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Jason Scott paused what he was doing a moment and looked around. The view from high steel was incredible - but not so incredible that he forgot where he was. There was an old saying among the guys that worked high steel - that it was like poison and one drop could kill you. He was looking forward to his lunch break. He was in the middle of an incredible book and he couldn't wait to pick up where he left off. Just then the whistle blew, signaling the start of lunch.

He started to head for the platform with the other guys when some instinct made him turn back. He turned just in time to see an air hose snap free from its tool and lash out toward a man nearby.

"Rick! Look out!" Jason hurried toward him as fast as he dared, knowing he would be too late. Everything seemed to slow down unbearably as he struggled to reach the man. He could hear one of the other guys calling on the radio to get the power cut to that compressor. He watched horrified as the hose struck Rick in the face. Jason dove the last several feet and, at the last moment grabbed Rick's hand. Time returned to normal as Jason slammed down onto the girder. Rick's weight pulled him toward the edge.

"Whatever you do, Scott, don't let go!" Rick begged him.

Through gritted teeth, Jason replied, "Wasn't planning on it." He knew that he had to move carefully. He was balanced on a knife edge as it was and Rick's swinging weight wasn't helping. Slowly, he pulled the man upward until Rick could get a grip on the steel beam. Just as Rick was able to grab hold, Jason felt his world shift as the vibrations of the other men running to help the pair upset his precarious position. He made a grab for the support and missed. The last thing he heard was the horrified shouts of his coworkers as he fell.


Tommy Oliver pulled his cell phone out of his briefcase and dialed a familiar number. He needed to call Jason and confirm their plans for the next weekend. The phone rang several times before an unfamiliar voice answered.

"Hello?" the voice said.

Tommy frowned. "Who the hell is this?"

"Angel Grove General Hospital. Who is this?"

"Tommy Oliver. I'm looking for Jason Scott."

"Mr. Scott has been in a very serious accident. Do you know how to reach someone who can give us medical information?"

Tommy was numb. Jase? In an accident? "I can. I'll be there as soon as I can. I'll fax you what you need to treat him. I'm three hours away. I'll try to reach someone who can be there sooner and you can reach me through them."

The voice relayed a fax number and hung up. Tommy stared at his phone for a moment before scrolling through his phone book. Too far. In an all day meeting. Too far. Aha! Quickly, he dialed a number and prayed that she was home.