The world shifted and molded into various shades of black and red , the red moon hung over their heads like a blood filled bowl and dark shadows slithered across the ground as if they were alive.

The dead city of the Uchiha's was replaced, shifting and changing, until it was different, yet the same. The buildings were the same design, the same locations, but they seeped with malice not unlike that of the dark side the dark lord Revan had felt along the galaxies edge.

She stood within these shades of scarlet and black, eyes soon fixing themselves on the spinning Mangekyo, that seemed to materialize out of the darkness of a nearby alley as he stepped into the light of this artificial world.

Itachi eyed the woman, who stood across from him almost coyly, undeterred by the rapid shift in scenery.

With a mere thought from the Uchiha, suddenly dozens of others appeared all around them, flooding the streets, the homes, the rooftops, they encircled the older woman who merely watched with that all too confident smirk still firmly plastered onto her features.

Itachi once again gave a mental command, willing the crucifix to materialize behind the woman and bind her to it. But the projected object would not appear, and the earth beneath Revan's feet remained intact, unbroken.

Itachi's eyes narrowed in mild suspicion, the increasingly uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach tightening into a knot.

The lady Revan's skills, unlike other participants of the great Shinobi war, were mere speculation and guesswork. Some assumed she was a Yamanaka of some sort, others with an entirely unique bloodline limit of which she was the first to have ever manifested it.

No evidence, mere theories. But apparently, whatever her skills were, it allowed her some control over this world of the Tsukiyomi, or rather, it allowed her extraordinary control over her own mental faculties.

Revan glanced around her, blue eyes easily scanning the identical faces before they each rushed forward with a burst of movement.

Revan back flipped once, the tip of her durasteel boot slamming into one of the copies chin, dispelling him into blackened ash which scattered to the seven winds in this artificial world.

As she got to her feet, and her hand rose up from the ground, Itachi, the real Itachi, felt a sharp spike of pain, drill itself between his eyes as the hilt of her light saber was raised up from the earth with her hand's motion, falling into her grip with ease before the twin blades flared to life in her hands.

The Uchiha could almost feel the smirk playing over her features as the Fuchsia blade stood out amongst the darkened background, a weapon of liquid flame in her hand as she took it into motion against her attackers.

The raven haired woman spun with the blade upper first blade , a wide deadly arc of purple that cut down two of the Uchiha's projections before she spun around, kicking a third approaching behind her with her left foot

Dragging the second blade of her lightsaber staff across her body, placing it in the way of another clones descending kunai, cutting its arm clean off before spinning around and stabbing the first blade into another clones chest before a savage kick knocked it into another approaching group.

With a Force controlled leap, the Jedi woman placed her Saber staff across her waist, the blades parallel to the ground as she spun through the air, her robes flaring out around her as the purple blades drove back the clones, cutting down any that tripped up, or were held back by the mass of their brethren behind them.

When she landed again she shifted the grip on her saber, using the first blade to slash an approaching clone across the chest, before she used the momentum to swivel the Lightsaber around her neck, using vital juncture of her head and body as a pivot point before catching the blade in her right hand and slashing another of the Uchiha clones with the second blade.

Finally, one found an opening, rushing in close, The Revan soon found herself on the defensive, using the hilt of her saber to fluidly block several kunai slashes before she severed the clones leg, followed by his arm, Kicking him in the chest she sent the dispelling form of ash and dust into his allies, blinding them before she thrust her arm forward, a powerful Force Push sending nearly the entire mass of boddies flying down the street, crushing their bones and plowing them through artificial buildings before swiveling around and doing the same to the ones behind her.

Turning back to where she could sense Itachi the raven haired woman was greeted by the, agonizing sensation of several kunai piercing her arms, stomach, chest, and legs.

The real Itachi stood upon the edge of a building, a kunai in hand, watching the woman through narrowed eyes as she fell down onto her knees. She could feel pain apparently, even with her relative control of this place. That was a plus. He may not be able to inflict as much damage onto a moving target as he would one bound to a cross, but it would be enough to throw her into shock once the illusion was dispe-

His thoughts were abruptly cut off as Revan straightened from her slumped position, and the kunai that had pierced her skin, vanishing into mist like his clones,

Blue eyes looked up into his own, a smile twinkling over her gaze. " our world now...not just yours."

Itachi's eyes narrowed into slits. 'Impressive...most impressive.'


"Son of a bitch!" Suigetsu roared slashing at the metallic skeleton again. "Why wont you just die!"

He'd been at this back and forth game for hours now, he'd slash, the blade would bounce off this things metal skin, the thing would shoot and he'd go back to hacking.

"Correcting: Technically, Droid cybernetic organisms are not defined as alive so your query is innaccurat-"

"GHAAAAA!" The silver haired nin yelled, swinging his blade like a massive bat. Slamming it into HK's arm. "Shut up already!"

The Hunter Killer droid absorbed the strike, with a simple 'clang' and screech before leveling his rifle again at the ninja.

Three blaster shots sent the smell of Ozone into the air and struck Suigetsu in the chest, his molecular structure degenerating into mere water before it reformed itself, leaving him unscathed.

The former Kiri ninja rushed forward, snarling and gnashing his sharpened teeth as he swung his blade repeatedly, striking HK...everywhere, in a wild flurry of strikes that did no dammaged to the hardened, blaster resistant durasteel.

"Querry: If you are composed entirely of water meat bag, then is the proper terminology for you, instead of meat bag, is infact douche bag?"

"Why cant you just DIE!"


Sakura charged forward, hands clenching into tight fists before she lunged for the cursed ninja infront of her, fist cocked back and teeth clenched in a snarl.

She saw from here, her opponents pupils were dilated, a small bit of saliva gathered at the corner of his lips, chest heaving with great gasps for breath, quick in their pace. The medic within her wondered what kind of effects this curse seal was having on him as it spread across his skin.

But she pushed such thoughts aside driving her fist forward with a roar of rage, watching through the corner of her eye as the skin of Juugo's slithered like liquid, becoming scaly and rough as it spread out, becoming cup shaped, shielding his entire body.

She gathered chakra onto the point of impact, condensing it until it was barely the size of a pin point.

Her fist smashed into his gauntlet with explosive force, sending the Oto nin back several yards before he trust his arms outward, their composition shifting and changing again, twisting and coiling like massive tentacles, rushing towards her. Sakura's fist reared itself back once again, slamming onto the first Tentacle that reached her before she grabbed latched onto the second, digging her fingers into the scaly, black puss oozing flesh, holding the spear like point a hairs breath away from piercing her chest.

Hundreds of tiny blue beams suddenly tore through the air, straight past her and headed for Juugo, a burning smell assaulted her nose and a distinct sound, which reminded her of a stone repeatedly striking a hollowed bell rang loudly in her ears.

Juugo's crazed, unfocused eyes shifted towards the approaching blasts, three striking him, one in the upper right shoulder, one in the left hip and the last on his right side.

Three, massive claw like fingers jutted out of the orange haired teenagers back suddenly, coiled like scorpion tails the brought them down on the the space in front of him, allowing the rest of the volley to smash into the protective flesh barrier.

Sakura, with a yell, shifted her grip on the extension in her hands, using her massive strength , the Pink haired teen, with a great heave wrenched the boy off his feet, shielding claws and all, spinning him like an athlete would toss a chain ball before a toss, plowing his body through a nearby building and forcing Canderous to hit the deck, lest he be swept up with the spinning flesh projectile.

With a yell Sakura launched the Cursed ninja through the air, Canderous soon reaching his feet and training his heavy repeater on the, shrinking speck in the distance.

Before the teenager even landed however, he spun himself in mid air, extended, tentacle like arms lashing out again like elastic anchors digging twin, hook like extensions deep into the ground on either side of the street.

The momentum of his throw still dragged him back, the two hooks dragging nearly six foot deep trenches into the street before the Oto nin grinded to a halt.

From his place besides Sakura Canderous swallowed slowly. 'Ahh hell.'

The cursed Oto nin shot forward, propelled by his self made slingshot, closing the distance between himself and his two opponents with blinding speed, a crazed laugh torn from his throat.

Canderous let loose with his heavy repeater, releasing hundreds of tiny little bolts towards the approaching bull.

The blasts hit dead on, brownish gray scales falling away in charred chunks before quickly being replaced.

Sakura growled before she firmly dug both fists elbow deep into the ground, watching as, with every hit the blackish, ink like skin spread further and further through Juugo's body, now covering almost his entire upper body from the waist up and trailing up his neck and down to his legs.

"That's not gonna work!" The Kunoichi growled before she heaved with all her considerable strength.

Canderous felt the earth shake beneath his boots, the ground cracking and tearing before he watched the petite pink haired female rip out a rock the size of a S-23 class speeder.

'Holy Sith on steroids! What the hell!?'

With a grunt that was half between a yell and a rapid exhale the Chuunin medic threw the massive stone right at the approaching Juugo, looking to smash the slab of granite into him head first.

Juugo thrust his arms straight down, slamming his arms onto the earth with brute force that sent him upwards, over the approaching stone.

His arms molecular structure changed and molded itself into the hook headed elastic once again, cleaving its two blade deep into the stone before Juugo spun, flipping in the air, Elbows on his cheeks as he heaved the stone like one would a massive sledge hammer, up and over his head, launching it towards the two who still stood in the street, both wide eyed and disbelieving, though one could never see such with Canderous's helmet on.

Turning to the Pink haired kunoichi the Mandalorian hissed. "Nice job sweetie." He drawled sarcastically. "Why didn't you just hand him a freakin' turbo laser!" He yelled.

"I didn't see you coming up with any plan other that shooting that little pea shooter!" Sakura roared back.

Canderous ignored her, loading up one of the dozen or so grenades he had into the launcher attachment on the underside of his repeater. "Pea shooter huh." He muttered to himself before aiming towards the approaching stone. A hollow 'thook' sound rang through the air before a fiery explosion blanketed the sky and a shock wave nearly knocked both grounded warriors off their feet.

Sakura, though more surprised than Canderous, took the opportunity presented to her with efficiency, leaping through the flames and debris in a single bound, rushing up through the smoke her green eyes fixed themselves on Juugo.

Twisting in the air, as she rose above him, the Kunoichi gathered chakra once again onto the heel of her foot, once again condensing it into a fine fine point, before smashing her descending foot into the cursed ninja's chest.

Juugo's eyes went wide, mouth opening wide in a silent scream before he was sent rocketing back down towards the earth,

Sakura would have smirked in triumph if not for the black, scaly appendage that wrapped itself around her neck pulling her down. The Kunoichi's eyes widened as it seemed Juugo would position her to cussion his own fall.

She pulled against the black flesh with all her might, feeling it give, but it was too slow to give her a proper release to escape in time.

Two grenades suddenly slammed into Juugo's side, exploding in a display of fire and shrapnel, and Sakura found the grip on her neck released. Twisting herself awkwardly in the air, she landed along the edge of a rooftop, feeling her leg give beneath her weight, and her other sliding off the roofs edge to let her fall onto the street below with a crash.

"Ugh." Haruno groaned as she slowly began to push herself onto her feet.

The sound of heavy foot steps reached her ears long before Canderous tore his way through the rotten plaster that made up the buildings wall, T shaped visor finding her instantly, the soldier made his way over, grabbing her by her bicep and hauling her to her feet. "Ya alright?" The older male questioned.

Sakura swallowed and nodded "Come on we need to press our advantage against this guy while we still got it."

Canderous snorted. "Advantage? Girl those were two TX-37 high grade frag grenades that hit that kid right in the ribs. Trust me, he aint getting up from-"


The roar shook the ground beneath their feet and rattled its way into their chests and both combatants brought their eyes towards a now...ohh...20 foot humanoid beast that was currently tearing up a few buildings several blocks down and making its way closer.

Staring at the sight Canderous ignored the "You were saying?" Look he could practically feel burning through the back of his helmet. Not commenting anything as he loaded up another grenade into his launcher.

After several moments of quiet, disturbed only by the lumbering...thing...coming towards them he finally spoke.

"Alright fine he's a bit tougher than I thought."

Sakura smiled.



HK 47's sonic receptors heard the yell again, this one an octave or two higher than the last one. According to his calculations the boy might just reach the frequency where his voice would break glass if it continued to increase as steadily as it had over the last several minutes.

The big, thoroughly heavy and disgustingly ineffective (In HK's eyes anyway) blade scraped against his forearm, grinding with a shower of sparks before HK smashed the underside of his rifle over Suigetsu's temple, watching the Ninja's head explode in...water...Not...not blood...Water...

'Conclusion...Well...if real blood cannot be made to escape the douche bag one can only hope for a simulation.'

As Suigetsu's head reformed itself, a snarl on his lips he was suddenly, and quite painfully stabbed in the eye by a small needle.

"Gah! My eye! You mother fu-"

Hk's sonic receptors were assaulted by several loud curses in several languages from what he could tell...was that Hutseeze?

Still, pushing it to the back of his thought processors the droid leveled its rifle at the screaming ninja again. "Request: Now hold still douche bag"

"Wha-GAH!" Was the swordsman's gasp as three blaster bolts once again ripped through his abdomen died water?

"Musing: Apparently it requires more density to simulate blood properly."

Opening a small compartment in his hip the droid pulled out a foam pressure gun, used mainly to keep delicate electrical equipment from the elements in the event his chassis was cracked open. But he wouldn't need that here...

The red die he'd used was part of a chemical mixture he contained in his arm, that, when mixed created a rather potent acid. By itself it did nothing but irritate. Which sort of explained why the human was scratching at his eye right now.

"Request: Now open your eye douche bag." The droid said, his vocabulators tone flat and even while his eyes glowed menacingly.

Suigetsu snarled gripping his weapon with fierce anger on his eyes. "You are so-"

A compartment sprang open in the droids arm with a dull whine before a bright white lightning bolt shot out towards the Kiri nin!

'What smells like deer?' Was Suigetsu's only coherent thought before the lightning slammed him, full on the chest

HK's optical receptors shorted out with the brief flash of light and fallout of static electricity but came right back on line in mere seconds as his attack died away allowing him the sight of a panting, smoking Suigetsu as the Kiri nin leaned on his blade for support.

The Kiri ninja smirked, breathing heavily through his lips. "That all you got?" He growled, smirking. "Cause if that's all you got I can take anything you can dish ou-oh god there go my legs." He said before falling onto his back, staring straight up at the sky.

HK made his way closer, looming over the Oto ninja with the pressure gun in hand. "Interjection: Allow me to rephrase. Threatening: Open your eye. Douche bag."


Tenten's brown eyes glared ahead of her, fixated on the stark red hair that was attempting to escape from the fight, ducking and weaving through narrow alleyways and empty houses in her attempt to elude the weapon mistress.

The sole female member of team 12 growled low in her throat, quickening her pace with a flare of chakra to her legs.

Karin cursed under her breath, 'Persistent little leaf bitch isn't she?'

Mentally, the red headed girl tried to run through her list of combat oriented techniques she could call on. But the fact was that she wasn't a warrior, she was a scientist, and other than a few kenjutsu lessons, some genjutsu and some basic elemental manipulation with wind chakra she really didn't have much of an arsenal. Not to mention that her chakra reserves were very small. So if this girl outranked her much in that area she would loose a battle of attrition.

She had two choices, either run and hope the Kunoichi gave up the pursuit, and thus risk being ambushed somewhere outside this place by some other team of ninja, either from Iwa, Kumo, or Konoha itself, or to turn and fight right now. Maybe she'd be able to catch the little cunt by surprise.

Karin slowed her pace, sensing as the younger kunoichi came closer and closer, feeling the girls emotions for the warning she knew to be coming.


The red headed Oto nin, stopped dead, feet kicking up dust, as she brought herself to a skidding halt, unsettling the loose gravel beneath her feet.

Two kunai stabbed themselves hilt deep into the plaster roof ahead with identical chinks, having been thrown to strike at where she would have been.

"Gah!" The red head heard the kunoichi gasp as she realized that she would crash right on top of the Oto nin.

Karin spun on her heel, leg coming straight up in a twist kick, smashing it right into Tenten's exposed rib cage, shoving the air right out of the weapon mistresses lungs with the sudden, sharp spike of impact that drove itself into the young woman's pain receptors.

She clenched her teeth against the pain, falling on her back, she rolled backwards, some of her kunai falling away from her pouches in their momentary upside down position before she fell onto her knees, one arm hugging her body as the other was pressed firmly against the ground, holding her upwards.

She breathed heavy, watching as Karin rushed forward, grabbing two of the kunai as she did. Tenten drew a sword of her own from one of her scrolls, fighting against the urge to cough and wheeze in order to expand her lungs enough to get air back into them.

When the Oto kunoichi drew close, Tenten slashed with her sword, hoping to keep the red head at bay until she could catch her breath, only for Karin to leap upwards, hands crossed over her chest as she tightened into a ball.

Tenten saw, and heard the sudden emergence of wind extensions on the two kunai.

That was the only warning she received, and heeded it as she backpedaled before Karin struck, twin crescent wind blades descending onto the area Tenten had been standing on, slicing straight through the roof and into the house below.

Karin landed with a forward roll, blocking the still recovering Tenten's sword strike with one kunai before attempting to drive its twin through the girls abdomen.

Tenten saw the movement somersaulting over the crouched Karin, she dodged the strike and attempted to slice at the girls exposed back only for Karin to roll forward, dodging the attack.

Karin swiveled on her heel again, another wind bladed crescent slashing its way across the air.

For a moment, the glasses wearing girl watched as the brunette was cut in half by the razor edged attack, blood escaping the injury.

But soon her senses alerted her of the girls presence, and her positions, mere milliseconds before the form in front of her vanished in a cloud of smoke, replaced by a roof tile.

With her precognition the Oto nin turned and struck before Tenten could even comprehend she'd been detected. Only her quick reflexes and instinctive use of her sword was able to give her enough time to consciously begin blocking the rain of kunai thrusts and slashes Karin was directing at her with a desperate fervor.

Tenten backpedaled, quickly, her feet soon coming in contact with the tiled edges. She jumped back, skidding down the slanted edge of the roof, before stopping herself with her fingers gripping the drain pipe. She swung herself into the building through the second story window.

Karin followed her, barely giving the weapon mistress time to even hit the ground before she had to lash out, blindly behind her.

Karin, put on the defensive, stumbled awkwardly with the hasty defense she'd put up, but none the less, was able to absorb the blow without falling.

Channeling more wind chakra to her confiscated weapons. The kunoichi launched another volley of wind strikes at her opponent, watching through annoyed eyes as Tenten, awkward and clumsy as it was dodged and weaved her way between all of them, allowing them to tear apart the ruins of the deserted apartment complex.

She couldnt keep this up, every wind blade took out another chunk of her limited chakra reserves and Tenten was finally beginning to recover from that first hit it seemed.

Suddenly, Tenten struck, hundreds of kunai rushing towards the red headed Oto kunoichi, nearly blanketing the entire room so that all she could see was their dark points glimmering as they approached her.

She acted fast, diving for the rotten remains of a wooden desk, the Oto kunoichi shut her eyes tight as craking wood and thunk-thunks resonated in her ears. One of the kunai actually drove all the way through the wood, slashing a large gash across the lower right portion of her back.

She hissed but it didn't cut deep. Merely a superficial wound. She needed to end this now, strike while the iron was still hot.

She twisted her position on the ground, kicking the desk with enough force to send it clear across the room, towards Tenten.

The weapon mistress, lashed out at the rotten wood with her fist, punching straight through it, and tearing the desks center in two, enough to send both halves past her instead of ontop of her.

Wooden shrapnel and debris obscured her vision, and she blinked, finding, when she opened her eyes, Karin lunging for her, with both kunai swirling with wind chakra.

She lept up, legs going into a split as she avoided the red head's lunge, lashing out behind her as she landed.

She missed entirely, Karin's forward momentum had taken her far enough to avoid the attack. Both women turned, but Tenten was faster, rushing the Oto kunoichi who slashed with her wind extended kunai in a wild attempt to defend herself.

Tenten vanished, replaced by a piece of wood, and Karin knew the young woman's position to her left before the young woman even reappeared. Rushing towards the location with another flurry of thrusts and slashes.

Tenten was caught flat footed by the attack. Appearing in a cloud of smoke she was immediately put on the defensive, backing away until her back struck the wall, stumbling over destroyed remains of furniture and rotten wood.

Karin, locked her kunai blades with Tenten's lone sword a screeching of metal scraping metal stinging their ears before the red headed kunoichi shoved her shoulder into Tenten's stomach hard. She pulled back, pushing into the kunoichi's abdomen again with greater force, making the brunettes already smarting stomach throb with pain as her lungs burned due to lack of air.

The wall at her back cracked, rotting, weak plaster giving way beneath the two women's combined weight before falling away completely

Tenten tried to shift her position, to move away or lash out or do something, but Karin used the situation to her advantage, smirking as she released her blades and latched onto Tenten with all the strength available in her arms, locking around the brunettes arms and waist like a vice.

Tenten struggled with her sword, trying to angle it to cut the red head but, with her arm pressed against her side as it was, there was little she could do.

The earth came rushing up to meet her back, slamming into her as Karin's shoulder dug into her stomach again and this time the Konoha kunoichi was sure she'd felt something snap within her.

The Oto kunoichi flipped forward with the sudden stop, landing with her shoulder on the side of a gasping Tenten's head.

Karin was not left untouched by the fall either, the awkward angle and abrupt stop having firmly broken her juncture where her shoulder met her collarbone. She gingerly passed her fingers over the burning flesh, rolling onto her front before she began to push herself up.

She eyed, through the rim of her glasses Tenten's sword mere feet away. Reaching out for it, she grasped the weapon firmly in her fingers,

But soon her small victory at having a weapon was replaced with vocalized agony that she gripped, her now searing blade arm.

Glancing down at the appendage she found it to be bound in tight, razor sharp wire, rivulets of blood descending her arm towards her fingers in numerous, painful lacerations.

She followed the thin little strands that glinted with the light towards Tenten, who sat on the floor, one hand clad in a black glove, breathing heavily as her other hand cradled her side, hair disheveled with one of her buns completely undone. "Give me an excuse bitch." The weapon mistress breathed, glaring at the Oto nin.


With a battle cry Naruto rushed forward, golden saber in hand. Sasuke tightened his stance, lightning still enveloping his blade, enclosing it in its static embrace as the blond came within range.

Sparks and bright flashes of light stung their eyes, the irises withing sky blue and blood red shrinking and expanding with the flickering light as each refused to even blink for fear of missing their opponents next move.

They parried and lunged, swept and dodged, every move countered and re countered. With his perception of the Force, Naruto was able to maintain himself ahead of Sasuke's superior speed, whereas Sasuke, due to his Sharingan was able to keep up with Naruto's unknown sword style.

He'd never even heard of the form the blond was currently using, normally he'd assume his former, annoying teammate was simply swinging the golden weapon at random, but he was too sure of himself, his muscle memory too fluid to simply be him and his usual unpredictability.

Sasuke slashed his Kusanagi, aiming for the Konoha ninja's stomach, only for Naruto to lunge backwards, reaching the other end of the obelisk's platform in a single lunge.

Sasuke's eyes strained to keep up a the Jinchuuriki's speed suddenly increased ten fold, rushing back towards Sasuke, intent on slashing that golden weapon straight across the Uchiha's stomach.

The Sharingan wielder gave a single powerful leap, up towards the Obelisks wall, rising nearly 20 feet up into the air before he planted his feet firmly onto the wall before turning to look at Naruto over his shoulder.

The blond did not stop his forward momentum, instead he too ran his way up the other side of the wall, reaching the same height before he pushed himself off with powerful leg muscles, rocketing his body clear across the hollowed space.

Sasuke pressed himself tightly against the wall, sinew and muscle tightening beneath the skin of his legs before he too lunged, meeting his former teammate in mid air with another shower of sparks and flash of light as their blades clashed against one another.

Naruto twisted himself back around in mid air, facing Sasuke's retreating form as the Uchiha slashed his blade across the air.

An arc of lighting shot towards the blond ninja, making him reflexively place the saber in front of his body in order to protect himself from the strike.

He channeled the force through the blade, shielding the hilt from the fallout as he'd been taught for lightning based attacks.

The chakra made energy struck his blade, propelling him back with enough extra force to slam him against the wall, he slid down somewhat, before he caught himself, pressing the soles of his feet against the surface.

With a grunt, the blond shoved the attack away, only to catch sight of two others headed towards him.

The Force came to his fingertips with ease now, channeling it in the same way as before before he batted the second lightning bolt to the side, and finally felt the third strike the lightsaber.

He held it in place for a moment, struggling a moment or so before he shifted his grip on the saber, and with a heave, shot the lightning straight back from where it came from.

Sasuke hit the wall, Sharingan eyes widening as his own lightning attack snaked across the air in mere seconds.

Raising his weapon the Uchiha grunted when the impact slammed his back against the wall. He held fast for a moment, before the chakra slowly eased its way back down into his blade, merging itself once again with its point of origin.

When his vision cleared and the blinding light died away the Uchiha lowered his blade, only to find Naruto had vanished from his previous position. He snapped his head down to the floor, hoping to find the ninja there.

It was the low 'vroom' of the blonds weapon that alerted him to his presence, and the Uchiha spun around on his heels, awkwardly blocking a strike that would have removed his last remaining flesh and blood upper limb.

The sparks blinded his sensitive eyes again, flick-flickering with the burning smell of ozone stinging his nostrils.

Naruto shoved with his blade hard, shoving Sasuke's blade down with it before the blond thrust his hand towards Sasuke's chest. An image of a Rasengan driving itself through the Uchiha's chest cavity flashed through his minds eye, so vivid he could almost feel the blood sprinkling across his face before he released a a strong Force Push, sending his former raven haired teammate down towards the Obelisks floor.

Sasuke growled, as he was slammed against the marble floor, cracking one of the tiles beneath his wooden fist.

Naruto cut off the chakra to his feet, falling down towards the Uchiha, weapon raised in preparation to cut off one of his limbs, weather it be the wooden one he'd already cut off once, or the remaining flesh and blood one he didn't care much at this point. The Uchiha would live with two fake arms.

The approaching Lightsabers hum gave Sasuke warning to Naruto's approach again, chakra , circulated throughout his whole body, faster and faster. Electricity leapt across his body at random until he nearly glowed with static electricity. "Raiton: Saishuu Senkou!" He yelled before his body expelled thousands of volts of Bio Electric energy.

Naruto crossed his arms in front of himself, channeling chakra through his body while also focusing on the force to shield him.

The lightning slammed against his telekinetic shields, held back for a moment before they pierced through, shattering the wall of invisible energy before slamming into his chest.

The Jinchuriki screamed, his muscles locked in spasmodic twitches. His entire body jerked, his back slamming into the wall before the currents pushed him upwards and away from Sasuke at an awkward angle, throwing him across the room to the middle of the dais, lightsaber falling from his grip and clattering noisily down on the floor as sparks raced across his body.

The air around him sizzled, smoke rising from his clothing as he slowly began pushing himself off the floor.

A foot solidly connected with the side of his face, sending him skidding across the ground, until he rolled onto his chest.

Sasuke leapt up, into the air, and slammed down on the blond leaf ninja's back, his knee digging into the boy's spine.

Naruto's eyes snapped open with a yell, mind coming into focus as he reached out with the force, dragging the lightsaber back towards himself and lighting it with the weapons signature 'snap-hiss'

A shadow clone was formed at his side, to whom Naruto threw the saber.

The bunshin caught it with a single hand, slashing at Sasuke who rolled off the blond before Naruto himself twisted himself on the floor, pressing his palms against the marble tiles he pushed himself up, reaching his feet with a flip before the clone tossed the saber back to him, dispelling itself as Naruto caught the weapon and turned in a single fluid motion to face Sasuke.

The two met blade upon blade, striking at each other with more fluorescent sparks and simmering ozone.

Sasuke's fist suddenly glowed with bright, white light, and the screeching of a thousand birds filled the air again, resonating through the Obelisk as Naruto formed his Rasengan, the second clash of the former teammates signature technique slamming into one another again with a screeching wail not unlike straining metal.


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