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Lucky Day

The bleeding convict let out a feeble groan. Darla stroked his face.

"Thank you," Before Buffy could move Darla's hands snapped the jailbird's neck and threw him to the floor. "For the great dinner." She licked stray drops of blood from her fingers. "Previous convictions for robbery and being held for vehicular manslaughter. Very bad. Delicious. Now," she leaned up against the wall. "I'm sure you're raring to slay."

Cannot...move...from shock. Darla grinned.

"Don't let my 'condition' stop you. Believe me, being pregnant doesn't slow me down much. If anything, it makes me stronger."

Nuh-uh. Not possible. "Vampires don't get pregnant." she blurted.

"That's what I thought; worry-free sex, gotta love that. But I was wrong."

"You're faking it."

Darla lifted her shirt over the bump in her stomach, which bounced after an kick from inside. "As you can see, I'm really not." She lowered the shirt. "If you need more proof, you can come and feel it."

Holy Crap. Giles is going to have a stroke, he'll be turning the pages of his books so fast...wait, no he won't. He's not here. He left us.

"What's the matter, Buffy?" No sharp retort, no witty comeback?"

She shook herself. Get it together. "Sorry, it's just seening you, here, back from the...un-undead, and knocked up to boot, kinda caught me off guard for a minute."

The vampire laughed and let her demonic features morph into smooth, human lines. "I caught the Slayer off guard? It's my lucky day."

Hardly. "Not really. As soon as I get some answers out of you, Mr. Pointy here is ready and waiting to do some hole punching."

Again Darla's mouth twitched into a creepy smile, her fingertips tracing long, lazy circles around her belly. "Like I said, it's my lucky day."She pushed herself away from the wall and made her way slowly to Buffy. "You won't get those answers you're looking for; I don't feel like chatting. But I do want to die." she stretched out her arms. "Take your best shot."

Okay, she is officially waaaaaay more messed up than I am.

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