-1Making Memories of Us

Disclaimer: I don't own ANY of the characters from the Harry Potter series. They belong to J.K. Rowling. Believe me if I did own them I would have married Draco along time ago.

((Authors Note)) this story is based on the song Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban. It is also written in Draco Malfoys pov the whole time.

/blah blah blah/ Draco's thoughts

Meet Draco's past: Karma Rane

I looked into the pensive and pulled out a silver string of my memories. I've been doing this a lot lately. How rude of me… let me introduce myself. I am Draco Lucius Malfoy, and I was married to the love of my life. You see the key word is WAS. She left me after my son was born nearly 6 years ago. Of course I get to see my son once or twice a day because I am a Malfoy and I get what I want. Her name was Karma. Karma Rane Hippely, and she was a Sixth Year Slytherin that stood up to me. Me. A Malfoy. Well anyway she was beautiful. /Of Course she was Beautiful dumbass she is a model she has to be/. Look I am talking to my self again. Well any way I am a Photographer and was hired to do a photo shoot for a teen magazine and she was the cover girl. / well look what we have here… a tear drop…are you crying drakie?/ SHUT UP I DON'T WANT TO PUT UP WITH YOU ANY MORE! Any way she is a famous country singer that is why you probably recognize the name. So back to my photo shoot… you know why don't I just let you see it for yourself.

I was sitting in a pub when Potter walked in. apparently he was the editor of the magazine and wanted to do this article on the country star I had no interest in so I stopped listening. Until I heard him speak my name. "Hey Malfoy?!"

"What do you want Potter?"

"you're a photographer right?"

"yes why?"

"because I need a photographer mine just dropped out. I am doing a cover story on a rising country star you might recognize and wanted to know if you would do the shoot?"

"How much are you going to pay me?"

"enough to get you through for the next 3 years"

"I'll do it"

I walked in to the building where the shoot was to be held and recognized it as number 12 grimwald place. As a death eaters son I was required to raid the house looking for order members along time ago. She was sitting at the table getting her hair and makeup done when I walked in. "Karma?"

"Draco how nice to see you after… how long has it been?… about 3 years since we left Hogwarts?"


"thanks for doing this Malfoy. I really do appreciate it."

"whatever Potter this is what I am good at so I wouldn't turn it down even though it was you"

"well just so you know these are going to be moving pictures. It is a teen witch magazine."

"okay whatever"

She was a natural at this. She could have been a professional model if she wanted to be. Her outfit looked great on her to. It was a form fitting, short black skirt that sparkled when she moved. And a black halter top that showed off her sterling silver snake bellyring. And she had an emrald green ribbon tied into her hair. But what I noticed the most was the necklace. It was a moon with a star attached. I had given that to her for her graduation gift. The day I asked her to Hogsmead with me.

Well? You filthy muggle you don't know what true love means.

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