.:For Eternity

Chapter 1: Big Shot Meets Miss Perfect

"It's a piece of cake. Don't sweat it." He patted the nervous boy on the shoulder for encouragement. The three of them walked silently up to the side of the school building. Through the darkness, a glimpse of the ventilation shaft could be seen. "So, remember," He shoved him closer to the vent. "The teachers lounge is the third passage to the left."

"Wait, are you sure the vent is strong enough to hold me up?" The teenage boy quaked at the fear of falling.

"Of course! Trust me I've done this before. Now here," he handed him some rope. "We'll hold onto this end of the rope. Just tug when you need us."

"Yeah, and make sure you come out with the papers!" The blonde exclaimed.

"Naruto!" His companion hissed. He hit him in the head in the process. "Now's not the time to be the kid with the biggest mouth."

"Ouch, what the hell was that for Teme! Frik," he rubbed his sore head.

"Gee, I wonder?" Sasuke turned to the boy with a grin. "Ready?"

"I still don't know—"

"What if I just go with you?" Naruto suddenly turned to Sasuke and snickered. "See, Naruto agrees. You'll be fine with me, got it? Let's get going!" Sasuke took off his large vest and offered the other teen to go first. "I insist." The boy disappeared into the vent.

"Hey, Dobe, you sure Shikamaru and Shino did it?" Naruto's eyes glimmered with amusement. "Yeah, duh." Sasuke nodded, "Alright, get ready for some laughs man. Go to the window already!"

"'Kay," they gripped hands together in a strong hold. "You're still the bad ass." Naruto winked and ran off.

There was a squeal from the vent. "Sasuke? Are you there? It's dark and there are spiders and rats and I'm…" the boy continued to mumble.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Yeah I'm comin' in." He chuckled to himself. "This one has a heart of a lion alright." He hopped up into the vent.

As he went in, the vent squeaked and shook with every crawling step. The only light came from the entrance. Already, Sasuke could see cobwebs in the corners and small mice skittering here and there. Nonetheless, he continued on with a fat smirk on his face. "Okay, take a left here."

"But if we go over there, the light is going to disappear and we won't be able to see anything and," he kept rambling on and it was getting on Sasuke's nerves.

"Look, you wanna be part of our group or not?" he waited as long as he could for an answer. "I-I…yeah but," he answered quietly. "Well, just shut up and go on. We're already in this far, no turning back now." He heard a gulp as he continued on. 'Great, a little bit more,' Sasuke thought, intently waiting for the right moment—

Crack! Bang!

And there it was—music to his ears. He saw his comrade fall through the vent, down into the teacher's lounge, the rope dragged in with him. He cracked up, his laugh echoing through the metal. Shikamaru said he had cut the metal earlier that night specifically for this event. Shino helped him break into the school so for sure Sasuke could get out with ease, excluding the idiot they tricked into coming with them. He was there as a cover up.

Sasuke jumped down from the vent, falling over as soon as he landed because of laughter. "Man that was good." He looked over to the window and saw his friends laughing hysterically. 'Right, the test answers.' He got up and walked to the storage room.

With no difficulty, he came back out with the papers in hand. "Hey, get up. Thanks for showing me the way in. I didn't think it was going to break though." Sasuke chuckled. There was silence. "No chickening out. We've gotta get out of here before the janitors see us," still no answer. He started to get nervous. He ran over to where they landed. "Get up—" he accidentally kicked a chair, causing it to fall over, creating a loud crash.

"What was that? Who's in there?" There was a light shining through the window accompanied by foot steps that grew closer and closer.

"Crap!" he turned his attention back to the boy and shook him vigorously. "Hurry, I think someone saw us." Then he finally noticed. The boy was unconscious and blood was seeping out of his skull. He even got some of the sticky red liquid on his hands during the procedure.

The doorknob was shaking and Sasuke could hear keys clattering. "Shit," he hissed. He put his ear hastily to the boy's mouth. "Good he's still breathing." Then he checked for his pulse. The boy moaned, nearly regaining consciousness.

The window opened and Naruto's head popped out. "Teme! Hurry your ass up here!" Sasuke took the papers and ran to the window.

"Help me up!" They hooked arms and he immediately got blood all over Naruto's jacket. Naruto dragged Sasuke up as fast as he could. As soon as his feet were out, the door slammed open and the light scanned through the whole room.

"Run!" Shikamaru yelled.

Two policemen came out of their car as soon as they heard yelling. They always patrolled that area, having had minor crimes happen there often. All of the guys noticed the police except for Sasuke. 'Frik, he's injured. I have his blood all over me. How am I going to explain that?'

He ran straight through. He was knocked out of his thoughts as soon as a club came in contact with his left arm. "Ah!" The swing was hard and fast, shock taking over Sasuke's body. He nearly fell over, avoiding another swing as quickly as he could. He ran in the opposite direction from his friends. He figured that the police didn't notice them yet.

Sasuke ran swiftly but blindly through the thick forest that was just beside their school. Suddenly, a policeman came and swung at Sasuke, hitting him in the same spot on the same arm. He yelled in pain but kept going. He grasped his arm, feeling the pain soak through his body. But soon, without warning, he fell into the stream landing on his left side.

Groaning, he tried to get up but his ears rung and a sharp piercing feeling could be felt on the side of his head.

"He's down there!" The policemen came running after him.

By now, Sasuke was soaking wet. 'Good the blood washed off.' He tried to use his left arm to get up but he ended up screaming and falling back into the water. He felt handcuffs encircle his wrists.

"Get off me, frikken cop!" he jerked trying to escape but to no avail. He was caught.

"I found this outside the vent." Naruto handed Sasuke his vest. Sasuke took it with a mere nod as thanks.

"So, what happened? Did he just back out or something. He never got back up." Shikamaru questioned. "And you broke your arm too? Geez man, I think you're losing your touch."

"Yeah, I heard all about it." Kiba screwed the lid back on his soda. "Can't believe he chickened out."

Naruto didn't look so good about it though. "Sasuke about the blood," he started out but couldn't continue. He wanted Sasuke to explain.

"He probably hit his head on one of the tables when he fell. I remember seeing a shiny substance on its surface." Sasuke said it so coolly that the guys didn't know if he regretted getting the guy to go or not. "I checked though, he was still alive so it's not like we killed anyone. We just banged him up a bit."

"Look who's talking? You broke your arm, dim-wit." Shikamaru pointed out, earning a glare from the Uchiha.

"But did you see how he fell!" Naruto couldn't hold it in. He just had to point it out. All of them broke into laughter except for Kiba.

"This is what you get when you have a girl tutor at your place." They all stopped laughing for a split second to hear what Kiba had to say, but soon laughed even harder.

Naruto broke out of his laughter slowly as he saw two familiar girls walk by. He whistled out to the girls. Sasuke looked up and saw that it was Sakura. He hated her, she hated him. Ever since elementary they haven't had a decent conversation, but now that they were in their last year of high school, they despised the mere fact that the other existed. 'Great and Ino's with her too.' He thought.

Both of the girls turned their way. Ino fumed upon hearing Naruto's whistle. She stomped over while Sakura just rolled her eyes in annoyance at the boys.

"Naruto don't tell me that was you." Ino grabbed onto his collar. Naruto put his hands up in defence. "Even though you're in a skirt, I still wouldn't do that." She stared him down and he began to break. "Wasn't me, it was the dog boy." Ino tightened her grip on his shirt. "Don't lie to me you two faced ass hole." Sasuke knew deep down, Naruto was terrified of Ino. "I swear! It was him." She made a motion to punch him in the face. "I'm not joking around. Please don't hurt me." He whimpered.

Sasuke, who was right next to him, chuckled. "Hey Naruto," everyone looked over to him, including Ino and Sakura. "You dropped something."

Naruto looked down. "What?"

"You're pride."

Naruto glared at him, ready to strangle the life out of him as Sasuke continued to laugh. Ino snickered and let him go, shoving him back. Ino grabbed the empty plastic soda bottle that Kiba drank out of and threw it at him. "Morons."

The girls spun around and began to walk away.

Sasuke was having too much fun to let it just slip away. As soon as the girls turned around, he got out of his chair and whistled.

"Ohh…" the boys sat there waiting to see what would happen. Both girls stopped again. Ino was about to turn around when Sakura interrupted. "Let me do this."

She walked towards him slowly. Sasuke began to imitate Naruto. "Don't hurt me! Ah, I'm such a whimp. Don't kill me! Look I'm a pansy." Sasuke felt a bottle hit him in the back, but nevertheless he laughed to himself.

Sakura was obviously annoyed but then her face turned into a calm and sweet one. Sasuke looked at her dead in the eye. Their faces were only a few inches apart. "Oh Sasuke," she said sweetly. "Yes cherry blossom?" he teased, having a grin plastered onto his face, apparently enjoying himself. "You dropped something." She stuck her palm out faced upward. "What?" he looked at her hand. "Your pride." Out of nowhere, she slapped him hard across the face, leaving a visible red mark in its place. "Karma's a biotch ain't it?" She turned and walked away accompanied by Ino.

Once again, the boys cracked up. "Oh man, Sasuke you got hit bad." Kiba said between breaths.

"I'll get her back, just watch." Sasuke still couldn't believe the girl hit him. Even Ino looked surprised. He knew he had a fan club at the school, and if any of them saw that, he was sure they would've attacked Haruno right then and there. But, he was glad they didn't. 'Two can play at that game Sakura.' He grinned with amusement.

"You break into the school late at night, vandalized school property, and stole confidential papers!" Tsunade, the principal, paced in her office while Sasuke sat in a chair seemingly paying attention.

'How many times do I have to go through this?'

"How many times do you have to go through this?" he was snapped back to reality. "You're grades aren't exactly failing, they're about average or so I've heard and yet you act this way. Why?" she interrogated further. "Is it because of those friends of yours? Naruto can be a bad influence. In fact, they were probably involved in this too weren't they?"

"With all due respect ma'am," he stood up and pocketed his right hand, his only free hand. "I would just like to take my suspension sentence and get out of here." He was about to turn and walk towards the door but then, he heard it open, so he kept still.

One of the teachers came in. "She's here ma'am."

"Good, please bring her in." Tsunade took this time to sit down in her chair and take a breather.

Sasuke was interested in who the principal brought in so out of curiosity, he turned around. His onyx eyes met, once again, with green ones. 'What the hell?'

He saw it on her face as well—she was just as confused as he was.

"Ah yes, Miss Haruno, please come in. I'm sure you know Mr. Uchiha here."

"Yes, I do ma'am." She walked far enough so that she was standing side by side with Sasuke.

"Miss Haruno? Please meet you're new lackey, so to speak."

Both teenagers looked at their principal with disbelief. Noticing at how quiet the two were, she looked at them expectantly. "Why, is there a problem with that?" They looked at each other. Sakura's eyes bore hatred whereas Sasuke's bore amusement. "None at all, ma'am." Sasuke looked at Tsunade. Sakura turned her attention to the principal as well. She was bewildered, much less angered.

"Splendid." She clasped her hands together and began to list few things for Sasuke to remember. "Now first, you must help with the senior girl's volleyball team this year. Secondly, you will help with the student council, and thirdly you will be rehearsing with the drama club. Furthermore," she looked at him. "She will be your tutor."

Sakura just couldn't take it all in. "W-what?" she finally spoke up. "This will be added to your graduation portfolio, Miss Haruno. Plus, I will add a special funding to the school's athletic department for the senior girl's volleyball team as thanks." She turned towards Sasuke for a last few words. "It's your last year of high school, it's time you started trying out different things and meeting new people, young man. Now off you go you two." Without another word, they both walked out as fast as they could, not wanting to stay in there any longer.

As soon as the door closed, Sakura spun around and faced him. "What do you think you're doing?" she hissed.

Sasuke backed off with a grin. "What?"

"What do you mean 'what'? Why did you agree? You and I both know we don't want this to happen." She put her hands on her hips waiting for his answer.

A few seconds later, "It gives me something to do," he answered finally. "You know, hanging around the Dobe can get a bit boring. They do the same stuff everyday anyways."

She groaned and stormed off.

All of the staff members looked towards him, wondering what had happened. They were still in the main office after all. "I didn't do anything, I swear." Everyone turned back to their work.

'This is going to be fun.' He walked out into the awaiting sunlight.

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