Anna Diggory: Her Story

This is the story of Anna Diggory, an American witch who is pulled into the lives of our favorite Hogwarts' student after some unfortunate events. Follow Anna as she helps her new friends deal with life at Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately…I don't own anything that you recognize. That all belongs to J.K. Rowling. I also don't own any songs that might appear in the story. The only thing I own is Anna.

Chapter 1: Meeting Anna and Some New Friends

"ANNA CECILE DIGGORY! GET YOUR BUTT DOWNSTAIRS NOW!" my mother, Linda, called to me from downstairs. I had fallen back asleep after she had woken me up twenty minutes ago. I rolled out of bed and shuffled my way downstairs. "Anna, you have to get ready! You're leaving soon. Your uncle will be here in a few hours and you still haven't packed! Get upstairs and get ready!"

"Good morning to you too, mom," I said, mumbling as I climbed back upstairs.

Before I go on any further…you're probably wondering who I am and what the hell is going on. My name is Anna Diggory, and I'm fourteen years old. My parents are Linda and Edward Diggory. My mom's American and my dad's from England. Currently, we live in Salem, Massachusetts in the outskirts of town. We're your average family…except the fact that we're magical. Both of my parents are wizards…making me one too. But we're not like most pure blood families…my parents raised me in the muggle world so I wouldn't turn out like most pure bloods…which is fine by me. I love the muggle culture. Most wizards can't live without magic…well…I can't live without my muggle rock music. Anyways…back to what I was saying before…

I walked up to my room and walked into the attached bathroom, stripping off my pajamas in the process. I turned on the water and let it get to the right temperature. After it was perfect, I hopped in and showered. After I was done, I walked over to my mirror. Staring back at me was a girl with black and red layered hair…red on top and black underneath, hazel eyes, snakebites and a stud, a nose stud, six holes in each ear, and pale as hell…oh yeah…that's me… I walked out of my bathroom and into my room…well…art studio/bedroom. Scattered across the walls were drawings and sketches that were either finished or in the process of being done…along with some band posters and photos I had taken. Journals and sketchbooks were scattered across the floor, along with drop cloths around my easel. Canvases, brushes, and paint were in the corner near the easel. My bed was in the middle of this organized chaos. It was black, red, and blue…my three favorite colors. Across from my bed was a TV, and DVD player…along with my tower filled with DVDs. Next to my TV was a desk that held my laptop and my camera. I had a closet and a dresser on the opposite side of my bedroom. I walked over to my closet and picked out my clothes…a black My Chemical Romance tee shirt and my black Tripp pants. I put on my clothes, did my hair (which was just drying it), put my wristbands and black lace fingerless gloves on, and put on my usual make-up. Next came the task of packing…I threw all of my necessities into my suitcase (clothes, underwear, other rings for my piercings), and then got my sketchbook, camera, pens, pencils, Ipod, headphones, laptop, etc. It had been two hours since my mother had woken me up and my uncle would be here soon…

A popping sound was heard from downstairs and I knew my uncle was here. "ANNA! UNCLE AMOS IS HERE!" I grabbed my things and dragged it downstairs.

"There's my favorite niece!" my uncle said as I came into view.

"Hi, uncle Amos," I said, dropping my things to hug him.

"How have you been?"


"How did that art show go? You never told me."

"I got first prize."

"That's wonderful, Anna! Cedric will be very happy to hear it." I smiled at my uncle then turned to my mom.

"Bye, mom. Give dad a hug for me?"

"Of course, Anna." She kissed the top of my head and then shrunk my things so it would be easier to travel with. I placed my things in my pocket and walked over to my uncle.

"Hold on tight, Anna."

"I know, uncle Amos…" Then, the familiar feeling of apparating came over me. Every year when I stayed with my uncle, we apparated…I've been side apparating since I was seven…I'm used to it by now. Next thing I knew, I was standing in my uncle's living room. Every year, I stay with my aunt and uncle for my parent's anniversary. And every year, I get to spend time with my favorite cousin, Cedric. He's more like an older brother than a cousin. He's tall and handsome…I'll admit it. He's the "all around good guy" and I'd have it no other way. My aunt and uncle would come and visit me every chance they got, bringing Cedric with them. They'd mostly come for my art shows and holidays…especially since Cedric started school…it was harder to come visit me. Speaking of the devil…after I had collected myself, I was almost knocked off my feet.

"CEDRIC!" I squealed…yes…I said squealed…as I hugged my cousin.

"I've missed you, Anna."

"I've missed you too, Ced. Guess what?" I said, pulling back.


"I got first prize at my last art show. And guess what else?"


"They loved the sketch I did of you."

"That's great, Anna. New piercings, I see."

"Actually, no. The lip piercings are old…I got them after I saw you the last time. The newest one is my belly button. Early birthday gift from Greg and Kat."


"Yup. And Kat said she's doing my first tattoo once I turn eighteen."

"So, who did your belly?"

"Greg did. But Kat picked out the ring."

"Who did the lip piercings?"

"Kat, Greg, and Max…last years birthday gifts."

"I see. Are you ever gunna stop getting pierced?"

"I dunno. Probably. I mean, I have no more room on my ears. I could get angelbites on my upper lip. Other than that, I want a tattoo. Kat's gunna use one of my designs for my tattoo. Oh! I have an unofficial job at the parlor."

"That's great, An. How about we get you settled while we catch up?"

"Alright." With that, Cedric and I walked up to "my room". I told him how everyone was doing and about my "job" at the parlor. Cedric and I spent the rest of the day together, talking about the upcoming week we'd be spending together…

Four Days Later…

"Anna, get up…we're leaving in an hour for the World Cup," a voice said, shaking me wake. I turned over and opened my heavy eyes. Standing over me was my cousin, Cedric, all ready to go. I closed my eyes again and tried to go back to sleep. "Anna, we're meeting people on the way. We can't keep them waiting…now up!" With that, he proceeded to rip my covers off of me. I groaned and got up begrudgingly. Did I mention that I'm not a morning person? Well…I'm not. Cedric left the room as I got all of my stuff together. I sleepily walked into the bathroom and did my normal routine (I really don't need to go into detail about that). I picked out a pair of black velvet pants and a black tank top with skulls on the straps, along with my usual wristbands and lace fingerless gloves. I emerged forty-five minutes later, ready to go…after I ate something. Once I was finished eating, Uncle Amos, Cedric, and I were off to the Quidditch World Cup.

We had walked to this big tree in the middle of the forest, when my uncle suddenly stopped. "Uncle Amos, why did we stop?"

"Cedric didn't tell you? We're meeting a co-worker of mine and his children. They should be here soon." I just shrugged and put down my bag. I looked at my surroundings…it was beautiful! I went through my bag and pulled out my camera. I started taking pictures when Cedric called down to me from the tree.

"Anna, the view is great up here. Bring your camera; you might be able to use these pictures." I didn't need to be told twice…so I climbed up the tree to the branch that Cedric was on. I looked around…Cedric was right…the view was amazing. I started snapping pictures and moving around from branch to branch to get more shots. I was so consumed in my picture taking that I didn't notice Cedric was no longer in the tree with me. I looked down and saw my uncle and Cedric talking to a group of people. I held onto my camera and jumped down. As I jumped, I heard my name mentioned in the conversation.

"You rang?"

"Where did you go?"

"Oh! Cedric said the view from the trees was great, so I thought…I'd…take…pictures…" As I was speaking, I noticed everyone, but my uncle, Cedric, and another man, giving me a funny look. "Would you stop staring at me!" I snapped. Everyone's eyes darted somewhere else.

"You must be Anna. I'm Arthur Weasley. I work with your uncle."

"Hi," I smiled, shaking his out-stretched hand.

"Your uncle has told me quite a bit about you."

"He has?"

"Why yes. He has some of your art hanging in his office at the Ministry, and a picture of you and Cedric. It's quite old, I suppose. When I heard I was meeting you, I was picturing the adorable little girl from the picture, not such a lovely young lady."

Okay…either this guy's is very good at bullshitting…or he's telling the truth. No adult, but my parents and my aunt and uncle, have called me a "lovely young lady". I was at such a loss for words that I didn't say anything…I just smiled.

"Well, we best be off. We don't want to be late for the match," my uncle said, ushering us along. Cedric was walking with the group of kids, my uncle and Mr. Weasley were in a deep conversation, and I was behind everyone…not talking…or doing anything. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's people are always judgmental. I was never good with people…especially with people around my age. But that's a story for another time. I was admiring the forest when I felt someone beside me…

"What, Cedric?"

"Why don't you come and join us? They're nice people."

"You know why, Ced. Remember what always happens when I'm around people my age?"

"Quite being anti-social, Anna."

At that comment, I stopped dead in my tracks. "I'm not being anti-social, Cedric! And don't ever call me anti-social! Just because I've had bad experiences with people does not make me anti-social…got it?"

"Anna, calm down. I didn't mean to offend you. I know about everything, remember? Just trust me on this one. I'd never steer you wrong. Just trust me, okay?"

"Fine…" I said, huffing. Cedric and I walked up to the group of kids and he was once again in a conversation, that I was left out of by the way, with some of the group. I was walking, minding my own business, when my thoughts were interrupted.

"Did those hurt?"

"Excuse me?"

"Those, the lip and ear piercings? Did it hurt?" a redheaded girl asked me.

"Not really. The cartilage ones hurt a little and so did the lip…but it goes away after a while. My belly button one was worse than the cartilage and lip combine. It hurt for a few days."

"Really? You have your belly button done? Can I see?"

"Yeah, sure." I lifted the bottom of my shirt a little to reveal a belly button ring with a skull and cross bone charm hanging from it…the ring that Kat got me for my birthday.

"Cool. Who did them? The piercings, I mean," another girl with brown, bushy, hair asked.

"Oh. My friends did them," I replied nonchalantly.

"Your friends?" a redhead boy asked incredulously.

"Yeah. My friends work at a tattoo parlor where they also do body piercing. Actually…one of my friends owns the place. Max's Tats is what it's called. I'd recommend it to anyone. Best place to go. That's where I'm getting my tattoo done when I'm eighteen. My friend Kat is using one of my designs on me. She's great with tattoos…and same with Greg…and Max, the owner. They're all certified to do tattoos and piercings. It's great. They have the best rep in all of Salem."

"I remember dad saying something about art…what kind do you do?" the redheaded girl asked.

"Mostly sketching. But I do paintings, drawings, and photography."

"What's the difference between sketching and drawing?" a raven-haired boy asked me…he looks familiar…

"Sketching is done with no color…just pencil. Drawings have color."

"How long have you been doing this?"

Shit…I knew this was coming…I hesitated for a moment before I gave my response. "Since I was little. My teacher noticed my drawings one day in class. Next thing I know, I'm in an art class with older kids. It started with just sketches, and then I worked up to drawings, and then paintings. When they thought I was old enough to use a camera, they showed me how to develop the pictures and the different techniques. I've been in art shows ever since."

"Wicked…," the two redheaded twins said next to Cedric…they were obviously listening in on our conversation…oh well…at least I didn't have to repeat myself…

"I'm Ginny, by the way," the red-haired girl said.

"I'm Hermione Granger," the bushy-haired girl said.

"I'm Ron."

"I'm Fred, and this is my brother George," the twins said, pointing to themselves.

"And I'm-"

"Harry Potter, I know."

"You do?" he said incredulously.


"That's the calmest reaction I've ever gotten."

"Well, I figured you must be sick of everyone freaking out about the fact that you're Harry Potter."

"Yeah…it does get rather annoying."

"I thought so…" I replied smiling. Damn Cedric…he might have been right this time…

A/N: So…this is my first attempt at a Harry Potter fan fiction. So, if any of the info is wrong…let me know, because it's been a while since I've read the books. But, when she's in forth and fifth year, it goes by the movie…because I know the movie a little better than the books. When it does get to fifth year…I will add Quidditch. I was upset that it wasn't in the movie. So for a heads up…there are gunna be big time jumps just so I can fit four years of Hogwarts into one story…for my own sake. You won't miss anything…there will be flashbacks. Anyways…there are plenty of links on my profile for what Anna looks like and anything she wears and her piercings…minus the ears and belly button. Please read and review…let me know how I'm doing.