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Gogo Yubari was like any other normal Japanese high school girl. She was young, lively, charming when she wanted to be and spoilt when she felt like it. But Gogo Yubari was not like the other normal Japanese high school girls…She was sometimes very different. Sure all her school mates who never really knew who she was thought she was just like them but she wasn't. Gogo is very different.

If any of her stupid friends had bothered to take the time and really observe her they would have noticed that Gogo had never been normal since she was eleven! Always hostile and cold, Gogo was quick to throw a scathing remark to any one who ever spoke to her. Most of her class mates at that time found out that she was an orphan living with an aunt so they took pity and tried not to judge her. But after months and years of still staying cold towards them her class mates began to think differently. They thought Gogo Yubari, the tall beautiful athlete was a spoilt and stuck up little bitch who hadn't learned her lesson after her parents' death.

Little did they know…

Gogo was still so young when her parents had died. And she tries not to remember that horrid day. Looking at her stupid ignorant class mates made her feel disgusted. She didn't like any of them! They'd look at her with pity in their eyes as if to say Poor Gogo…She has no parents…What do they know? Nothing! Amongst the things Gogo loathed besides having stupid friends was their sympathy, which Gogo found she did not ever need! They had tried to get close to her, to be her friend…How could they when they've got everything in life!? When they've got loving parents and a bright glorious future shining in its extravagant presence? They just couldn't…There was no way…

She sat there getting bored out of her skull in the middle of the classroom. The teacher is rambling on about something or other. Gogo could care less so she let her mind wonder about her boss, O-Ren. O-Ren had said something about meeting some aristocrat tonight and she had informed the young teenage body guard to accompany her.

Which is absolutely normal seeing as I am her body guard…thought Gogo.

Thet truth was Gogo kept thinking about the past. Her mind kept drifting to it. Kept going backwards. This was what happened when she was getting bored. When there was nothing left on her mind, it would suddenly start digging for the horrible skeletons locked up in the back of her brain somewhere for the last ten years and bring the cold deadly Gogo to pain and sufferings again.


Things that happened so long ago…


"Gogo, I'll be out for the party, okay? Don't get into trouble and listen to what your baby sitter has to say to you!" cried Naname. She was Gogo's mother. A tall striking woman with long ebony hair that reached her small bottom, she was always out with her friends…Gogo's family was so rich, her parents often lived life to its fullest!

The small girl of seven nodded at her mother. She smiled sweetly hoping to get something more intimate. The girls at school had their mothers kissing their rosy cheeks everyday before and after school. If only Gogo's would do that as well…

"Get that stupid grin of your face!" and with that, Naname disappeared.

Sighing slightly, Gogo turned to face the stupid immature giggles coming from her babysitter and her much older sister, Kaede.

"You stay in your room and don't come out, ya hear?" cried Kaede.

"We're gonna be having some friends over and we don't want you to spoil our fun!"

They had had their boyfriends come over that night. Always it was their boyfriends. They would be having sex in the kitchen on the cabinets and in the living room. Gogo understood sex by the age of seven like any other adult would understand sex.

Her so-called baby sitter and sister were actually best friends so they were always ganging up on little Gogo.

Her sister was seventeen and she hated Gogo. Gogo's father was a busy business man doing business with the yakuza. He was never really home…

Gogo had no one.

Not until that fateful day…Such a horrid day…

It was ten o'clock at night and little Gogo just woke up after a short nap when she heard the familiar door bell.

She got up from bed and went to the door and opened it.

It was one of Kaede's boyfriends. What was his name? Yes, Haruki…

"Is Kaede home?" he asked politely. Haruki smiled at the young girl.

"No…Sis had somewhere else to go…"mumbled Gogo as she thought hard about where her sister might be.

"I think she said she's going to The Cocktail with her friend Masataka…" the seven year old mumbled as she chewed on her bottom lip.

"Masataka…?" Haruki frowned at this. He knew Masataka was another boy in school. Damn his luck!

"May I come in Gogo?" he asked suddenly and without waiting for a reply he stormed past the short girl and went straight to kitchen like he owned the house.

Gogo did not like this. She knew it was dangerous having him in the house. It was also very rude of him…

But then again, he was used to this place. He had come around so many times and Gogo was quite used to having him around.

Oh, what the hell! She thought. Let him stay for a while, it wasn't like he was going to do anything now, was he?

Gogo joined Haruki in the living room where he was watching some animes.

"What's this?" Gogo said as she stared at the nude pictures of the anime.

"This is anime porn…It's just like normal porn except it's in anime version…" he answered. Haruki was watching the show with such interest it made Gogo sick in the stomach.

The girl in the anime was nude and she was being fondled by this muscular young bishonen with long red hair. She gave off a moan.

Gogo turned. It was gross watching all these weird things they did. She'd had enough from watching Kaede going at it all the time, thank you very much.

"I'm going off to bed!" cried Gogo and she hurried into her room. She didn't bother locking the door.

She didn't know that that was going to be her biggest mistake…

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