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Authors Notes: Part of this chapter refers to Fififolle's fic Networking and my fic So This is Wonderland. Contains spoilers for S4 of 4400

Calli followed Jack and Ianto into what looked like an old underground station

"Welcome to Torchwood 3" said Jack with a smile, Calli looked around her

"It's...not quite what I expected" she said

"That's because you're used to the spick and span-ness of Canary Wharf" replied Jack. She blushed

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, it's...less intimidating I suppose" she said, Jack grinned

"S'ok, less intimidating was what I was going for" he said. A squawk from the rafters made them look up as Myfanwy swooped down and perched on the back of an empty chair; Calli took a step back and crashed into Ianto

"What...what...what?" she stammered

"It's Myfanwy, our pet pterodactyl" said Ianto.

"You're kidding" she replied in astonishment. Jack frowned then broke into a grin as he tapped the beast on the beak

"Will you stop scaring the visitors, could you at least wait a couple of hours before introducing yourself" he said, Myfanwy looked suitably sheepish as Jack scratched her affectionately on top of the head and then flapped off in search of Gwen and a chocolate biscuit.

"You've got a pet dinosaur?" said Calli

"She came through the rift a couple of years ago, she's been here ever since" Jack led her into the main hub "now to introduce the rest of the team "he indicated to a pretty oriental woman "this is Toshiko Sato" then pointed to a dark haired woman who was teasing the Pterodactyl "and that's Gwen Cooper, ladies this he is Calli, she's an old friend of Ianto's that needs our help". Gwen and Tosh greeted Calli "ok next stop our excuse for a medical bay and our excuse for a Doctor" said Jack, Calli pulled away

"No, no, no, no, no, no you're not going to experiment on me" she said in panic.

"We're not going to experiment on you, we want to make sure you're ok, you've admitted you've been on the run for over a year, you've been all over the world and you probably haven't exactly been staying in the best part of town, we just want to make sure you're not sick, you probably haven't seen a doctor for a while either" Calli shook her head "so come on then" Jack replied.

"Trust us, please, this is nothing like Torchwood 1 and it never will be, Jack's made sure of it" said Ianto

"I know but I've been living on my wits for a year and my nerves are in shreds, it's not easy to forget that 'trust no-one' mantra" she replied as she was led into the medical bay.

"This is Owen Harper" said Jack, Owen ran his hand through his hair and grinned

"Alright" he said, Calli nodded

"Can you check her over; she's been on the run for a year and been living in the less savoury parts of the world and it looks like she's been given promicin". Calli gasped "s'ok, Owen's been experimenting with it in the hope of finding some way to reverse it's effects, if it's ok with you I'd like him to take some blood samples, see if this is your ordinary promicin or whether Yvonne's minions have been tinkering with it" said Jack. Calli nodded "ok, let me know when you have something"

"C'mon then darlin' Mien Furer has given me an order so let's carry it out" said Owen as Calli giggled and shook her head.

Later, in the conference room Calli was telling the Torchwood team about her experiences when Owen burst through the door,

"What you got for us Owen" asked Jack. Owen handed him the report

"Good news is you're ok darlin', nothing wrong with you" he said as Calli smiled and sighed with relief

"And the bad news?" said Ianto.

"Whatever it was they gave you, it was nothing like the promicin Marco gave us that time" Owen replied

"So Torchwood 1 were experimenting with it, what did they do to it?" asked Tosh. Owen leaned back in his chair

"Remember that bird that fell down the lift shaft, Alice?" he said

"Yeah, she became our liaison to Stargate Command until she went back to the Atlantis Project" said Jack.

"Yeah, well thanks to her I got hold of some of their medical files, mostly xenobiology but the people on the Atlantis are injected with a gene, they call it the 'Ancient Gene', apparently you can only operate certain pieces of equipment if you have it, natural or artificial, it was pretty interesting reading" he said.

"And?" said Calli

"Well I found traces of this gene in your blood work, it's not natural and I'm assuming you've never worked for Stargate Command" he said. Calli shook her head

"I've never heard of it" she replied

"It looks like Torchwood 1 somehow managed to bond this gene to Promicin to produce...I dunno...super promicin, I've no idea what they were hoping to..." he glanced apologetically at Calli "...create, sorry but I can't think of another way to describe it" said Owen. Jack slammed his fist onto the table, making them all jump

"I always knew Yvonne Hartman was a heartless bitch but this...this is inhuman. Thank God she's dead because I would have found a thousand different ways to kill her" Jack pulled himself together "Tosh, what did Marco have to say, that you can repeat in mixed company" he said with a grin. Tosh blushed

"He said that they probably got it from Haspelcorps, a company run by the former head of NTAC Dennis Ryland, he managed to accumulate a large quantity of promicin which he was going to use on the armed forces to make super soldiers" she said

"Figures" said Owen

"Anyway, all that promicin was stolen by someone called Jordan Collier, who then went on to hand it out free, even knowing the risks" Tosh continued

"Risks?" asked Calli

"From what we can understand there's a fifty-fifty chance of survival if you take promicin" explained Jack

"Marco said that this Jordan Collier has become some kind of messiah in America, he keeps saying if everyone takes promicin then God will show himself, people are actually listening to him and taking the stuff even knowing they might die" said Tosh. Jack put his head in his hands

"Why" he said "why would they do that", the rest of them shrugged

"Hold on, you said there's only a fifty-fifty chance of surviving promicin, well if what you say is true Torchwood 1 shortened the odds, I told you that they put my new ability to work and after a while it changed to finding those that didn't want to be found". Jack and Ianto nodded "well they handed me a photograph of the group that were given the shot, there were twenty of us to start with, six months later two were dead and six were in hiding, didn't tell Yvonne about the six hiders though" said Calli. Exclaimations of disgust ran through the room

"Shit, that's all we need" said Owen

"Right, Tosh get hold of NTAC and tell them what we know, Owen go over those results of yours I want to be very sure before I start making claims. Ianto I want you to try and find any of Torchwood's files, the Committee must still have copies, Gwen I want you to find all information you can about Jordan Collier and his followers" said Jack

"And what will you be doing?" asked Owen

"I'll be making a few calls" he said with a grin.