Chapter Six: Steadfast Love and Selfless Sacrifice

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Larxene was in the best of mood of her life. She couldn't stop thinking of her date the previous day.

"The flowers...and that kiss...It was all so perfect. I never knew love could be so wonderful."

She was sitting in her favorite chair in the library, reading a romance thriller called Restless in Love. She sighed as she went on, a smile creeping onto her face everytime something romantic. Suddenly a voice spoke behind her. She suddenly froze with alarm.

"So, in the week of my absence, I see you've had a change in your literary taste. What ever happened to the Marquis de Sade?"

Larxene glared at Marluxia as he walked around to face her. "I only read about sadism so I knew what to do to you when I was mad enough," she answered coldly.

He chuckled and pulled out a rose, holding it to his lips.

"God, I hate those things...I wish I could zap them till they were smouldering piles of ashes! Hmm maybe not that much has changed..."

"So, now your in love with, Axel, ah? How funny, Larxene, thinking anyone could love you."

She was about to retort but stopped short. "What if Axel doesn't love me? No, that experience couldn't be fake. But, I just don't know for sure..."

She suddenly growled and summoned her kunai. "Get away from me, you twisted bastard!"

He laughed coldly and summoned his scythe. "I'll put you in your place wench!"

She flew at him, slashing at him with her kunai. He blocked it with his scythe, then swung at her in a huge arc. She jumped over it and kicked him squarely in the chest, knocking him through the door and into the hallway. She jumped out after him and threw the kunai in her left hand. He blasted rose petals to block them, then suddenly winced as Larxene slashed his arm with the kunai in her right hand. He backhanded her in the face, and as she staggered back, he brought his scythe down at her. She dodged in the nick of time, causing the scythe to split the marble floor.

"Not too bad for a pathetic excuse for a fighter like you."

"Who has the scratches, flower pansy?" she asked with a smirk/

He frowned angrily and rushed at her again.

Axel sat in the kitchen, his head in his hands, staring into space with a happy grin. Zexion watched him quietly and continued with his cooking.

"Care for some of my low fat spinach puffs? I would ask Lexaeus to try them, but since you're here..."

Axel cringed (he hated vegetables) and shook his head. Then he hesitated, and finally asked, "Hey, Zexion, you're like the smartest person here. love supposed to feel like?"

Zexion raised an eyebrow and sat across from him. "Well, when you're in love, you think about the person very often, you want to be with them all the time, and your heart beats fast when you're near them."

Axel nodded and then looked at him seriously. "Can I trust you with this? Well...I'm in love with Larxene. There's no doubt about it. I just want to hold her in my arms again and kiss those perfect lips."

Zexion crossed his arms and leaned back. "Then why don't you just tell her?"

Axel sighed. "Well, what if she doesn't feel the same way? I don't know if I can take the rejection."

"Well, you'll never know till you tell her. Do you want to miss out on the chance that she loves you too?"

Axel was silent. The he suddenly stood up, a gleam in his eyes. "You're right. I'm gonna tell her right now. Thanks, pal."

Axel disappeared into a portal and Zexion got back up and went over to the pot. "Geez, do I have to solve everyone's probelms..."

"Thunder Fall!" Larxene called as she called down bolts of lightning, which struck around Marluxia. He threw a rose at her, which cut her shoulder. The pain was enough to distract her momentarily, and in a flash he had elbowed her in the stomach. She stumbled back, clutching at her stomach. Marluxia smiled cruelly and threw a rose into the air above him. He held up his hands, and a stream of rose petals shot like a large funnel at her.

"Rose Rain!"

Larxene knew she couldn't dodge it. She closed her eyes and prepared to brace herself when she felt arms around her.


He was hugging her from in front, shielding her body with his own from the razor sharp rose petals. They sliced through his coat and cut into his skin.

Marluxia looked very annoyed at the latest intrusion. "Axel, I should have know you'd show up."

He let go of Larxene and turned to face Marluxia. "That's right. You try to touch Larxene, you answer to me!"

He summoned his chakrams and held them out to the side. "Fire Wall!"

A wall of fire shot out from Axel and started moving towards Marluxia. Marluxia laughed and said, "That fire wall is useless. If it gets too close I'll simply teleport."

Suddenly he heard, "Fire Tooth!" and two fireballs shot out of the wall, slamming into him and throwing him to the ground.

"You were saying?" said Axel with a smug grin.

Marluxia sneered and held out his hand. Suddenly, a dozen Marluxias stood around them.

"You ready?" he asked.

"You know it!" she replied with a smirk.

She charged forward, throwing her kunai at the clones in front of her while Axel slashed through them with his burning chakrams. The clones burst into a cloud or rose petals, obstructing their view.

Marluxia's scythe swung from nowhere at Larxene. In a flash Axel had caught it with his chakrams, and threw the nobody back with sheer power. He then threw his chakram at Marluxia, knocking the scythe from his hands. He charged at Marluxia with the other chakram, ready to finish him. Marluxia called a blast of rose petals, which Axel barely blocked with his chakram. Marluxia retrieved his scythe and teleported behind Larxene.

"It's time for you to vanish," he said. He swung his scythe down at her. She watched in horror as it fell. Suddenly she saw a black and red blur, and the next moment she saw Axel standing in front of her, the scythe slicing into his back.

"Axel!" she screamed.

Marluxia, clearly surprised, changed his expression back to one of arrogance.

"Fool, you will die, and you will not be able to save her life anyway. It's pointless!"

He swung again, fully expecting to finish Axel once and for all. Suddenly Axel turned and parried his attack. Marluxia's arrogance faded away as he looked into Axel's eyes, burning with rage.

"I'm going to bury you!" he said murderously.

He threw the scythe away and swung his chakrams, cutting Marluxia across the chest. He staggered back in pain, cowering before Axel.

"Please, Axel, spare me! Don't make me vanish!"

Axel grinned viciously, his eyes glowing with murderous intent. Suddenly Larxene appeared in front of him and hugged him.

"Please, Axel," she said, placing her head on his chest. "Let him go."

Axel's eyes instantly cooled at her touch, and he commanded Marluxia with his eyes. Marluxia wasted no time in retreating. Larxene sighed with relief, knowing that it was finally over. Suddenly Axel's knees buckled and he dropped to the ground.

"Axel!" she cried, trying to support him.

He smiled weakly at her, and she suddenly realized that the blow to his back must have been very serious, and he had only been able to move by his desire to protect her.

"Axel, why?" she asked as a tear slid down her face.

He wiped her tear and smiled. "Because, Larxene, you make me feel like a somebody, instead of just a nobody."

"Axel!" Tears streamed down her face as Axel collapsed into her arms, unconscious.

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