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Gogo tried to let sleep drown her but it wasn't working. She snuggled deeper into her blankets but that only got her warmer and she tossed the blankets away in frustration. Damn, that Haruki. He had had the TV on so loud; Gogo couldn't even hear herself think. It was getting on her nerves and she decided that she simply had to go and give him a piece of her mind. She got up groggily and wobbled a little before her steps started to fall into place.

Gogo stood in the hall way and saw that Haruki was…What the hell was he doing? Gogo almost gasped but she wasn't too surprised. After all, she had caught her sister having sex in the middle of the kitchen floor more than once. Despite having caught her sister in various different states of nudity, what Haruki was doing was really different.

He had his pants around his ankles and it looked like he was peeing right there on the floor. His back was facing her so Gogo wasn't so sure what it was he was doing but from the shuddering gasps he was making and the way his body jerked forwards was giving her a funny feeling of dread. Gogo shut her eyes at the sight. She wanted to just run over and grab the phone so she could call the police or something. Whatever the hell it was, Gogo wanted Haruki as far way from her as possible. His presence was giving her goose bumps.

Before she made it to the phone, the front door opened with a slam and Gogo was frozen in place. Haruki still had his back to her so he was still unaware of her standing there behind him. He was, however, aware of the sound of the door opening. Haruki felt his body tensed at the thought of getting caught. He quickly put his pants on. Zipping up his fly, he heard the sound of soft whispers and giggles. Gogo immediately knew that her sister had come home and she ran into her room as fast as she could. If her sister knew she was still up, Gogo would have a great big spanking session. She hated those and avoided them as much as possible.

Trying to pretend that she was already asleep in case her sister came in to check; Gogo snuggled in the covers once again.

Feigning sleep however was proving to be quite difficult. Gogo could hear shouts and yells. It sounded like an argument. What in the world was going on out side? Was her sister having a fight with Haruki? Her breaths were coming in short gasps and Gogo felt her heart beat faster and faster. This was turning out to be some sort of really scary nightmare.

"Haruki, what the fuck are you doing in my house?" Kaede yelled at Haruki. She was really pissed at the sight of Haruki standing in her living room like some idiot. Tonight was supposed to be her night with Sai, the newbie at their school. Kaede sure did wanted to sex Sai that night not Haruki. Sure, she thought Haruki was hot too but lately his calls were making her sick and his face didn't help any better.

"What the fuck is Sai doing here, huh, Kaede?" Haruki screamed at her his fists were clenched so tight, his knuckles were turning white.

Sai held Kaede by her shoulders possessively.

"She's with me tonight. So why don't you go and take a hike, loser!" Sai said in a dangerously calm voice.

Feeling his anger sky rocketed through the roof; Haruki lunged forward and caught Sai in the jaw with crunching punch.

"Who the fuck asked you, motherfucker!?" Haruki seethed through his teeth and began punching Sai non-stop.

Sai gutted Haruki in the stomach and flipped himself so that now he was the one on top of Haruki. Both boys were struggling; punching and kicking; and coughing up blood at the same time.

"Stop it, you guys! Just stop it!" Kaede screamed hysterically. She didn't know what to do now that both boys were rolling about on the floor. They bumped into some of the furniture in the living room and before anything else happened, Kaede heard the crashing sound of something made out of glass or porcelain. She was beginning to panic. What the hell was she going to tell her parents when they got back?

Haruki grabbed a golf stick and he was about to smash it into Sais' teeth when out of no where, he was thrown into the opposite direction.

"Well, well…Look what we have here…A little party," snickered an extremely handsome young man dressed in an elegant white suit. He had his palm up in the air and it didn't take a genius to figure out that that was the exact same palm that made Haruki fly ten feet backwards. Haruki was already unconscious and the young man grabbed Sai's head and snapped it without a second thought. For that, he earned a lovely throaty scream from Kaede.

The man grinned in an extremely frightening way. His lips stretched wide into a menacing set of straight white teeth.

"What the hell do you suggest we do now, O-Ren?" he asked as he licked his lips. He was eyeing Kaede with great interest. Kaede shivered in fear under his gaze.

"Easy, Shinta-san…Why don't we ask Kojuro-sama?" her voice barely hid its evil intent as she turned and looked at the man behind her.

Kojuro was being dragged on his knees by two of O-Ren's underlings. She wasn't yet the leader of the Yakuza but she was very near to getting that position. Most of the people working for the Yakuza were loyal to her already and it was only a matter of time before she killed the leader or vice versa.

"Please don't hurt my daughter!" Kojuro practically screamed as he stared at O-Ren in helpless eyes.

"Oh…I dunno, Kojuro-sama…It didn't stop you from stealing from leader's business deals, now did it? Maybe, Shinta should put his filthy hands on your daughter just the way you put your filthy little paws on leader's money, eh?" and with that O-Ren gave a nod at Shinta who was already inching closer and closer to Kaede.

Without wasting another second, Shinta jumped on Kaede and tore off her little skimpy outfit with just one hand. He proceeded to touch and squeeze the teenage girl like some lust crazed animal. Both father and daughter were screaming at the same time.

"Please…O-Ren, Stop it!" Kojuro cried hoarsely.

O-Ren laughed girlishly. Her small body shook when she thought that some people were really just pathetic. They couldn't seem to accept reality. What Kojuro did was absolutely unforgivable in Yakuza law. And no one, absolutely no one, crossed the Yakuza. The act practically puts you on death row.

"Well…" O-Ren sang softly as she mocked a look of uncertainty. "I dunno…I think we should let Shinta-san do his thing. He hasn't fucked a woman for some time now, you see?"

Shinta was already between Kaede's legs. He plunged into her in one swift brutal ram. Shinta began riding her like an animal, not pausing for breath. Kaede was just whimpering and crying on the floor. Her soft sounds excited him even further and Shinta slammed his hips into hers in such violent ferocity, Kaede felt more pain then ever.

"You see, Kojuro-sama, there is a reason why we call Shinta-san 'the incubus'…Because, like the incubus, Shinta-san is a demon that rapes and tears apart its victims with just the size of his penis. Quite brutal really."

"No…no…pl-please…" Kojuro begged. He couldn't bring himself to look at the pathetic figure of his daughter being raped so brutally.

When Shinta reached his climax, Kaede had already fainted from the pain. He let out an extremely loud moan and tore himself out of her roughly. O-Ren could see the blood trailing on the floor from her spread open legs and she smiled in delight.

"That was a new record, O-Ren…What was it? Five? Six minutes?" Shinta barked in amusement. He put on his pants and his coat.

"I'm an animal…Ha ha…" and with that he took out his gun and shot Kaede in the head.

"Stupid little fucking bitch. Kojuro, you had quite a nice little piece of ass for a daughter. Now, I can't wait for the other one!"

O-Ren turned and slapped Kojuro so hard his nose bled.

"This is what you get for crossing the Yakuza! I'll be damned if I don't see you dead tonight! I'll kill everyone in your good for nothing family and leave your useless bodies lying around Japan in a scatter, do you hear me?" O-Ren yelled and slapped Kojuro again and again.

"Now, where the hell is your second daughter!?" she cried furiously and placed another slap on his face.

"Where is she!?" O-Ren screamed in his ear. Her nails scratched his face when she slapped him.

"Up…Upstairs…" Kojuro whispered dejectedly.

"Well, then, let's go upstairs, now shall we?" O-Ren smiled happily and all traces of her earlier anger was no where to be seen.

Unbeknownst to them, Gogo was hiding under the table and she had seen every thing…