Where in the bloody deepest depths of hell are we now?!

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Recap: "Who are they," I asked Nicole, thinking that they couldn't understand us while we used elvish.

"I don't know, but they look kind of familiar, don't they?"

Then to our complete surprise, one of them spoke…

"We are from Middle Earth and we were sent for you.

"Like hell you are, sorry but unless you have proof that you came from 'Middle Earth', we're not going anywhere. Got that," Nicole said quickly recovering from the slight shock.

One walked forward, hands out, palm up. 'A sign of peace," I noticed with a mental smile. I shook off the restraining hand of Nicole and walked forward, matching his stride and posture.

He reached in a pouch hanging from the sword belt that I now saw; my hand automatically flew to the hilt of mine. When his hand came out, it held a small scroll of parchment and a tiny vial with an unidentifiable liquid in it. "If you don't believe us, we were instructed to give you this, please read it carefully," he explained. I agreed and backed towards Nicole, while he backed towards his companion.

We opened the letter and it read:

"Events have changed for the worse in Middle Earth since you left and the elves are in need of your service. Please return to us; and help save the races of elves, men, hobbits and dwarves from the evil clutches of Sarumon. The two elves delivering this message are trustworthy and good scouts; they will help you find us at Rivendel. The liquid in the vial will help resurface any suppressed or lost memories of your last visit. All will be explained, if you accompany them, pending your arrival in Rivendel.

Lord Elrond Half-elven

Lord of Rivendel"

After reading this, Nicole and I looked at each other and said, "Can't hurt to try it." We were referring to the vial.

"So you have decided to accompany us?"

"Hold up Master Elf, we haven't agreed to anything. According to Lord Elrond, we are to drink the contents of this vial and then decide. So you are going to have to wait for our decision. Got it?" He simply nodded and turned to converse with his fellow 'elf'.

"After you," Nicole said.

I smiled grimly but before uncorking the vial I said, "If anything happens to me, give them a good beating for me." She nodded. I tipped the vial upwards and swallowed half of its contents.

"Anything?" I shook my head, but as I did so, I stumbled backwards holding my head, trying to stem the rush of memories.


Trees, so many trees…a blossoming forest of silver leaves and nestled inside was a stunning city. 'Rivendel,' I thought. I was in a grove of trees, awaiting something or someone. Then, as I turned, several people arrived. 'Can it be?' I was stunned for standing in front of me was Aragorn son of Arathorn, Gimli son of Gloin, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Meridoc Brandybuck, Perigwen Took, Boromir a soilder of Gondor, Lord Elrond and Arwen of Rivendel, Gandalf the Grey and last of all Legolas Greenleaf prince of Mirkwood.

They waved, and Elrond stepped forward, "do not tell your companion what you see for she must experience it for herself. We are not truly here but a past memory of a visit to our world. Now go, join the scouts and accompany them to Rivendel."

"Thank you Lord Elrond." I waved at them until they disappeared.

End of Flashback

"Talon are you alright," Nicole asked anxiously.

I nodded, "your turn." I handed her the vial, she stared at me.

"after what happened to you, you want me to drink from it?"

"I was just overreacting, don't worry so much. Just drink the rest of it, so we can make our decision." She sighed but all the same, tipped it upwards and swallowed the rest of the liquid. "see, not so bad." She nodded, and then stumbled back, holding her head. I saw her eyes glaze over and chuckled darkly.

I turned to the elves and said, "if she decides to go, I will come. If not, I will convince her to come or go without her. The elves need our help, and I will come to their aid."

They looked shocked at first and then delighted. "thank you, milady. My name is Glorfindel, and this is Celebrath."

"I know, we met once before, in Rivendel I think it was. It is good to see you mellon and you as well Lord Celebrath, how fares the White Lady?" They nodded, glad that I remembered.

Celebrath answered, "Galadriel fares well, she is awaiting us in Lorien. You are to travel there before you reach Rivendel." It was my turn to be shocked, but when I had recovered enough to answer, Nicole came to.

"Talon Eva Rhulain! Did you see what I just saw?" Nicole seemed to be ecstatic.

"I take it, Elrond spoke to you?"

"yes and he said to trust the elves and go with them. Do you want to go, because if you don't then I wont make you, but I'm going with or without you. I'm sor—."

"Nicole slow down and let me speak. Yes I am going and I would have gone with or without you, so you don't have to worry. We need to leave right now, so we can get there ASAP. Get it? Got it? Good." I turned to Celebrath and Glorfindel, "when do we need to leave and what should we take with us?"

"we need to leave as soon as possible, the fate of Rivendel depends on your arrival. As to what you need to bring, only your horses for a change of clothes and food for both you and the horses are at hand." We were shocked, how could they know that we would come with them?

Glorfindel seemed to read the question in our eyes and said simply, "we had faith in you and in our Lord Elrond."

"thank you and we are sorry for giving you such a hard time before," Nicole said apologetically.

"We were told to expect it, because of the memories you might have lost or suppressed. Not to mention your past behavior towards strangers."

"Thanks" we both said blushing slightly at the memory of our last encounter.

"we will leave at dawn," Elfwine said. We nodded and headed back to the house and to bed.

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mellon is 'my friend' in elvish. I only know a few words that I caught off the movies.