pierre and Marguerite was not as blissful. Marguerite began to withdraw from everyone in the household, including Sarah and William. See, Marguerite was loved by all five servants in the house hold. They did their best to protect her from her husband. Marguerite learned at an early age that being kind to those that worked for you pays off in the end (the great examples were Sarah and William).

Sarah and William did not notice the change in Marguerite at first, because they were too ecstatic about the child Marguerite was now carrying. How did they know this? Well within two week following Lord John Roxton's departure morning sickness took over Marguerite's body. Marguerite was found nearly every morning bowing down to the porcelain god to empty her evening meal from her stomach.

It was not until three months after the Lord left that Sarah walked into Marguerite's room one day to find what appeared to be the aftermath of a tornado with Marguerite's outfits strewn along the floor, hanging from the dresser, and/or on her bed. Marguerite was on the bed sobbing her heart out. Sarah ran to her daughter and pulled her into a hug and began to rock her in a comforting manner. She did this until Marguerite calmed down enough to tell her what was troubling her.

Marguerite told Sarah that Pierre would not be happy that she was with child, and she feared what he would do to her when he found out. Pierre had made an offhanded remark once about pregnancy ruining great figures when he saw what it did to beautiful woman; and, he also made sure that Marguerite's figure was never changed by withdrawing from her before his seed entered her body. She indicated she never felt any pleasure from their love making, because he never cared if she experienced any pleasure at all (just used her when he felt the need or when he could not buy a decent whore). Marguerite also said that she had not been with him for months, so the child could not be his.

She was so confused, but she already wanted the child. Marguerite wanted to give this child the family she never had, and vowed never to abandon it. She stated that she feared for its life and hers because Pierre could become very violent when provoked and this would definitely set him off. Marguerite was also confused how this child was conceived, she only remembered a very passionate/orgasmic dream about a man that laid with her in bed for the fortnight she could not remember what happened to her, but she chalked it up to wishful thinking. She indicated that she was sobbing because she could not fit into any of her clothes without cutting off her circulation because her stomach had thickened too much. Her tiny torso was not so tiny anymore and when Pierre saw that she was getting to fat he would either beat her for eating to much or figure out that she was with someone else's child.

Unfortunately, that night Pierre did notice, letting out the torso of her dress did not fool him, he definitely noticed! He sat at his end of the table stewing and downing brandy like water; while poor Marguerite coward at her end not saying one word for fear of setting him off. Greta the serving maid for that night looked as if she would fly out of the room if Pierre so much as raised his voice toward her mistress. The dagger looks Pierre gave Marguerite that night were all too familiar to the household staff (prior to Sarah and William's employment); they were those of a tiger ready to attack his prey. Pierre, after all felt he could do anything to his wife because she was his possession. He soon exploded and called her a pig, even though Marguerite barely touched her food that night. He went to her side of her table took the food on her plate and jammed it down her throat. He said "if you want to look like a pig then let me help you! Why you've barely touched your food my dear, oh you must have filled up earlier today!"

As Marguerite was choking on the food, Greta slipped out of the dining room to search for William and Joseph the two male servants of the household. When the men saw the ghostly pale face of Greta as she approached the back of the house they dashed to the front of the house to aid Marguerite. The scene they came upon in the front hall was Pierre dragging Marguerite by her hair up the stairwell, while Marguerite pleaded with him to spare her the physical pain he would soon inflict upon her. William shouted for Pierre to halt, and Pierre let out an evil laugh taunting him saying that he could do nothing to aid his mistress because he was just a mere servant. What happened next was a secret every servant vowed to take to their grave, Sarah appeared at the top of the stairwell, cut the lock of hair Pierre was holding, and shoved him down the stairs. Pierre instantly fell to his death, after all a broken neck can not be fixed.

When the doctor and officers arrived at the scene the servants made it appear that Pierre was quite drunk and stumbled to his own death, and Sarah cut Marguerite's hair (prior to their arrival) into a shoulder length bob. However, even when Pierre's death was ruled an accident, Marguerite continued to fear for her child. She wanted to leave the house and never come back. She also wanted to take self defense lessons so she and her child would always be safe. Marguerite wanted this child very much; this child would be her family she wanted so much. Soon after the death of her husband, Marguerite announced to her helping staff that she wished to move. She told them that she was forever in the dept to them for saving her life, but could not ask them to leave with her, so she paid the house hold servants well and let them go. However, William and Sarah returned her money and said "where she went they went, after all they felt she was the daughter they never had a chance to raise." Marguerite was touched by their gesture, but had no clue how true the statement was for her two faithful servants.

William taught Marguerite self defense moves up until she could no longer get by without waddling (however the four months they trained paid off because Marguerite was now proficient with revolvers, daggers, lighter weight swords, whips, and cross bows). Marguerite was a decent shot with a revolver before she and William began training, after all she was a jewel thief and wanted in several countries, but after the intensive training with William she could now nail a person right between the eyes if she wanted too.

When she wasn't training she rested on an overstuffed couch reading scientific journals and other educational materials to continue to hone her knowledge/intelligence. Her wits had saved her more times then she cared to remember; but, knew that men often felt women would be no match intellectually with them, and Marguerite used this against her first two husbands, lovers, contacts, and enemies well, to get what she wanted.

Other times while Marguerite rested Sarah would notice her brooding while she rubbed her ever growing tummy. One day as Sarah was trying to help Marguerite become more comfortable without disturbing her from her thoughts; Marguerite startled her by asking, out of loud, "what was wrong with me? I could have lost everything to that man? I never feared my other husbands, but why him? Never mind I know the reason, he blackmailed me into marrying him because he knew my secrets. Well I will never trust another man, unless this little one turns out to be a boy, well I guess William can be trusted too (she ended this statement on a sigh)." When Sarah was about to reply to Marguerite, Marguerite visibly shock herself out of her thoughts and asked if Sarah was alright, because the look Sarah was giving her was one of concern and confusion. Sarah soon realized that Marguerite had know idea she spoke her thoughts out loud, but recovered quickly and replied that she was just trying to help her get settled after a long day of training.

On that day, Marguerite finally asked Sarah how William knew so much about weapons and defense since he was just a mere servant. Sarah told Marguerite that he once was a soldier in an army, and left it at that (what army? Avalon's, he was a great soldier and had the honor of being a palace guard, that's how they met!), and the child had great timing too because she decided to kick up a storm at that point. What Sarah was not expecting was Marguerite grabbing her hand and placing it where the baby kicked. Marguerite said she just wanted to share her joy with someone and let go of Sarah's hand when the movement ended.

As the months grew closer to the baby's arrival, it was hard to find Marguerite without a smile set on her face. She relished the feel of her unborn child moving within her, and her pregnancy appeared to be going well without a hitch except for the morning sickness that occurred during her first two months; but, as the days grew closer to the child's birth a storm grew nearer to the peaceful house hold.

Two days before the birth of her child, I sent a messenger to William and Sarah. The message was "to take Marguerite and get out of there as fast as they could; and, hide themselves with or without Marguerite, because Mordren and his clan had found out about the rebirth of the Chosen One some twenty years ago, and if he or his clan saw them with her they would put two and two together!" That night they convinced Marguerite that they had to move because William heard that some of the men from Fat Boy's were closing in on her.

As they road on the train that would take them to France, Marguerite began to have contractions. At first she just wrote them off as cramps from all the stress, but when they began to get stronger Marguerite knew her child would appear soon in the world and on a train no doubt. Marguerite was lucky enough to hold out long enough for them to cross the boarder into France and safely depart from the train before delivering her baby, in a hotel thank goodness. Marguerite named her beautiful daughter Margaux Jacquelyn Krux (that was French enough), she was not small but not large either, but perfect in everyway. Even with exhaustion from the birth Marguerite did not ever want to let go of Margaux, it was love at first sight, and as time flew by the two became inseparable.

Margaux grew into a mini-version of Marguerite, however, she had a rounder face and an impish smile that did not belong to her mother; but, she did inherit her mother's striking grey-green eyes, curly dark hair, and her inquisitive nature (within six months she was crawling around getting into some kind of mischief). Her mother often muttered that she was getting her paid back for all the wrong deeds she did when she was younger, but always with a grin. Margaux was definitely the apple of her mother's eye, but the happily ever after never came.

When Margaux was about one and a half, some Englishmen approached Marguerite. They needed her expertise, the expertise that came with being the international jewel thief with the added bonus of her linguistic talents. They needed her as a triple agent and to marry a Russian Baron, if she did this they would pardon her in England where she and her daughter could live peacefully with the crown's protection (that was if she survived). On the other hand, she could go straight to prison. Not much of a choice when you are relishing in your new found joy in life, so Marguerite agreed. However, she left William, Sarah, and Margaux in France, she would lead a triple life: one a double agent married to the Baron, two the triple agent working for England, and three the mother that would return as much as she could to France to be with her daughter and family.

Unfortunately, she could not juggle all three, because Mordren and his clan were close to finding her little family. After the "iridium theft," that would later be a tie that all the explorers had, things went down hill for Marguerite. I was concerned for my cousin and her little family, and sent Avatars to France to return William, Sarah, and little Margaux to Avalon. They staged an attack on the house, so when Marguerite returned to the dwelling she would believe her family had disappeared. Why not death? Because little Margaux and Marguerite had a bond beyond that of just any mother and child, it was a bond or link in which they could feel each others feelings and closeness. Therefore a staged death would not due, but a disappearance would also trigger Marguerite into action. Leave a clue or two that pointed to certain people and places, and she would definitely find her way back to the plateau; but, the disappearance destroyed the last of Marguerite's sole even though she knew in her heart her little girl was safe it still hurt, so she closed herself completely off at the time. She finished her role as Parsifal, and set her sights on Xan and the oraborris, after all the oraborris would return her to her daughter faster with the added bonus of her birth certificate.

On the trip back to Avalon, the little group did not farewell. A group of Mordren's followers came upon the little group. The Avatars were able to kill all of Mordren's followers, but without some of their own losses, that was two Avatars and William were killed during the scuttle. Once the girls returned safely to Avalon, and there were no longer any substantial contacts on the outside to keep track of Marguerite, Sarah not only mourned the lose of her husband but also that of her daughter as well. The only time of day that she did spark back to life was when she was in the presence of Margaux, that little girl with the curly dark hair, striking eyes, impish smile, and mischievous/inquisitive disposition kept her hopping when she was around. However, those times were in the evening when Margaux came back from her daily training and exercises.

Bochra and the other druids that resided in Avalon asked, upon their arrival to Avalon, to train Margaux, now fondly going by Mari, in the ancient "rituals" (more like spells and honing her powers); and, with Mordren getting closer to his goal Sarah and I did not refuse this request. However, within six months of her training ground rules were soon set in place because Mari began to use her powers in the house hold to cause some havoc on certain unexpected people. They were little things but little things could lead to bigger things so Sarah and it nipped it in a bud before it could blossom into bigger trouble.

I only hoped that Marguerite would find her way to the plateau so Sarah could rest at ease knowing her daughter was ok; and, that day did arrive in the year of 1920 when Marguerite and several others, men to be exact, crashed onto the plateau. Oh, what a day indeed, the household was bustling in Avalon that day; and, another great fortune occurred when my own daughter, Veronica, stumbled upon them, and invited them to live with her in the tree house. Oh, my daughter, how I wish she could have remained here at Avalon with me, but she needed to live a life without the early pressure of being part of the Protector's line. I knew this was for the best, and with the group of explorers arriving on the plateau soon realized the required her guidance to survive. I could not have planned it better than myself.

Now, that the explorers were living on the plateau, Sarah, the elders, and myself could watch their daily activities from Avalon (the ability to observe those outside of Avalon only stretched as far as the plateau ends). At first we all kept Mari from watching the explorers, which was hard to do because the bond she shared with her mother was much stronger than we originally thought and with her mother now residing on the plateau she knew she was close; but, the Marguerite that first stepped onto the plateau was hard and very cold. We did not want Mari to see her mother and the others at first, because we did not want to shatter the view she had of her mother due to her strong hostile nature toward the other explorers and her Aunt Veronica, which Mari began using soon after learning of Veronica's existence.

Slowly over the course of the first year and as Marguerite slowly let Summerlee past her defenses we aloud Mari the opportunity to view her mother interact with Summerlee; but, later we learned that the little sneak had been slipping into the chamber where the large looking glass resided, and would watch her mother with the others from the beginning. When we finally caught her, she at least looked chastised for a split second, but she looked us square in the eyes with her chin jutted out and said that she understood her mother's standoffish nature toward the others then skipped off. When we looked at the scene she had been watching it was that of the tent scene with her parents making out before Ossric's group of followers stabbed her father, which had a profound effect on her mother. There after we often found her viewing scenes that showed Marguerite doing noble things such as saving the young king's life, taking care of Summerlee, but most of all the nights Marguerite read the inscription in her locket and lovingly caressed the picture that contained herself and Mari. During those moments Mari often whispered words to her mother to raise her spirits up with the promise that they would soon be together. This from a child not even six at the time, what perception and determination she had and still has at a such a young age; and, when a scene played forth of the explorers that showed the rotten side of Marguerite, she would just shrug it off, and say no one is perfect (with a look that dared the person with her to say otherwise)!

Her "mummy" and "daddy" became her heroes, along with the rest of the group. She talked about them non-stop, but the hardest part was when the direction of her monologue of her parents and the other tree house dwellers turned into the wh-questions such as "when she could go to them? why not now?" etc. When the answers (which were the same every night) were not to her liking she would let everyone know at the table that she was not happy (no pouting and pushing the subject to far because when she tried it she lost her looking glass privilege). However, she would be a great trial lawyer one day if she saw fit to become one, Mari had her mother's negotiating capabilities and she was beginning to wear each elder down slowly but effectively. Oh, she was a clever one which often helped her in tough spots, but equally got her into trouble too.

"I'mmm readyyy!" these enthusiastic sing-song words brought Abigail back from her musings that were primarily centered around the ever elusive Marguerite Krux, a.k.a the new Chosen One's, past. The elders that had their backs toward the doorway as well as Abigail spun in the chairs to see the young girl standing in the doorway holding the hand of her grandmother, with her chest puffed out with pride and determination for such a young child of eight. Those that did not know her well would think that she was ready to complete the task set before her without any trepidation; but, to a familiar eye you would see the two ladies clutching each others hands for dear life, and the nervousness in Mari's eyes only solidified Abigail's concern. The little girl was decked out in a light weight, knee length navy blue tunic that covered her tan pants, with her brown satchel on her back with extra clothes and supplies inside with what she may need on her journey.

The plan, send the little girl to aid her mother and Veronica; however, the one little detail she does not know is she will be placed in the care of Ned Malone after she aids her mother and Veronica. If the first of the plan works, that is! Malone will be the right person, to place her care in, she already knows who he is so she won't become scared when she is placed in his care.

Two nights before Sarah, the elders, and myself met, because the shifting plains had already started three days prior to the explorers' encounters. They began on the outskirts of the plateau and began to slowly descend inward to the center of the plateau (the tree house). Their original plan was to send in Mari to assist her mother and Veronica at the tree house as the others were away, somehow they would figure out a way to distract the other tree house dwellers to get them to leave without alerting them; but, even a variation of this plan did not come to light because as the shifting plans grew closer to the tree house they became stronger and more frequent. Within the past three hours, chaos has surrounded the tree house with Fin and Veronica first stumbling on a shifting plain near the tree house sending them to New Amazonia, then Marguerite and Roxton's encounter with the conquistadors and so on.

"Not much time left to send her in and save Marguerite from Morrighan's fate and the rest of the explorers from their fate as well." interjected the soothing but urgent tone of Summerlee. The man became one of Abigail's confidants right after his rescue and recovery, no wonder everyone on the expedition including Marguerite were quite fond of him, with his gentle nature and constant reassurance.

"Aunt Abby, Grandpa Summerlee is right! I need to save mummy and Aunt Veronica!" agreed the nervous energetic Mari as she quickly gave a bear hug to her grandmother, Summerlee, and then Abigail. "I'll save them don't you worry, Aunt Abby!" As she consoles me! Bless this child's perceptive nature, here she was about to take on a huge adventure that will put her life in peril, and she's comforting me! "I'm ready, transport me to my mummy!"

All the people in the room watched on as the little girl was transported by her Aunt to the cave where four people were holding her mother so their leader could pierce her heart.