Author's Note: So this wouldn't get out of my head, and I had to write it. So here you go.

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns all.

by Oberon of Shadows


Tonks screamed and dodged the curse, sending a jet of red light toward the Death Eater. Hit square in the face with the spell, the bulky man fell over at the end of the hall. Tonks whirled around, ready to sprint to her next destination in the search for Remus –

But there wasn't a next destination.

Remus was spread-eagled on the ground behind her, a cut on his cheek from the battle, sweat running from his forehead. Tonks threw herself at his body, screaming, swearing. She cupped his shoulders and shook him, willing him to open his eyes, to wake up. But she knew what had happened – the Killing Curse she had dodged had streamed past her and hit him…

She sobbed dryly, but the tears wouldn't come. She thought of Teddy, at home with her mother, his hair grass green last she saw him. Aquamarine last Remus saw him. Tonks brushed Lupin's gray-brown hair from his face and shuddered as her hair changed color. Mousy brown. She leaned down to kiss him one last time –

"Has wittle Nymphadora lost her wittle hubby?"

Tonks didn't look up. She didn't have to. Bellatrix let out a cackle of insanity and barely whispered the words, "Avada Kedavra!"

The curse hit Tonks in the back and she crumpled over her husband's body. Bellatrix grinned wildly and brushed past them, her eyes searching for the Potter boy.