Sequel to Beautiful Miracles. Have to read first story to understand. It's been five years since the battle against Lord Thomas Beckett. Now, Calypso wants Will Turner back as a lover and Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Teenagers Willy and and Bella go in search of Agua de Vida after hearing of their Uncle Jack talking about it one night. And when things get bad, the Queen of the Underworld steps up to try to put her cousin in her place. Can Will and Elizabeth survive with everything that Calypso throws at them? Will the Turner twins find the Agua de Vida in time before also facing Calypso's wrath? Willabeth. JackAna. BellaOC.

Chapter One

Trouble's Brewing

Calypso stared deep into a ball of water, gazing upon the man she was so infatuated with. Will Turner, former Captain of the Flying Dutchman, could be seen playing with his five year old daughter, Katherine, and Charles, Jack and AnaMaria Sparrow's five year old son. Calypso couldn't help but snarl at the sight. It was sickening her. "He don't belong wit them," Calypso growled to herself. The ball of water dispersed as Calypso turned to gaze upon her thrown. Fifteen years ago, Calypso had lost her former lover, Davy Jones, to Will Turner, the man who had stabbed his heart in order to live. Over the years, Calypso found herself falling in love with the new captain and had did everything in her power to make Will hers. Yet all she could do was fail. Now Calypso felt that she had a second chance to get back what she believed was rightfully hers. She wanted Will to become her lover and return as the captain of the Flying Dutchman. "He will be mine," Calypso murmured to herself. "Nothin' will get in me way."

The sea goddess suddenly felt a gust of cold wind swarm over her body. She sighed and glared, knowing that she was being paid a visit by her distant cousin, Persephone, who was the Queen of the Underworld. "What are you up to now, Calypso?" Persephone asked in a soft voice as she appeared. "I do hope that you're staying away from William Turner and his family." Calypso's eyes narrowed more. Persephone had only just arrived and was already beginning to annoy her. Calypso snapped loudly, "It's none of ya business what I do, Persephone." Calypso's remark stiffled a laugh out of Persephone. "I told you to stay away from the Turners nearly fifteen years ago," Persephone said angrily. Her voice boomed as she spoke. "You told me you wouldn't, Calypso!"

"I thought ya meant, ya know...when his children got kidapped," Calypso answered with a smirk. She knew exactly what Persephone had meant. "Don't play tricks with me, Calypso! I am not a force to be reckoned with!" shouted Persephone.

Will ran along the deck of the Empress, trying to catch up to his daughter, Katie. "Come back here!" Will called out. All Katherine Faith Turner could do was giggle. At the age of five, she was a beauty. Her wavy chestnut brown hair hung to the middle of her back and she had blue eyes, unlike her whole family. Katie was a happy child like all children should be but she was stubborn, much like her mother. She was excited that she would be able to call herself a big sister in five months. Within months after the marriage of Jack and AnaMaria, Elizabeth managed to get pregnant again. Katie wanted a baby brother more than anything and she knew that it would make her big brother very happy.

"C'mon, Elizabeth!" Jack cried to Elizabeth from the Black Pearl. "The lass is old enough to get her own sword!" Elizabeth rested a hand on her small protruding stomach, a habit she had picked up from being angry at Jack. The woman shook her head and shouted, "No, Jack! Katie doesn't get a sword until she's seven like Bella and Willy!"

"But, Elizabeth -" Jack said. A hint of disappointment was in his voice. He sighed when he was cut off by Elizabeth Turner. "Jack Sparrow! Don't disobey me!" The Pirate King shouted. Jack let out a loud sigh and turned to go below the deck of the Black Pearl to wake up his son, Charlie, from his nap. Even though she was upset with Jack, Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh. "What's going on?" Will asked as he approached his wife. Elizabeth shook her head, trying to control her laughter. "Jack is bent on letting Katie have a sword," Elizabeth explained. Will smiled brightly and reached a hand up to play with Elizabeth's small curls that were framing her face. He said, "It wouldn't be such a bad idea to let her have a sword now. Charlie's got one."

Elizabeth glared at Will, who immediately stopped playing with the golden brown curls and backed away. "No!" Elizabeth snapped. "She's too young to have one and they're much to heavy for her. But when she does get one, I'd like you to make it for her. Jack gave Bella and Willy they're very first swords but they were made by you. You should be the one to give Katie her very first sword, Will."

Once more Calypso spied on the Turner family. "With child again is she?" Calypso mumbled to herself. The goddess cackled, happy that she had something to work with. She was even more happy that Persephone had left. "If somethin' happens to the unborn babe then Will Turna will blame Mrs. Turna for the death. Maybe then he'll be mine." Calypso kept on with her spying. A smile never left her lips. She had a plan and anyone who stood in her way would face her wrath. She would do her best to keep Will from Elizabeth and she planned on succeeding.
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