A/N I'll keep it short-Not to bore you. Well I find this funny (sadistic hag I am)

The next morning Stella woke up next to Mac, She Prising herself from herself from his arms she got up and had a shower-Which was a decent length this time, under 10 minutes, when she came out there was Mac, Together they got dressed and headed out the door, Before going to work they went into a new café and ordered breakfast, little did they know that the food was contaminated and a few hours they collapsed writhing on the floor and they died very painfully.

The end.

A/N-It was going to be a car crash but sadly my mum's friend was in a car crash on Sunday-She's lucky to be alive and to only have a broken collarbone, anyway I thougt very short and not hard to think of this. The real chapter 8 will be up shortly Review if you really want…I wrote this in 10 minutes my friends chapter went along these lines