Early one morning the Titans get a distress call from a girl. She was bleeding badly and her pulse was slow. Her clothes were torn. On her back was a Slade insignia. Now Robin is determined to find the conection and stop Slade once and for all. But Slade has something else in mind. Something that will destroy the Teen Titans forever.


I was sitting at the computer at when the alarms went off. I went to the mainframe to check and see who it was instead of a villian it was a distress call. The other titans came in at that moment and I explained what was happening. Cyborg downloaded the signal and we went after it.

"Cy, how much farther?" Beastboy asked tired and annoyed that he was woken up for a distress call.

"Well the signal is orignating from that spot bout twenty feet in front of us." Cyborg replied

I had gotten tired of Beastboys complaining and was about to tell him to shut up when I saw where the signal was coming from. lying 5 feet in front of me was a teenage girl. She was our age and she was out like a light. She was bleeding badly and her pulse was slow. Her clothes were torn and the signal orignated from a small device in her hand. I picked her up and told everyone to go back to the tower. Reaven carried the girl to the sick bay and the rest of us followed behind. Raven made Cyborg, Beastboy and I wait in the living room so she could heal the girl. When Raven came out she explained the damage.

"She has mutiple broken ribs, a broken leg and both shoulders are dilocated. Multiple slash wounds across the chest and back, legs cut deep, and I found a sign of who did it to her on her back."

Raven held up a photo of the sign that was on the girl's back. Starfire gasped, Cyborg went wide eyed, Beastboy muted a 'dude' and I glared at that Slade symbol that was on the back of the teenage girl. Everyone turned to me with worry painted all over their faces.

"Raven go back to the girl and let me know when she wakes up. Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire u can go back to bed until I need you."

Raven eventually went to bed cause she needed rest from healing the girl. I stayed up trying to find a connection between the girl and Slade and the later that morning I still had nothing.