Demonic Nemesis

By: DarkFayt

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Ch.2 Hated Truth


"Demon talking"


"Demon thinking"

Jutsu being used

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(Last Time…)

"GO!" Again they let the weapons fly and after the telltale clunk of metal hitting wood Mizuki approached to score them. "For shuriken Sasuke scored 8 out of 8! Perfect score Sasuke! Naruto's score is 7 out of 8! Naruto and Sasuke tie for the top score in the weapons test."

"That's not fair Mizuki sensei! Sasuke-kun should win not Naruto no baka!" at this all the boys sweat drop at the stupidity of it all.

"Girls I'm sorry. That is what the score is and that's it." Iruka said thinking he was too old to deal with fan girls at the ripe age of 17.

"He-he, that's right I'm the best!" Naruto bragged lightly.


"Next is the obstacle course. The course starts as one path and splits into three. Every path is different and is littered with traps, none lethal of course. Also, throughout the course are bells. Every time you ring a bell a point will be deducted from your score. Some of the more obvious traps will ring a bell when set off. Others bells may ring by simply moving sloppily around the course. Along any given path are fifteen bells. We completely expect you to at least set off five of them. Don't feel bad if you do, even Mizuki and I will at least set off one or two. This test is also timed. You have ten minutes to get through, every additional thirty seconds after that will be counted as a rung bell. If you ring ten or more bells you fail. Understand?" Iruka moves to the start of the course and calls to start.

One by one every student took their turn and to some people's surprise quite a few failed this portion. After about an hour they finally called the one person everyone had been waiting to see try this.

"Uzumaki Naruto you're up!" called Mizuki. As Naruto took his starting place a select few in the crowd were having their own thoughts on the test.

"Alright dobe lets see if all this skill of yours I've been hearing about is a fluke or not," Sasuke growled.

"Naruto-kun do your best!" blushed Hinata.

"Show me what you've got demon! Let's see if you will work for my plans or not?"

"Begin!" was Iruka's loud cry. In a sprinting start Naruto disappeared into the forest.

A short time later "It's been five minutes and still no rung bells. Could he have gotten himself caught in a trap?" asked Mizuki with a slight frown.

"I'm not sure but it takes even chuunin like me and you eight minutes to get through that course," stated Iruka.

"The dobe probably got lost in there," Sasuke said with an arrogant smirk. "I knew he wasn't that good."

"Yah, Sasuke-kun is right! Naruto no baka got caught by the simplest trap in there!" was Sakura's comment, "Cha! That pathetic Naruto is stuck and is going to have to have Sasuke-kun go rescue his spiky ass!" (Inner Bitch)

With a growl of annoyance from Sasuke they all returned to watching the exit. Not even two minutes later Naruto appeared flying out of the opening without a sound as he landed and with three minutes to spare.

"Naruto you did the entire course in only seven minutes without ringing a single bell!" shouted Iruka.

"Of course Iruka sensei, this was only slightly harder than the Hyuuga's," as Naruto said this he threw fifteen small bells at Iruka's feet and began walking towards the Taijutsu field.

"I guess it wasn't just luck at the Hyuuga compound after all," Mizuki said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Not only that but if Naruto was able to go the whole course in seven minutes without ringing a single bell and even collecting them! His stealth must be jounin level…or even better," Iruka sounded shocked.

After this was said everyone could hear Sasuke growl while walking to the Taijutsu field. "So the dobe has stealth! That won't make him strong! It just makes him sneaky…that's it he's no match for the last Uchiha! I'm an avenger and that means I have to be the strongest. We will see who the best is dobe."


On the walk to the next testing area the students couldn't help but to gossip about Naruto's skills.

"Can you believe Naruto did that?" Ino gasped out.

"No he must have cheated! There's no way he beat Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shrieked.

"He did get through without ringing a bell. He has to be good at something. I guess that's stealth…huh, Akamaru?" "arf-arf!" Kiba asked out loud to his dog.

"I had one of my insects follow everyone when they went in. He did not cheat," stated the ever calm Shino.

"(Munch) What do you (Munch) think about it Shikamaru?" Choji asked between munches.

"Mendokuse…I honestly think he's better than what he shows. He's like me, he doesn't try. It's not worth it…" Shikamaru yawned.

"So what…he's good at stealth? He's still a dobe."

Sakura just looked at Sasuke dreamily, "Chaa! Sasuke-kun's right! Naruto no baka is no match!" (Inner bitch)

"Naruto-kun I hope you pass and we get on the same team. That would be wonderful," a mind stutteringHinata thought blushing.

"Here we will have the Taijutsu portion of the exam. Each of you will have a turn sparring with either me or Mizuki. We will be grading you on speed, stamina, and technique. Then we'll give each of you an overview of your skills before moving onto the Ninjutsu test," was Iruka's explanation.

One at a time each student had their turns sparring. It was about 11:23am by the time everyone finished. "Alright everyone there will be a change of plans because of how late it is. We will give each of you a private explanation of our decision then you will be released for lunch."

Everyone met with the sensei they had sparred with for their grade. Some left with proud smiles and some left slightly sweating, while others looked like they'd been stabbed with a kunai. As Naruto was approaching Iruka he began to sweat because he knew he hadn't done very well.

"To start Naruto your stamina and form are good, but you're too slow, your movements are very choppy, and your reach is too short," Iruka knew he hit a soft spot with this one. Naruto has always been sensitive about being the shortest in class but he knew he needed to hear this to improve. "If this was a pass or fail grade I'm afraid you would have failed," Iruka said very quietly.

"Am I really that bad sensei?" Naruto asked in a subdued voice.

Iruka smiled softly as he put a comforting hand on Naruto's shoulder, "It's okay Naruto, you have the best stamina I have ever seen in a academy student, heck even most chuunin don't have your kind of stamina, but I think the basic style we teach here just isn't right for you. It's meant for straight out combat but with your size it's just not right. When you get with your Jounin sensei ask him for a style with a lot of dodging and quick hits. Just work on your speed, power, and get a more suitable Taijutsu style and you'll be fine. That's what this test is for after all. It's better to find these things out now instead of later."

"Thanks Iruka sensei!" said Naruto with a broad grin in place.

"Now get to lunch and don't be late for the last part of the exam."

After Naruto had run off Iruka poofed back to the classroom to meet up with Mizuki to review and grade the last four exams.


(In the class room)

"How's it looking Mizuki?" asked Iruka.

"Actually…pretty good so far. Out of the forty students it looks like between 23 and 28 will pass." stated Mizuki.

"That's good news. Let's finish grading these quick so we can get ready for the last portion since it will probably take two hours to get through them all."

"You're right but it still worries me some." said Mizuki as he set down the papers.

"What does?" asked Iruka as he leaned against the wall.

"Well I'm sure some of these kids should pass from what I've seen over the year but they aren't or are really close."

Iruka let out a heavy sigh, "You mean like Naruto?"

"Yes, it seems he is either excellent at something or he down right sucks at it! I know he should pass but he's right on the fence. It all comes down to the Ninjutsu portion."

"All we can do is to wait and see how he does…in the end it comes down to Naruto."


Outside the academy Naruto was enjoying a few rice balls under a tree. "I wonder how I'm doing. I did horrible on the written test but sensei said it wasn't a requirement. My stealth and weapon technique were high scores but my Taijutsu would have been a failure. I guess all I can do is wait and see how I do on the Ninjutsu test."

Just as Naruto was finishing up his lunch a few of his classmates went walking by heading back to class as the bell sounds, "Well this is it. I guess all I can do is my best."

"Naruto-kun you're so strong. I wish I could be like that but…but I can't even find the courage to talk to you." Hinata thought while frowning as she watched Naruto go.


Back in the classroom everyone was taking their seats as Hinata walked in.

"Hinata you're late." said Iruka as he looked up from his desk.

"Sorry Iruka-sen-sei."

"It's alright Hinata; just take the seat next to Naruto so we can get started."

"Hai, sensei…" As Hinata was climbing the steps to take her seat the only thing she could think of was, "I'm sitting next to Naruto-kun! This is my big chance to get him to notice me. If I can't get to him now and he's placed on a different team then I may never get another chance with him. I've got to do it now!" With these thoughts in mind Hinata finally takes her seat with resolve.

"Everyone this is the final portion of the exam. You will be called down one at a time into this room over here to take the test. We will be testing you on your skills with the Henge (Transformation), Kawarimi (Replacement), and Bunshin no jutsu (Clone). Now just being able to perform the jutsu won't be enough to pass. You must be able to perform it with decent control, speed, and form. In other words if you create three clones but it takes you 2 or 3 minutes to do it you will fail. This test is to make sure you can be efficient in the field already. If you aren't up to that level you will just be wasting the Jounin's time. Any questions?" asked Iruka hurriedly.

At the end of the explanation Naruto drops his head on the desk hard drawing a few stares while he thought, "Why did it have to be Bunshin no Jutsu! Henge and Kawarimi I can do but Bunshin is my worst jutsu! What am I going to do? Am I really going to fail after all I've done?"

"Nar-uto-kun I know you wi-ll do your be-st." stuttered Hinata in a whisper.

"Huh? Oh Hinata when did you get here?" asked Naruto.

Hinata looks down heartbroken her resolve gone, "He didn't even know I sat next to him. He really doesn't notice me."

"Thanks for the cheers but my Bunshin sucks ass. It's my worst jutsu."

Hinata blushes at the foul language, "I'm s-ure you can d-o it if you try Nar-uto-kun. You ne-ver give up."

After thinking a moment, "You're right Hinata! You never know until you try. Thank you," said Naruto with his grin back.

"Hyuuga Hinata, you're next!" hearing this Hinata looks at Naruto then starts her way down the steps.

"Good luck Hinata I know you'll pass, you're great!" after hearing this Hinata blushes a deep red. "Maybe I do have a chance? Tha-nk you Nar-uto-kun."


One after another, shinobi-to-be enter and exit the room.

A few minutes after entering they leave wearing a shiny new hitai-ate of Konoha or with their heads lowered in shame. Then the moment came. "Uzumaki Naruto!" was the call of Mizuki.

"Well it's time to give it my all!"


"YOU FAIL!" Those were the only words to leave Iruka-sensei after Naruto's failure to produce a passable Bunshin during the final exam. "Naruto I just don't understand why you can't perform this jutsu," said Iruka with a frown.

"I don't know sensei but I really wanted to pass…I really tried!" said Naruto looking down.

"Iruka, you know we could let him pass." was Mizuki's reply. "He performed excellent on the other portions of the exam. Stealth, field exercises, shuriken and kunai all were above average scores. We really could pass him." These words had Naruto looking up at them both with hope in his eyes.

"That's true Mizuki but you forgot to mention his written test, Taijutsu, chakra control or his Bunshin just now." After Iruka said those words all hope left our hero's eyes once again. "I'm sorry Naruto but with your score on the written exam and your failure to perform a working Bunshin I can't pass you," was Iruka's flat reply. "I'm sorry, but you still have next year. This is your first try and I promise to help you over the break so you're ready for next year."

"But sensei that's not fair!" came from Naruto with fire in his eyes.

"I'm sorry but I believe that you're just not ready yet."

"Why! Just because I can't make a worthless illusion!" was Naruto's hot headed reply.

"Naruto the ability to make Bunshin is the basic of the basics. If you can't even do that yet then you are definitely not ready for anything more advanced." was Iruka's reply.

Growling Naruto shouted, "PROVE IT!"

Iruka stood up with a deep sigh and an irritated look and motioned Naruto to attack with a simple hand gesture, "This is for the best…hopefully I can teach him how important the basics are…"

"He-he now's my chance to prove I can pass without that stupid jutsu." were Naruto's thoughts just before his charge.

Naruto came charging in with all the speed he could. Although the instant he reached Iruka the Chuunin had split into five copies! "I told you Naruto you're too slow."

After his shock Naruto began striking as fast as he could to find the real one. One by one they began fazing out of existence when hit. To his shock when he landed the last strike thinking to hit his solid sensei it again just dispersed! "What! Where did sensei go?"

Without warning, one of the chairs behind him poofed into smoke and before he knew it there was a kunai at his throat. The next thing he heard was Iruka's voice.

"This is why we teach those jutsu here at the academy. They may be the simplest ones but they are the most useful and will probably save your life countless times in your career as a shinobi. They are the basis of all shinobi styles and if used properly can be the best option. Until you can perform them, you will not pass. I'm sorry Naruto."


Outside the academy Naruto sat on the tree swing to think about everything that had happened today and in his life. It wasn't an enjoyable train of thought. Every memory led to another bad experience and the more he thought about it the harder it was to find happy memories.

"Why do these things happen to me? My whole life has been a living hell and now this on top of it! Iruka was one of the few people I thought I could trust to… I don't get it. I'm as good as Sasuke with weapons, the best in stealth, can perform Kawarimi no jutsu without hand seals, and am one of the best with Henge! I even created my Oiroke no jutsu! Even Iruka fell for it! So what if I didn't pay attention to history or the other boring stuff, have the best chakra control or can make worthless illusions."

These were his thoughts as he sat there and watched all the kids that passed being praised by their friends and family. He heard words like

"I'm so proud!"

"That's my boy!"

"You're getting a special treat tonight." How he just wished he could have that just once instead of the cold stares and hatred.

The next words made him curse his slightly above-average hearing. "That's him isn't it? He's one who didn't pass right?" asked one woman.

"The one on the swing attached to the tree…good; can you imagine if it had passed? That monster a ninja! Imagine it. That worthless demo…"

"SHHH! You know the law," was the discussion of the two women. Every word stung a little harder and his mask was falling piece by piece and all he could do was glare as hard as he could.

Unknown to him there were two sets of eyes on him at that moment thinking very different things. "Poor Naruto-kun you look so sad and hurt. I wish I had the courage to comfort you, to be there for you, but I'm so weak I can barely get near you…" was one sweet thought.

The other was much more sinister in intent, "There you are you damn demon. After tonight I'll be the hero that finally finished what the Yondaime started and end up being more powerful than a Kage! That fool Sandaime will never know kukuku."

"What do you want Mizuki sensei?" asked Naruto in a solemn voice.

"Ha-ha I knew you had the best sensory abilities of your class Naruto," was Mizuki's weak cover.

"Not really, you were laughing kind of creepy."

"…Naruto…you do know Iruka wasn't trying to be mean don't you?" Mizuki said.

"I know but I really wanted to graduate and he didn't have to fail me the way he did."

"Iruka just wants the best for you. You know he's an orphan too." Naruto couldn't help but swing his head towards Mizuki, "I think he sees himself in you and because of that he's trying to steer you away from the same mistakes he made."

Naruto seemed to relax once again as he turned back to the other kids, "I still want to be a shinobi though. I don't want to go through another year of the academy."

"I understand Naruto but…you know there may still be a way for you to pass if you're willing to try."

With this he had Naruto's full attention. "What do I have to do?" asked Naruto with hope.

"He-he-he perfect you damn demon. Follow me Naruto and I'll explain everything. Finally…I will finally have everything I want and you will take all the blame kukuku…"


Later in the dark of night we find our hero leaping through the trees with a large scroll on his back, a smile on his face and more than a little hope in his eyes.

"He-he-he taking this scroll was too easy. I thought when Jiji found me I was done for but one Oiroke no jutsu and he went down! All I need to do to pass is learn one jutsu from this scroll then show it to sensei and I'm in! But first I need to get to the shack."

A few minutes later Naruto found himself outside a broken up wood shack in the forest. "Is this the right place? It matches the description Mizuki-sensei gave me but he's not here yet. Well I did take the scroll three hours before he told me to." After scanning the area and finding a good area to practice Naruto opens the scroll and begins to read.

"Guess I should get started. No reason not to use the extra time I've got. Let's see the first jutsu is Kage bunshin no jutsu (Shadow Clone)…NOT MORE CLONES! Well maybe this is a different jutsu than what they teach in the academy."

As Naruto reads the description of the jutsu he gets a sick feeling in his stomach so he begins to skim the contents of the scroll quickly. That just made the feeling ten times worse. "Fuck! This can't be right. There's no way Ji-san would use a scroll like this for a genin test. The jutsu in here are crazy. Did I grab the wrong scroll? It's too late now…anyway maybe if I learn one of these they will still let me pass." when Naruto begins to practice Kage Bunshin he suddenly has an idea.

"I probably will never get to see this scroll again after this because of how powerful the jutsu are or at least not until I become Hokage…I know! I'll copy down the ones that seem doable and non-lethal for me…and practice them later." He then pulls a scroll out of his supply pouch and begins copying his chosen jutsu or at least the ones that won't kill him.


(Two hours after Naruto took the scroll…)

"Hokage-sama, Naruto has crossed the line this time!" yelled a random Jounin.

"We can't let him get away with the scroll of sealing. Every Hokage has added dangerous Kinjutsu to that scroll since before the village was formed!"

"It even contains the secrets of the seal that holds back the fox!" whimpered a Chuunin.

"I understand your worries and we will get the scroll back. Everyone spread out and search! I want Naruto back here alive…with the scroll!"

"HAI HOKAGE-SAMA!" with a wave of the Sandaime's arm all of the shinobi before him disappeared in a blur and a kick up of dust. After his orders were given the Sandaime heads back to his office and takes out his crystal ball once again.

"Naruto I don't know why you would have taken the scroll, but I have a bad feeling about this. How did you even know about it? Most Jounin don't know where it is hidden. I intend to find out though," The crystal ball begins to faintly glow. He began his search where he had been looking before catching Naruto searching for the scroll…"Damn…Haruno-san is still at the hot springs…no…must…look…for…Naruto." And so he looked, following after the many shinobi looking for the boy, using willpower known only to the Kages themselves…


(Back with Naruto)

"Damn, out of all these jutsu I can only understand a handful! Even less of them aren't straight out suicide! Let's see how many I've got…five jutsu and one is supposed to have high level variations.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone) B-rank Kinjutsu: Creates solid clones of the user by evenly distributing the user's chakra between them.

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shuriken Shadow Clone) B-rank Kinjutsu: Creates solid clones of any small object ex: Kunai & Shuriken.

Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Exploding Shadow Clone) A-rank Kinjutsu: Creates an exploding Kage Bunshin that can be detonated by the creator's will or by being dispelled.

Kokuangyou no Jutsu (Bringer of Darkness) A-rank Genjutsu: Creates an illusion of complete darkness over a set area. It traps the opponent in absolute darkness. While inside the illusion the senses of sight, sound, and touch are disrupted. One may see their own body but once trapped inside the illusion it cannot be dispelled unless by the user or someone outside the affected area. Therefore defending one's self is extremely hard if trapped in this jutsu.

Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker) C-rank Ninjutsu: Gives an extreme burst of speed to travel in a set area. The target must be within the line of sight of the user.

Out of the hundred or so jutsu on this scroll only five are useable for me. All the ones I can use are kickass jutsu but I thought there would be a lot more. This genjutsu sounds interesting and with my nose it would give me a great advantage…I just wonder if this will be any different from learning the Bunshin no jutsu? Oh well there's a few left, maybe one of them." As Naruto read on to the second to last jutsu he landed on an interesting one.

"Hitoshirezu Kensei no jutsu (Hidden Power) S-rank Kinjutsu, "This jutsu finds its roots at the beginning of shinobi skills. Some believe this to be one of the first jutsu created back when chakra was only used to improve one's speed and strength for hand to hand combat. Some also believe that chakra was originally used to power special weapons but no proof has been found to support this.

To continue, every person naturally has chakra held in reserve by their body to ensure it will have enough to survive. Though the amount kept back is far greater than what is needed for the body to survive. A person only really needs around 5 to 10 percent of their maximum chakra capacity to support their body. They will be suffering from chakra depletion at this level but easily still alive.

The average person has almost 25 percent of their chakra inaccessible because of this survival reserve that is subconsciously held. You can train to access this chakra with extreme diligence or dangerous Kinjutsu (ex: the eight celestial gates) over many years but with this jutsu you can call up your reserve chakra to use as you will. This does put strain on the body and can have unknown effects but compared to some of the kinjutsu that produce the same effects this would be the preferred way.

Be warned never use this jutsu when you are low on chakra, worn from battle or training for you risk death from the chakra depletion. Other than this it is a very useful jutsu to have for emergencies. The reason it has been sealed away is clearly the danger to an inexperienced user so be careful and use it as a last resort. I found this jutsu in my travels and battles outside the village. Good luck and train hard."

'The Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato.'

"COOOOOLLLL! A jutsu used by the Yondaime himself! I've got to learn this one for sure. First off what's the last jutsu…Shiku Fuujin (Dead Demon Seal) huh? Sounds interesting, but its way too complicated. I'll copy it down now and figure it out later. If it's the last one it must be good." said the smiling blonde to himself. If only he knew what he had just obtained he probably never would have touched the scroll in the first place.

"I better learn the Kage bunshin no jutsu first though. Having more chakra may be good but I doubt it will be impressive enough to let me pass." With his new scroll of Kinjutsu to learn and the thought of becoming a Genin Naruto began his training with a bounce in his step…


It was nearing morning and a faint violet was appearing on the eastern horizon. The blonde boy was sitting in a hunched posture and was panting heavily. The stolen scroll was strapped to his back and seemed to be weighing him down as he fought to catch his breath.

This was how Iruka found Naruto. The blonde looked up in surprise when he heard the scarred sensei land near him. "I must really be out of it if I didn't sense Iruka. Usually I smell him before hand." thought the blonde.

Iruka chuckled almost menacingly as he bent over the boy. "It's all over," he said with that voice that he always used when Naruto was about to get in serious trouble.

Instead of noticing his sensei's dangerous expression, Naruto closed his eyes and chuckled good-naturedly. His legs wobbled slightly as he stood up, scratching the back of his head nervously. "Got me already?" Naruto said slightly disappointed. "You're quick sensei. I only had time to learn two techniques."

Standing up, Iruka peered quizzically at his blonde student. Sweat was glistening from his face and his legs seemed just barely contain the strength to hold him up. His clothes were also telling the story of his intense training. His pants were dirty, his sleeves were sliced up, and his clothes in general were torn. Iruka had only seen Naruto like this when he was training very hard. "He's been out here practicing," he realized. "I can tell how hard he's been working."

"Listen Iruka-sensei," Naruto said suddenly his proud grin showing. "I'm going to show you one of my amazing jutsu and you're going to let me graduate. That's how it works right? Whoever learns at least one jutsu from this scroll passes!"

"What?" Iruka asked confused. "Where'd you get that idea?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me!" Naruto said happily, almost bouncing as he felt a little of his strength returning. "He told me where to find the scroll and this place…" He trailed off as he noticed two things; Iruka's expression as he put things together and the sudden sound of kunai rushing through the air.

Hearing the sound at the same time, but reacting faster, Iruka shoved Naruto out of the way of the deadly hail of daggers. The force of the multiple kunai pushed him back against the shack's shaky wall. It was extremely lucky for Iruka that he'd worn his Chuunin flak jacket or several of the kunai would've buried themselves in his chest and stomach. As it were, only one actually pierced his body; just above his right knee.

"I see you've found our little hideaway," a familiar voice said from the forest canopy.


The Sandaime Hokage was currently sitting at his desk. In front of him was a crystal ball on a small cushion. He gazed steadily into its depths, watching the events in the forest commence. It had shocked him slightly to learn that Mizuki was the one really behind the theft of the Forbidden Scroll.

He'd been monitoring all the Chuunin, Jounin, and ANBU that were scouring the village in a desperate attempt to find the scroll. He'd been lucky that he had paid particularly close attention to Iruka, after all the man seemed to have a knack for finding Naruto when he had done something wrong. Other than himself Iruka was the only one to ever find the blonde.

He sighed in resignation as he listened to Mizuki's proclamation of Naruto being the Kyuubi no Kitsune. That baka didn't even know the difference between the blonde boy and the monster fox. But, apparently it hit Naruto harder than he thought it would. He expected Naruto to be mad even furious at the village but instead he nearly exploded with chakra from the rage he was feeling.

"I had no idea Naruto already had this much chakra! No wonder he can't make a Bunshin. With that amount he would need close to Jounin or med-nin control to do something at that low of a level. He's simply too powerful for low level techniques...maybe it's time he received what his mother left for him?"


As Naruto raged out of control after learning of the sealing the chakra he released was almost palatable with his sadness, rage, confusion, and regret. He had always thought that somehow he deserved his treatment. That he had done something or maybe his parents were traitors but to find out he was hated because something was forced onto him to protect the village! It wasn't fair, he was sacrificed for everyone and he was being punished for it!

"No I can't lose my cool! That's a shinobi's worst enemy. You must never lose yourself to your emotions. I have to get my chakra under control but it's so wild! It's like it's not even mine. I've got to bring it together…if I lose any more chakra I'll be in trouble."

To Naruto it seemed as if everything went silent as he tried to gain control of his emotions but to Mizuki and Iruka it seemed as if Naruto was surrounded by a spinning mist of chakra that made him seem a blur of blue with small wisps of red.

As the chakra finally started slowing down Naruto became visible again and seemed to be glaring right through Mizuki. At first Mizuki was thrown off by the show of power and the glare but after a moment he said "Ah, I see the demon is back. You know everyone hates you… everyone in the village does, especially Iruka!" This brought fear to Naruto's eyes and Mizuki knew he had what he needed.

"You are the one who killed his parents after all! He failed you for his own little revenge and you know it!"

After a glance at Iruka Naruto ran straight into the forest too afraid to hear what Iruka would say, "Naruto, wait! It's not true!" Iruka desperately called.

"I'll deal with the demon first then I'll be back for you Iruka!" said Mizuki with a sneer as he jumped into the trees.


As the Sandaime watched the whole event through his crystal ball he came to realize if Naruto had been trained better this wouldn't have happened…that if he had told him his secret himself this wouldn't have happed. "I'm sorry Naruto, I'll make things better and I know you will get out of this perfectly. Just like your father would have."

When Iruka was able to trick Mizuki, he couldn't help but smirk slightly. For all his boasts that he was superior to him, Mizuki fell for that Henge quite quickly. Then, as Iruka had saved Naruto from a hail of kunai by using his body as a shield, the blonde suddenly saved Iruka from being torn apart by the traitor's giant shuriken by catching it by the large hole in the middle.

As Naruto stood there over Iruka protectively he realized he could barley feel his legs. When he dropped to one knee Mizuki began to chuckle sinisterly. "Kukuku Naruto, you're too exhausted from your training and the chase through the forest to be a threat to me. From what I heard you haven't even slept in the last 24 hours because of your prank."

"That may be true, I'm exhausted but a true ninja always has a trump card!" as Naruto went through about ten hand seals he stopped on one that neither Mizuki nor Iruka could recognize but the Sandaime did!


"NO! How could he have gotten that far in the scroll! That jutsu could kill him!" after this cry of worry many shinobi stormed into the Hokage's office only to catch a glimpse of his robes as he flew out the window.

"I've got to get there in time! If I let him die not only will I have failed him but you as well…"


"Hitoshirezu Kensei no jutsu!" with this shout an enormous amount of chakra surrounds Naruto followed by a shout of "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" with that shout the entire clearing was filled with exact duplicates of the blonde all calling for Mizuki to attack.

Just then the Sandaime arrived in a tree just outside the clearing. When he noticed that the jutsu didn't have any negative effects on the boy he decided to watch and see how everything played out.

What really caught the Sandaime's attention was the blonde forming a familiar cross seal that was the signature of the Kage Bunshin. The old man couldn't help but chuckle as the Kyuubi vessel filled the surrounding area with hundreds of shadow clones and the sound of Mizuki's panicked disbelief.

He promptly stopped watching and turned away when all the Naruto charged. The outcome was obvious. But he had another matter to attend to; informing the searching Nins of the scroll's safety. His small smile didn't fade as a stray thought crossed his mind.

"Minato's legacy has certainly been living up to his expectations; being the number one most surprising shinobi of his generation…but…"

Just to be sure everything would be alright the Sandaime decided to stay until Naruto and Iruka began heading back to the village. He was glad he did because he lived to see moments like this in his people's lives. Being Hokage means doing your best to allow these happy times so being able to see them is a perk…


Naruto could see the morning's light through his closed eyelids. Even though the light was filtered by his eyelids it was still irritating. "Iruka-sensei how much longer? I want to see."

"Okay," the young man said quietly. "You can open your eyes now."

The sight that greeted him was Iruka's smiling face. He held Naruto's goggles in one hand. But what caught the blonde's attention was that his forehead was clearly visible, devoid of his headband. That's when he realized where it had disappeared to.

It was tied snugly around his own forehead.

"Congratulations," Iruka said, with genuine cheer in his voice. "You graduate. And to celebrate, I have a surprise…we're going out for ramen tonight!"

Naruto was silent. He couldn't believe all this was happening at last. He'd finally been allowed to graduate. He finally found someone who actually believed in him and didn't think him a demon. Even though he'd stolen a highly dangerous artifact from the Hokage Tower and used it, he was still allowed to become a genin. It was too much for him to put into words to describe his joy.

Looking down at the blonde the silence started to stretch until Iruka was greeted by a loud and joyful yell. "IRUKA-SENSEI!" rang out Naruto's happy voice in his ears as he was tackled against the tree with the boy giving him a fierce hug.

The Sandaime couldn't help but to smile at the sight. Things had turned out alright. He began to turn around to head back to the village when he felt something that sent a shiver down his spine and made him want to run as fast as he could. Something he hadn't felt for nearly thirteen years. The chakra of the Kyuubi.

When his eyes finally landed on Naruto the boy was surrounded by a red haze of chakra that seemed to be burning him! His screams were horrible. Iruka looked horrified and was trying to hold Naruto down to stop him from clawing himself anymore.

By the time the Sandaime had his senses back and was kneeling next to the boy Naruto had already passed out from the pain. The cloud of chakra was still there, however now it was just an outline around his body which made him extremely warm to the touch and obscured their sight of him.

Iruka noticed the Hokage and asked in a worried voice, "Hokage-sama what's wrong with him?"

"I don't know but we need to get him to the hospital as fast as we can."

"Hai," After their short exchange Iruka and the Sandaime ran as fast as they could to the hospital with Naruto tucked safely in Iruka's arms and the scroll on his back.


"Owwww that hurt…Sensei what happened to me? It felt like I was being burned alive…"

Naruto suddenly realized how wet he felt. Looking around, he discovered he was in some kind of a sewer. It had dark red walls, and ankle deep water that almost seemed black. The ceiling was riddled with blue and red pipes running into the darkness of the shadows.

This though wasn't the strange part. The pipes were cracked in almost every place he looked. The walls looked like they had seen better days as well. Chips and cracks covered the length of them as far as he could see. There was also a faint groaning sound as if they were going to give way any second. He only caught a glimpse of it but he could have sworn he just saw the walls pulse red!

"First I get thrown in a dumpster and now here. I don't know which is worse. Whoever did this could have at least picked a better sewer," as Naruto said this he broke out into a happy grin and started to chuckle until he felt something brush against his back. Spinning around and reaching for a weapon he called out, "Who's there! DAMN, THEY TOOK MY WEAPONS TOO!"

"Quiet down little ningen…"

After hearing the deep rumbling response, Naruto was on edge. The voice was deep and powerful. As he scanned the surroundings he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye again.

As he reached around and grabbed at it he felt a soft furry object and when he pulled it in front of him he noticed to his horror it was attached to him!

After taking a few moments to calm himself, Naruto studied the object and realized it to be a blood red tail with a black tip that was about 4 feet long. He also noticed the 1 inch claws on his hands but what really got him were the four thick black lines running from the tips of his fingers to over his knuckles and up his arms ending in another pattern on his upper bicep. "When did I get tattoos?" Naruto then began to scan the rest of his body only to notice that he was covered in the strange markings. His feet and legs matched his arms but his chest and abdomen had a different pattern. Naruto decided to leave the marks for later for when he could inspect them better. After taking so long to study himself Naruto was beginning to notice several things he hadn't before.

For one there was no light here none at all except for the little bit of red and blue coming through the cracks in the pipes. So how was he seeing everything so clearly? He could also hear a growling from somewhere and a strange smell as well. It wasn't one he recognized but for some reason it was familiar. As he was processing this he reached up to scratch his head on an impulse and also felt what seemed to be cat ears at the top of his head! As he felt for his normal ears he was shocked not to find them but to feel smooth skin in their place.

As Naruto was trying to process all this he noticed thin trails of red energy in the darkness of the water. "What is that?" he wondered aloud. "That can't be chakra. Chakra can't be seen unless it's in huge amounts. So what is it, what the hell is going on here?"

"I SAID QUIET GAKI! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR WHINING! Now come here quickly so I may answer your questions! We have much to discuss."

Naruto didn't know why he did it but he began following the signs, smells, sounds and strangely his instincts to find the voice he had heard. His mind was screaming at him to go the other way. That the voice was dangerous and he needed to escape but his body just kept moving.

Naruto noticed that the further he went and the closer he came to the voice, the brighter the edges of the tattoos glowed. After what felt like hours, he finally found himself in a huge room and there right in front of him were large ornate cage doors as tall as the Hokage Mountain. As he slowly approached he noticed this room was in just as much disarray as the rest of the sewer.

As Naruto reached the middle of the room an ominous red glow appeared around a sinister face behind the doors. At the same time that the glowing red figure appeared the tattoos on his body began to glow brighter than ever. He didn't know what to do. He could only stare in shock at the huge glowing being in front of him and wonder why he too was glowing. In a deep rumbling voice the being spoke.

"Come closer to me little kit."

For unknown reasons Naruto began walking closer to the cage. As he neared the doors a giant set of claws came through the bars in an instant!

Acting on pure instinct Naruto barely moved to the left of the attack. In a smooth clean swipe Naruto raked his own claws against the giant one. Just as the claws met each other the red glow from Naruto's tattoos lit up brighter than ever nearly blinding him.

The four long gashes in the giant claw began to glow and to Naruto's amazement they healed right before his eyes! After Naruto jumped back a good twenty feet to make sure he was out of reach he asked the simple question "Where are we and who are you?"

"It seems you have good instincts to dodge my strike even though this seal stops me from acting against you," said the face in a cocky tone.

"I asked who are you and what's going on?"

"I'm hurt kit. You learned of me for the first time only mere hours ago and you have already forgotten? You can blame your Yondaime for me being here," said the demon in a smoother voice.

"Now what is that supposed to mean?" as soon as Naruto said those words he noticed that attached to the doors of the cage and apparently the only thing holding them shut was a small piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal'. It all clicked.


"Correct kit, and to answer your other question…you are here because of a few changes that will be taking place because of your recent actions."

"What kind of changes?"


To Be Continued…Aka. Click "Next" dumb-ass!