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Gibbs turned and faced the squad room once he got into the elevator. Ziva was still at her computer researching y-pestis. Her lamp was the only source of light.

The doors slid shut and he sighed, wondering when things would work out between the two agents. He saw them almost every day and knew there was something between them, something simple maybe, or perhaps complicated, but there was a force pulling and swirling between Tony and Ziva. Heck, even the whole team knew, or at least sensed something.

And that 'something' was fun, they all loved being near it, and it was always there, like a yo-yo in action, possessing a mesmerizing power in the hands of a child.

But recently, this light dimmed a little and the bounce receded bit by bit, in danger of halting. If you really looked, you would see that there was still something there. But the energy that was left was flimsy, like the little slivers of creatures seen down a microscope by many a pair of bored, keen and disinterested eyes, those poor little beings, taken away from their home, the pond, possibly the only world they've ever known -if they even knew. Flimsy as they look, they possess a will to live, to survive and multiply. Though they may not know that their every move is observed and duly noted by some other beings.

Tony and Ziva would find their way back. Their little 'something' will grow further, farther and stronger than it had before, leaving large bubbles of lively colours floating in their wake.