Ch1:First Blood

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'I hate these exams!' thought one Naruto Uzumaki as him his team and Kabuto fought off the three rain nins. 'I mean first I get molested by the Anko lady! Then that pedophile comes and nocks me out! (Orochimaru didn't use the five element seal in this fic) And now some damn rain nins come and attack us and are being annoying about it! THIS SUCKS!' screamed Naruto in his mind. In frustration he threw a kunai. Unfortunately for the Rain nins, and fortunately for the Konoha nins the kunai hit the Rain nin who was controlling the clone jutsu in the throat killing him. As the jutsu dissolved, leaving the other Rain nins open Sauske and Kabuto moved in to attack them. They gave up and handed over the scroll knowing they didn't stand a chance and couldn't even complete the exams with only two team members. Naruto was shocked. It was his first kill after all. He could only watch as the man he killed's team mates carried him away. 'I just killed him! I just killed him!' was the thought that kept going through Naruto's head. "Come on dobe lets go." said Sauske. To everyone's surprise Naruto didn't react to the jab and just followed meekly.

Time Skip

"Next match; Uzumaki Naruto vs. Inuzuka Kiba! Please enter the arena now!" said Hayate.

"Wew hoo! Hear that Akamaru?! Naruto's our opponent!" Yelled a happy Kiba. Sakura looked at Naruto worriedly. He hadn't been looking well. He was pale and tired looking.

As he was heading to the stairs Sakura stoped him and asked "Naruto?... Are you ok?"

"Yeah Sakura-chan, I'm fine..." He said with a weak smile. She smiled back at him before he continued on. The truth was that Naruto wasn't fine. In fact he was feeling sick. He wanted to throw up, but he walked down to the arena to face his opponent.

"Feh! You should give up now Naruto! Your just gonna lose anyway! HA!" taunted Kiba. To everyone's shock Naruto didn't respond just looked at the ground.

"Begin!" yelled Hayate.

Naruto moved his hands to use his favourite jutsu but stopped as his mind told him to use a different hand seal and to channel his chakra differently. He decided to do so.

"Heh! Are you just gonna stand there or make your move!" gloated Kiba. Naruto smirked as he brought his hands up in front of him. It was almost the seal for Kage Bunshin the only difference was that the fingers were spread out and interwoven. Suddenly at least a hundred Naruto clones came into being, pulling themselves out of the ground. The bunshins started to walk slowly toward Kiba. Naruto hadden't said the name of the jutsu but he new the name. The jutsu was called Zombie Bunshin... but why were they moving so slow? The combat efficiency of these clones didn't seem very high. Everyone was thinking that.

"Ha! Bring it on Naruto!" yelled Kiba. Kiba then proceeded to throw a kunai at the closest Zombie Clone. The kunai entered the clones throat. The clone stumbled back a few steps before regaining it's balance and proceeded at stumble towards Kiba only pausing to remove the kunai from it's throat, revealing the wound to Kiba and all who were watching. Kiba was getting scared. "Here budddie!" he yelled to Akamaru as he threw him a soldier pill. Instantly Akamaru turned red and violent looking. Kiba then proceeded to transform Akamaru into a clone of himself.

"Gatsuga!" he yelled as he rushed the clones throwing smoke grenades at them. The spectators could only see Kiba and Akamaru entering and leaving the smoke for about a minute before they both jumped back and looked toward the clones location smirking. All the people in the stands did too. What was seen made many of the shinobi to pale and one or two to vomit and one crazy, insomniac, Mo-fo to grin wildly. Where the smoke had cleared to reveal that there were only half the amount of the original clones were gone. But what made people vomit was that most of the remaining clones were missing parts of there body's. One clone was missing the whole left part of it's body and had its intestines hanging out. A couple others had lost their legs and all the clones were slowly advancing on Kiba still. Kiba was transfixed with the clones that were dragging themselves, stumbling, or trudging their way to him. He was panicking

"What the hell is this!?" he yelled franticly. He was so frightened that he didn't even see Naruto run up behind him and hit him in the head... HARD.

"Winner-hack hack hack- Uzumaki Naruto." said a shocked Hayate. Naruto walked back up to the viewing area feeling much better. He still wasn't yelling but he wasn't feeling the need to run to the bathroom anymore.

As he stood ready to watch the next fight Kakashi asked him a question "Naruto... What was that jutsu?"

Naruto frowned and said "I don't know... it just came to me..." Everyone who had been eavesdropping looked disappointed.

Time Skip

"So Kakashi-sensei! What are you gonna teach me?" Naruto asked Kakashi. They were in the Konoha hospital.

"Hmmm... here are instructions for anew chakra control exercise work on that." said Kakashi before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

The grin fadded from Naruto's face. "Hump! Stupid sensei I'll do your stupid exercise then I'll do my own training!" He was grinning happily until he heard a voice Like hell you will I will help you train these strange new abilities you have! You have peeked my interest!

"Who the hell was that!?" yelled Naruto looking around wildly. The hospital people stared at him like he was crazy. Ha ha ha! It is I the Kyuubi no kitsune! But to you it's Jered-sensei! Oh and think your answers and I will hear them!

'Ok... why are you helping me? Ever since your first kill strange things have been happening in your mind. I want to understand Go to a secluded location where we can train so that I can explain what I mean! Now go!

'Jeeze! Do you have to yell every sentence! It's annoying you stupid fur ball!' Hey! that's Jered-sensei to you!

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Zombie Bunshin no Jutsu: Creates clones of the user that are slow moving and dumb. How to kill them will be explained later.