Chapter One: Flirting with Disaster

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Axel strolled through the halls of Castle Oblivion. He was was bored out of his mind, until he bumped into Larxene. She stumbled and dropped the book she was engrossed with, then turned to him with a mocking grin.

"Hmm I though I was the blond, but I guess you're just as clumy as one. What's wrong, can't watch where you're going?"

Despite her harsh reply, she was actually happy to see Axel. She had been doing nothing all day (besides being harrassed by Luxord to play strip poker), so she finally had something to do. She liked Axel more than the other members. He was level-headed, and actually able to hold a normal conversation. To tell the truth, she liked being around him.

Axel grinned, and decided to have some fun with Larxene. They actually flirted alot, though they weren't serious of course. They liked to see who would react first. So Axel picked up her book and said, "Sorry, doll, didn't know I was interrupting."

"Ah, I accept your apology. After all, I would get clumsy around a pretty girl if I were you."

Screw the flirting, he had to say this one. "Then it's a good thing there aren't any pretty girls around to blondify me."

She cast him an annoyed look and summoned her kunai. "You won't be pretty when I'm done with you!"

He quickly summoned his chakrams as she slashed her kunai at him. He blocked them and swung at her, but she flipped over his back and threw her kunai at him. He turned and blocked them, sending them clattering to the floor. Before she could summon them back, he held her from behind. One of his hands was holding her waist, the other held his chakram close to her neck.

"I win," he said with a smug grin.

Larxene smiled wickedly to herself, and in an instant (and much to Axel's surprise) she had turned her body around so that she was pressed up against him. She laid a hand on his chest as she leaned forward and whispered, "Your move."

He leaned forward and kissed her on the neck. He felt her shiver under the touch. She felt his hot breath against her neck as he whispered, "One to nothing."

He released her from his grip and nonchalantly strolled down the hallway.


He turned around and stopped. Larxene passed by him, carressing his chin as she passed. When she felt his face heat at her touch, she giggled, in a evil way as only Larxene has ever managed, and said, "Now we're even."

As she walked out of site, Axel brought his hand up to his chin where she had touched him. "Hmm...that was more amusing than expected."

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