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August 2

Going to the airport to pick up Mary later. She's coming down from Canada for another visit. Don't know why, but I think she has a thing for Soda. Everyone has a thing for Soda. Write more tomorrow.


August 3

Since Steve promised to write in this dairy today, I didn't want to leave it blank. He had to stay at the airport last nite because his car broke down. Bet he felt pretty stupid with his cusin Mary there with him. Told him that just to be meen I wouldn't come and get him, but the real reson was that I don't know if anyone around here has a car that can make it.

Ponyboy is here telling me that I'm speling bad, gues I got his atention by writing because I don't usually write anything. I think he wants to write in this dairy and was trying to get me to stop by teling me my spelling is bad.

That's all I can say diary (ponyboy said I was spelling it wrong), so Steve will be back tomorrow to write in you.


August 4

Steve's not back yet. Still at the airport, something about a battery. Don't really know what he's talking about, but I hardly ever do. Since Soda said you'd get written in today, Diary, I thought I'd write so you don't get too lonely. Too bad I don't have anything to say, and Steve wouldn't be too happy if he knew I was snooping around in you. But don't worry, I didn't read any of your secrets about your old dog Matilda.

Steve should be here to write in you tomorrow.


August 5

Steves car still doesn't have a battery, won't be back for a few days. I think Dally was saying he's going to write in this tomorrow. Good luck with the battery Steve!


August 6

Johnny told me that he said someone would write in this today, but Two-Bit still is not back. He asked me to write in this, so I guess I will, even though me and Steve don't always get along so good. Don't know if he'd like me writing this or not, so I'll leave it here.


August 7

August 8

No one wrote on the 7th, so Dally and me drew a little picture in there for you Steve. Hope you like it. Still no luck with the car? I notice Dally hasn't come by to write anything yet, and I guess Darry's a little too busy. Can you imagine, Steve? Darry's too lucky to leave something in your diary for you... -Two-Bit

Took the pen off Two-Bit in a rush there Steve, hope you don't care too much what Two-Bit was writing. He blithers almost constantly anyways, so I doubt you're very concerned with what he's saying. Truth is, I was too busy to write you anything but was planning on doing it today, except Two-Bit took the pen first. Can't say I understand how he writes with such a hangover, but I suppose after a while it gets easy out of mere habbit. Good luck with the car.


August 9

Steve, I had nothing to do with the naked chick Two-Bit drew. He's always trying to get me in shit. Sorry about your car man, but you'll get it going. What's Darry using all those big words for? I'm still trying to make sense out of what he was saying. Now Darry's saying they weren't big words, but like Hell I know. Would have wrote on the 7th but was too hung-over.


August 10

Thanks for all the support guys. Got the new battery in. Thanks for the picture Two-Bit.