At last the most awaited sequel (besides DMC and AWE...) of the 21 century!

This is the framework for the sequel for A Pirate's Life For Me

What adventures will the Turners run into now...

With as much ease as a naval ship, the Elizabeth Cassidy sailed along at a decent speed. At the helm of the vessel the Captain and second mate, who doubled as substitute navigator, stood.

"We're continuing to remain directly on course Captain," Casey told her father.

"Thanks navigator," Will replied.

"It's so cool being the new navigator, but I don't know why grandpa anted to stay home," Casey stated remembering how her grandfather was hesitant about joining them on their routine sailing outing.

"He insisted it was for the best," Will answered while changing the position of the ship. Casey stared at the deck, she thought of how they've had the ship for almost two years. Through those two years Casey refused to address the ship by its proper title, the Elizabeth Cassidy, it always remained 'the ship' to her. Cassidy is the last thing Casey liked to be referred to as.

"A ship, a ship," a small voice yelled from below. Casey turned and looked at her four year old brother Jack pointing to a ship in the distance.

"It looks like we have some company," Casey pointed out.

"Friendly," Will asked, hoping the other ship was naval or a privateer.

"What colors are they flying," Casey shouted to the admiral.

"French, but they're taking them down," Elizabeth replied.

"What are they putting up," Will asked.

"I can't quite tell, but—." Casey watched her mother drop the spyglass she was looking through before she could finish speaking.

"Apparently not friendly," Casey added.

"They have a black flag," Dieum shouted from the bow.

"Even worse," Will said bleakly, "Casey go get our flag." She nodded and went to retrieve the flag. Upon reaching where the flag was kept, Casey opened the door and grabbed a small wooden box. With great care she lifted the lid ad took out the folded flag. After staring at it for a moment Casey made her way back on deck trying to pay little attention to the mess left behind from the product of sailing with mostly men.

"Willy," Casey shouted hoping for a response from her less intelligent brother.

"What," Willy answered carefully covering his changing voice.

"Help me put this up," she replied thinking of how interesting it will be coming in contact with other pirates. They struggled to pull down the British flag and replace it with the black flag.


The Destroyer

Meanwhile, the approaching ship the Destroyer had some unhappy passengers, on deck stood a nineteen year old man, Adam Smith. If he hadn't been left behind in Tortuga he would still be attempting to make any sense of doing the duties of a blacksmith.

"I wonder who put up their flag, it was awfully pathetic," he said to no one in particular.

"Are you sure it's them," asked a crewperson.

"Positive," he replied with reassurance and his ship sailed closer to the Elizabeth Cassidy.