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Simultaneously, the girls turned toward the bed. Jason's eyes were sleepy, but they were open. Kim found her voice first. "Oh, thank god, Jason, you're awake. How do you feel?"

Jason frowned. "I hurt. What happened? Where's my mommy and daddy?"

The girls stared at him and then at each other. He sounded like a lost little boy. Before the girls could respond, he frowned again and said to Kat, "Who are you?"

"I'm a friend. My name is Katherine, but people call me Kat. Jason, how old are you?"

He frowned at the question. "Don't you know?"

Kat took a deep breath. "I do, but I want to make sure you do. Kim, why don't you get the doctor while Jason and I talk?"

Jason sounded panicked. "No! Kimmy, don't go!"

Kim hesitated. "Jason, we're best friends, right?" At his emphatic nod, she continued. "And you know that you can trust me. I promise that you will be safe with Kat while I go out and get the doctor. I won't be gone very long, okay?"

"Promise you'll come back?" Kim nodded and Jason reluctantly agreed. Kim hurried out of the room and Jason turned his attention back to Kat. "I'm six."

Kat mentally cringed. Her mind flew through everything she had learned in her nursing classes. Trauma, brain damage, temporary partial loss of memories - all were possibilities. She didn't know what to do. Just then the doctor swept into the room, Kim right behind him.

"Well, young man, you've given your friends quite a scare. How do you feel?"

"I hurt. Where's my mommy and daddy?"

Kim spoke up. "They had to go on a trip. They were gone when you fell. We tried to call them, but we haven't reached them yet. As soon as we can, we'll tell them what happened and they'll come home. Kat and I have to leave the room so the doctor can check you out, okay? We'll be back, I promise."

Jason pouted, but he nodded and the girls left the room. By unspoken agreement, they headed for the exit so they could make a few phone calls. As they walked, Kat suddenly said, "He thinks he's six years old."

Kim frowned. She suddenly remembered something. "If I remember correctly, when he was six, he fell out of a tree. He had to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. Fortunately, nothing was broken."

Kat absorbed this information. "It's possible that he's reverted to this stage because he doesn't want to remember the trauma of what he went through a week ago. There's a big difference between falling out of a tree and falling fifteen stories."

Kim nodded. "I don't know what his parents will do when they find out." The girls stepped outside and pulled out their phones. Kim started calling Billy and Trini as Kat dialed Tommy. She waited as it rang.

"What's up, Kat?" he greeted her.

"Good news and bad news. Which do you want first?"

"I could use a bit of good news."

"Okay." Kat took a deep breath. "Jason woke up."

"Aw, man, that's awesome. So what's the bad news?"

"He thinks he's six years old."

Silence. "I think I misheard you, Kat. It sounded like you said that he thinks he's six years old."

Kat sighed. "I did. Kim mentioned that when he was six he fell out of a tree and had to spend the night in hospital. It's possible that his mind has covered the trauma with these memories so he doesn't have to deal with it."

Kat could hear Tommy take a deep breath. "Okay, I'll be there tonight. I'll call the hotel and see if they can change my reservation."

On impulse, Kat said, "Cancel it. You can stay at my place. I have plenty of room and there's no reason for you to waste the money."

"I don't want to be a bother."

"No bother. Besides, I'm closer to the hospital than the hotel is."

Tommy hesitated. "All right. Thanks."

"I gotta go now and call other people. We'll see you tonight."

They hung up. Kat and Kim finished their calls as quickly as they could. Kat was hanging up her phone from the last call when she realized something. "That's why he didn't recognize me."


"If he thinks he's six years old, then his memories of everybody except his friends at that age are repressed, too."

"That's why he recognized me" Kim realized. "Then he'll remember Billy, Trini and Zack, but nobody else."

"But he recognized you as an adult. That means that some part of his brain is still connecting the past and the present."

The girls headed back toward the room. Kim mentioned, "You know, we probably should tell the doctor that Jason thinks he's six."

Kat answered, amused, "Oh, I'm sure he'll find out - probably the hard way."

"Uh oh" Kim said. "At six, Jason was afraid of needles. Add to that he probably hasn't lost much of his strength -"

The girls exchanged looks and ran for the room. As they got closer, they could hear a commotion coming from the room. They flung the door open and stared for a moment at what they saw before jumping into action. Four orderlies had Jason pinned down and the doctor was preparing to stick him with a syringe. Kim kicked the syringe out of the doctor's hand and shoved him against the wall. The girls pulled the other men off Jason and Kat ordered them out of the room. She turned on the doctor, sparing only the briefest glance to see Kim comforting and calming Jason.

"Have you lost your mind?" Her voice was low and dangerous. "Is that how you treat patients?"

"He was fighting me and we had to calm him down." Before the doctor could say another word, Kat pinned him against the wall.

"Tell me" she said between clenched teeth. "Does this calm YOU down?"

"N-no" he stuttered.

"Get out of here" Kat hissed, sounding much like her namesake. "I will be calling an attorney on his behalf and I want his case transferred to another doctor."


"Immediately!" she snapped as she released him. The doctor scurried out of the room. Kat turned to Kim. "Is he okay?"

Kim nodded. Kat picked up the phone in the room and dialed. When the person on the other end of the line answered, she said, "It's Kat. I'm fine, but I need your legal expertise." She went on to explain everything that had transpired from Tommy's first call up until a few minutes before. "I'm calling on you as a friend and a former Blue. Will you help?"

She listened for a few minutes before she spoke again. "I think Tommy has that. I can probably have him fax it to you. I'll call him right now. Thanks - I owe you one. See you later."

Kat hung up and dialed another number. As she waited for Tommy to pick up, she noticed the curious look on Kim's face and that Jason had fallen asleep. She said to Kim, "I'll explain in a minute." Just then Tommy answered his phone.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing I can't handle. Listen, do you have power of attorney for Jason while he's incapacitated?"

"Yes, why?"

"Good. I need you to fax that along with a letter stating that you are retaining Justin Stewart as an attorney on Jason's behalf."

"What? Why?"

"Please trust me and just do it. I promise that I'll explain everything when you get here."

Tommy's mind raced. He knew that something was wrong, but Kat said it was handled. He made his decision. "Okay. Where do I need to fax it to?"

Kat gave him the number and thanked him. He replied, "I know you wouldn't do this without a good reason, but I expect the full story when I get there. I'll see you about five or six o'clock."

Kat agreed and hung up. She turned to Kim. "Justin served with the Turbos after Rocky was hurt. He'll come through."

Kim smiled. "Thank goodness you knew that. I wouldn't have been able to think of anyone."

Kat waved it off as she went over to pick up the syringe. "I'll be right back" she said. "I want to see what's in this."

Kat took the syringe to the nurses station and approached a young woman there. "Hi, Becky."

"Hello Kat. What can I do for you?"

Kat told her what had happened in the room. Becky gasped. Kat said, "I want to know what he was going to give Jason."

"I'll find out what I can" she promised, then lowered her voice. "It might help you to know that this wouldn't be the first time that Doctor Mellon has been in trouble for the same kind of thing."

Kat's eyes narrowed. "Is that so? Is there another doctor in the hospital that can take over Jason's case?"

"Oh yes. Doctor Smalls is the best. The only reason she didn't get his case is that she was off duty at the time."

"Between you and me, can she deal with the psychological aspect of the trauma too?"

"If she can't, she has another doctor that she works with - also the best in his specialty - mental trauma."

"Good. Can you get in touch with Doctor Smalls and see if she'll take over Jason's case?"

"I'll page her now and see if she's available."

"Thanks" Kat smiled at the girl. "Let me know what's in that syringe."

"Will do."

Kat headed back to the room. She sat down and looked at Kim. "Now we wait."

"For what?"

Kat filled her in on the conversation she'd had with the nurse. "Hopefully, we'll know what was in it and Justin will be here before I get arrested or thrown out of the hospital for assaulting the doctor."