Ch4: First Friend

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Today was not the Leaf's day. The village was being attacked, the Hokage was in danger, and part of the survival of the leaf was rested on Uzumaki Naruto defeating Gaara and stopping him from causing mass chaos. Most people would say that Konoha was screwed when they heard that Gaara had defeated Uchiha Sauske and there were no Jonin in the area. But you readers know the truth!

'Stupid sand!' thought Naruto as he dodged another strike from the demonic Gaara. He was running around Garra placing Grave4s at random locations to attack Garra who only stopped the soil with his sand.

"Come on Uzumaki! Make me feel alive!" yelled Gaara.

'Damnit! Gotta beat him! But how? Can't summon the Field of Death, (Yes that's what the tomb stone boss summon is called) I'd hit Sauske and Sakura... hmmm.' Use my chakra kit! 'No way! I can beat this guy myself!' Whatever kit. I'm here if you need me! And you will need me! Hahaha! 'Hmm need to disorient him enough to stop that sand' he thought as he started launching kunai with explosive notes on them at Garra. Gaara raised his sand arm and drew the kunai into himself. As Garra was about to send them back at him they exploded sending sand every where. Then Naruto made 12 Kage and Zombie Bunshins. He sent the Zombies in a forward attack while the Kage bunshins moved for an ambush.

Gaara barely dodged the shuriken that were sent at him. The only problem was that the dodge brought him close to the Zombie bunshins who then tried the stab him. The sand quickly reformed on him only all over his body this time to block the kunai. Gaara then whiped his sand out all around him grabbing all the bunshin's heads in Sabaku Kyu, then used Sabaku Soso to crush the heads of the clones.

"Come out and fight Uzumaki! Or the Pink girl dies!" yelled Gaara. His response was the tree branch he was standing on exploding sending him falling to the ground. As he tried to grab a tree limb two clones came out and cut the sand arm off stopping him from stopping. Every time the same thing happened until he was halfway down then clones started using him as a punching bag before the real Naruto used a kick to send Gaara to the ground. When Gaara hit the ground Five bunshins who were on the ground dropped a huge rock on him.

'How can I lose to him?! No I wont lose! He wont erase my existence!' thought Gaara as he layed on the ground. Suddenly all grains and bodies of sand for miles about drew into Gaara to create the form of the Shukaku. "You will die Uzumaki!" yelled Gaara. Naruto's eyes widened a bit as he was forced to retreat a bit because of the size his enemy had become. "Forced Sleep Jutsu!" yelled Gaara. YES! I'M FREE! 'Hmmm! Perfect!' Naruto thought biting his thumb and doing the hand seals for his jutsu. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto yelled. You? said the left head. Ahhh the Shukaku and his vessel! Said the middle head. I'm getting pumped just looking at him. Said the right head. This. Will. Be. In order from left to right each head saying one word and all them finishing together INTERESTING! And with that the three headed dog charged.

Shukaku brought its arms up in a cross shape to block but it was in vain for Cerubis's left and right heads grabbed the arms and pulled them to the side and the middle head reached up and bit it on the neck. Hit the things zit kid! yelled Cerubis yelled.

"Here goes nothing!" yelled Naruto as he jumped up at Gaara. Unfortunately the sand stopped him. "Aaaaaarrrgg!" yelled Naruto as he delivered a head-but to Gaara. NOOOOO! I just came out! screamed Shukaku. Gaara woke up looking confused until he saw Naruto standing in front of him.

"Sabaku Kyu!" yelled Gaara. But Naruto had other plans. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" yelled Naruto summoning a grave that he stood on to get solid footing. Then he jumped at Gaara. "AAAAAHHHHH!" yelled Naruto. He knocked Gaara off of his... Shukaku... thing and they both flew threw the canopy and to the earth. Gaara lay still, but Naruto started crawling towards Gaara.

"No! Stay away!" yelled Gaara.

"No! I will protect my precious people!" yelled Naruto once more.

"How are you so strong? Where does your power come from?" asked Gaara. And with that Naruto gave Gaara one of his little speeches about people acknowledging his existence and such then Sauske and Gaara's siblings showed up and prepared to fight.

"Kankuro, Temari... lets not fight them..." said Gaara. "O-ok Gaara" said Temari. With that they jumped away. As they were jumping Gaara said "Temari, Kankuro... I'm sorry" "N-no problem G-gaara" said Kankuro.


"Sauske? Are you and Sakura ok?" "Yeah dobe... were fine." said Sauske. And with that Naruto passed out.

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