Um…I don't know where this spawned from…it was four in the morning, and I was crashing from a sugar rush. Does that count?

WARNING: I think this is what people call crack. I just…have to complain about texting. Ohmigosh, I just hate it so, and here's a "drabble" dedicated to the horrors of it all. I think. I dunno, everything's blurry…Haha! Flame me if ya want! I had NO sleep! (falls)

I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Ah…my head's gonna pop…

Kratos decided that he officially hated the newest advance in Cruxis' communication.

The auburn haired man glared at the object in his white gloved hand with distaste, reminding himself that Lord Yggdrasill would kill him if he tried to break it.

Maybe not kill, but something akin to it.

Still, his greatest fears became a reality as the small back rectangle began to ring an annoying tune, signifying that a certain blue haired half elf discovered the most recent invention.

lol waz up?

Kratos glared at the miniature screen. "What in…? 'lol'? What does that mean?" And the seraph, using the letter buttons with a little difficultly, typed in just that.

lik 'laugh out loud' u nOob

"Humph…As if he even laughs at all…" the auburn haired man growled slightly, already tiring of the ridiculous way of conversing. Still, his companion would complain if he didn't respond at all…

Okay, what do you want?

O.o omm u txting now

What the hell is 'omm' and 'txting'?!

'oh my martel' and 'texting' stoopid :p

You're the one misspelling the word 'stupid'.

nvm brb

"What?" Kratos stared at the screen, trying to make sense of the two three-lettered 'words'. In a huff, the seraph stuffed the piece of magitechnology into the folds of his Cruxis uniform.

-two weeks later-

Kratos gulped silently as he approached the unsuspecting monster, his flaming sword gripped tightly within his right hand. He had to collect the monster's blood for research, and it didn't help that the creature had sharp hearing and great agility to top it off.

He was almost upon it though…

Doo toot do dii toh too do!

The auburn haired man cursed loudly as he watched his prey fly away, digging into his pockets and pulling out the thing that would be the end of him.

guess wat i got…POCKY :D

The seraph's left eye twitched, placing the object away; not even bothering to reply to the preposterous message.

-a month later-

"I am Kratos, a mercenary. As long as you can pay me, I will take the job of guarding the Chosen."

But before Colette's grandmother could respond, an annoying tune filled the air, earning everyone's attention.

Lloyd nudged Genis and whispered to his best friend; "I think it's coming from that Kratos guy."

The purple clad man paled considerably, quickly excusing himself and fled into the nearby forest.

"Uh...let's got inside the dark and creepy temple!" Colette announced happily, receiving equal cheers from the brunette and a groan from the silver haired youth.

Kratos practically ripped the terrible invention out of his mercenary outfit within the safety and thick covering of the forest.

so how did ur act as mercenary go?

A deafening and heart wrenching scream echoed though the forest near the Martel Temple.

Yuan smirked at the long list of profanities that appeared on the small screen.

Texting was sure fun.