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Quick Summary

There has always been a balance. Light and dark, yin and yang... peace and war. Would it really be better, if that balance is tipped to a winning side, whether for good, or not? Even when time changes, destiny changes, one thing remains the same. Hope.

Detail Summary

They knew of their destiny, they had seen the future. To them it was invincible and gave them the hope that kept them fighting. Their future survived pain, betrayal, war and even death... But they soon realize, nothing is invincible.

With the destruction of their destiny, their future... hope is but a mere ghost to them now. Nothing is as it was and can never be so again.

...but as they are forced to continue on, they realize they don't need a predestined future to give them hope for a brighter life. They realize that life is unexpected and that is where true happiness lies and what makes life so bright...

Life is a gift and is not easy to create, but life is also fragile and can end much quicker then it began. With such a gift there is sure to be many joys in life but to find worth in life, you can never lose sight of hope, or the gift of life fades...

Light of Hope

Chapter One

A droplet of water fell and echoed throughout the empty abyss making her flinch from the sudden movement and noise. It was too quiet. The entire area was void of all life. There was no movement, no sound at all and it was unsettling her in ways that left her feeling great discomfort.

The entire space surrounding her was so empty and void that she couldn't tell where the abyss began and where it ended. It wasn't dark but it wasn't bright either. Everything was silver. It sparkled brilliantly all around her but seemed cold and frightening. It was even, oddly enough, dull. The color was everywhere and seemed to lack any other color and vibrancy. No dark corners, no areas of light and no shadows to define anything.

The realm of silver was a cruel cage to her existence.

Usagi frowned and closed her eyes hoping to block out the endless silver. It didn't help the horrible feelings the place radiated. There was no wind and the silence was unbearable. The area seemed so dead that it made everything seem unfeeling... emotionless.

She never felt so alone... everything was so horribly lonely that life felt very much hopeless.

Another droplet of water fell creating a small splash of noise that echoed continuously.

Usagi quickly spun around, her loose golden strands flying as she looked and hoped to find the origin of noise but found the endless sea of silver greeting her as she opened her eyes again.

Backing away she held herself in a tight hug, the large snow white feathered wings on her back closed over her body as if to provide more comfort from her current silvery prison.

She was scared. She was too afraid to utter a small noise.

Another droplet sounded and she opened her eyes again quickly. Her sight suddenly became hazy and as her eyes lowered and narrowed from her increasing sorrows and fear, the droplet splashes began to ring out in groups as her breath began to quicken.

Quickly wiping at her eyes with her hands she pulled them back to reveal salty water, tears, her tears. ...She was crying.

Her breath hitched sharply in her chest as the origin of noise became clear and finally she let a sob rack her body, the sound was so heart wrenching to her own ears.

The only sound aside from the droplets she'd heard in what felt like eons. She clenched her arms and fists tightly to her chest before letting her head roll back as she released a blood curdling scream...

Usagi sat up sharply while trying to slow her rapid breathing. Looking around the room she smiled and brought her hand to rest against her rapidly beating heart. That dream again... just a dream. Thank the stars it isn't real...

Rei, Minako, Ami and Makoto were resting around her, sleeping and dreaming without any worries. The sight over by the door made Usagi's smile widen when she saw Luna and Artemis snuggling closer in slumber.

Looking at the window she shifted and stood, pushing back her free silky locks behind her ears.

There hadn't been any enemies for the past several months. Their latest enemy had been the possessed Galaxia and the entity Chaos.

Setsuna had told them all that the building blocks to Crystal Tokyo had been forged with the defeat of the strongest evil.

That dream again... I don't understand. It isn't real but... Usagi thought, absently moving the diamond ring on her right hand slightly. It feels so horrible... so much pain and emotion ...and yet it all seems so... Emotionless. I don't see how it's possible to feel and be unfeeling. …I always loved the color silver before... but each time I have that dream... I come to hate it. It's so empty... such a cold and unforgiving color.

"Usagi?" Rei murmured quietly before sitting up. She was slightly shocked to see Usagi awake so early. Dawn was still just settling in, and the sun was only now beginning to rise. Though she knew Usagi had matured greatly, especially with the latest battle behind them... she couldn't help but be surprised. It wasn't really surprising at all, she just merely wished Usagi would slow down. Usagi was becoming someone so different.

Standing, Rei looked over at the sun filtering though the window. The bright golden rays seemed to surround Usagi as if enclosing the blond bunny in a warm hug.

A frown overcame her as she watched Usagi's silhouette. Her princess and friend seemed so very still and stiff as if she were uncomfortable in her own thoughts.

...Usagi... in that instance, appeared untouchable.

She stood against the suns rays, the light radiating around her and creating a golden halo. Her beautiful long sun-kissed locks fell freely to brush against the tip of the floor and curl with the slight breeze wafting throughout the room. Her stance was very still as she stood tall and almost regally with her crystal blue eyes casting shadows and clouding with dark hues as she stood in deep thought. Her expression was somber and very serious with her full pink lips set into a small frown.

Rei's eyes lowered at the forlorn image Usagi seemed to create.

Usagi had matured greatly and she had no choice in the matter, either. Over all the battles Usagi had sacrificed so much, and though she and the other senshi sacrificed just as much... Usagi was always the last one standing and was always in the end, responsible for the final outcome. She gave them hope... She alone was the reason the senshi had survived so many battles.

Rei moved her gaze up to study Usagi. The girl before her seemed so much older than she should be at sixteen.

A glimmer of light came from the window, casting a shadow over Usagi and made Rei step back in silent shock.

Usagi's image had shifted in Rei's mind and became Neo Queen Serenity.

What does this mean? Rei thought, shocked and worried.

Frantically and in subconscious panic, she stepped over to Usagi and placed a hand on her shoulder that instantly broke whatever spell had captured the blond.

"Morning Rei." Usagi chirped brightly, her face lighting up at the sight of her fiery friend.

Rei's frown slowly formed into a gentle grin. "Morning Odango Atama. What's got you up so early? Did you have that dream again... the one where the cake tries to eat you?" Rei teased.

Usagi pouted and quickly walked over to her bag to gather her clothes for the day. "That was only a few times... besides, I blame the cake! I knew it was too good. Devil's Chocolate Cake Surprise... hmph, even the name sounds evil. Besides Rei-chan, " Usagi taunted with an accusing look, "You ate even more of that cake than me! The cake should be haunting you!" Usagi huffed playfully while walking out the door.

Rei stuck her tongue out at Usagi, "Hey, it was good but I'm not being punished for taking the first bite! I wouldn't have eaten the cake either if you didn't trick me! No wonder the cake haunts you... it was a gift your mother made for Haruna-sensei! I'm not guilty because it was your idea Odango!"

Minako, Ami and Makoto were currently stirring from their sleep to see Usagi stick her tongue out at Rei before heading to the shower.

Minako looked at Rei grouchily. "She may have talked you into it Rei-chan but you ate the most!" She huffed before rolling over and attempting to fall asleep again.

Makoto and Ami chuckled at Minako. The blond was just jealous she wasn't able to get even a small bite.

Rei didn't respond, her lingering gaze where Usagi had been was intense and worried. After Usagi left the air had changed. It was reminding Rei of what had happened only moments before.

Makoto and Ami sat up, concerned about Rei's lack of reaction. Rei's stance seemed oddly serious and her face was set somberly.

Luna stretched and stood, hitting Artemis in the head to awaken him. "Rei. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah Rei. You seem really upset." Makoto asked quietly.

Rei looked at them briefly before sighing and sitting on the bed tiredly. "Nothing," she started with a small smile. "I just thought I saw..." she paused and looked down but didn't continue.

Minako sat up noticing the sudden change, "What? What did you see?"

"Remember when we went to the future... and we saw Neo Queen Serenity?"

Everyone stilled at Rei's words.

Rei smiled distantly. "I thought she seemed so beautiful and regal. She looked every bit like a queen... she was so serious and seemed so wise." Looking away from the others, Rei's smile disappeared. "Usagi is turning into the queen everyday... and now that I see it happening I remember something I hadn't thought of. ...Neo Queen Serenity lacked the spark of life that Usagi had always radiated. She seemed so sad and somber." Rei frowned, her face crinkled with worry. "I was so proud when I met her, I was so proud of Usagi, about how strong she becomes. She truly becomes the sovereign, our Messiah… but her sadness, her pain…"

Ami stood up and nodded. She recalled the image of the magical queen and thought nothing at first but now she can clearly remember the dark shadows playing behind the blue eyes that were once as bright as crystal.

"Rei... you said you saw something. What does this have to do with Neo Queen Serenity." Artemis asked slowly, he felt suddenly anxious. A strange aura had just overtaken the air in the room.

Rei rubbed her eyes and pushed back her long raven tresses. "Usagi was by the window when I woke up. She seemed troubled... it was odd. The light of the sun seemed to hug her body as if comforting her. Something I've only witnessed the moon to ever do. Her eyes... they looked just like the future queens. That's when a vision struck me. When I looked at Usagi she wasn't there. It was Neo Queen Serenity." Rei paused and let out a nervous laugh. "I don't know why but when it occurred I felt a sense of dread."

Ami gasped and took a hesitant step forward, worried, "dread?"

Behind Ami; Makoto and Minako were sharing worried glances.

Rei nodded. "Yes. As she stood there, Usagi... I mean she looked so guarded. She seemed untouchable. When her future image crossed over in my vision I felt like I was going to lose Usagi. I had a feeling that if Neo Queen Serenity comes to exist... something horrible would happen to her." Rei bit down on her lip, When she appeared untouchable in that one instant... I felt as if I would cry. She had looked as if she was all alone in the universe. How… how could she be so pained, so lonely with a great kingdom and great friends around her…?

Luna made a small, dismissing noise. "This is probably nerves. Setsuna had said that the foundation for Crystal Tokyo has been laid down. We don't know when the exact moment Crystal Tokyo can be forged but we know it will come soon."

Rei and the others nodded but couldn't shake the sudden feeling that something was horribly wrong.

.-. .-. .-. .-.

"What is this?" Guardian Cosmos of the Cauldron muttered slightly as a mirror suddenly formed in front of her. A dark, worried look crossed her fairy like features as a hole suddenly opened up on the bottom of the cordon. She quickly backed away, her light cream hued, ankle length hair flying as she moved. Behind her, her pale blue fairy wings flapped in agitation and her pale blue colored eyes narrowed further.

"No. Impossible."

Lifting her staff high above her she tried to banish the mirror away but to no avail.

The mirror suddenly cracked down the middle and broke into two large shards.

Guardian Cosmos blindly rushed to gather the pieces but they quickly dispersed and became dust that was quickly sucked into the ever growing vortex.

"Oh no..." the small, foot tall fairy Guardian exclaimed in horror. "May goddess have mercy. Our destinies will need it."

End Chapter

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