A/N: I apologise for this, I am feeling very annoyed today, I love making Peyton look like a bitch! Even if Mac is 100 out of character! Boston Legal crossover later but you don't have to watch the show to understand!

Stella's POV

I was walking towards the empty elevator cart when a familiar English voice called out "Stella! Wait up," I looked around to see Peyton Driscoll scuttling up to me, she hopped in next to me,

I felt myself saying "Whatever," It was my day off tomorrow and I was fantasizing about what I was going to do, maybe I'd go see a movie, go shopping hell stay at home at watch tv all day. I didn't care. My thoughts were interrupted by the other woman's voice which sounded very irate,

"Stella, I was meaning to ask you this for ages but never got the chance,"

"Yeah, sure fire away," I replied wondering why Peyton was pissed off,

"What is it between you and Mac?" Peyton asked pursing her lips,

I snorted, She was jealous of Mac and I, "Nothing, We are just friends, honest," I said,

"You think this is funny you little bitch!" Peyton screamed at me "You stare at him like a fucking horny teenager staring at their crush, MAC IS MINE!"

I stepped back, Not easy in a lift, What was this chick on?, "Look Mac is my best friend, I would never dream of being anything more, You and Mac are great together," Actually that was lie, I think about Mac and I being 'together' a lot, Peyton seemed to think I was lying

"STOP LYING! You are always looking for his attention," Peyton was really angry, I had no idea-Maybe she was PMS-ing I asked her that subconsciously and she slapped me hard across my face,

"Hey! That was uncalled for!" I said grabbing her arms but she started scratching! I hadn't been in a cat fight since Form 3 and I wasn't about to start now I tried to push her off but Peyton Driscoll was biting and scratching any part of me she could get her teeth, or nails-or should I say claws they were so damn sharp! By now she had me on floor and the elevator door opened we rolled out, I swore all my hair had been pulled out! In between biting me everywhere she could she was insulting me

"Crazy Bitch, Man stealer, Pig, Asshole" Came up a lot. I was just saying over and over again,

"Get off me, stop it, Peace!" To no prevail. I had just about pushed her off me when a pair of strong hands pulled the English woman off me,

"What the hell are you two doing?" Mac Taylor asked,

"Peyton att…." I begun but she cut me off,

"That crazy one, I only wanted to ask her something and she pouched on me and starting ripping me up, She's a nutcase!" Peyton said faking crying into Mac's shoulder,

"Stella is this true?" Mac asked

"No it isn't let me tell you what happene….." I begun again but once again was cut off by Peyton,

"DON'T LIE!" She screamed

"I'm not!" I yelled back

"Stella I have no choice, your suspended until further notice." Mac said

I stared at him, "What the…" I must have heard wrong,

"You heard me, get your stuff and get out, You attacked a colleague," Mac said pointing upstairs to where the crime lab was. He was really angry, I took the stairs, this wasn't happening, I was attacked, and I was the one who was suspended. I was furious and Peyton-she was a complete bitch! But I was most disappointed in Mac-He trusted Peyton over me, I was his 'best friend', his rock, his support but you Mr Taylor can get fucked. I don't care if I ever see your face again. I grabbed my stuff in a cardboard box like in the movies and headed downstairs, I passed Mac in the way out but ignored him. I took the time to finger Peyton though, It was the least I could do to stop myself slapping her smug face. I hailed a cab home and upon arrival I sat down played the first watch-able thing I saw, My Fair Lady, I had the DVD but couldn't be stuffed getting it out the cabinet so watched the Friday night feature film, It had only just started luckily and I opened a bottle of wine, I drunk it straight from the bottle, Some dribbled onto my white blouse, I couldn't give at all, It already had blood on it, my blood. I don't think Peyton had one scratch on her. I didn't fight back. I was angriest at Mac right now I could kill him. I drew my attention back to the screen and sang along adding my own words to match my anger,

Just you wait, Mac Taylor, just you wait!
You'll be sorry, but your tears'll be to late!
You'll be broke, and I'll have money;
Will I help you? Don't be funny!
Just you wait, Mac Taylor, just you wait!
Just you wait, Mac Taylor, till you're sick,
And you scream to fetch a doctor double-quick.
I'll be off a second later And go straight to the the-ater!
Oh ho ho, Mac Taylor, just you wait!
Ooooooh Mac Taylor!
Just you wait until we're swimmin' in the sea!
Ooooooh Mac Taylor!
And you get a cramp a little ways from me!
When you yell you're going to drown I'll get dressed
and go to town! Oh ho ho, Mac Taylor!
Oh ho ho, ' Mac Taylor! Just you wait!
One day I'll be famous! I'll be proper and prim;
Go to St. James so often I will call it St. Jim!
One evening the king will say:
"Oh, Stella, old thing,
I want all of England your praises to sing.
Next week on the twentieth of May
I proclaim Stella Bonasera Day!
All the people will celebrate the glory of you
And whatever you wish and want I gladly will do."
"Thanks a lot, King" says I, in a manner well-bred;
But all I want is Mac Taylor's 'ead!"
"Done," says the King with a stroke.
"Guard, run and bring in the bloke!"
Then they'll march you, Mac Taylor to the wall;
And the King will tell me: "Stella sound the call."
As they lift their rifles higher, I'll shout:
"Ready! Aim! Fire!"
Oh ho ho, Mac Taylor,
Down you'll go, Mac Taylor!
Just you wait!

That let my anger out, I must be really trashed, I had drunk two whole bottles of wine, had watched My Fair Lady and then Bridget Jones, then Epic movie, It was three in the morning when I fell asleep watching Pirates of the Caribbean still on the couch, tv on and 100 pissed. I certainly didn't remember anything from then on.

I woke the next day at ten'o clock to the sound of my phone. My head was so sore I couldn't see but managed to stagger over to where it was and mumble into it

"Stella Bonasera, If this is Peyton Driscoll or Mac Taylor I'm hanging up now and you can get fucked,"

"Stella, I just heard what happened and we looked at the security cameras in the lift and totally believe you! Mac won't watch them, he is sticking by Peyton, stupid asshole! Danny, Hawkes, Adam, Sid, Don, Jane and I are all on strike and are prepared to hand in our notices," Lindsay said very fast. "Anyway, to fill you in Mac is now in a lot of shit! And is completely pissed it's very funny! He's swimming in paperwork now, We're all coming round now, Be at your place in 10 minutes-We are bringing the drink!" and with that hung up, I was very pleased, Mac was paying, the fucker, I got changed into track pants and a old hard rock t-shirt. The others arrived, they had all got changed into similar clothes and we cracked opened the beer and carried on watching movies. Starting with My Fair Lady, I was sure my new song would be a big hit.