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"Push, Ana!" Elizabeth demanded. She was covered in blood as she tried so desperately to get AnaMaria through the birthing process. "Where's Jack with that midwife? Bloody –"

"Can't find her, love!" Jack called out from downstairs. "Gonna 'ave to deliver the babe yerself!" Elizabeth sighed in frustration as Bella wiped the sweat from her mother's brow.

Lizzie Sparrow clenched her teeth as her own mother tightened the grip she had on Lizzie's hand. "Ease up, Mum," Lizzie pleaded. Elizabeth tried to hold in her laughter once she saw the newest Sparrow's head crowning.

Will, where are you?

Elizabeth shook her head, trying to clear out the thoughts of Will from her mind. Four months ago, Persephone had made a promise that Will would return the day AnaMaria gave birth to her third child. Yet there was still no Will. "One more good push," Elizabeth instructed AnaMaria.

With one great and painful push, AnaMaria Sparrow gave it her all. Her gripped tightened on the hand of her eldest daughter and soon, crying filled the room.

Nervously, Jack paced the floor of the parlor. "Listen," Charlie said. He seemed to be straining his hearing. Jack stopped in his place and looked up to the top of the stairs.

Yes, Charlie had heard something. It was the wails of the newest Sparrow. Without further hesitation, Jack ran up the stairs, skipping two at a time. Charlie, Katie and Willy followed close behind.

"It's a girl," Elizabeth told AnaMaria just as Jack and the other children barged in through the room. Elizabeth Turner finished wrapping the small bundle into a warm blanket before handing the child to her mother. Elizabeth sighed and proceeded in cleaning herself off.

"She's beautiful," Bella cooed as she shook the child's little hand.

"She's so tiny," Elizabeth heard Katie murmur.

"I wanted a baby brother," whined Charlie. "Send her back."

Elizabeth sighed when she recalled how Willy had tried to switch Katie with Charlie six years ago. "Thank you, Elizabeth," Jack said from behind Elizabeth. The woman turned around and faced Jack. A sad smile was plastered on the Pirate King's lips. "AnaMaria wouldn't of had the babe if it wasn't for you." Elizabeth nodded and proceeded to leave the room.

"Elizabeth," Jack called out. Elizabeth stopped dead in her tracks. "Love, he'll be here."

"I'm not so sure of that," Elizabeth muttered before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.

"What a day," groaned Elizabeth as she made her way down the stairs. Gracefully, she removed the sticks from her hair that bound it. Her golden brown locks fell over her shoulders. Elizabeth turned the corner to make her way into the kitchen. The babe would need some warm milk soon.

"You look beautiful," a voice said from behind Elizabeth. She froze in her tracks before even reaching the kitchen. She knew that voice. She loved that voice. That voice was capable of making her go weak in the knees. "Aren't you going to say hello?"

Elizabeth could feel the smile tugging at the corners of her lips. That was the same sarcasm she loved. "Elizabeth?" The voice asked. Concern was visible in it. "Please say something…"

Without much thought, Elizabeth spun around and nearly knocked the keeper of the voice to the ground when her lips met theirs. "Oh, Will!" cried Elizabeth as she broke out of the kiss. "I missed you. I missed you so much."

"Four months is better than ten years, my love," Will breathed as he embraced Elizabeth in a tight hug. "I wasn't gone for that long." Elizabeth sighed as she took in Will's scent. He still smelled of seawater and the smithy. She had been empty and longing for his scent…

But she didn't care anymore. She wasn't lonely. Her life was complete now. She knew that the curse would end with Benjamin and that she would get to see him before her death. She had her husband back and the rest of her children were alright. Life was more than perfect for Elizabeth Turner and she wouldn't have it any other way.