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Ragnarok World in the Prince of Ravens

This is part is only optional to read, but I think it would be better if you do since I tweaked the world a bit…okay a lot. BTW I copied this part and the Tip, Game Reference, and Trivia part from Cezaria's Card of the Golden Beast. I'm admitting that I copied those, but I hope its okay since I believe that my fic needs them.

I'd like to start of by saying that I am a person who is compelled to pay attention to the slightest of details and my imagination goes over board and results in entire stories or histories of countries and what not. Like this story, it all spawned in my imagination after I noticed that the soldiers of Geffen wore helmets resembling ravens, and with my stocked knowledge of Norse mythology the whole story line grew from there. Okay, that's enough blathering from me, here's the world!


Obviously it is set in Rune-Midgard but mostly in the western Continent where people worship Odin-Baldur; this includes most of the countries except Amatsu, Gonryun Louyang, and Ayothaya which reside in the eastern continent that worships Freya. I believe that this is really how the game goes, I remember coming across it at some point.

The countries are mostly based on the game, but I made Geffen, Payon and Morroc independent from Prontera. I also made the leagues (distance) between the nations more realistic, like on pecopeco it would take months to cross the world from one side to another side.

Prontera is a country whose capital has the same name; it is known as the capital of the continent mainly because all roads lead to it and where large commerce takes place, it is also has the most powerful military power.

Payon is another country that was founded by a large migration from the eastern continent. Since its architecture is based on ancient Korea, I made its citizens have Korean features. Its capital is called Gung Su, which means archer in Korean…I think, (consulted my Korean classmate).

Geffen is a western country that runs in a Magocracy, where those who have no magical capabilities have little or no voice. It is extremely loosely based on France in combination with Greece. The citizens are all very manipulative and devious, constantly trying to claw their way up to higher positions in society. Though, some choose to live in Geffen since the powers of the mages can control the seasons for crops, assuring good harvest every year. Its capital is called Ivoire (Ivory), referring to the tall white tower in the middle of the island city.

Morroc is the desert kingdom that was once the most powerful in the continent, but was subdued once the separate city states banded together to form Prontera. I based it on Egypt and the sovereign is in fact called a pharaoh. It is now controlled by Geffen from the shadows. Capital is also called Morroc as well.

Alde Baran was founded by separatist sages from Yuno, around the clock tower (in search for something similar to the Tower of Geffen), They began to delve into alchemy until they concentrated on it. When other people began settling with the sages, now alchemists, the alchemists decided to leave the governing to them and recluse with their experiments and secrets completely. The Kafra Corporation soon set up their main office in the area. Alde Baran is now a city state independent from Schwarswald.

Lighthalzen was a small mining village that was bought off by the Rekenber is now in control of the Rekenber corporation but most of the citizens are actually Rekenber it is not officially a city state yet, the governing of the city is in the hands of the owners of Rekenber, without any intervention from Schwarswald.

The other countries include the Schwarzwald Republic (Capital: Yuno), Arunafeltz (Capital: Rachel), Comodo, Lutie, Einbroch, Veins. There are also other citystates like Alberta, and Hugel. I'm still unsure whether the story will be able to take place in all the countries at least once.

You see that I pretty much fudged up the entire geography and territorial borders of the Ragnarok world. Please bare with me.


I wanted to make the Ragnarok world more realistic in the sense that not every single person in the world was either a Knight, wizard, swordsman…Most people have the common everyday jobs during that time era like farmers, innkeepers, and other things. I also changed it so that the idea of job advancement doesn't exist for all jobs, and rebirth nonexistent. It resembles more of the mangga rather than the game.

Swordsman/Knight/Crusader- Anybody can apply to become a swordsman, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you can graduate into a knight or crusader. The Knights are reserved only for the noble born, just like during medieval times, while crusaders are a sort of soldier faction that stems from the church rather than the kingdom. Those who aren't nobly born and aren't considered pious enough to join The Crosses (crusaders and paladins) can apply to be merchant's guards, soldiers, or mercenaries. The Lord Knights and Paladins are equivalent to generals and commanders.

Mage/Wizard/Sage- The mages are mostly Geffenese and a desperate few foreigners because the Holy Order holds mages in animosity, resulting to the mages only finding safe haven within the capital of magic. They are the people who search for power and wish to study arcane magic, most people who manage to graduate from the academy, stay mages their entire life because wizards are only reserved for the Geffenese noble born (Much like the knights) unless of course some lower-class mages display significant ability. If they do, they will be given lands to govern as a new noble, though that rarely happens since magical strength is hereditary. Sages on the other hand are those who search for knowledge and come from all over the world to the sage castle in Yuno. There, they are taught basic magic like mages in Geffen but that is coupled together with other studies of their own. High wizards are the most powerful and gifted of the nobles in Geffen, While Professors are those sages who have gathered enough knowledge and wisdom to be able to teach instead of study.

Acolytes/Priests/Monks- Acolytes are open to absolutely anybody in the world, but because of the animosity the Holy Order has with Geffen, there are only an extreme few from the Capital of Magic. Even if the position is open to everybody, a life of service appeals to only a few. Priests are acolytes who have achieved a higher level of spiritual and moral understanding much like the priests in the real world. Monks on the other hand are aesthetics that recluse themselves from the world, either in monasteries or in solitude they are more like the shaolins than the friars. The High priests are equivalent to cardinals and the Champions are the monks who have set forth from their recluse to purge the world of evil.

Thieves/Assassins/Rogues- thieves are found all over the world and vary in nationalities, but the thieves of Morroc are special since they're the only ones running in an organized group. Assassins are a secret sect who has absolutely no connection to the thief guild; their temple is located somewhere within the Sograt desert and their existence is still doubted to be true. Rogues are high level thieves that have detached themselves from the thief guild; they act on their own or in gangs. Assassin Crosses are those in the guild who excel and are usually the team leaders during assassinations. Stalkers are thief lords who no longer try to steal petty trinkets but treasures from High ranking Lords and ladies and extremely wealthy merchants, sometimes monarchs.

Merchants/Blacksmiths/Alchemists- The merchant guild in Alberta is a highly organized chain of merchants that spread through the entire continent and beyond, they only accept members that are incredibly business minded and skillful, these do not include peddlers, traders, and stationary shop owners. Blacksmiths do not necessarily have to graduate from being a merchant and there is also a gigantic difference between the smiths from little villages and those whose names are known around the cities and supply the weapon dealers, armor dealers, and the merchants with their wares. Alchemists also do not have to necessarily come from being a merchant; one just needs to receive an apprenticeship from Alchemists in Al de Baran. White Smiths are the legendary smiths, who are known by the entire continent, they are usually the ones paid to forge the weapons of generals and kings. Creators on the other hand are alchemists promoted to work in the Lighthalzen Research team by the Rekkenber Corporation, who are trying to construct new life, because of this the Holy Order also detest Alchemists and Creators, like Geffenese.

Archer/Hunter/Bard and Dancer- Archers and Hunters like thieves can be found in every nationality but the ones from Payon are exceptional. The Payonese bow users are skilled to the point that their amateurs can best the seasoned of other nations. Payon is also known for their training of falcons. Bards and Dancers are traveling entertainers, who bounce from village to village, although sometimes they become stationary in palaces of sovereigns. The arrival of either in a village is considered lucky and they usually receive food and lodging for free. Snipers are a class reserved only for people that trained in archery under Payon; they are the best of the best. Gypsies and Clowns are like Bards and Dancers but their entertainment is shrouded in mystique. They perform fortune tellings, and ensembles that surpass those of bards and dancers.

Ninja/Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator- They won't appear much because they're in the eastern continent.

Gunslinger- A guild of few people that hold the secret to gun powder, it is rumored that they may have some connections with alchemists and the makers of fire works in Hugel. I have no idea what part they, or at least one of them, will play, but I do wish to incorporate gunslingers into the story.

My writing style is greatly influenced by the Wheel of Time series, so for a treat to my fellow fanatics, I've put a lot of allusions from the book through the entire story, it's up to you to find them! Don't worry they're not that difficult to find, the fic's drowning in WOT allusions.


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