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"Sasuke-kun we should leave now." Orochimaru spoke to the raven haired Uchiha as they stared down at the crippled Konoha team consisting of Yamato, Sakura, Sai and one Uzumaki Naruto.

"No." The Uchiha spoke turning to face his mentor. "I will gain the power I need to kill my brother here and now Orochimaru." He spoke calmly as he gripped his Kusanagi

Orochimaru eyed the raven haired Uchiha for a moment before a sick grin spread across his pale features. "Very well." He muttered.

The three Oto elites leapt down, charging at the four leaf nins. Orochimaru headed for Yamato, who was still feeling the effects of the injury he received from Sasuke's lightning empowered sword. Kabuto charged at Sai, while Sasuke charged at Sakura, discarding Naruto as a threat for the moment since he was still feeling the effects of having Kyuubi's chakra suppressed so suddenly.

Yamato fell easily enough, his injured and half paralyzed state being no match for the power and experience of the snake ninja. Sai was holding his own against Kabuto, but the medics experience was quickly gaining him an edge in the battle.

Sakura tried to defend against Sasuke…but her heart wasn't in the battle and so was quickly overpowered.

Naruto struggled to his feet. He wasn't sure what the hell Sasuke had done to him but whatever it was he had to shake it off.

He looked to the left where Sai was fighting Kabuto, then to the right, to Yamato's unconscious form sprawled over a pile of rubble.

Finally he looked toward Sasuke and Sakura, the Uchiha was holding her up by her throat, the sword pressing against her stomach ready to impale her. The Uchiha prodigy looked to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki and let a slow cruel smirk grace his features.

Naruto's eyes widened in momentary panic. He stood, ignoring the pain he felt and rushed towards them, despite the fact that he knew he would never be able to reach them in time.

Sasuke turned from the blond in order to face his victim. The small bit of lightning chakra he was pushing into her system was just enough to keep her from using her monstrous strength properly.

He smirked at her frightened expression, and reared his sword back in preparation for the final blow.

Before he could act on his murderous intentions however, he caught sight of a pale blue light in his peripheral vision just before it hit him full force.

A scream of pain lodged itself in his throat as it hit. With a start he realized he was being struck by lightning.

He painfully opened his eyes and saw the lightning was coming from Naruto's fingertips. How the hell did that moron have an affinity for lightning? Such an affinity was rare anywhere outside of Kumo.

Naruto continued to focus as hundreds of volts of lightning shot through his palms. He could begin to see the signs of burns appearing on the Uchiha prodigy's skin as the lightning struck him. All the while he remained calm, focused, clearing his mind of all hesitation.

Sakura, Sai, Kabuto and Orochimaru all turned and stared at the sight in complete shock.

The snake sannin was the first to snap out of his stupor and in a disgusting display summoned Kusanagi from his throat, the legendary blade glowing pale blue in the bright desert light as he charged the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

Naruto snapped his attention to the approaching snake sannin. He cut the flow of lightning to one hand and extended it towards Orochimaru instead.

The sannin ignored it as he kept on moving forward when suddenly, a large stone, almost the size of a basketball shot straight up from the ground and stayed floating at a height that was level with his face.

Now…we have a floating rock infront of him and he cant stop…the result is…

Orochimaru's face smashed right into the stone with enough force to flip him over as if they'd just caught him in a clothesline maneuver and break his nose. The air left him in a whoosh as he hit the floor face down.

He rolled to the side just as the rock he had hit fell, nearly crushing his skull all together.

When he looked to the stone that had just crashed next to him he was surprised as it began moving towards him at a fast rate of speed. He flipped sideways, getting to his feet as he rolled over the stone aimed for him.

He had to keep moving as more and more stones began flying towards him, anything from the size of baseballs to tables moved through the air with practiced ease.

How in the hell was the Jinchuriki doing this? He had never heard of any bloodline or Doton jutsu which allowed control to a degree such as this, the only thing remotely similar was the Shukaku containers sand.

Kabuto, broke off his fight with Sai and charged the Konoha ninja from behind.

Naruto senseing his approach looked over his shoulder in time to see Kabuto lunge at him, chakra scalpel in one hand, kunai in the other.

Cutting off the lightning from his other hand he turned and faced Kabuto.

The Oto medic felt his the air leave his lungs as some invisible force hit him hard and pushed him back with enough force to send him crashing into the wall. The already unstable wall collapsed with the force of his hit, falling right on top of the silver haired medic.

Sasuke coughed and groaned in pain. He opened his eyes and saw Naruto's back was to him as he was focused on the other two ninja. He gritted his teeth, snarling in anger as his sharingan flared to life. He had trained under Orochimaru for three years. The strongest of the sannin…he had the Sharingan…he refused to be humiliated by this…nobody again.

So, blocking out the immense pain coursing through his system he stood, his kusanagi cackling with lightning as he charged the blond ninja.

Naruto hearing the familiar sound of the technique he had been hit with more than once turned and found Sasuke had already closed half the distance between them.

Sasuke saw the blond reach into his orange jacket, from which he pulled out a strange cylindrical object roughly 1 to 1 ½ feet long and about an inch thick. He could see there were identical openings at each end and was made of a very strange type of metal but he paid no heed. Whatever the object was his sword would cut through it and even if Naruto dodged he would still be paralyzed from the lightning chakra around the blade.

Soon however, Sasuke wished he had paid attention as a bright purple beam of light materialized out of the small opening on one end of the cylindrical device.

With fast yet wide swing Sasuke's sword was stopped dead as the lightning met the strange blade. Sasuke was so caught off guard he didn't react until he felt something hit him in the chest…hard pushing him back until he hit the far wall just as Kabuto did earlier.

Naruto had taken his hand away from Orochimaru, and pushed Sasuke away. That however left the snake sannin his opening.

As soon as the barrage of earthly projectiles ceased Orochimaru wasted no time before he rushed the ninja at full speed, making sure no stones appeared infront of him like before.

Naruto, sensed Orochimaru's approach, and with a flick of a small switch another beam appeared on the other side of the cylindrical device, turning it into a double bladed weapon.

He spun around on his heels, using the new blade to block the Kusanagi. The legendary weapon hissed as it came in contact with the superheated beam of energy and Orochimaru pulled back to inspect it, noting that the edge that had touched was red hot, if it would have stayed any longer it would have been completely melted. He knew that Kusanagi was a blade made with the scales of the snake summons themselves, if that light sword was able to do this much damage to Kusanagi with just a few moments of contact, he had no doubt that that blade could cut through almost any other sword with ease.

Naruto took his stance, but then noticed Sasuke had recovered behind him…he would never be able to take on both Orochimaru and Sasuke…he wasn't that good, nowhere near that good.

Orochimaru smirked but it soon died as a swirl of ink revealed Sai standing behind Naruto, facing Sasuke.

The snake snannin growled and moved to step forward when he caught sight of a blur to his right. He looked and managed to catch sight of Sakura's fist before she nailed him dead in the face. His attention had been focused solely on the Jinchuriki and so didn't even notice her until it was too late.

He stood up angrily, setting his broken jaw into place with various cracks as he snarled at the three. He vanished and reappeared where Kabuto had been buried in rubble, with a small doton Jutsu the medic was freed. The snake ninja grabbed him by his shirt and looked to Sasuke. "Sasuke-kun…we leave." He ground out as he glared at the Kyuubi jinchuriki. He knew nothing of these abilities he had demonstrated and so it would be best to retreat until he learned more.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he shook in silent fury before he began to vanish in a wisp of smoke, Orochimaru doing the same after a moment.

Naruto sighed, relaxing his guard as the purple lazer like sword dissipated and he hooked the cylindrical hilt back onto his belt. He turned and saw the curious/suspicious/amazed look in Sakura and Sai's eyes. Yamato was unconscious and so didn't really have any facial expression.

He laughed somewhat nervously as he scratched the back of his head. "Hehehe…I guess I got some explaining to do don't I?"


It was several hours later, Yamato found himself staring at his blond haired charge with an expression that clearly read (What the fuck?). His right arm was in a sling and his left leg was in a cast made from wood.

"Sooooooooo….." He drawled. "You single handedly held back two high jounin level missing nin…and a Sannin?" He questioned incredulously.

Naruto blushed and nodded with a sheepish smile on his face.

Sakura and Sai watched the exchange with thoughts similar to Yamato's words.

Sai's eyes were narrowed in slight suspicion, those abilities he had used, especially the lightning would take a great deal of chakra but he had felt no chakra spike…meaning he had either used very little or none at all, something that was impossible. And then those stones he had used against Orochimaru…if he didn't know any better he would say Naruto had used some form of telekinesis…an ability which was only speculated existed…let alone being able to use it on such a large scale.

Yamato sighed and leaned against the wall of the house he had made using his Mokudon technique. "Allright come on…I want a full explanation."

Naruto's features became serious so quickly it was almost scary. "Sorry but I don't really trust you that much…I will tell Tsunade though, I trust her more than you."

Yamato raised an eyebrow and spoke again. "Naruto…tell me what it was that you did and how you did it now. You don't have the luxury of telling Tsunade directly so as your commander I order you to explain your abilities." He really didn't want to pull rank, but these abilities could be potentially dangerous and letting him near Tsunade without knowing what he could do was foolish.

Naruto's eyes narrowed and he suddenly waved his hand. "You will drop this subject and let me discuss this with Tsunade personally.

To Sai and Sakura's amazement yamato suddenly spoke. "I will drop this subject and let you speak with Tsunade personally."

Naruto smiled. "Thank you Yamato-sensei!" He said cheerfully as he turned and walked away, pointedly ignoring Sai and Sakura's gazes as he left the room.

The two aforementioned teammates blinked stupidly before looking at each other, exchanging a silent question. 'What the fuck just happened?'

They each thought about going after the blond but decided against it, deciding they were too tired and too injured to deal with trying to get answers out of him for now. Tomorrow they would be back at the village where they would hopefully get some answers.


Later that night.

"Naruto…" Came a gentle voice that penetrated the darkness of his sleep.

Said blond opened his eyes, his body feeling weightless as he floated through a sea of stars. "What's wrong Naruto?" The same disembodied voice reached him again. "I sense you're troubled for some reason."

He sighed. "They found out…" As he spoke his voice echoed al around him, as if he was an empty chamber. "And I still think its too soon."

"Shhh…you had no choice. I would have done no different if I were in your place. You have shown a great deal of restraint in the use of your skills so far, and I am proud of you for it."

"But still…I should have…maybe tried something else…I don't think I'm ready yet…"

"Weather you are ready or not, you acted to save your friends and allies. I find no fault in your actions and neither should you. Now, rest. You will need your strength for your upcoming confrontation with Tsunade."

He sighed again but nevertheless, obeyed and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.


The next day found the aptly named team Kakashi making their long trek back to Konoha.

Yamato was in deep contemplative silence. Sai continued to send wary and suspicious glances toward Naruto. Sakura also sent glances his way but these were of slight nervousness overshadowed by curiosity.

Naruto walked with an air of indifference/boredom/anxiousness. The strange cylindrical object at his side, from where the purple laser sword had come from, was dangling innocently from his belt.

Sakura bit her lip. All night her minds eye continued to flash at Sasuke's cold features…he was truly going to kill her…somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that he would have done so from the moment she took the mission…but she had been hoping she was wrong. She looked to Naruto, he had saved her again. She wanted to thank him…but figured that now was not the proper place for it.

Instead, she looked for something that could break this godforsaken silence.

She found it in the cylindrical object hanging from his waist.

"Hey Naruto…" She began tentatively.

"Yes Sakura-chan?" He questioned as he looked over his shoulder at her with a smile on his face.

She hesitated for a moment, remembering that he wanted to talk to Tsunade about this. "Well…ummm…I was wondering if you'd tell me what that is." She questioned pointing at it.

Naruto looked down at the item in question, contemplating if he should answer the question when he figured A) She would find out soon enough and B) there was really no harm in telling her about it.

"Its called a lightsaber." He answered with a smile tugging at his lips as he unhooked it from his belt and turned it on with the press of a button. The blade glowed and hummed gently in his hand.

He smiled somewhat fondly at the futuristic weapon. He gave it a few swings through the air, the bright purple light trailing behind somewhat leaving a small trail in its wake as it hummed with each swing. "It can cut through anything.

Sakura stared with open awe. Now that she could stop and take a good look at the weapon she had to admit that it held an aura of power, elegance, grace, beauty and…even a small hint of brutality.

Yamato and Sai meanwhile stared in silent curiosity. The only weapon that they knew of that was remotely similar was the Nidaime's Raijin.

"Naruto." Yamato spoke up next. "How much chakra does it take to do that?"

At that Naruto's grin threatened to split his face in two. "That's the best thing!" He exclaimed brightly. "It doesn't use any chakra at all!"

Yamato stopped dead, while Sakura gawked and Sai seemed to trip over himself.

Naruto kept on smiling as he walked ahead of the group of stunned ninja, all the while hiding his unease at the upcoming confrontation.


It was late at night when the group arrived in Konoha and finished giving their report.

"Is that all you have to report?" Tsunade questioned the aptly named "Team Kakashi."

Yamato nodded and then both turned their eyes to Naruto.

The blond shuffled from foot to foot nervously before he looked to Tsunade. "Could we talk in uhhh….private?"

Sakura felt a little hurt that he wouldn't trust her with this but at Tsunade's nod she, along with the rest of the team walked out of the door…only to press close and listen through it a moment later.

"Well Naruto…you mind explaining?"

Naruto sighed and rubbed his head to fight off the oncoming headache. "Well…let me start by telling you who taught me. Have you ever heard of a woman named Revan?"

Tsunade stiffened. "Revan? Wha-what does she have to do with this…she died during the Kyuubi attack…"

"She's not dead…she's the one who trained me…and…she's also my mother.


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