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Demonic Nemesis

By: DarkFayt

Beta'ed by: "You know who you are!"

Ch.19 Sealed Fate


"Demon talking"


"Demon thinking"

Jutsu being used

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(Last time…)

Howaito only looked on in an uncaring way as his second head broke off his neck and he returned to his normal visage while still holding the gash in his neck from Naruto. Many of the gathered shinobi attempted to aid their wounded master, only to be savagely beaten away like flies, "Kukuku…" coughed Howaito through the blood bubbling in his mouth, "It seems I truly did underestimate these boys…"

"Orochimaru-sama, shall we gather your targets for you?" asked a man with long white hair and green eyes.

"No, Kimmimoro-kun…they aren't ready to come with me yet. I can see it in their eyes…I need them to come to me of their own will or I will never posses them…I will let them experience my power. The one thing that both of them search for. They will come to me in time…"

"Very well, Orochimaru-sama. I will gather our shinobi and have them return to base…"

"Very well…I will enjoy watching what is to happen to these boys…I can't wait to see how far they will keep me entertained…"

Finally, Orochimaru and his gathered shinobi abandon the scarred clearing as Sasuke lay in complete silence as a soft purple aura seemed to glide just over his skin while at the same time a red glow came from where Naruto once lay…


(Day 1…)

The sun had just broken the waters edge to set the world alight for the day to begin. Slowly the light crawled from the edge of the oceans horizon to touch the shores of the country of Waves just off the coast of Fire country.

The light was annoying to him. It was grating at the edge of his consciousness. Urging him to awaken even though every part of him protested the moment his mind came back to him enough to receive the message but never the less he began to stir…

Finally after what felt like an eternity he began to open his eye's only to have them assaulted by the morning light that poured through the widow. It was then he felt a weight on his chest. A weight attached to a head of… "Pink hair?" thought Sasuke…

It was then everything came flooding back to him as he sat up so quickly he threw the poor sleeping girl off of him, "Naruto!" cried Sasuke as he searched the room for his blonde teammate.

"Sasuke-kun you're awake!" cried Sakura as she attached herself to the boy. In an instant the door to the room flew open as Kakashi and Tazuna entered the room.

It only took Sasuke's mind a moment to recognize Kakashi and ask, "Where's Naruto? Is he alright? What about Howaito? And the weird bite Jutsu he used on me and Naruto?"

Everyone in the room was shocked speechless. Never had they seen Sasuke so…emotional. And over Naruto no less, "Naruto's fine Sasuke-kun. He's asleep in the next room with Hinata and Kira-san…and what do you mean by Howaito? Didn't Naruto leave him in Kumo?" asked Sakura as she finally got Sasuke to lie down much to his protests but with how week his body was he couldn't put up much of a fight.

"Hmm, I had no idea Howaito was the one that attacked you two?" said Kakashi with an uncharacteristically sharp look in his eye, "This is most disturbing…can you tell me the specifics?"

Everyone looked at Kakashi strangely. Not only had he said it was Howaito that attacked them even though Sasuke never said so but he even didn't sound surprised as he never broke his eye away from Sasuke's, "Give me a minute to think…" Sasuke raised his hand to his face before placing it over the tender flesh of his neck, "I found Naruto out in the woods. He had been training and we talked for a few moments…I can't remember the details too well…" said Sasuke as he turned his head away with a barely noticeable scowl, "We were distracted and between 10-12 shinobi surrounded us…10 were most likely chuunin from what me and Naruto could observe…"

Kakashi's visage considerably darkened as everyone else in the room took a large intake of breath as Sasuke continued to retell Naruto's and his efforts as best he could. Sakura only cradled Sasuke's head much to the boy irritation as Kakashi only seemed to brood…

"This is troubling…10 chuunin and 2 jounin level ninja alone is disturbing but to have someone able to toy with you and Naruto like that…and Howaito…" Kakashi turned away…much too afraid of letting something slip, "Orochimaru…here of all places? There's no way he could be working for Gato…could he have been after Sasuke and Naruto all along or was Naruto only a side interest? Having the last 'Sharingan' under his control would certainly be something he would desire…I need to contact Hokage-sama immediately for reinforcements…"

"He did it again…" thought Sasuke, "I never said the other two were a higher level…" As Kakashi began to leave the room Sasuke asked, "What about Howaito and the strange Jutsu he used with that purple chakra?"

Sasuke attempted to sit up again but failed as Kakashi said, "The jutsu Howaito used is complicated and since you and Naruto were affected I'll explain once Naruto wakes up again. He awoke yesterday but passed out again right after. I took the chance to perform a sealing on both you and Naruto once you two were strong enough…to ensure there wouldn't be any effects from the jutsu right away. That's also why you're so exhausted. The sealing takes a lot out of the one being sealed…"

Sasuke took a moment before nodding solidly seeing that it was clear that his sensei knew more but wasn't willing to discuss it yet, "Then before you go…how long have we been out?"

Kakashi's mood took a darker turn as he said, "We found you yesterday morning…you've been sound asleep since. Naruto…we found near you but it seems the healing technique he described to us had begun some time after the two of you were attacked. He was surrounded in red energy that had taken the shape of a gem of some kind. We were only able to bring him back to the house around mid day yesterday. He woke up for a few moments after the technique dispelled. Then he passed out right after." Sasuke gave a solid nod. It sounded like something that blonde would do after all, "As far as I can tell other then the jutsu that's affecting you working on him he's never been in better shape…I don't think anyone has been in better shape." Finished Kakashi in his mind not quite sure of everything himself.

He had never had the chance to observe Naruto that closely before and…it was an enlightening experience to say the least even while under the watchful eye of Kira who seemed dead set on not letting him do anything. It took Hinata over an hour just to convince the girl to allow him to place a seal to help suppress what Orochimaru had done.

Sasuke watched as Tazuna and Kakashi disappeared out the door once again, "I knew you couldn't die that easily dobe…I won't let you die until we decide who's stronger…" these were the final thought of the last Uchiha as he finally gave way to the exhaustion and allowed his head to fall to the side into something soft, "I…don't remember this futon being this comfy…"

"Eeepp!" Sakura couldn't even attempt to hide the fiery blush that lit up her face as Sasuke seemed to nuzzle between her thighs in his sleepy state. She breathed a sigh of relief when he finally seemed to find a comfy spot and stopped moving, "Thank, Kami…I wasn't sure how much longer I could have dealt with that… CHAA! LETS HOPE HE DOES IT AGAIN BEFORE HE WAKES UP!"

For once Sakura and her inner self agreed…and it scared her to no end…


(Day 1…Several hours later…)

"Kira-neechan! He's waking up!" cried Hinata as she watched Naruto slowly stir under the tightly wrapped blankets they had put over him. Kira, Kakashi, and the citizens of Wave in the house all burst into the room a moment later as Naruto's eyes finally flashed open…

Everyone nearly fell backwards out of complete shock. Naruto's eyes…once he had opened them turned from their heavenly blue with a captivating purple hue to their outer edge to pure coal black. Not a black of a human eye but a deep all consuming blackness that sent a chill down the spine before igniting in a sea of flames that condensed into a solid ring of fire around the outer edge that once shown a soft purple. Finally a deep red slit formed in the middle from the surrounding flames until the eyes disappeared back into the same alluring blue they once were…

It took the people in the room a few moments before they finally noticed that even though Naruto's eyes were open and back to normal he had yet to say a thing…that was when a raspy sound escaped his lips through his fangs. In an instant Hinata was by his side lifting his head to place a glass of water at his lips. After gulping down the glass much to Hinata's protests Naruto asked the simple question, "Sas-uke?"

Kakashi couldn't help but smile under his mask, "It seems the two I always worried that were going to cause the team to fall apart are closer then I could've imagined…He's fine Naruto…and so are you." It was then Kakashi saw Naruto starting to attempt to pose another question, "I'll answer all your questions once Sasuke is awake to hear it. He woke up a few hours ago before going back to sleep. Why don't you take this time to rest and when everyone is awake again we can all have a talk…"

Before Naruto could say another thing Kakashi disappeared through the door. Naruto merely slammed his head back down on his pillow as he rasped out, "Just like Kakashi…playing favorite's with the Uchiha…at least all the other times he had believable excuses…unlike when he's late." It was then Naruto felt a weight land on his chest and looked up to see the crying faces of Kira and Hinata.

It only took Naruto a moment to understand what was happening so he wrenched his arms from the sheets to cup the cheeks of the two girls, "Hay, hay, It's okay isn't it? I'm fine! Just a little tired…what's really hurting now is seeing my girls crying in front of me! I hate it when people cry…unless they're happy when doing it!"

It was then that Naruto noticed that the palm of the hand he was using to softly cup Kira's face was covered in black. At first he didn't know what to think as he slowly pulled his left hand away from Kira's face only to see that the same black spandex like substance traveled up his arm until just before his elbow. As Naruto stared into his hand he noticed that there was a small red gem about the size of a marble with a ring of gold around it in his palm. When Naruto removed his right hand from Hinata's face to trace the gem and his palm he found to his surprise that the gem was indeed embedded into his hand but that wasn't what truly surprised him. It was that the black substance was warm and soft as if it were his skin!

As Naruto examined this new oddity he noticed that there was another band of gold almost an inch wide encircling his wrist and another at the very end of the blackness just before his elbow. As he twisted his arm to give himself a better look he noticed a second and slightly bigger red gem located at the top of his wrist. This one though had a red slit in it reminding him of one of Kira's eyes even if it did more closely resemble one of his own. Finally, when he examined the nearly two inch wide gold ring at the base of his forearm he noticed that it was etched with a strange band of seals that he was unfamiliar with. They were unlike the seals he had seen on his weights or the symbols on his gem so he had to wonder, "Where did that come from? I don't remember…wait, my gem…it melted after that freak bit into it but this thing can't be it can it? And what about my weights? I never removed them did I? And even if my arm was changed because of them these seals don't seem familiar…" before Naruto could finish his musings he was broken out of his thoughts…

"That's easy for you to say Naruto-kun…" choked Kira bringing Naruto out of his thoughts as she placed her hands over Naruto's that still hung in the air, "You're not the one that's been up all night waiting for this…"

After a few more moment both girls seemed to calm down, "Naruto-kun, Kira-neechan and I were so worried! I thought you were seriously hurt!"

Naruto looked on owlishly for a moment; the issue with his arm long since forgotten while being faced with his worried girls. He had never heard Hinata talk so brashly before or Kira so…quiet, "I'm sorry that I worried you two but I didn't expect for Howaito to attack us…or to be so crazy strong…"

Hinata sat back as she looked down at Naruto with a gentle smile. Just glad he was alright…Kira on the other hand had a straight and worried face as she looked on, "Naruto-kun…" Naruto turned his head to Kira instantly, "I know you're tired and its horrible of me…but, I need you to tell me in detail…everything that happened from the time Sasuke found you in the woods until you passed out…" Kira then raised the shattered remains of Naruto's sword, "Because whatever put out an energy to cause this…I want to know everything about…"

Kira's tone was stiff…even cold to the ear. Hinata had actually scooted away slightly having never heard such a tone from the warm Kira. Naruto hadn't heard that tone since her warning about the Kage Bunshin training so he knew this was serious and nothing to stall about.

With a deep breath and a ragged sigh Naruto said, "Sasuke found me just as I was putting the finishing touches on a new Taijutsu I've been working on. We talked about things for awhile…mostly my fighting style. We got…caught up in it and didn't notice that we had been surrounded. Using my Shinkirougan I was able to find 10 chuunin, 1 jounin, and…a Kage," Hinata and Kira took deep inhales of breath from the shock of hearing such a thing, "At least by their chakra levels…and how Howaito fought…"

The next hour was spent retelling the fight with Howaito in as much detail as Naruto could remember. His sword breaking, to being paralyzed by the jutsu, stabbing the freak with his gem's blade…and finally the strange bite.

Kira was quiet with a blank look to her eyes as Hinata continued to fuss over Naruto's slower healing injuries. It took Naruto a moment before he decided a quiet Kira was far too unnatural for his liking and asked, "Is there something wrong Kira-chan?"

Kira jumped slightly at hearing her name. Something that didn't go unnoticed by Hinata or Naruto, "Is there something wrong?" she asked stiffly, "You should be asking what isn't…there are several thing that happened last night that shouldn't be possible…at least things I never considered possible…"

Naruto and Hinata stayed quiet waiting for Kira to explain. Kira set the sheath and handle of Naruto's broken sword down on the floor, "First…a liquid substance was injected into you that should have been eaten away by your acidic blood…but it wasn't. Second, there should be nothing in this word that should be able to shatter this sword past it being pushed beyond its natural structural limits. Even a weapon like this would break under the right circumstances but this…" Kira then wrapped her hand around the remains of the blade and squeezed.

"Kira-chan!" cried Naruto in shock expecting to see a flow of blood, "What do you think…" but the words died in Naruto's throat as he watched the metal of his broken sword literally mold like clay in Kira's hand.

Kira then set her hand on the sheath and did the same before saying, "This sword didn't break from stress or heat…it broke because the Kagirinaicite literally warped under the pressure of being exposed to your chakra and whatever chakra Howaito was using."

Kira then pulled a small bag from her supply pouch and opened it to reveal the other shattered pieces of the broken sword, "The Kagirinaicite couldn't adapt to the strange mix of chakra fast enough and lost its form…" Kira then took the small shards and squeezed them in her hands until a ball of silver metal was formed.

"This is actually the same way raw Kagirinaicite is mixed with metals and forged into weapons or tools. By feeding large amounts of chakra into the stone it becomes soft and malleable. If specific chakra manipulation is used the Kagirinaicite also gains a specific purpose like the gems had. After that it can be forged into whatever is needed depending on the skill of the person forging it…but I've never heard of already forged material like this breaking down…it's supposed to be nearly indestructible after being forged."

"I guess that means that my sword is gone for good, huh?" asked Naruto in a sullen voice as he watched Kira continue to work with his sword as if it was clay.

Kira just raised an eyebrow as she said, "Of course not Naruto-kun." Naruto's head perked up, "I just said this is the same way it was forged in the first place didn't I? All we need to do is find a forge and some very pure metals…silver would be the best. After that we just need to melt down what's left and find someone to forge you a new weapon."

"Weapon? Don't you mean 'sword' Kira-chan?" asked Naruto as he stared down at the lump of metal that used it be the blade of his sword.

"You can have it forged into different things to. Not only does the handle of the sword contain a core of Kagirinaicite but the sheath contains some of it as well. If you decided to get a normal sheath you could make two swords with how much is here…or even other things. It just depends on what you want to do and the skill of the smith."

Naruto seemed calm over what he had heard. It made sense. Kira had told him the stone reacts and changes to different energies…then it hit, "So does that mean this was caused by the clash of chakra too?" asked Naruto as he raised his arm.

Kira looked torn…she didn't like the answer she would have to give, "That Naruto-kun, I'm not sure of."

Naruto actually looked scared and it was clear to Hinata as she slid closer to him, "What the hell could this be if even you don't know what it is?" asked Naruto as he stared at his strange new arm.

"It's not that I won't know Naruto-kun…" Naruto and Hinata turned to Kira obviously confused, "it's just that I haven't had the chance to figure it out yet. I've never seen anything like it before so I need a little time. Last night I woke up just after that man bit into the stone…after that you passed out and I only had a few moments before the second tail started forming the barrier for its assimilation which forced me back to sleep…if I had to make a guess I'd say that this new arm was your body integrating that substance from the bite in with everything else creating this." Finished, Kira poking the arm.

"Um, Kira-chan…what does assimilation mean again?" asked Naruto with a slightly confused face that Kira hadn't seen in some time.

This brought a small fit of giggles to her and a lighter feeling to the group before she said, "I'm sorry Naruto-kun…I keep forgetting that there are still a lot of words you wouldn't know yet. Assimilation means to combine or mix. It means the 'cocoon' fit your second tail in with the rest of you while solving your bodies problems."

"So I did go through the 'cocoon' then? Did everything go ok?" asked Naruto as he dropped his head in a pouting way, "We really need to find a better name then cocoon…how about barrier? I like that a lot better! Being referred to as a bug is getting old."

This of course had both girls giggling yet again as Naruto pouted, "Well, Naruto-kun we can use that one from now on and once we talk with Kakashi we can work on that thing on your arm. It doesn't seem to be a danger as far as I can tell but we should still be careful. As for your healing last night…other then this weird thing on your arm it couldn't have gone better! Everything fell right into place…even more perfectly then I had hoped. In fact your body is a perfect copy of my human form now…" Naruto raised an eyebrow as he looked down at his chest only to get lightly whacked on his head by Kira, "Not like that baka…"

Hinata finally had enough and began rolling around as she giggled over the two's actions, "That's not funny Hinata-chan…" whined Naruto as he felt the throbbing subside, "What am I supposed to think when she said 'perfect copy'?"

Kira only giggled until she sighed, "Well, alright I'll take the blame for this one. When I said 'perfect copy' Naruto-kun I meant in its workings. You may not have a demon form or even a hanyo form like I do but your human body is as close to a demons human form as I think it can get. A two tails to be precise…the biggest change now is that everything about your body will grow in strength when you gain tails. From healing, chakra supply, physical strength…just like a true demon's would. The only difference between your body and mine now other then the fact that 'I'm a GIRL' and 'you're a BOY," strained Kira to be sure to take another jab at Naruto, "is your blood and the fact that I'm a 9-tails. The youki you gained from the second tail was used to reinforce your circulatory system and merge all your other abilities together into a working model based on my body it seems…in all aspects Naruto-kun you're a demon without your other two forms. Soon enough even your chakra will be pure youki after a few more tails form."

Naruto was shocked into silence. He had known for sometime that he would become a demon…eventually. Not a giant fox or some kind of mutant but the idea of being a human form demon like Kira was had always excited him but it had barely been 3 months. Such a short time for such a thing to happen. He never dreamed it would come so quickly. To rise so fast when he always imagined years…he had thought it would feel different. Maybe a feeling of being powerful or invincible but as he sat there he didn't feel any different. Not at all from before…he could tell his chakra had increased but not by anything shocking…it just didn't make sense to him.

It was then that Naruto noticed the large playful smiles on both of the girls faces and all he could think of was, "Oh shit…" as Kira slowly raised his right hand while clutching it with both of her own. Naruto just watched in utter shock as she squeezed it to her chest right between her large breasts for her body size with his palm laying flat against her chest.

The blush that coved Naruto's face and his large dinner plate sized eyes had both girls ready to break out into giggles again as he stuttered, "Ki-Ki-Kira-chan wh-what are y-you do-ing?"

"Just relax Naruto-kun…I'm trying to show you something important…" said Kira in a soft voice that had Naruto only sweating more…

"Do-do you think this is the proper time with Hi-na-ta in the ro-om?" Naruto was obviously looking for a way out of this…whatever it was. Kira just looked over into Hinata's eyes as the girl was barely controlling her laughter having helped set this all up.

"Just relax Naruto-kun and think like the medic you are…what do you feel with your hand here?"

Naruto was caught by Kira's words and quickly calmed as he realized what was happening…if still sweating about where his hand was, "Knowing her this has something to do with a lesson…let's see…chakra flow, blood circulation, undamaged and…soft…skin, heart beat? Wait…HEART BEAT!" Naruto's eyes slowly widened, "KIRA-CHAN YOU HAVE A HEART BEAT!"

Kira and Hinata instantly wrapped their arms around Naruto's neck dragging him to the floor while he was still in shock. Then in a soft voice Hinata says, "That's how we were hoping you would react Naruto-kun…when Kira-chan told me I knew we needed to surprise you some how…"

"But how…wait, so 'YOU' planned on messing with me Hinata-chan?" asked Naruto livid at being pranked. He was the prankster! And to be pranked by Hinata of all people! He was having more of an effect then he realized, "You knew I'd react like that…Kira putting my hand…wait what does that matter! How is any of this possible Kira-chan? The seal?" Kira just smashed her lips over Naruto's to get him to stop as Hinata still lay right beside them…blushing badly.

"Of course we did. No matter how many of those books we read you're no pervert…no matter how much I wish you were when we're alone…" Kira let the thought hang in the air as both Naruto and Hinata blush from the suggestiveness, "I don't know how it's possible myself…but I know for sure that this little thing on your arm is to blame or like thank."


(1 day ago…still unconscious)

"Sakura, come back with me to the house! I need your help with Sasuke! With Naruto still inside that strange energy I'll need what little medical knowledge you have to help Sasuke. Hinata, stay here and look around for signs of who could have done this and then come back to the house. I'll need your help as well…" said Kakashi as he held Sasuke in his arms with Sakura on his left.

"Sensei, I would like to stay here and wait for Naruto-kun to wake up…" asked Hinata in a small voice as she stood next to the glowing gem shaped energy that surrounded Naruto.

Kakashi looked back for a moment, "I…" he struggled for a moment before saying, "Fine stay here with Naruto but I want you to return to the house every two hour to check in. Those nin could still be in the area. If you don't arrive on time I'll come find you understood?" asked Kakashi with a stern voice that allowed no argument.

Hinata only gave one solid nod as Kakashi and Sakura disappeared into the tree line leaving Hinata alone in the early morning with only the nearly silent hum of the 'cocoon' to keep her company… "Naruto-kun…please be alright…"

It was nearly 5 hours and 2 trips back to the house later that to Hinata's joy the red prison began to pulse while the energy it was made of slowly dispersed to show Naruto standing but there was something different…not just the strange band on his left arm but a kind of black tar floating around him.

The seals that covered his body in the form of intricate lined patters from his mass of hair all the way to the bottoms of his feet were burning with crimson energy. The black tar seemed to swirl around his form…hanging just off his skin. The black substance pulsed with a sick purple light before it too was pulled into Naruto through the many seals coving his body followed by the remnants of the crimson youki in the air…

Hinata stared into Naruto's eyes…they were blank. As if he was awake but couldn't recognize anything. That was when Hinata saw a bright flash of light from Naruto's chest! She had to cover her eyes from the blinding light. She heard a rustling of leaves as she struggled to open her eyes. After a moment her vision began to clear and she saw Naruto laying on the forest floor. His clothes in tatters from the black substance burning through them as it entered his seals and his shirt blown apart after the flash of light.

Hinata slowly approached Naruto as she lightly called his name, "Naruto-kun…are you…" but Hinata words died in the air as she heard another rustling of leaves causing her to drop into stance and watch the bushes intently.

That's when she heard, "Hinata-chan! I need some clothes NOW!"

Hinata was thrown back, "Kira…neechan?" asked Hinata as she peered into the bushes to see Kira with her arms wrapped around herself…as natural as she could be…

Hinata blushed a dangerous color as Kira screamed, "JUST GET ME SOME CLOTHES FOR KAMI SAKE!"

Hinata immediately 'meeped' as she shot off into the forest saying, "Watch Naruto-kun! I'll be back in a moment with Kakashi-sensei!"

Kira could only frown, "Kami, I hope she remembers the clothes so the pervert won't know about this. I don't know what Naruto would think if I castrated his sensei for seeing me like this…"


(Present time with Naruto…)

Naruto blinked…once…twice…three times and he still couldn't absorb what he had just been told, "So…I came out of the 'barrier'…absorbed some black substance that sounds DISGUSTING through the seals Kira-chan gave me, caused an explosion of light that supposedly broke the seal in some way, and shot Kira-chan out of my chest…and…she was naked?"

Hinata and Kira slowly nodded not liking the tone Naruto was using, "Um, yes that's what Hinata-chan said she saw. After she got back and snuck me a change of clothes we were able to convince Kakashi that I met up with Hinata-chan while she was waiting. It seemed believable since your clearing was on the way to town so Kakashi just thinks I came from the village after arriving by boat…"

Again…Naruto was silent, until, "Damn, the one time I really wish I hadn't been able to sleep…" Naruto then crossed his arms with a tight pout on his face.

Hinata had a vivid blush as Kira just seemed to smirk in playful joy. She then leaned forward and whispered, "If you wanted to see Naruto-kuunn, all you had to do was ask."

That was the last straw…no porn…no innuendo…not even his most untamed thoughts and dreams of Ichi-Ichi could prepare Naruto for that…level. Naruto had just gotten his first nosebleed from perverted thoughts! The first of a long line in the coming years and yet to his own pride he had SURVIVED the flow of blood and remained conscious!

"That was completely unfair…" said Naruto threw his hand covering the blood from his nose. Hinata had already handed Naruto a cloth to help with the blood as she fretted over it…and he would need it.

"Oh…" purred Kira as she stared at Naruto from her spot, "That wasn't a trick…all you have to do is ask…" said Kira once again as she slowly pulled off her flak jacket and there it was a second blast that finally put Naruto out cold.

"Kira-neechan don't you think that was a little…mean?" asked Hinata as she finished wiping the blood from Naruto's face while sporting a rather intense blush of her own.

"That wasn't mean Hinata-chan…it was the truth. All Naruto-kun would have to do is ask and I'd do pretty much…anything." Hinata's eyes grew wide with possibilities as she too passed out right on top of Naruto.

Kira giggled lightly as she changed into her hanyo form with a small flash of light and used her three tails to tuck Hinata into the left side of Naruto's futon in a more comfortable way before she climbed into the right side of his sheets. She yawned dreamily as she thought, "Well that was fun…these two are still way too easy…" Kira then yawned loudly, "But this IS the easiest way to get those two to rest…especially when Naruto-kun won't stop asking questions…and when I'm more tired then they are…"


(Day 2…)

There was a strange air around the table that morning…whether it was the fact that a little over a day ago Naruto and Sasuke had been viciously beaten by unknown ninja or the fact Tazuna was raging drunk at 9am…no one was sure but one thing was for sure.

Everyone wanted answers from the Cycloptic Jounin…and he knew it…

Kakashi could feel the five pairs of eyes on him so he couldn't even try to eat the breakfast in peace. Tsunami had placed it in front of him and yet here he was allowing his food to cool for fear of his students seeing his face…especially with Sasuke and his newly awakened 'Sharingan' staring at him!

It was getting almost creepy how long Sasuke had kept it active now. He only allowed it to fade once his reserves dried up. It seemed ever since he had realized that it had finally happened he didn't want to turn it off out of fear of losing it! It was like the old school yard joke! 'If you let go it will disappear!' Kakashi still wanted to kill the guy who had said that to him…wait he did in the Jounin exams…

So with a deep haggard sigh Kakashi said, "Alright, I'll explain about what those bites did 'IF' Sasuke will turn off his 'Sharingan'…it's starting to get creepy…"

Everyone looked at Sasuke for a moment before he humph'ed as his eyes faded back into their natural black instead of the crimson red with a single toma in each eye, "There, now what are these marks?" asked Sasuke as he bared his shoulder and Naruto raised his arm.

Kakashi took out a black scroll and a brush. With a quick flick of his wrist he had a perfect copy of Sasuke's curse seal, "These…are a type of Fuin Jutsu. Sadly not much is known about them." This had all of the genin looking dejected, "What I can tell you is only what I have heard from others…"

Everyone looked up at Kakashi with hope in their eyes, "These seals were created and forced on you by one of Konoha's former Sannin… Orochimaru."

Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata all gasped from shock, "Umm, who's that?" asked Naruto as Kira nodded next to him. The other shinobi at the table looked even more shocked then before as Kakashi slapped a hand over his face.

"Naruto didn't you study the bingo book at all while in the academy?"

Naruto looked on uncaring as he fished through his pouch pulling out one copy of Ichi-Ichi after another making Kakashi look on with dinner plate eyes until Naruto said, "No, not at all. It didn't seem important enough so I looked into other things but I do carry one around with me. They issue them to medics just in case we find someone injured and they match a description. That way we can hold them…"

As everyone at the table had their eyes locked onto the pile of books Sasuke asked, "How many of those books do you have dobe?"

Naruto blinked for a moment before saying, "Well that's off topic but since Kakashi-sensei is in his spaced out 'hentai mode' we have a few minutes." Naruto then spread out all the books until five could be seen, "There are 5 books in the series right now. 1-3 are sequels of each other and 'Ichi-Ichi Violence' is the first new book in a while. This one… 'Super Gold Perverted Addition' is just the first three books in one with some extra side story. And the 'Silver Editions' you've seen Kakashi-sensei with are reprints of the first 3 books but the silver editions only contain the hentai scenes. So I don't carry those with me…If I would have known I wouldn't have bought them either."

As Naruto and Sasuke continued to discuss the point and value of porn Hinata was sporting a horrible blush as Sakura looked about ready to kill…until they heard a slight giggle and turned to see Kira looking through the 'Gold Edition', "Look Sakura before you go off why not give the books a try? They may have porn in them but the story is pretty damn good…right Hinata-chan?"

Sakura looked livid as she turned to Hinata. She remembered the time Kira had joked about her reading them but Sakura had always assumed that was it…a joke, "Hinata…you read this trash?"

"Well…um…I have Sakura-san. They are very well written and romantic…even some of the…" before Hinata could finish Tsunami slammed a pan down on the table not only snapping everyone back into focus but sending poor Tazuna to the ground.

In an icy and…very intimidating voice…especially for a none shinobi she said, "Now…I very much appreciate what all of you are doing for my family but there are two things I do not allow in my house no matter how tasteful…" Naruto, Kira, and Kakashi all began to blanch, "NO PERVERSENESS OR PORN IN MY HOUSE!"

As all the birds and animals within miles of the house fled in utter terror Naruto scrabbled to retrieve his books and hide them inside the safety of his pouch as Kakashi just sat there tense…as if ready to run, "This woman is scarier then Kurenai is about porn…"

"Alright," called Kakashi in a slightly shaking voice, "Why don't we finish the explanation about Orochimaru in the woods so we can start the training for today…GRAB YOUR FOOD AND RUN!" in an instant Kakashi had disappeared out the door being followed closely behind by the genin.

Sadly, before Naruto and Kira could escape Tsunami called, "Naruto-san, Kira-san," with ridged postures and porcelain smiles they turned to meet the woman's gaze, "when you two get back tonight we will have a long talk about proper reading material for children your age and modesty…especially you KI-RA-chan…" she finished all too sweetly.

They were doomed…


(Day 2…Some time later…)

"So…" said Sasuke as he and the other genin stared blankly at the bingo book. Still shocked after being told that THE Orochimaru was the one they had most likely fought, "This guy was one of the three Sannin? The Sennin of snakes? One of the only 3 students the Sandaime ever taught? but unlike the other two Sannin…Tsunade and Jiraiya who just left Konoha he became a traitor and missing nin after he fled the village because he got caught doing all sorts of illegal experiments?"

"Yes," said Kakashi as he looked down at the pages dedicated to Orochimaru and his ever growing list of crimes, "He was a genius ninja that earned a feared reputation from the 'Second Great War'. He was even almost appointed as the Yondaime Hokage…if the famed 'Konoha no Kīroi Senkō' hadn't been the one to end the war. No one knows when he snapped or when it started but he became obsessed with learning every Jutsu in existence…"

Sasuke snorted, "The Uchiha clan had been collecting jutsu for centuries…even long before Konoha was founded. The clan library became massive because of the 'Sharingan' and even we never had such a crazy ambition. It's just not possible…you would die long before coming close to even collecting them all let alone learning them…besides there are jutsu that just can't used by some…"

Everyone nodded as Kakashi said, "Exactly, that's why he started his experiments. To discover ways to learn Jutsu faster, to use Jutsu that require Kekkai Genkai, and most of all…to gain eternal life." Kira and Naruto perked their heads at that.

Naruto and Kira just turn to each other for a moment as Kakashi went on with explaining the snake Sennin's many accomplishments…it was as if they spoke volumes to each other in that one glance but it could be put into a single thought… "This monster needs to die…"

"So then what are these things for?" asked Naruto referring to the seals he and Sasuke now bared, "And what would a twisted monster bent on dreams of immortality and learning all jutsu want with us anyway? He didn't kill us so placing these 'Cursed' marks must have been his goal…"

Kakashi was silent again for a moment, "Like I said before not much is known about these seals and even if I told you how we 'think' they work I'm not sure you would understand…and I'm not sure if even I understand it fully but what I do know is what they have done in the past and what they are meant to do…" Kakashi then pointed to the same scroll again he had copied the seal down on, "We know that they are applied by injecting a chakra laced enzyme into the victims blood stream…after that the place of the injection forms the main seal while the mixture travels throughout the body over the course of a few hours changing the body in several ways. Normally no one survives this process…"

The clearing was silent as everyone either turned to look at Naruto or Sasuke or in their case each other, "From what we have learned only 1 in 10 that have received these Cursed Seals survive and those who do are servants of Orochimaru…"

Naruto and Sasuke were ridged as Kira asked, "So what does this have to do with our boys here? There's no way they would become some snake freaks slaves."

"It really isn't their choice Kira-san," said Kakashi in a defeated and weary voice that had all the genin worried, "We may not understand how these seals work, how they're made, or even how to remove them but what we do understand is what they CAN do…and what they are meant to do…"

It took everyone a moment to settle, "These seals cause several effects and…side effects for the user…or victim depending on how you see it. The main effects are gaining incredible strength once they've infected the target. Increased speed, strength, stamina, chakra capacity, and even an incredibly strengthening of the body as they spread…" Kakashi could see the light come back to the boys eyes and he knew they needed to know the cost, "But in exchange the seal degrades the users body and mind…"


"But I feel fine Kakashi-sensei!" cried Naruto as he waved his arms around frantically, "I've even checked over myself and Sasuke and haven't found anything wrong or even different!"

Kakashi acted as if the blaring sound hadn't even fazed him, "But could you tell anything about the area where the seals are?" asked Kakashi only to receive silence in return, "You two must understand that not only did you just receive the seals but you both had well over a day of rest to recover after the seals were placed. I was even able to partially seal them away while you were still unconscious so neither one of you are feeling the damage you would have if you had woken up with them fully affecting your bodies."

"So…we just slept through the worst?" asked Sasuke while rubbing his neck.

Kakashi nodded before saying, "You must understand that what the seals are meant to do is to slowly strengthen your negative emotions…anger, jealousy, hatred…these all feed your desire to use the seal and its power. By using its power you in turn allow it to spread further and the more you use the power of the seal the more it causes you to be dependent on it…addicted to it. Causing a cycle you can't escape. Finally after so long the seal won't only destroy your body by pushing it far past its recoverable limits…but it will destroy your mind allowing Orochimaru to manipulate you with its ability to control your emotions…"

Naruto and Sasuke looked horrified at the realization. To think something this vile existed would be a shock in the first place but to find you yourself was branded with it? The girls could only think to try and comfort them as Kakashi continued.

"These seals are more like a disease with the power they give as the side effect. They spread on their own as your darker emotions take root…even with my seal suppressing them they will still slowly spread over the course of your lives. No one can completely suppress their darker side after all and as the seal grows it will grow stronger, quicker to spread, and even easier for the user to control and call on. My seal is dependent on your own emotions as well…your own will to hold back the curse. The more you wish for it the stronger mine will be but if you give in for even a moment…allow yourself to call on it…to rely on the seal…mine will break and the curse will fall on you will all it has and there will be nothing I can do for you."

In a quiet voice, "Isn't there anything we can do?" asked Sasuke, "Isn't there any way to remove them?"

"I have done all I can do…even the Hokage himself has only been able to slow them. There is a Jounin that was marked with one of those seals and has lived many years with it…barely interfering with her life. Once we return to Konoha and you speak with the Hokage about them I will have you meet her. She may be able to help you but remember what I've said…those seals may grant power…even enough to allow a Genin to defeat a Jounin with raw strength alone but you need to ask yourself…"

"Is my soul worth that power?" finished Sasuke to everyone's surprise.

It was then that both Naruto and Sasuke stood and began walking away into the woods, "Wait Sasuke-kun!" called Sakura only to have Kakashi appear in front of her and Hinata.

"No, this is something those two need to deal with and accept on their own…they just learned they have been marked for life. That's something that takes time to accept…"

As Naruto and Sasuke continued to disappear into the forest the wind began to blow carrying the scent of the sea…but that's not what had Kira's attention…no…even though every part of her was screaming to follow Naruto. To comfort him, to prove Kakashi wrong and destroy the thing…she couldn't pull her eyes away…away from the next page of the 'Bingo Book' that the wind had turned to…the page that bared the picture of the Sennin Orochimaru…the picture of a man with yellow slit eye's was the last thing she saw before disappearing in a cloud of black smoke…


(3 Days later…Day 5)

Sakura had been guarding Tazuna on the bridge with Kakashi for the past few days and she was board out of her mind now that he was gone training with Sasuke to ensure he had control over his 'Sharingan' especially when a drunk Tazuna ended up trapped in a genjutsu where frying pans of all things were attacking him. Kakashi had scolded Sasuke harshly saying the weaker a person was the easier the doujutsu affected them and it had a way of using what was already bothering the mind…

At first she found it weird that Kakashi had left the others to train on their own for the past 3 days…even if she was the first to finish the 'Tree Climbing' and several of the smaller academy exercises. Hinata, Kira, and Naruto had been right behind her and yet for the past few days Kakashi had left them with only instructions and other exercises to help with their finer control before moving on in the training. While he trained her at the bridge while watching over Tazuna…but when she thought about it when Kakashi had said that she was in need of stamina and he was going to be having her do intense training he wasn't joking. The sadist had made her run back and forth along the ridiculously long bridge while carrying various supplies to the workers nonstop until she collapsed and then it was scroll studies on the medic-nin jutsu and taijutsu until she was rested. Then they would lightly spar until it was time for the laps again!

She had to admit between the laps and the Kage Bunshin she was growing very quickly and even though she had been warned about the Bunshin she would have the few she could make read over scrolls and such she had barrowed from Naruto while she worked. It wasn't enough to truly learn anything substantial but it was greatly speeding up the process. When she started she could only make 1 Bunshin safely and run 3 laps before needing rest. Now she could make 3 Bunshin! Almost 4 now and run 8 laps! She found it ridiculous how much chakra the things took and yet it only made her respect for Naruto grow that much more considering the dozens she'd seen him make.

After her talk with Naruto those several nights ago she had started to ask Sasuke to help her train just about every night. At first it caught the Uchiha with his pants down but now it seemed even he enjoyed their little spars. He had said that the stringy girl was actually very hard to hit with her mixing of the average Bunshin no jutsu, flexibility, and over all ability to bounce back after a hit. Sasuke had even referred to her a one of those toy clowns that just wouldn't go down! Much to the girls irritation…

Hinata had finished the 'Tree Climbing' during the second day and had used the rest of the time to work on her Jyuuken with Naruto as well as working on the jutsu she had learned with Kira since for some reason Kira seemed to be keeping her distance from everyone other than the Hyuuga heiress and Naruto...

Naruto had even been able to teach Hinata the Kage Bunshin! Even though she could only make 5 clones it was still a useful jutsu for her to know.

Sasuke had finishing up the 'Tree Climbing' late on the second day to his dislike. He was able to walk up and down the tree easily but for some reason he said it just didn't feel right yet. He said he wanted it to be second nature for him so he decided to spend a third day on the exercise before he started working on 'smaller' exercises as he called them. Naruto had chocked it up to his 'Number 1 Rookie' pride which earned several fire balls from the Uchiha in return.

On the third day Kakashi, just as he had said asked all of them to begin the 'Water Walking' exercise. Sakura, Hinata, and Sasuke all had the same reaction to this as they did to 'Tree Climbing'. Kira just seemed off in her own world just as she had been for the past few days about it. Naruto on the other hand just had a good laugh as he walked right out onto the water and said he had redone it the day before with Kira only to have Hinata use a Mizudan (water bullet) on his face for making fun of them and not telling them about it sooner.


Naruto was able to get farther in his training then he had hoped. In his free time he was able to scrounge up over the last few days between training with the others for their elements, taking his turn with guard duty, keeping up with his medic studies, and Kira insisting on him sleeping 8 to 10 hours a day instead of his regular 6 of late. She insisted on him giving her time to study the 'Cursed Seal' while his body was at rest in hopes of learning something.

In his training time he was able to relearn most of his chakra control exercises, Jutsu, and Taijutsu kata thanks to his Kage Bunshin almost ridiculously quick but he just chocked it up to repetition. At first Naruto had been shocked when Kira had told him to use the Bunshin to redo his training again. Especially since she had said it could kill him if he used it again for major training in the next few years but Kira had almost nonchalantly explained that training with Kage Bunshin really only causes stress when it's new information being absorbed that would equal several weeks worth of training. Naruto already knew all of the training the Bunshin were redoing and was only picking up the small changes and tweaks so it was nothing at all as long as it was only several dozen doing so.

Thanks to Hinata and Kira he was already back on track with his Taijutsu. He was even getting close to finishing up the 12th and 13th kata for Jyuuken. He was very happy about that. He hated letting his Jyuuken slip after all the work that had been put into it. Not to mention it was a gift…not only from Hinata helping him but a gift given in the memory of his mother…even if he had never met her.

His jutsu on the other hand were incredibly hard to relearn. It seemed that the increase of youki in his system had a tendency to throw off his control on the last second. It was like there were bubbles of stronger chakra that would pop when he tried to mold any and that caused the jutsu to fail. The Kage Bunshin jutsu were easy enough since they had no specific chakra limits needed except having enough which was no problem. It just seemed like he couldn't hit the number of clones he had intended. It always seemed to be off by a few…dozen.

The jutsu it seemed he could use were:

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone)

Shuriken-Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shuriken shadow clone)

Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding shadow clone)

Ninpo: Dokugiri no Jutsu (Poison mist)

Kokuangyou no Jutsu (Bringer of Darkness): This one…had everyone at a loss to explain. It was a high rank genjutsu. One of the highest that even Kakashi said would be difficult for him to perform and maintain. With Naruto's current control it should have been impossible for him to hold up an illusion of that level and yet it was like it was meant for him. Just as before even with his level of control most of the genjutsu Kakashi had gotten him to try failed miserably and yet this one…just seemed natural for him.

Chakra Enjintou (Scalpel): As well as several other healing Jutsu. From healing skin, bones, soft tissues, and other things was simple. The healing techniques that just required the specific manipulation, patience, knowledge, and skill were simple. It just seemed internal organs smaller connective tissues and nerves were too difficult at the moment. The things that needed intricate workings. His current control wouldn't allow him the sensitivity or maneuverability to work with them safely. He could…he just didn't trust himself to try unless absolutely necessary…

Shunshin no jutsu (Body flicker): Was another one he had found he could use. It was shocking how simple the short range technique was! It only required a special one handed seal and practice. The short range version was simply an expulsion of altered chakra that lessened the gravity around the user for a split second and allowed them to move at incredible speeds with far less stress from gravity. Kakashi had said though that no matter how hard you trained with it there was a strict limit. Not only in distance but usage. The speed was determined by the users own speed. The faster you could normally move the farther you could get in one burst but…even that had it's limit. Even with gravity lightened it was still there. Still putting stress on the body. Not only did that mean that you could only move so fast safely but the stress would eventually build up if it was used too long. That's why the Shunshin was both useful and impractical when compared to Kawarimi which just switched you with another object.

The long range version was a different matter. Naruto had never tried to perform it himself even though he had seen it several times before. It just never seemed important enough until he saw the Hunter-nin use it…after that it just seemed a need to know basic. It basically worked the same way as the short range version except for 2 key differences. First, a medium was needed. Some kind of additive that would take the brunt of the stress from the extended jump. Such as leaves, smoke, est. Kakashi had said he had seen everything from water to rocks used but a smoke jutsu or bomb was the easiest to use in his opinion and easier to hide. The second and the reason why the long range Shunshin was unfit for combat was the lag time after it is used. It was a simple jutsu but after coming out of the jump it took several seconds to flow chakra normally or even just to move properly…several seconds you could be killed in…

Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning): To Kira's joy was another he could still use even with several…twists then it used to have. Good and bad…it seemed to depend on how they looked at it. At first Kira had been afraid that the 'Cursed Seal' had done more damage then good…when Kira had explained it all to him when he was relearning his own abilities a few days prior he had nearly fainted 'Hinata style' as the name suggested.


(Flashback: Day 3…Morning)

Naruto was in a bad mood. Not only had he run out of his ramen supply for the trip thanks to his depressed eating spree the night before but now Kira had woken him and Sasuke up before the sun had even risen and insisted on them doing some kind of training before the others were even awake!

At first Sasuke was in his normal mood and didn't want anything to do with it but Naruto said that he needed a sparing partner and that Kira would teach him a new jutsu. So in true Sasuke fashion he had followed with a slight grunt. He began training in the new Doton jutsu he had just copied from Kira but for Naruto; Sasuke's attitude wasn't something he wanted to deal with first thing in the morning and he was showing his temperament had a very finite limit.

The first thing Kira had asked was that Naruto get a decent distance while Sasuke was distracted by his new Jutsu then un-summon her and then summon her as usual and he did without question even if it seemed a little strange. It was routine now…cut his thumb on his fang, go through the seals, and use the precise amount of chakra. And just like every other time before there was a cloud of black smoke, a swirl of her crimson youki, and her scent swirling through the air but unlike all the other times it took far more chakra and…to Naruto's dislike what stood before him was not his beautiful smiling Kira…what stood before him was almost an exact copy of the horrible depictions in the history books. Even if she only stood as tall as an average size horse with three tails it was still nothing he would expect to see this early in the morning. If it wasn't for her scent in the air Naruto would have sworn he had screwed up the jutsu some how.

After a moment of Naruto gapping like a fish Kira let out a small…bark…would be the best word to describe the sound she made to snap Naruto back into focus. Once she could see his blue hues lock with her crimson slit one's she began to speak in the same spine tingling voice she had when he first met her…, "It's alright Naruto-kun. I'm still me. I just gained a little size now that you gained your second tail and well…since the seal has partially broken."

Naruto blinked a few times as he watched Kira's form be veiled in black smoke before she reappeared in her normal none frightening form, "So the seal broke?" asked Naruto not realizing the question…just trying to avoid saying anything that could get him killed over how disturbing he still found her fox form.

Kira just shook her head and smiled. It was easy for her to tell what he was doing and she found it sweet that he was trying not to hurt her feelings but she understood all too well the effect that form had on…anyone, "Well, yes in a way…at least partially. The part that held my body is what broke but even if it hadn't my size would still have increased remember? The number of tails equal the size…nothing we can do there. But that's why I have this form!" finished Kira as she struck a pose with one arm stretched in the air as she raised one knee to her waist.

"So that's why you have your body back now?" asked Naruto trying to ignore the overly cute pose she had taken…and failing, "But why? Or when did it…wait…the 'Cursed Seal'…"

Kira had a sour look cross her face as she crossed her arms, "Yes…that thing is what caused this…I hate to say this but even with everything Kakashi told us about those things and who it came from it seems to have done more good then bad…"

Naruto looked livid, "WHAT! How can that be! Kakashi-sensei told us how 'EVIL' these things are, what they do, and just who put them on us says how bad they are!"

Just then Sasuke walked into the clearing slightly wet as he said, "What are you two talking about? The seal again?"

Kira frowned again as she said, "Well I guess this makes things easier if you're here to hear this but only if you promise not to tell Kakashi what I'm telling you!"

Sasuke just glared for a moment before shrugging and taking a leaning position against a near by tree. Kira then took a deep breath before facing Naruto again.

"Yes Naruto-kun, what they MAY do is bad but in general this seals seems to have done nothing but good for your body so far…even Sasuke's. Kakashi was right in saying it was similar to a virus but they really aren't seals." Naruto and Sasuke only show of surprise was a slight raising of their eyebrows, "As you know a seal is an intricate pattern that is charged with chakra to cause a lasting effect. Basically it's a jutsu that would take too many hand seals to perform just like summoning. But where summoning uses a few hand seals and a blood contract as a short cut sealing uses patterns, chakra manipulations, and different elements. What this 'Seal' is…is actually instructions for a symbiote…"

"Syba-what? What the hell does that even mean? I understand the basics of sealing, and I probably know more about summoning thanks to you than any other human alive but I have no idea what that is!" Naruto had just fallen on his behind as Kira took to sitting down across from him with her legs tucked under herself.

Sasuke had left his spot against his tree as he thought, "Who is this girl? Every time she's ever spoken she's either made a fool of Kakashi or described something so brilliantly even the dobe understood it…could she be the reason he grew so fast? It would make sense. A personal trainer like her could cause such a change and if she could do that for the dobe then what could she do for me? But where did she come from? Skill and knowledge like this doesn't come without experience…"

"A sym-bi-ote is another way to say 'symbiotic organism' or another way to put it is something that lives off another being …"

"But, isn't that a parasite Kira-chan? Those are bad and very harmful…doesn't that mean we should get rid…" Naruto didn't get to finish as Kira cut him off just as Sasuke took a seat beside him.

"Close Naruto-kun," said Kira as she wagged her finger. She then touched the ground with an extended claw and what looked like a leach formed out of soil, "a parasite like this insect lives off another by denying it's host so it can gain for itself ultimately harming it's host. Once it's done or the host is no longer useful it moves onto the next. Symbiotes on the other hand like the enzyme that's now inside you Naruto-kun, takes from the host and gives in return so they may both live."

Naruto and Sasuke then settle in because they were both sure that they would be missing breakfast…


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