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Light of Hope

Chapter Twenty Four

Another fallen leaf crunched beneath her sneakers followed shortly by several more tears. She had ran for so long, she didn't know where she was. She was so tired… and not just physically.

She was insane… completely bonkers. Was this cat really talking to her? Did it seriously just give her this… broach?

It was a cute broach though… oh yeah. Talking Cat.

"Repeat after me!"

The cat was not only talking, but it wants her to repeat after it? Yeah insane.

"Moon Prism Power!"

Moon Prism Power? Cheesy.

She remembered that day well. She never imagined she was a warrior meant to save the world, fight for justice. She never imagined she had had a past life. That she was only born because she had lived the tragic end in another life as a princess of another world, or that she'd one day in the future become a queen of a new empire.

She never thought she'd know her future before she ever had the joy… of the surprise of creating ones future. When she became Sailor Moon she thought she'd fight, kill the bad guys and get even for a past life that wasn't even her anymore. She's not Serenity. Her name is Usagi Tsukino, and she was a fouteen year old human girl, a happy girl… and she thought, she could win that one fight and go back to the way things were. Being a normal fourteen year old girl. Make lots of friends, maybe go to college and become a mangaka, fall in and out of love… and enjoy just being.

Instead her future has been set in stone and she's now only sixteen. It wasn't a bad future, it was great… but her normal life was gone. She didn't want to be Serenity, she wanted to be herself… but people, the world, was counting on her to not only be Serenity but be Queen and this great future all expected from her that she fought… and even DIED for… watching her loved ones fight and die… for this incredible feat of a future…

And despite having fought and died for this future… it was never going to come to pass. Not that great future she feared and loved at the same time and not even a normal one. No… she'll be alone… and this is her true fate. The day she became a warrior to fight for a past long forgotten and she wished she never even knew.

The crunch of the leaves was louder as her knees gave way and she fell to the floor, her face watching them crumble beneath her blankly just as her life seemed to be doing for as long as she could remember, all her lives eventually crumbling no matter how hard she tries.


Her eyes remained blank before they widened and she slowly lifted her head up at the soft familiar voice.

Before her in all her glory was Kakyuu-hime, The Starlight's Princess. Princess of the very planet she kneeled on. And the tears flew into a river again and she hunched over with her hands on her face, barely aware of the beautiful princess falling to her knees in that beautiful and exotic red dress and pacing her arms around her in a warm and gentle hug.

"Talk to me." Kakyuu hummed in a soft and understanding voice, brushing Usagi's back in a soothing and motherly fashion.

Usagi recalled a vision of Queen Serenity doing the same and she wondered if she really was the same person as Princess Serenity as she wished Queen Serenity were alive right then and there, to hold her the way Kakyuu was holding her now. The Fireball princess of Kinmoku smelled like olive blossoms. It was a warm scent and Usagi told her everything, crying and inwardly apologizing to Galaxia for breaking her promise of silence, because she couldn't hide this. Not this time. Not to everyone. Someone had to know.

Someone had to know. Anyone. Just one. …Needed to know of her fate, needed to know her suffering and the reason she'll disappear forever.

"Will you go?" Kakyuu finally spoke, calmly and softly, a step above a whisper when Usagi had calmed down, so silent in her thoughts and in Kakyuu's gentle embrace.

Usagi looked at a small red flower, in the shape of a four leaf clover. It looked like Kakyuu's insignia and she felt her own crescent moon still warm on her forehead. Funny… it never had done that before, it normally disappeared. It still glowed softly. "Of course I will… I have no choice. If it means my life, for the ones I love, then that's how it must be."

Kakyuu nodded. "This won't be the same… you know this?" She brushed away Usagi's bangs. "You won't ever see them again. Not in this life… or the next."

She knew. In their galaxy, their first lives together… were so wonderful, and when they died in the tragedy hailing from the Dark Kingdom… they were able to reincarnate together on Earth. In their Universe, all life lives and dies, and is recycled through the Galaxy Cordon until it is reborn again. With Queen Serenity's use of the Ginzuishou, they were all able to be reborn on the same planet, over and over again and able to find each other until this life, where they all were finally together, with new memories and past memories. They were closer than anyone could image. All ten of them…

Their future together was supposed to make up for all their time apart. To be together for millennia… and in the next life as well… forever.

If she left… she'd never get to see Rei become Head Priestess of her Shrine. She'd never get to read Rei's manga, or fight with her and laugh with her… ever again. She'd never get to see any of them again… Luna and Artemis… she'd never get to see Diana be born, her eyes widened and her heart stopped at a sudden realization. "Chibiusa!" She'd never get to see her own daughter. Her child!

Kakyuu knew all about them, before they had left Earth, they had gotten to know each other very well, and Kakyuu had watched in her Sailor Crystal form from the cordon where she no longer had a body, and seen the pink haired Sailor Moon with four other Senshi who carried the wave from the future, the powerful aura that had been felt once before. When the creation of Crystal Tokyo and the love of it's family within was felt throughout time and space.

"You have a year. Chibiusa is your daughter, she is the child of the moon, she will be born. Her star has been felt, now it's up to you."

Usagi's eyes widened, "You mean?" Mamoru and Usagi have been intimate before but Chibiusa was born when Usagi turns 22 and becomea Neo Queen Serenity, ascending the throne with Neo King Endymion.

"You've made the choice. You owe the Twins of Fate and Destiny no more. If anything, they owe you. You have the freedom to make your own decisions and create your own future. You can't bring them… but who said you couldn't be with her? Who said you had to be alone?"

Usagi smiled. It was enough. If she had her… it would be enough. It wouldn't be alright… ever… but she had to give Chibiusa the chance to be born… she had too. She wanted to see her warmth and shine that made her happy just by being…

"You know… like you I thought I was never meant to be a Sailor Senshi…" Kakyuu started suddenly.

Usagi looked up, "what do you mean?"

"I am the Crown Princess of the Tankei Kingdom. On the Planet Kinmoku, there are five large continents each with it's own kingdom. The Kingdom to rule over them all was not originally me, but Princess Kinmoku. Sailor Kinmoku."

Usagi's eyes widened. She had never thought… "Kakyuu-Hime… Sailor… Kakyuu…"

Princess Kakyuu smiled. "Yes, before she died she made me promise… after all, I am not her… it is only because of her that I can be a senshi."

Usagi hugged Kakyuu in sympathy. "She must have loved you very much."

"We were lovers." Kakyuu sighed, holding Usagi closer and tighter, her hand running through the blond's locks.

Usagi sweat dropped. She was suddenly reminded of Haruka. Her smile turned sad and wistful as she pulled back from Kakyuu. "How did you meet?"

Kakyuu looked off in the distance. "The largest Kingdom is called the Fireball Kingdom. It was once the capital of the planet. Then there are Hikari Kingdom, the Olive Kingdom, the Kingdom of Keade, and finally my Kingdom, the smallest of all five.

Not long ago, this planet had no moons."

Usagi looked up to where she can see the planets above her.

"They are in such a fixed movement when their paths meet that they orbit each other and, that they remain over the Tankei Kingdoms for two years before separating and orbiting around the rest of the planet, as if drawn here by a powerful force before shooting away and being pulled back." She smiled. "Then they came…"

"The Starlights." Usagi whispered.

Kakyuu nodded. "After all, each planet gets only one senshi."

Usagi tilted her head. " What about Chibiusa?"

Kakyuu giggled daintily and Usagi was reminded how much more Kakyuu seemed like a princess than she did. "She won't be a Chibi forever, she'll grow up one day, and she won't be Sailor Moon, there can be only one, however there is a planet that heralds no Sailor Senshi of it's own."

Usagi's blue eyes widened, tears of happiness welling in her eyes. "Sailor Earth?"

Kakyuu nodded. "Most likely. I'm not all sure how it works. Some senshi awaken before anyone else on a planet, some millennia after a planets birth." She smiled. "When the Starlights came, they brought great fear and confusion to the planet. Kinmoku had a senshi, thus making the Fireball Kingdom the rightful ruling kingdom, but because the Starlights came to Tankei, war was threatening to break out."

Usagi frowned. "Why?"

"I had just been born, and the Starlights were drawn to the warm light of my heart, declaring Me, and my kingdom as only an afterthought, their eternal loyalty and to always be by my side. I grew up with them always there…"

Usagi's eyebrow dipped slightly, as the other one raised in a curiously confused look. "How old is Seiya exactly?"

Kakyuu giggled again, like the chime of bells. "You'll have to ask her that. But because of the starlight's arrival, the kingdoms were split on which kingdom should be ruling. Fireball with a single Sailor Senshi, or Tankei, with three…"

Usagi's eyes were far away in a memory of her own, "And differences and misunderstandings kept you apart, but when you meet… you fall and fall hard."

Kakyuu nodded wistfully. "We fell hard. We wanted peace, but with the war, it was all too easy for Galaxia to wreak havoc on the planet when her mission under the evil influence of Chaos had arrived before she had gone to Earth for help. Before Galaxia could steal her Sailor Star Seed, her Sailor Crystal, The Kinmoku Senshi Crystal, she had wished on it, much like you do on yours, and given it too me before casting me inside an incense burner… and sending me to you."

Usagi had tears in her eyes. "I'm so sorry… I hadn't known." She was truly beginning to feel like an unlucky beacon. A being in existence who will always unintentionally bring harm to those around her as long as she existed…

"I'm not sorry." Kakyuu stated softly cutting Usagi's thoughts off. She placed her hands above her heart, and her glistening red eyes were happy. "A Senshi Crystal never dies. It is simply reborn. Our life together was cut off short, but she lives inside of me and when it's my time to head to the Cordon for the cycle to continue, she will go with me. I feel her even now. I am not alone, her love lives inside of me, and I'll always be able to see her in her in our shared dreams because our souls are not only intertwined but touching within me."

"That's beautiful." Usagi smiled. "Like Romeo and Juliet…"

Kakyuu shook her head. They knew much of Earth, while watching her darling Starlight's perform, she had indulged after the battles. She recalled the legend well. "No, that was you. The true Romeo and Juliet, was you and Endymion. Because you followed your lover in death, but I am still alive."

Usagi nodded… she'd never be with Mamoru after she left through the portal. They would be separated again, like always. How foolish they were to believe they could actually achieve such dreams… to be together always… this was too cruel. Did fate really want them to be apart that bad? They lost their chance in the last life… how could their love never get the chance to flourish… it was too cruel because this time… they had seen a different future… where they'd seen they could have been together forever…

"But you can bring one with you… you can bring the warmth of a new star."

Usagi looked at the moons in the sky. Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Earth. She had one year before she had to leave. She would make it count. She'd be with Mamoru, and she'd save Chibiusa, before the chance is gone forever.

"The Silver Queen…" Hotaru murmured, still in shock as her mind slowly processed everything Galaxia had told them. What a horrid fate, and here she wallowed in her own fears and sorrows. At least in the end, she wasn't alone. However, in the end, either way Usagi would be alone… by leaving or destroying… every-thing… everything.

As Sailor Saturn, she was given a power strikingly similar to an apocalypse. She had the power to wipe everything away upon every planet or even an entire solar system. All life. True and utter silence… Killing everything upon a planet in order for life to reset on that world and one day start again. A power that leads to hope but is only used in complete hopelessness.

…But even she, who destroyed all of the life within an entire Solar System, she could not destroy the entire universe. Life, planets and all. No hope for life to reset upon a planet… because nothing, no sound or color… just silver would be all that was left.

She used to think the power was definitely fueled by hopelessness and it often brought her despair, her true power having a double edge. She after all ended the entire Silver Millennia and in turn, when she uses this power she too will die. A curse for using such a horrifying power… but it now seemed like a blessing… after all, at least in the end she wasn't left alone. She died with everything she destroyed… but Usagi would be stuck alone for eternity with her sin of destruction.

It really was… too cruel.

Tears gathered in her eyes for her Messiah, her princess and dear friend… Pink hair and red eyes flashed before her eyes and she had never felt as much pain as she did now.

She wouldn't wish such a fate on any enemy.

Setsuna's garnet colored eyes misted over and she saw the clear vision of a woman in all white. A memory. Still cloudy from the silver rain in the dark and stormy Stream of Time but clear heart shaped odangos with ankle length hair trailing behind. A cape and wings adorned her back and the only features of the face were the eyes through the dark storm. Silvery crystal blue eyes, more silver than blue looking much like the silver of a mirror reflecting upon it. The eyes were blank but these eyes were clearly Usagi, save from the tragic and dead look deep within them. "Usagi is Sailor Cosmos…" It all made sense.

"None of this matters!" Haruka said, slamming her fist into the wall. "She's not going alone." Haruka ran an angered hand through her short sandy locks, her dark teal orbs staring down Galaxia defiantly. Residual anger from past events lingered in her heart.

Galaxia's golden red eyes shined softly with regret and sadness, only the front of her hair, elegantly tied in loops could be seen under her Senshi's guise of a headress. The crown of golden armor glimmering much like her red and gold hair. "You are needed here in this dimension. You and your friends are the strongest in the Cosmos, you will take her place. Your Universe needs you."

"To hell with a Universe without her!" Luna cried, her human forms blue eyes were in shock and drowning in tears. They had come in from a meeting at the Cinq Palace, They had heard everything.

Galaxia's eyes lowered. "You'd forsake everyone and everything for one girl?" Their faith and love in each other still stunned her. Why were they always sacrificing themselves for one another?

Wavy teal hair fell in front of stormy navy blue eyes tinted with sea green. "We never asked her to sacrifice herself for everyone and everything. It's clearly a path she has always taken, and probably always will. She is truly a pure heart among purity itself. However, we know how special she is. How special she is to us, and everyone and everything." Michiru started, looking deeply into her mirror with her dark oceanic blues as if in a trance. "This is why we always sacrifice ourselves in her namesake. She is one to be protected, so that she can protect and save everyone. So she wouldn't have to be alone." She dropped her mirror as tears formed when it's reflective surface yielded no answers. Her fists shook. "What is the point of having her go? She belongs here. They are the invaders! This is her home, this is her universe! If she goes, we go. We'll protect each other forever…" She remembered the days she would silently watch the princess from her Mirror… never able to truly be with her in the past but walways wanting to… an they want to take her away now? In a new life?

Galaxia shook her head at them, disagreeing. "You are wrong… every time you died for her, it killed her spirit. She feels the same as you. She didn't want you to die, to sacrifice yourselves for her. She wanted to protect you, just as you wanted to protect her."

"We're going. End of story!" Haruka shouted out, hitting the wall one more time, leaving a hole much bigger. Her expression was dark and scary and her shoulders were shaking. Her sandy pale blond locks messy and shadowing her eyes, hiding the tears that trailed down her cheeks.

"Everyone shut up." Artemis started, turning the volume on the TV up.

Screams rang loudly through the Television and camera's were focused on a fire within the Cinq Palace and to their shock, a woman in a black cloak was floating in the air.

Suddenly the woman is in front of one of the camera's, her cloak gone. The woman's black hair faded into red at the tips down to her waist in a familiar cone shaped style with four long streamers. Her green eyes were glowing and where white should be it was yellow. Catlike. What she wore startled them most of all.

It was the classic form of their Solar Systems senshi uniform. The white bodice, the metallic tiara, black instead of gold, the jewel a startling lime green. Her skirt and collar were black, as was her bows. Lime green Spartan like sandals wrapped around her calves to her knees and her gloves were elbow length and fingerless, lime green instead of white.

She was a new senshi.

"She was from the press conference!" Luna shouted in shock, the girls pale skin and sickeningly neon red lips smirking.

On the Television, they watched as she winked into the camera. "Some call me a myth. Some call me Nibiru. I am the Elusive tenth planet legend talked of but could never prove. My real name is Nemisis, and I am Sailor Nemisis." She smirked evilly as she shot a dark beam of energy at the camera man and the shaky camera fell to the floor. Only her laughs and echoes of her foot falls could be heard before she spoke again. "Pray, as if your lives depend upon it."

Setsuna's eyes widened in horrified shock and Luna and Artemis reacted much the same. They remembered the enemy, however for Hotaru, Haruka and Michiru, they had only heard of the mysterious planet Usagi and Chibiusa had destroyed in the future.

"Impossible!" Setsuna cried out, but even she knew that while Sailor Moon had defeated the planet in the future, it remained alive in the past, but no senshi was ever born of such a planet… it became connected to the Death Phantom and he had never been a senshi…

"But in a future life he becomes one. Sailor Chaos." Galaxia said into Setsuna's eyes. Garnet red clashing with Golden red. "Metallia. The Death Phantom. The Dark power hidden within Nehelannia's Mirror. Chaos. They were all the same starseed, and in the future where Sailor Cosmos is supposed to be born, Chaos's starseed had become a Senshi Crystal. Sailor Chaos."

"What are you trying to say?" Mamoru finally spoke for the first time, his eyes haunted.

Galaxia turned to the TV, a pool of blood was gathering on the ground by the camera. "The seed of Chaos trapped at the bottom of the Cordon above the dimensional portal must have felt the approach of Cosmos, and managed to manifest itself into birth. It's desperation to catch up managed to transform the seed… into a Senshi Crystal."

"Sailor Moon isn't Cosmos yet. What destruction has these events brought to us…" Hotaru whispered. "Is this truly the end?"

Galaxia shook her head. "No, when Chaos is Sailor Chaos, it is a most powerful form. Opposite of Sailor Cosmos. Twins of Light and Dark, Good and Evil on par with each other and at conflict. Yin and Yang. This is not the time for either to reach that point yet, so Chaos is trying to play catch up but even it can't power up that quickly." She frowned. "She will be very powerful. As you are stronger than the Inner Planetary senshi, she will be stronger than the Outer Planetary senshi… she is afterall… a planet within your Solar System…" Her eyes darkened with worry. "and depending how quickly she goes from the first form, to super, to Eternal means she will only get stronger."

Haruka grasped her navy blue, five pointed star shaped crystal broach and raised it in the air. "Then what are we waiting for?"

Setsuna nodded. "We were given the duty of protecting the Earth in their absence."

Chaos has planted his seed and no matter what they'd stop him. They'd save her, or they'd die trying. They had one year.


End Chapter

Oh no! What is the meaning of this? Sailor Nemisis who holds the Chaos Crystal has risen from the Cordon! With Cosmos approaching can the Chaos seed become Sailor Chaos in time for the approaching Cosmos seed or will Usagi still be doomed to leave within a years time?

But wait! Wasn't is stated sometime a few chapters back that when Sailor Chaos and Cosmos fight they destroy everything and time resets itself for the entire universe? Now that the dimensions are connected… if they fight will the entire universe simply be destroyed for good… or perhaps a twist in the tale may wind it's wait into those paths.

Either way, whenever they do get back to Earth… how will Usagi persuade Mamoru in hopes of creating Chibiusa when he is currently becoming involved with Relena?

And what does he think… of her fate? Like the outer senshi will he go with her? Will he abandon his planet… or will he side with Galaxia as he had unknowingly done from the start?

Stay tuned till next time to see who had managed to chase after Usagi as she had fled, and the showdown of Nemisis and the outer senshi. Perhaps the United Nations may even be able to lend a hand in the battle now with their experiments?


In the anime, Sailor Moon and Chibiusa defeated the Black Moon Clan in the past and killed the Death Phantom in Princess and Queen form with the crystal of the past and future. In the manga, the Death Phantom whom had died on Nemisis originally after being imprisoned there by Neo Queen Serenity because he was a serial killer using strange magic to slaughter many people with an upside down crescent moon imbedded in his skull. In death he had fused his soul to the planet and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibimoon were able to completely destroy the planet and kill the Death Phantom once and for all.

In the manga Metallia, the Death Phantom and Chaos are all one and the same. Past lives that always sought out to covet the Ginzuishou. Metallia with Serenity. Death Phantom with Neo Queen Serenity and Chaos with Eternal Sailor Moon which leads to it's future incarnation, Sailor Chaos against Sailor Cosmos. It is speculated about Nehelannia but that is not the case since Nehelannia came from a far distant place much like the original Queen Serenity had as they are not born in our Solar System.

In both the anime and manga, Kakyuu-hime somehow landed up on Earth trapped in an incense container which Chibi Chibi hides. She was wounded and needed to heal herself. In the manga it is added that Sailor Galaxia had killed her lover. The lovers name, gender and image have never been confirmed.

All senshi in the manga have the senshi name of their planet. Including Sailor Mermaid, Sailor Coronis, Sailor Mau etc. except for Sailor Kakyuu. It's unknown about the starlights names.

Sailor Kakyuu is a princess on the planet Kinmoku.

In the manga, the outer senshi were all given a duty by Queen Serenity. Pluto Guarded the gates of time and was forbidden to leave the gates or allow anyone to enter so she rarely if ever got to see the others except by far. Uranus and Neptune were in charge of protected the Outer Solar System from outside threats and invasions. They rarely saw the others as well and often wished they could always be beside the royal moon family and court. Sailor Saturn was in a deep sleep and was only to awaken if the situation was hopeless enough which is why Queen Serenity entrusted three talismens, the Garnet Orb to Pluto, the Aqua Mirror to Neptune and the Space Sword to Uranus that would resonate when Sailor Saturn awakened.

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