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Katara sat at the kitchen table, sipping her tea contentedly, or at least she was, until Zuko came.

"So… you and the Avatar, huh?" He plopped down beside her, abandoning his royal grace.

"Yup." She replied tightly, keeping her eyes locked on the steaming tea cup.

"Uh…" He rubbed the back of his head, searching for the words he wanted to say.

She beat him to it.

"What is it, Zuko?" She sighed, finally turning to him, "Is there something wrong with me and Aang?"

She tried not to blush at how close he was.

He was taken... and so was she.

"No," He insisted, "that's… just fine. I was just… well… surprised."

"Surprised?" She raised a brow at him.

"Well," He stuttered on, "you know… it didn't really seemed like you… um… liked him."

Katara flinched, and then bristled, "I didn't know that would bother you so much."

"It's not!" He exclaimed defensively, "No. I was just wondering, you know, I was curious."

"Sounds to me like you're jealous." She muttered under her breath as she took another sip.

"What?" Zuko jumped to his feet, "I'm not jealous! What's there to be jealous of? I'm not attracted to you! I have Mai!"

He froze right as the words left his lips. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean that… I just-"

Katara sighed softly, turning away so he couldn't see the hurt in her eyes, "I understand."

"No, wait." Zuko sat down again, resting a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry. Please, that's not what I meant to say. You mean so much to me… you're like the best friend I never had. So, I've got to watch out for my best friend, right? I'm just checking up on you."

"Okay," Katara replied softly, a tiny smile on her lips, "Thanks."

"No problem." He smiled, "So how about a hug?"

He didn't give her a chance to respond as he smothered her in his arms. "So… mind if I continue our little interrogation?"

"What would your majesty like to know?" Katara whispered.

"So… you like him?"

"I care about him." She sighed, "I don't want to see him hurt… I worry about him…"

"That's sounds kind of maternal." Zuko laughed.

It was the wrong thing to say.

"Well those kind of things don't seem to be a problem for you and Mai! All you two talk about is 'how you don't hate each other!'" She fired back angrily, sliding away from him, before gasping, "That was too far. Sorry…"

He chuckled again, but not with the same lightness as before, "We do that a lot, don't we?"

"Yes… we do." She sighed, "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't take my frustrations out on you and Mai… I mean, you chose her, way before we even decided to be on the same side… I shouldn't-"

"What?" Zuko interrupted, grabbing her shoulders, bewildered, "What did you say?"

Katara looked up at him, blue eyes widened. She'd said too much. "Nothing."

"Katara," Zuko whispered softly, leaning closer, "you can tell me anything. What is it?"

She turned her head away, "It's nothing. I've got to go… I'll catch up with you later."

She slipped away, and Zuko allowed her to go with reluctance. He watched her scurry away in a fluster, before settling his gaze on her tea cup.

"Zuko, there you are! I've been looking for you. I'm bored." Mai sauntered in and settled down beside him. "Oh… tea."

She took a sip, assuming it was his. When her boyfriend didn't immediately turn to her, she frowned, "Zuko? What's wrong?"

He shook his head, eyes lowered, "It's nothing."

The Finale

What was missing?



1. "About this man I'm supposed to marry, is he gonna be handsome? Oh, I hope he's tall!" (Katara, Fortune Teller) Aang doesn't fit the bill on that one. Aang's a bit on the scrawny side, and even though he'll eventually shoot up, when Katara fianlly makes her decision, she has to lean down to kiss him.

2. Aang is 12. He's still a child. They didn't seem to factor that part in. He's a little boy, who loves to play, escape his duties and have fun, but has been forced to grow up too fast. What do we know about children's love? Crushes change, people's minds mature. Katara is the first girl Aang has ever liked, probably the first girl around his age to show him any attention. However, Appa and Katara are a very close tie in Aang's heart. How does this sound? You love your wife as much as you love your sky bison!

3."I feel great romance for you." (Aunt Wu, Fortune Teller) Katara decides at the last second about how she feels about Aang. Something that seems so sudden is hardly the great romance that every girl wishes for. Does Aang frequently shower her with praises and love? No, he leeches it off of her. Where's the feel-good-heartfelt-romance? You say, oh she blushed... that means she must love him. But what about Zuko and Katara? When Jun asked about sorting out his girlfriend problems? They both blushed furiously, before denying it.

4. It doesn't make any sense, and not just because I don't like the pairing. All throughout the final episodes, Aang and Katara drift apart. She is annoyed by his righteous attitude. She's angry when he keeps pestering her about her feelings. So then why, out of the blue, does she suddenly kiss him? Why? Where was the turning point? When did she decide that she liked him enough to be his girlfriend? Could she not stand the thought of breaking the poor boy's heart? Did she feel like there was no one else for her to be with?

5. Katara doesn't love Aang like a brother, but how about a son?

6. "…being the Avatar doesn't hurt your chances with the ladies, either." (Roku, The Avatar and the Fire Lord)

Being the Avatar doesn't hurt your chances directly, like, you can't reproduce, but it does affect 'the ladies' indirectly. What about the fact that the Avatar has other priorities, besides his wife? Restoring balance to the world is his mission, and it doesn't stop at defeating the Fire Lord. It goes on forever. His mission is not 'I must make Katara happy, comfortable and support her for the rest of her life'. The Avatar is the Earth's guardian. Therefore, the world has higher priority over Katara. It has to, or else you have a corrupted Avatar.

7. Only Aang and Mai declared their love for the person of their affections.

"I love him, more than I fear you." (Mai, Boiling Rock)

"I...I..I love her." (Aang, The Guru)

Notice, they never tell the actual person, but to others, they make their intentions clear. Zuko and Katara, on the other hand, never once say 'I love you' or 'I love her'.


1. Zuko wanted someone passionate. Mai will never be truly passionate. She had a slight change after she was released from prison, but being in a prison cell is hardly going to change a naturally drab person into a deep passionate one. What happens in two years?

2. Once more, people change. (Just look at Zuko!) They're only in their teens. Usually, people have to go through a few love interests until they find the right one.

3. Zuko likes talking things out. Mai never likes to do this, and eventually, Zuko gives up on her in that way.

4. Zuko likes her, obviously, and he 'never wanted to hurt her', but does he love her?

5. Throughout the ending episodes, Zuko and Katara grow closer and closer. He dives in front of obstacles to save her, and he earns back her trust. He asks Katara to accompany him to take down his sister, and once more… wouldn't being Fire Lord and defeating his sister be more important than saving Katara?

6. Zuko never saves Mai. He doesn't even rescue her from prison. She gets out herself.

7. Azula trying to kill Mai, Ty Lee interferes. Azula trying to kill Katara, Zuko interferes. Interesting? And yet, when Mai shows up, all of a sudden, every bump and pothole in their relationship is instantly smoothed over. Both Katara's and Zuko's love choices are sudden and unexpected. For most of us, it's an unpleasant surprise. The pairings would have been much more acceptable if they had drawn it out longer, if the pairs had sort of stated their reasons.


1. Where are the other airbenders? Not one survived? Not one person in the entire world? No one had a bit of airbending blood in them to pass on through a lineage and eventually have a real airbender? Why was the Western Air Temple so intact? Someone should have survived.

2. Does this mean the cycle is broken? What happens when Aang dies, if all of the airbenders are gone? Where will the next Avatar learn Airbending? Scrolls?

3. Toph never got 'even' with Zuko. She didn't do anything to mess with him! Going on a fieldtrip and boring him to death- which was actually really sad- doesn't count.

4. Zuko never found his mother. The Creators just cut it off for some reason, and that was one of the most important parts. (Maybe because it would have been a Zutara moment, where Katara smiles and says how lucky he is.)

5. The Painted Lady never came up again. She didn't throw away her supplies.

6. Zuko never told anyone about the meanings behind his scar. This was something that many people had been waiting for. The moment where the group realizes how evil Ozai is and how Zuko's story hardens their resolve. Where was it? It never happened.

7. Sokka and Suki. What happens with them? She goes back to the Kyoshi warriors, and Sokka goes to Ba Sing Se with his group. Is this a 'let's wait' thing?

8. What about Toph's little one-sided crushes. Toph's romance is a perfect example of Aang! It appears she gets over them, although she's never confronted about them. Might Aang also, in time, find that his 'deep feelings' for Katara have suddenly vanished?

9. Toph never remet with her parents and made ammends.

Instead of perfecting the amazing showdown between the Fire Lord and the Avatar, couldn't the Creators at least fill in the major holes left in their show? Instead of drawing out Ember Island and Aang's hurt feelings, as well as Katara's discomfort, couldn't they have had some more bonding time for the whole group? If they'd already put in an extra episode, (Number 21), couldn't they have used another one to tie up all of the loose ends?

Apparently not.

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