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Chapter 18: Letting Go

They rushed down the hall, trying to keep up with the Ororo. Everyone was rushing, to move out of their way and to help them get to where they were headed. Taking a turn in the hallway, Ororo almost ran into a door, fortunately when she stopped, Kitty grabbed her wrist and pulled her through into the room, where a ready Hank McCoy was waiting.

Scott, Logan, Rogue and Logan all stopped at the door to the infirmary. Jean and the professor were close behind. As they waited outside the door, those that had been running took a breather. It had been a mad rush ever since Kurt had teleported himself into the copter. While Logan flew the professor, Kitty, Rogue and Kurt back to the manor, Storm had gone back to the tunnel to pick up the last two performers, Robin already in her custody. They had found a concerned Von cradling the passed out Catrina in his arms. He willing went with the X-men, saying he wanted no more harm to come to his darling.

Now they were in the jet, locked away until the X-men could contact the authorities and get them in jail. No one was worried about an escape, none of them seeming like they had the energy or the mutation to break through the holding cells.

As soon as they had caught up with the copter and both landed in the hanger, Storm had taken Kurt into her arms and had flown as fast as she could to the infirmary. He was shaking and his temperature had gone up. Sweat covered his body as it tensed with the pain. Kurt had passed out in the chopper, but was slowly coming back to it as Ororo neared the infirmary, his body beginning to move as the pain came back to him.

"Set him down!" Hank said, as Ororo fazed through the door following a frantic Kitty Pryde. Storm let herself down as she moved quickly to the table that Hank had indicated. Putting the boy down, the older woman had to step back quickly as Kurt's tail whipped out. "Strap him down," Hank told Kitty and Storm, as Kurt's back started arching in pain and his limbs were beginning to contort. Storm moved in right away and quickly pulled one of the medical holds over his chest. Fastening that in, she then held down one of the blue mutant's arms and tightened a hold over his wrist.

Kitty just stood there and watched as Storm did this. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Kurt was in so much pain, his eyes closed shut, sweat dripping from his body, and then he would bare his teeth and give a cry. It was too much. This someone she had grown close to, someone she had grown to love, her best friend. It couldn't be happening to him, to her. Taking in a shaky breath as Kurt snapped his teeth at Ororo in his confusion and pain. Stepping back, Kitty couldn't take her eyes of the boy, she felt like she was going to be sick.


"Erlauben mich aus!" the girl yelled, her hands gripping tightly on the bars as she pressed herself against it. However, the red head ignored her and rushed out of the jet after the professor. "I can help him!" she called this time, hoping they would turn around. When they didn't, Robin let got of the bars and fell back down on her bench. The cell was small, just big enough for her to sit or stand in it. It was all black too, going with the rest of the jet. Yet it wasn't completely dark as the ramp to the jet was still open and there was a light in the middle of the three cells. One on each side of it.

"I told you zey vould not listen," Von said, his four insect arms a bit cramped in the cell. He sat directly across from Robin, while Catrina's cell went across the small space between the other two. The Russian woman was still passed out, but her cell was bigger than theirs, allowing her to be laid on the bench. Von hadn't taken four of his eyes off her, since they got on the jet. He still wore his goggles over the other two, that watched Robin.

Robin just stared at Von for a moment before she placed her elbows on her knees and put her head in her hands. "Vhy von't zey let me help him? I can… I really can." Von didn't know how to answer. He had never been good with comforting someone, and Robin needed some. Her voice was that of a person on the verge of tears. It was understandable too. She thought she had lost Kurt for nearly seven years. Now to get him back and loose him just like this… "I don't knov." Was all von could of to say.

Taking in a shaky breath, the blonde teenager tried not to cry. Instead, she held it in and hid her face from Von. The man felt sorry for her. He wished he could help, but he couldn't. Now that he thought about it, he wished he was Urs at a moment like this. The man would've been able to tear apart these cells. All he could do was make webs and climb walls, and creep people out by staring at them with all six of his eyes. Hold on… he did have strength like Urs. Perking up a bit, Von moved closer to the bars of his cell.

She first heard the slight hiss that the web made when it came from Von's insect like fingers. Then there was a slight grunt and the sound of metal being bent. Looking up, Robin's eyes shot wide when she saw a white substance wrapped around the bars of her cell, which were now bent outward and pulled together, leaving an opening just big enough for her to get through. Looking up at a smiling Von, Robin couldn't help but feel there was still a chance to save Kurt. "Vielen Dank!" the teen shouted as she escaped from the cell and ran out on the ramp.


They all wanted to go in, but knew they would only be in the way. Scott stood near the door, leaning against the wall. Rogue sat down in one of the chairs in the hallway, her gloved hands fiddling with each other in impatience. Wolverine stood by the teenage girl, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. "Hey, the elf will be okay. He's in good hands." Rogue looked up at him and gave a soft smile. They had all been pushed today, if anything else happened to Kurt, they felt like they would be sent over the edge.

There was the sound of footsteps down the hall. All heads turned as they waited for whomever was coming to show themselves around the corner. Charles Xavier was the first to come into view as Jean followed close behind him. Her leg had been patched up on the jet and she could just about walk without wincing. However, Scott still went to her side. She gave him a hug, knowing it was rough for everyone at the moment. Urging her to sit down, Scott took a seat as well.

The professor rolled himself to the door and then proceeded to open it. For the split moment that the door to the infirmary was open, the other mutants could hear Kurt's painful cries as he struggled against the poison in his blood. Jean gasped when she heard them, Scott putting an arm around her shoulders. Rogue jumped to her feet, desperate to help her brother. Logan's claws instinctively came out. They went back into his hand however as he gently pushed Rogue back into her seat.

Xavier went fully inside, sorry for having exposed the others to such a horrible thing. Moving over to where Kurt was on the bed, the man asked Hank how he was doing. The mutant was working frantically to do something, as he looked at charts and readings. "I need him to stop struggling under the restraints… and I think Kitty can't take the screams anymore." At this, Xavier looked over to the young brunette. She had fallen back into a chair herself, only a few feet away from the bed. Her eyes were wide open in fear and awe at the whole sight before her. Tear stained her cheeks as her eyes looked red from rubbing them away.

Nodding, the professor moved to be behind Kurt's head. "I cannot take away the pain but I can keep him from moving." Xavier said, placing his hands on the boy's temples. "Don't worry, I'll give him something," Hank said. "I just need him still so I can put an iv in him." Xavier nodded again, then closed his eyes. It only took a few seconds for Kurt to stop squirming and his screaming subsided to heavy breathing. Kurt's eyes shot open, as they had been clamped closed this whole time. Then they slowly closed again as his breathing grew quieter, but still heavy. The boy's teeth clenched as the pain still remained.

Taking the opportunity, Hank moved over to the boy with a heart monitor and an iv. Setting them up, the mutant then walked back over to where his charts where and took a look at them. While Hank was trying to decide what to do for the boy, Xavier moved away from him and went to be next to Ororo, whom was standing near the door. Kitty, now a bit less afraid for Kurt, moved her chair so she could be right beside the boy.

Placing a slender hand over his own three fingered one, Kitty looked at his face. His soft, blue fur was matted with sweat as his body fought against the poison in him. Giving a soft smile, she realized that it was almost like watching him sleep. His breathing was slow, his eyes closed, he was almost at peace. However, he was still in pain and his face twitched now and then from that. Taking her hand off his, she gently stroked his cheek. It was warm from the fever he had received. Not trying to stop them, Kitty allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks. In a choked voice, "It's going to be okay, you'll see."

At this point, Hank rose from his spot, done looking over the charts. He picked up a new, sterilized needle and stuck into a clear bottle with clear liquid. Walking over to the table, the blue mutant took hold of Kurt's iv and stuck the needle in it. Allowing the clear liquid to mix with what was already in the iv, Hank stepped away. Kitty looked up, knowing that the stuff just given to Kurt was a painkiller. "What are you going to do?" she asked.

"Ease his pain, that's all I can do." Kitty's eyes went wide with realization, as Xavier and Storm's faces turned solemn as they took in Hank's words. Kitty cried harder than ever before this time. Her sobs were heart broken as she held onto to Kurt's hand again. Putting her head down, Kitty cried as hard as her body would let her.


The door to the infirmary opened. All the mutants looked up as a distressed Hank McCoy walked out to them. He didn't look anyone in the eye or say anything at first. Then Scott asked, "Is he going to be okay?" Hank took in a deep breath and looked around at all of their face. It was hard loosing someone you loved, they all knew how that felt. However, that didn't make it any easier. "I think," Hank began, "I think he would want you by his side."

Logan pushed himself off his position on the wall, "You don't mean…"

"I'm sorry," Hank said, turning back into the infirmary. He left the door open, allowing them to decide if they really wanted to be there. Rogue was the first one to react. Her face was lost, as if she didn't know what she was doing but she knew she had to do it. Walking into the infirmary, the girl could only focus on her dying brother. Scott helped up a shaken Jean, his own heart tearing like it had when he lost his parents. Both of them slowly made their way into the room. Logan was the last to make his way towards the infirmary. However as he was about to step through the door, some movement to his right caught his attention.


That consistent beeping, that's all that let her know he was alive. It was as if it was a clock, ticking away his life. Every time it beeped, Kurt died a little more. Kitty didn't know what she would do when she heard the final beep. Well, she supposed it would be more of a long moan.

The machine was all she could hear. Everything else was drained from her world. Her eyes only saw the face of her friend, laying there on the table. At least he wasn't in pain any more. Beep, beep. The other mutants entered the infirmary, all of them silent, just watching as Kitty sat near Kurt. Beep, beep. She raced down the hall, desperately looking for the infirmary. They had to let go, she hoped they would. Beep, beep. A slender hand held onto his as the other one reached up and brushed some of his long hair from his face. Beep, beep. As she rounded the corner, she caught sight of the door being open, but there was a man standing in it. Beep, beep.

His head slowly turned so that his golden eyes locked with her brown ones. A small smile was all the girl could give him. Beep, beep. It didn't matter that he was stronger, she had to get through. Slamming into Logan, who immediately grabbed her around the waist, the girl reached over his shoulder to try and get into the infirmary. Beep, beep. His blue lips parted in a weak smile as he looked upon the girl. She was more than a friend to him, or at least he wanted her to be. Parting his lips, he tried to whisper something. Beep, beep. Robin placed her feet on the floor and pushed off of it with all her strength, allowing her to get by Logan. Beep, beep. His words traveled over the air between them, causing Kitty to smile even more as she leaned in and kissed Kurt upon the forehead. Beep, beep. Robin reached out for Kurt, trying to grasp any part of Kurt that she could. However, Scott had seen the girl and tried to pull her back. Pushing forward just a bit with her other arm, Robin was only an inch away from the boy's tail that hung from the table.

There it was, the final stroke. The long droning moan of death came upon the girl like a wave of grief crashing down on her. Feeling as if her heart had been torn in two, Kitty shouted "No!" and pulled her body forward. Holding Kurt in her arms, she watched as he let go of his life, his eyes slowly closing, and that damn machine deeming him out of time.