Anna Diggory: Her Story

This is the story of Anna Diggory, an American witch who is pulled into the lives of our favorite Hogwarts' student after some unfortunate events. Follow Anna as she helps her new friends deal with life at Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately…I don't own anything that you recognize. That all belongs to J.K. Rowling. I also don't own any songs that might appear in the story. The only thing I own is Anna.

Chapter 6: The Yule Ball

I sat under my tree with Draco to my left. It's been one month since the First Task and the two of us have been hanging out since. We meet every night around sun down under my tree so we can be alone to talk. He's been letting up on bothering Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Before we started meeting here, I'd come out and watch the sunset to remember my parents. Every night we'd sit on our porch and watch it. Now, it's my alone time. I brought my sketch book and prints to show Draco my stuff. I've really come to trust him. I've told him more than I've told the gang…but I have kept one thing from him and them. We talked about our pasts…we understood each other.

"These are really good, Anna. You really pay attention to detail."


"No problem…wait…you drew me?"

"Yeah," I replied sheepishly.

"From memory?"


"It's really good!"

"Thanks. You can keep it if you want."

"No…you keep it," he said, nudging my shoulder lightly.


"Anna, keep it. Seriously, I don't need a drawing of me."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive" He said nudging my side. I grabbed my bag and took out a photo. "What's that?"

"It's a picture…"

"I know that…who's in it?"

"My family…well…my other family."

"So…introduce me to your family…"

"Okay, so…the other girl in the picture is obviously Kat. The bald guy is Max, who owns the shop. The guy with bed-head is Greg. And the other two…the one with the messy blue hair is Kat's brother, Stevo, and the dude with the Mohawk is 'Heroin' Bob."


"Yeah…the thing is…he won't even take aspirin. All he does is drink and smoke cigarettes. He hates needles too. It's just a nickname…he, Kat, and Stevo are from Salt Lake City…so Stevo and Bob come to Salem a few times a year to visit. I keep joking around with them to move to Salem since they hate Salt Lake so much and come to Salem every chance they get. But I know they won't."

"Why not? If they hate it so much, why stay?"

"It's their home. There's nothing keeping them in Salem except Kat. All their friends are there, family…no matter how fucked they are…I couldn't do that to them."

"Yeah, but you were in Salem."

"Honestly, if it wasn't for me running into the shop to hide, I never would have met Kat, and I never would have met Stevo when he came to visit…or Bob, who came with Stevo because he met a 'kick-ass ten-year-old'. I'm nothing important enough to make them move from their home."

"I would move for you," he whispered in my ear.

"Thanks," I said, smiling sheepishly. "Here…you keep it."

"I couldn't do that."

"Draco, I have another copy in my room. I want you to have it."

"Okay. When was this taken?"

"A month before my parents were killed."

"You look so happy in this picture."

"I was. I didn't have a care in the world when this was taken. I'd give anything to go back to that time…" I said, with tears in my eyes. Draco wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed the top of my head. We sat in silence as we watched the sun go down. When it was over, he helped me up and walked me back to Gryffindor Tower.

"Until tomorrow, Anna."

"Until tomorrow, Draco." He kissed my cheek gently and lingered for a moment before heading to the dungeons. I blushed slightly as I said the password. I walked in to find my friends sitting in front of the fire.

"You're back!" Hermione exclaimed.


"How was it?" Ron asked as I sat next to him.

"Amazing…as usual." We sat and talked until dinner. At dinner, Dumbledore announced a dance for fourth years and above. The Great Hall was buzzing with excitement from the girls and groans from the boys. This was going to be interesting…

We went back to the Common Room and I sat in front of the fire, writing letters to Kat, Greg, Max, Bob, and Stevo. I went to the Owlry and sent the letters then went back to my dorm to try and sleep. The next morning was as painful as usual to get up. I got ready and Hermione and I met the boys in the Common Room to go to breakfast. Classes were cancelled due to dance lessons…this should be interesting. All of Gryffindor sat in the Great Hall, boys on one side and girls on the other. Professor McGonagall stood in the middle of us all and talked about the Yule Ball. She, then, did something very funny…

"Mr. Weasley," she said, pointing to Ron. He stood warily and walked to her. "Place your right hand on my waist."

"Where?" Ron asked, his voice shaking slightly. Filch started the music up and the two started dancing. I tried very hard to contain my laughter. Professor McGonagall stopped and did another unexpected thing…

"Ms. Diggory, if you would please…" I stood up and walked over to Ron. I smiled as I placed my hand on his shoulder and his hand on my waist. He grabbed my other hand and we danced in time with the music. Soon, all of Gryffindor was dancing. Our lesson ended and I smiled sheepishly at Ron as I let my hands fall to my sides. I grabbed my things and followed everyone out.

"That was brilliant, Anna," Fred said, walking up behind me.

"How was our baby brother at dancing?" George asked.

"Why are you guys doing this to me?"

"Because we can," they said in unison. We headed off to the Study Hall they assigned us in place of class. I couldn't concentrate because it was too damn quiet, so I stuck my ear buds in my ears and listened to my iPod. I joined the conversation as it ended with Hermione storming off pissed as hell.

"Did I miss something?"

"Yeah, Ron just asked Hermione to the Ball out of desperation."

"Oh…I thought it was something worse than that! Thanks for telling me, Harry." He nodded his head in response as Ron opened his mouth to talk.

"So, Anna. Who are you going with?"

"Probably myself. I don't need a date to have fun," I said, getting up and turning in my notes to Snape. I walked back and grabbed the rest of my things. "See you guys later." I put my stuff in my dorm room and grabbed a coat and my camera. It was nearly sunset, so I headed outside. Draco was no where to be seen, so I figured he was enduring the torture known as dance lessons. I took pictures as the sun set and walked back to my Common Room. As I sat down by the fire, Ginny and a few others were helping Ron walk in. "What happened?" I asked worried.

"He just asked Fleur Delacor out," Ginny replied.

"What?" Hermione and I asked incredulously.

"Well, he sort of screamed it, actually."

"What did she say?" I asked.

"No of course," Hermione replied. Ron shook his head. "She said yes?" she asked in shock.

"No…I ran for it." I couldn't help but feel slightly sick at this fact. It was getting to crowded in here…I need air.

"Guys, I'll be back," I said leaving.

"You alright?" Harry asked.

"Yeah…it's just getting too crowded. I'll see you guys later." I got out of the Common Room as quickly as I could. I was near the doors when I heard a voice.

"Anna!" I turned around to see the familiar blond I've grown fond of.

"Hey, Draco."

"Where are you going?"

"Oh…umm…the Common Room was getting to crowded, so I left to get some fresh air."

"Oh…well…mind if I join you?" he asked sheepishly.

"Sure." He took my hand and we walked towards the Black Lake. "So, what are you doing out of the Common Room?"

"I thought I'd apologize for not being there at sun set."

"You didn't have to. I figured you were in dance lessons."

"Yeah…they sucked."

"I figured."


"So…" I replied in the same tone.

"Do you have a date for the dance?" he asked nervously.

"No…why do you ask?" I replied, teasingly.

"Do you wanna go with me?" he asked slowly.

"I'd love to," I said, kissing his cheek. He smiled brightly at me and I returned it. We walked around a little longer and then he walked me to Gryffindor Tower.

"Bye, Anna."

"Bye, Draco." We stood there awkwardly for a moment until something unexpected happened…Draco leaned down and brushed his lips lightly over mine. We lingered for a moment and then I pulled back. "Night," I said, blushing. I turned back to the Fat Lady, who gave me a knowing look, and said the password. The portrait swung open and I walked in and headed straight up to my dorm room to find Hermione sitting on her bed reading a book.

"And why are you blushing and smiling like a mad woman?" Hermione said in a motherly tone.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Your expression. Tell me what happened!"

"Fine…but you have to promise not to go insane on me."

"I promise…now tell me!"

"I just had my first kiss…" I started nervously.

"OH, ANNA!" she shouted. "Tell me everything!"

"Just don't flip out on me, okay?"

"How bad could it be? It's not like you kissed Malfoy…oh, Anna, you didn't!" She exclaimed, noticing my expression.

"Yeah…but listen to me…" and so, I explained everything. "Just, please don't tell Harry and Ron. They'd hate me…"

"Anna, you have to tell them eventually."

"I know…I will…when I can get the courage to do it…"

"Anna…" she said in a warning tone.

"I will! I'm just afraid, that's all!"

"I know…and I promise not to tell them. Your secret's safe with me."

"Thanks, Mione."

"No problem. Now…next time we go to Hogsmeade, we need to find dresses and stuff to go with it."

"Okay." That weekend, we found our dresses and everything to go with it.

The Night of the Yule Ball…

"Just let me finish putting your hair up…and then…you're all set," Hermione said, putting the final touches on my hair. "You're done!" Hermione handed me a mirror and I took a look at my hair. It was up in a fancy design with pieces hanging down in light curls. My make-up was normal, except for the bright red lipstick and black eye shadow. I put barbells in my lip piercings and put studs in the rest. "He's gunna die when he sees you, Anna." I smiled up at Hermione and got up to give her a hug.


"No problem, Anna. I'll see you down there."

Ron's P.O.V…

"Stop playing with it!" Harry shouted at me. I hated the dress robes I was wearing. They were horrible. We walked down and met the Patil twins. The four of us stood there awkwardly until the two gasped from shock.

"Anna!" they shouted. Harry and I turned as the twins ran by us to meet the girl in question. And there she was…walking down the steps looking like a gothic angel. She was wearing a…corset…and a long red skirt with black mesh-stuff over it, along with black gloves. She looked amazing…

"Close your mouth…you'll catch flies," Anna said, placing her hand under my chin and closing my jaw…

Anna's P.O.V…

I walked down the stairs nervously. I spotted Harry and Ron with the Patil twins and the two girls saw me…

"Anna!" they shouted as I reached the bottom of the stairs. They engulfed me in a hug and spun me around to get a better look at my outfit. I walked over to the boys and gave Harry a huge hug.

"You look good, Potter."

"So do you, Anna," he said, letting go. I looked over at Ron and giggled at his expression.

"Close your mouth…you'll catch flies," I said, closing his mouth. Ron snapped out of his stupor and gave me a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "You look handsome, Ron."

"Thanks, Anna. You look amazing," he said, blushing slightly. We pulled apart a little, but were still in each other's arms.

"Thanks," I said, sheepishly. Harry cleared his throat and we dropped our arms.

"There you are, Potter," Professor McGonagall said walking over to us. "Are you and Miss Patil ready?"

"Ready, Professor?"

"To dance!" I giggled as McGonagall told Harry that he and Padma would have to dance in front of everyone.

"You didn't know that, Harry?" I asked.

"No!" he answered in a panicked tone. I laughed.

"Ms. Diggory, you look…" she said, teary-eyed. She stared at me for a moment, as if trying to figure out if I was real or not. I unconsciously stepped closer to Ron feeling weird about the shock. But then again, it's not every day that you see me in a dress…she was brought out of her trance when she noticed what Ron was wearing. She walked away shortly after and I turned back to my friends.

"I should go. My date's waiting for me."

"I thought you said you were going alone." Ron said, with a little hurt in his voice.

"At the time you asked me, I was. But someone asked me and I said yes. The subject wasn't brought up in a conversation again so I didn't deem it necessary to randomly bring it up. Look, I'll come and hang out for a while during the night, okay?"

"Have fun, Anna," Harry said, giving me a huge hug.

"Thanks," I said smiling. The twins gave me a joined hug and I turned to Ron. I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, "No matter what anyone says…you look great. Remember that."

"Thanks, Anna," he whispered back smiling. I kissed his cheek lightly and pulled away, smiling at him. His ears went pink as I smiled at him shyly. I looked at Harry and the twins and gave a final wave. I found Cedric and Cho waiting to walk in, so I decided to talk to them.

Ron's P.O.V…

"I should go. My date's waiting for me," she said. What the bloody hell?

"I thought you said you were going alone," I asked, hurt. Someone was taking her to the ball…why was I feeling upset about this? It's not like…I…bloody hell…I was jealous.

She started saying goodbye to everyone and turned to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered softly in my ear, causing me to shiver. "No matter what anyone says…you look great. Remember that."

"Thanks, Anna," I said with a smile. Her lips touched my cheek ever so lightly and she smiled at me shyly. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. I watched her walk away, talking to Cho and Cedric as she walked by. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It was hard to believe that this was Anna. She smiled and laughed as she talked to her cousin and his date. It felt like I was dreaming, almost. She was just a figment of my imagination. I watched her walk off and I lost sight of her. Parvati and I walked into the Great Hall right before the champions walked in, no sight of Anna anywhere…

Anna's P.O.V…

(Quick A/N: Certain songs have the lyrics to them here…if you don't know the song, please listen to it while it's happening…)

I walked away from Cho and Cedric to find Draco…which wasn't that hard. He caught sight of me and his jaw dropped.

"You look amazing," he said, kissing me lightly. I smiled shyly, blushing a bit. "Shall we go in?" I nodded my response and he took my hand, leading me into the Great Hall. It looked beautiful! I wish I had brought my camera! Oh well…Draco led me to a table and we watched as the four Champions walked into the Hall. Cedric looked great and Harry looked…scared, to say the least. The champions started dancing, and soon everyone was joining in. "Dance with me?" he asked, holding his hand out. I smiled and walked out to the dance floor with him. We danced in sync with the other people and the song ended shortly after. A Wizard Rock band came on stage and I had no idea who they were. I asked Draco, and he explained. The Weird Sisters…cool name. The music wasn't too bad either. The band played a few more songs and then the crowd started chanting, "ANNA! ANNA!" The lights set on me as Draco pushed me towards the stage. They actually knew a muggle song. They started playing crushcrushcrush by Paramore, and the lead singer handed over the mic to let me sing.

I got a lot to say to you
Yeah, I got a lot to say
I noticed your eyes are always glued to me
Keeping them here
And it makes no sense at all

They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies
They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies

Crush, crush
(Two, three, four!)

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone
Just the one, two I was just counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than this

If you want to play it like a game
Well, come on, come on, let's play
Cause I'd rather waste my life pretending
Than have to forget you for one whole minute

They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies
They taped over your mouth
Scribbled out the truth with their lies
You little spies

Crush, crush
(Two, three, four!)

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone
Just the one, two I was just counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than this now

Rock and roll, baby
Don't you know that we're all alone now?
I need something to sing about
Rock and roll, hey
Don't you know, baby, we're all alone now?
I need something to sing about
Rock and roll, hey
Don't you know, baby, we're all alone now?
Give me something to sing about

The crowd was loving it. They were singing along and dancing to the music. It was great! I was amazed I could sing in a corset! Anyways, the crowd started cheering as I walked off stage. I walked over to Draco, whose arms were outstretched. He pulled me into a huge hug as I smiled from ear to ear.

"You were amazing, Anna," he whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. "You looked as happy as you did in the picture you gave me."


"Yeah. You do," he said smiling. I kissed him lightly, smiling the whole time. The band finished there set and they brought out a…DJ? I had a very confused look on my face and I turned to Draco. "The teachers thought it would be a good idea to have some muggle music. People put in request lists…including me. I kind of borrowed your iPod-thing and gave them the song list."

"So that's where it went!"

"Yeah…sorry about that…"

"It's cool." The DJ started playing some great muggle music and Draco and I danced…but I didn't see Harry or Ron. "Hey, mind if I go dance with my friends for a while?"

"Nope, go have fun," he said, kissing my cheek. I walked over to Harry, Ron, and the twins…they were sitting down…and the twins looked pissed

"What the hell is this? You know what? Fuck it! Get up…now! You guys are dancing whether you like it or not!"

"We don't dance," Ron said, grumpily.

"Fine then…I'm stealing your dates. Girls, lets dance." They gladly joined me and we walked to the edge of the dance floor, where the boys could still see us. The Ying Yang Twin's Shake played through the hall and the three of us were dancing our asses off. Hermione came over and joined us. We were laughing and dancing the whole time, forgetting about our dates as we danced. The song changed to something I wasn't expecting…and it was definitely from my play list…Everyone stopped dancing as the crazy laughter filled the room…

I Love my Faygo, my Nyquil pills, Shaggy, I love my buddies, my hatchet man, but I love my axe

My axe is my buddy, I bring him when I walk
me and my axe will leave your head outlined in chalk
My axe is my buddy, he always makes me laugh
me and my axe cut bigot spinal chords in half
My axe is my buddy, and when I wind him back
me and my axe will give your forehead a butt crack
My axe is my buddy, I never leave without him
me and my axe will leave your neck a bloody fountain

everybody everybody everybody run
murdering murdering murdering fun
swing swing swing
chop chop chop
swing swing swing
chop chop chop

My axe is my buddy, we right the planet's wrongs
me and my axe leave bigots dead on richie lawns
My axe is my buddy, he never make me cry
me and my axe will leave a divot for your eye


My axe is my buddy, don't take him for a chump
me and my axe will leave you hoppin' on a stump


Look into the deadest tree, tell me baby what you see
Don't you hear the branches cry, asking for the reasons why
did they hang so many men, from the branches off of them
Why did humans make them play, with them in their evil way
Look into the moon's beam, can't you fathom what it's seen
Bodies dragging from a truck, driven by a bigot fuck
Why you think the heavens cry, acid rain and blizzard skies
Aint no covering the tracks, that's why I'm here and oh yes

My axe is my buddy, he'll thump into your head
me and my axe will make your white boobies red
My axe is my buddy, you let that dixie wave
me and my axe will fuck your mother on your grave


My axe is my buddy, we both cry with the trees
me and my axe will bring the devil to his knees


As the song played, everyone gathered in a circle to watch me sing and dance to the song. What can I say, I had fun with it! I got in people's faces as I sang…even Harry and Ron watched! Meaning…they got out of their seats! The Slytherins were loving the song, though! Sick bastards… Everyone stared at me as I sang to the song. I like violent music…so what? It was funny though…welcome to the world of Insane Clown Posse… The song ended and "normal music" came back on. The crowd broke and everyone pretended like they didn't just hear that song. I laughed as we all danced to Low by Flo Rida and T-Pain. The song ended and Harry and Ron still haven't danced. I walked over to the boys and pulled Harry up.

"You two are dancing…and I won't take 'no' for an answer! Ron, get up!" He sat there… "Please?" I asked sweetly. I got no reply… "Please?" I asked with the puppy dog eyes. He stayed silent. I pulled off my heels and my gloves in frustration, "The gloves are literally coming off, Ronald Weasley!" I started to get on my knees when Parvati stopped me.

"ANNA! What about your dress?"

"I know…and I'm giving him the greatest cleavage shot a guy could ask for…what's your point?" I said, getting on my knees. "Please? I'm begging you. I'm getting my skirt dirty and giving you a fantastic view right now…so will you please dance with me?" He shook his head no…so, what did I do? I got up and sat on his lap…closer view of the cleavage shot…so what? "Please?" I asked, getting close to his face and pressing my body against his. "Whatever! I give up!" I got up as the intro to Juggalo Homies came on…oh yeah, definitely my play list…

(I know you ain't there
That's why I just want to let you know something bro
You all know I love you
You all know you're my homies
And eh... Alright we'll talk later - peace!)

[Violent J
Let me ask you this about this life we live
And let me try to swerve some of this attention you give
To them distant ass relatives over ham dinner
If they really missed you so much
Why don't they just call a (Muthafucka) ?
If you wasn't blood, would you still have love?
Or in fact does the blood make you think you have to love?
Look, I probably love my family more than anybody here
But my homies are family too, 3rd cousins' get outta here
Who was you with when you got tattooed?
And who was you trippin' with when you did them mushrooms?
And who the fuck threw up all over your car?
And then felt worse than you about that shit in the morning? (Friends ya'll)

[Shaggy 2 Dope
Who loaned you money, homie?
Who owes you cash? (Who?)
Who taught you how to use the bong for the grass? (Who?)
I don't know much but I gotta assume
When ya hit ya first neden, ya homies was in the other room

We talkin' about HOMIES! HOMIES!
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine
Our motha fuckin' HOMIES! HOMIES!
We throwin' up clown love signs (Real Juggalo)
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine

[Violent J
Have you ever had a job that you truly despise?
Like I don't know maybe dish washin', or fuckin' flippin' fries
And you got this boss who thinks he's the Don Mega
Because he the head manager (Chief Chili Fry Maker)
All you can vision is ya'll beating him down
Your homies standing on his back while you kicking his head around
But responsibility is there, I can't lie though
I'd of been plucked his fucking eye ball out with a chicken bone
I'm crazy as fuck, I'll rip your piercings off
And now my homies are holding me back so I don't look soft

[Shaggy 2 Dope
When you snuck the car out who did you get? (Who?)
And when you got caught, who you blame the shit? (Who?)
Who can you relax around and scratch your balls? (Who?)
Homies, I'm talking about like you and yours

We talkin' about HOMIES! HOMIES!
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine
Our motha fuckin' HOMIES! HOMIES!
We throwin' up clown love signs (Real Juggalo)
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine

[Violent J, Anybody Killers, and Juggalos
You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Keep it in your click fuck the outside baby
You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Runnin' with the homies until I'm old like Grady

[Jamie Madrox
Me and my homies stay tight like a noose
And if you step to one of us you better step to the whole crew
I never knew that I could depend
That I could have some friends that's down to the very end
Well that's my homeboys excuse me, my family
And when we conquer the world
We mackin' on the galaxy
'cause sky's the limit and we ain't finished
And if my homies gonna ride ya know I'm with it

[Monoxide Child
Puff it and pass it and I give it to my homies ya'll
Hit it and quit it and then I give it to my homies ya'll
I got the world around my finger with my homies ya'll
And everything is obsolete unless I hear my homies call
We world wide, were homies across the planet
Sticking together like zippers on Michael Jackson's "Beat It jacket"
They got my back like a tat for that, I love ya'll
Hanging till we old and gray like grandpas (Psychopathic)

[Chorus - Repeat somewhat
We talkin' about HOMIES! HOMIES!
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine
Our motha fuckin' HOMIES! HOMIES!
We throwin' up clown love signs (Real Juggalo)
Talkin' about the Road Dogs of mine

You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Keep it in your click fuck the outside baby
You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Runnin' with the homies until I'm old like Grady

You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Keep it in your click fuck the outside baby
You don't like me, you can fuck on!
Carnival ain't for everyone!
Swingin' hatches on the daily with my crew actin' crazy

Dancing to this song with my friends was great…Ron even got up and joined us when the first chorus kicked in. He had a good time. I caught sight of Draco as the beginning of In My Room started. I smiled and walked over to him. He grabbed my hands and placed them around his neck, pulling me close. He sang in my ear as our bodies moved close together to the music.

2:45 and the bell went off,
Thank God,
Many people think I'm odd
But I talk with no one,
And I walk alone, and I avoid sunlight with a chalky tone
I get home and don't say hi,
It aint no one there,
I don't care I walk in and go right up the stairs
To my room
Get in bed and just wait for dark cause that's when the real show starts (tap tap)
'tap tap' on the glass go the piece of ass'
So young and pretty its too bad she past
But she comes to my room and we talk at night, she's demonic and bloody, but she holds me tight
In my bedroom, with her I'm never alone, and I kiss her cold lips until morning comes
Then she gone,
I can still hear her voice loom.
But she only exists in the dark of my room

[chorus: x2

(I cant ignore you)
In my room
(do anything for you)
(I do adore you)
In My Room...
You and I

I try to smile a lot, but I'm always frontin, but I do love a ghost and at least that's something.
She don't talk much,
When she do it get cold,
Usually we just lay there and we hold each other, we're lovers we don't need others,
One of my mother's cats jumped up on the covers
And it scared my baby guess she don't like pets so I twisted its fuckin head off at the neck
Look baby,
It's bloody, it's gone, it's doomed, please come back to the room I do anything for thy, don't ignore me this is more than a sick love story
Without you I'd bring a shotgun to school and I will if you want me to for any reason
I hate that u leave when the lights come on and if I had it my way the fuckin sun would be gone!

[chorus x2

Sometimes I kiss her and I start shakin, she slips me the tongue and it taste like bacon.
Uh oh something's wrong baby's upset
She told me she was spotted by the neighbor's kid
She cant come back now cause they know our secret
Unless I can make them keep it.
If I do she may come to life now in their yard with a shotgun and knife
Cut the screen
Went in and found the kid
Blew a bowl of spaghetti in the side of his head, the daddy was next runnin down the hall, I shredded his throat and he was
Quick to fall, tossed the moss berg and gripped the knife, started stabbin the shit out of his wife,
Went home a bloody mess with a job well done.
Wash up and wait for my baby to come

[chorus x2

I waited two or three days, four days, waited for the tap tap like always. I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess.
I waited two or three months, four months, waited for the tap tap just for once. I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess.
I waited two or three days, four days, waited for the tap tap like always. I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess.
I waited two or three months, four months, waited for the tap tap just for once. I waited and hated this I created a bloody mess.

Ron's P.O.V…

I looked around the hall and caught sight of Anna dancing with her date. I couldn't really tell who she was dancing with, though. Anna turned around and continued dancing, her back pushed on his chest…wait…is that…Malfoy? They were close…too close…and too cozy. This had to be wrong…

"Harry, is that Anna dancing with Malfoy?" I asked him.

"I…think it is…" he said, looking at them. I don't know what came over me…I got up and walked over to them. I was pissed

Anna's P.O.V…

We were so happy and in our own little world, that I didn't notice Ron storming over.

"Get the hell away from her, ferret!" he shouted, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from him. Draco grabbed my other arm and kept me where I was. The two started arguing with me literally in the middle.

"Will you two quit it! What the hell is your problem, Ron?" I shouted at them.

"What the hell is this ferret doing dancing with you?"

"He's my date, Ron!" I shouted back.

"Are you serious!"

"Yes, I am! He asked me and I said yes."

"How could you do that? He's our enemy!"

"No, Ron, he's your enemy. Not mine."

"When did this happen? When did you even start hanging out with him?"

"First task. He asked me if I wanted to sit with him and I said yes."

"I can't believe you would do this, Anna!" he shouted.

"So you know what you do to avoid something like this? Ask me before someone else does!" I shouted back, with tears in my eyes. I ran out of the hall and up to the tower. The Fat Lady let me in without me saying the password…I was too upset to talk. I don't even know why I was crying so much. I ran to my room and fell on my bed, crying like there was no tomorrow. Hermione came rushing in moments later and pulled me into her arms, rubbing my back as I cried. It took me a good twenty minutes before I calmed down enough to talk.

"What happened, Anna?"

"Ron. He saw me and Draco dancing. He got so mad at me," I said, new tears forming.

"Come on, let's get you out of these clothes and get some sleep." I was too weak to move so she did everything for me. She got me in my pajamas and took off my make-up. She took all the pins out of my hair and put it in a loose ponytail. I was placed under the covers and tucked in. Honestly, I felt like I was five years old. She kissed my forehead and closed the shades around my bed. More tears slipped from my eyes as I drifted off into a restless sleep. Why was this bothering me so much?

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