Cute little thing I thought of when I was reading a book.

Based off of 'A Pirate's Life For Me' (you don't have to read it to understand this)

Some ages: Tom 16, Casey 14, Willy 13, Dieum 7 and Jack 2


it won't let me put up the e-mail adresses i gave will and jack (sad face)

Dieum and Jack sat at the computer playing some game and yelling at each other over who made a mistake.

"You've got mail," could be heard throughout the entire house. Dieum and Jack slid back in their rolling chair. Casey who just came home from rugby practice ran over to see if it was for her; unfortunately she wasn't the only one. Tom burst into the office, followed by Willy and then Casey.

"They were shipping my new book today—," Tom began going for the mouse.

"Dork," Dieum remarked grabbing the mouse.

Casey went to speak, "It's not your new shoes and I doubt it's your wakeboard," Dieum replied still holding the mouse.

"Or it could be for me," a voice behind the bickering children stated. They turned to find their father standing in the doorframe just arriving home from work. Dieum replaced the mouse and stood up. Jack followed and the chair was now empty.

"Thank you," Will stated walking over to the computer; exiting Dieum and Jack's game he opened his e-mail. Just as Will planned, the screen read 'One new message'. Casey punched the air, she had no idea where her shoes were, and really wanted to, Willy was waiting for his new wakeboard that he was promised for his birthday and Tom just ordered a book he wanted from some store online.

The email

How have things been, haven't seen you in a while! Last week I went out and got my new yacht, the Black Pearl. What a name, right? Things have been awful boring with you and Liz gone, so how about next summer holidays you pack up the gang and have a stay on the yacht, my treat. There are still seven of you I hope, because I don't know if the Pearl can handle any more than twelve people. Just messing with you! Send your reply any time, I'm not busy.


Will felt the five pairs of eyes behind him reading the e-mail. Casey held Jack and looked very happy with the message.

"What do you think about that," he asked. The children sent their replies (all a shouted 'YES!') and were very excited.

"It's just barely April though," Tom pointed out.

"What'll Mom say," Dieum inquired.

"I don't think she could object, we need a summer vacation anyway," Will pointed out.


Over dinner the family seemed very excited to go on such a vacation, and by 10 pm flights were booked and Jack got his reply. The only thing that upset Casey was that she'd be missing rugby camp with all her friends, but remembered rugby camp would come around again, this was a trip of a lifetime.

The next day…

Casey sat on the bus talking to her friends. Since sixth grade she's been going to an all girls school and since seventh she's been captain of the rugby team.

"Guess what," she asked her friend Sammi.

"What," Sammi inquired along with the other girls.

"I can't go to rugby camp this summer," Casey said with a frown.

The girls questioned why and she replied, "My parents are dragging me to Jamaica with the brothers to stay at some resort and then go on their friend's yacht."

"Isn't that dreadful?" The girls' mouths hung open.

"You're kidding right," Katie inquired.

"I'm sorry—," Casey began.

"You'd rather play rugby in the rain and mud than sit on a beach for two weeks," Paige shouted.

"That's a good point," Casey finally agreed.

Maybe one summer without rugby won't hurt…