"Wishing Upon The Stars"

ToumaxSeiji oneshot

Touma looked out at the stars one night, wishing that Seiji had feelings for him. He hoped that he could bring himself to tell him how he felt to tell his best friend, but he didn't want to be rejected by the one he loved.

I wish.. I wish I knew how Seiji felt.. Touma thought, with a yawn. Of course, Shin knew how the two felt about each other, and he often threatened to tell the other how they felt if they didn't.

Touma would've, if he could gather up the courage to do so. He yawned again, this time waking up his roommate/best friend.

"What're you still doing up, Touma?" Seiji asked, stretching.

"Just—thinking about things…" Touma replied, feeling his cheeks burn. He then turned towards Seiji, only to have his heart leap into his throat.

"Y'know, Shin told me how you felt.." Seiji paused a moment, giving Touma time to panic.

Oh, man! He hates me now! He doesn't—

"…And I have to admit..that I—feel the exact same way."

He actually…loves me? Touma thought, wide-eyed.

"I love—" Touma was stopped in mid-sentence, with Seiji's lips pressed against his own.


When you wish upon the stars, dreams can come true, but only if you want them to.

"I guess dreams do come true when you wish upon the stars.." Touma replied, with a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah, I guess they can…"


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This is my first time doing a ToumaxSeiji oneshot, I hope you guys like! R&R!