I hit a snag in my Charmed story, and this is just a little something that came to me...figured I'd type it up and test the Buffyverse fanfic waters. Let me know if you think I should continue. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, or any of the characters included.

The cool night air was a healing balm. She wasn't used to being so...so warm.

But having a heartbeat will do that to you.

Darla stroked her round stomach. The thing...the baby, was alive. She could smell the little heart hammer out a steady beat, practically taste the warm blood it pumped to the tiny legs that even now kicked an upside-down tap dance against her own dead heart.

You're making Mommy hungry.

The bus ride (and dinner buffet) out of Los Angeles was over, the last piece of food (the driver) slumped dead and drained over the wheel. He had tasted almost nauseatingly plain; even the fear that laced his blood had done little to enhance the flavor. She frowned. It wouldn't be safe to hunt here, even more so than in L.A. Because Angel would think twice before staking his ex-lover, especially if he figured out (and he would) that the child inside of her was his. She doubted that the uninformed Slayer would.

But after all, that's why we're here, isn't it baby?

Darla longed for the moment when the sharp stake would turn her body to dust, freeing her from this...this love that permeated her being. She was well aquainted with a myriad of emotions: loathing, fear, hate, attachment, lust, pleasure...

But not love...

She couldn't go on like this, loving. And couldn't handle not loving. Wouldn't. She would find the Slayer, and be slayed. She loved her baby too much to do anything else.

First though, Mommy needs to find something better to eat.

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