Full Summary: As Maya Kitajima (not an OC) reunites with Kurama, her childhood friend and first love, Kurama discovers some nasty side affects from the potion he took during the Dark Tournament. Along with the stress of Maya remembering the past, Kurama has to cope with the changes that are taking place. They catch up over a series of 5 detention filled days.

Note: Maya Kitajima is a real character that makes her appearance in the bonus story in volume 7. For those of you who haven't read it, I'll quickly summarize it. It tells the story of how Kurama and Hiei met, which takes place a year before they meet up with Yusuke.

Maya is a girl who has a crush on Kurama and discovers his supernatural abilities. She gets kidnapped by a flesh eating demon named Eight Hands. Kurama goes to save her and Hiei comes along, thinking that Eight Hands has eaten his sister. After the ordeal is over, Kurama erases Maya's memories, and she forgets everything, even confessing her true feelings to him.

The Blood Red Rose

Chapter One: Day One...Bad Beginnings

Maya Kitajima looked at herself in the mirror one last time. She had big brown eyes with black hair cut so short that it barely reached the ends of her ears. She loved short hair. It was less of a hassle. Of course, many girls always said snide little remarks behind her back about it, along with her interest in the occulent. She had no problem with that. It was who she was and she wasn't going to change herself to please some snotty girls.

The room behind her was in complete disarray. Most of her belongings were in boxes. They had moved recently from Osaka back to her hometown. It was the town where she shared so many precious memories with all her friends from junior high. They had moved for a year, barely adjusting to their home, when her father was transferred back here. She had no objections. She loved this place.

She fixed the hem of her skirt. Her uniform was mostly magenta. She heard even the boys wore a magenta colored uniform. She frowned looking at her clothings. Pink was not her favorite color. The skirt was also too short for her. She was a tomboy and proud of it.

Maya was about to enter Meiou High. It was a prestigious school that only accepted the geniuses of the new generation, along with a few well placed bribes from some of the richer families. She had barely passed the entrance exams. It took several days of studying, but she pulled it off.

She kissed her mother and father good bye and walked to school. This is going to be a long day, she thought.

Shuichi Minamino, also known as Kurama, woke up from the light shining through his window. He stood up, rubbing his eyes. He stumbled into the bathroom and splattered water onto his face, looking at his reflection. His long, red hair was in complete shambles. His green eyes drooped. Faint black circles graced themselves under his eyes. He had to stop going on all night missions, especially on a school night. His ability to walk in a straight line depended on it.

The gash on his arm still did not heal enough to take the bandages off. He winced as he cleaned it with some antiseptic. Putting on the bandages with one hand was a bit difficult, but the fox demon pulled it off. Now, he just had to avoid all sort of contact or movement on his right arm. Unfornately, he was right handed.

"Shuichi!" called Shiori, his mother. "Breakfast is ready!"

"I'll be down in a minute, mother!"

He staggered back into his room. Oh, he forgot about his leg wound. Growling, he limped back into the bathroom. Today was turning out to be horrible. What else could go wrong?

Maya hummed a little song to herself as she walked into the school office. A few of the students were kind enough to show her the way. The secretary looked up as she walked in. She was a middle aged woman with red hair that leaned more towards orange. Gray roots were showing as well.

"Hello, my name is Maya Kitajima. I just transferred here," she said politely.

"Maya Kitajima," the secretary mumbled, looking through a pile of files. "Ah ha! Here's your schedule, locker combination, and a map. The school is pretty big and the teachers don't go easy on late students, even if you're new." She smiled. "I'm sure you'll be fine. Any troubles, come here and let me know. I'll be here all day." She chuckled.

Maya smiled and thanked the kind woman before leaving. Using the map would be a dead give away that she was new. It would draw too much unwanted attention to herself. She was the type of girl that would be content being in the background with the spotlight on someone else.

Today was one of those rare days where Kurama was annoyed at everything. Why did he have to refuse his step father's offer to drive him to school? Oh, yes, that's right, he had to check in with Hiei to see if the one demon that got away was caught.

"Stupid low class demons...day is ruined...," mumbled Kurama. "All I want to do is crawl back into bed. I should have skipped..."

"Having a bad day, are we?" asked a familiar black figure. He leaped off the tallest branch of a tree and landed next to Kurama. He walked beside him.

Kurama grunted in response. Hiei hid a smile. He wore his sword openly, causing a few people to stare, well, it was more like gawk.

"Did you catch the uh...criminal?" asked Kurama. A human had gotten to close to them while he asked.

"After what I did to him, even the toddler won't be able to recognize him."

Kurama chuckled. The feeling of remorse passed by him rather quickly as soon as he remembered that it was that same demon that gave him his injuries.

"Shouldn't you be healing more quickly now, fox?" Hiei asked. He was referring to the fact that he had transformed into Yoko Kurama enough times to be able to regain his supernatural healing.

"I am, but it still takes some time. This is the body of a...teenager." Again, there were too many people around. He couldn't risk any type of suspicion.

They parted ways at the park. Hiei was fond of his trees. Kurama was in a slightly better mood as he walked to school. The demon was dead. The pain from the injuries had dulled down as he kept drudging towards school. He had a few more blocks to practice no limping with a bad leg.

Another good sign was that no blood had bled through his clothes. He brought some extra bandages in case though. Maybe today would turn out good after all. Somehow, this nagging feeling in the back of his head made him think otherwise.

CrazyDreamerGirl: I have to admit, the beginning is a bit slow, but it's just introducing the plot. It get's better, I swear! I've always wanted to make this kind of story with Maya and Kurama reuniting. Also, any OC ness on Kurama's part is done on purpose. It has to do with the side affects mentioned in the summary. Please review, and no flames please.