Don't make Shinmei Ryu angry. Especially the women, but in this case, just in general.

It'd been a fairly peaceful day. His group had decided to take a break after landing in Japan, with everyone going their seperate ways. As nice as the peace was, it made a certain Nagi quite bored. So, he'd gone looking for something to do. Simple, right? He was just looking for the first thing that caught his eye. It wasn't his fault that he'd ended up at a Hot Spring.

Now, you're probably wondering what could this possible have to do with anything? A Hot Spring, why does this matter? Preposterous, get to the fight scene! But this is the most important part!

It was an open-air hot spring. Very well furbished (quite expensive too). It was not, however, seperated into two sides. Mixed bathing, it's called. You're supposed to wear swimming trunks. Nagi paid no heed to any signs he passed. And so, he came upon this beautiful hot spring, which had only one other occupant. A beautiful woman, with black hair down to her back and big, chocolate colored eyes. Evidently a local who, conveniently enough, also forgot to read the signs. A short exchange, a playful wink, and a cute blush later, Nagi was across the pool.

Now, if you were to look at this from a third person's perspective, you'd see a suave and handsome young English man dressed in a hand towel leaned down, talking seductively to an equally clad, but terrible blushing, stammering and needless to say quite embarrassed young japanese girl.

Kanon Eishun was actually a very composed and mature individual. At 22 years old, he was respected not just as a master of Shinmei Ryu, but as a capable and trustworthy leader. Which is why so many questioned his travels with Nagi Springfield. However, coming upon this scene, he went from calm and composed, to flabbergasted and shocked, to just plain enraged.

Here's the breakdown:


"Hm? Oh, hey Eishun! Whatcha up to?"

"Eh? Anata?" (1)





"Umm...Eishun, yo...this...well...sigh it's exactly what it looks like."


-scream that you'd expect out of a little girl-


"Get back here Nagi!"

"I don't wanna die!"


"Hmmm... they seem to be getting along quite well..."

"eh? Who?"

"Ah, pleased to meet your acquaintance. My name is Ku:nel Sanders." -grin-


And so, in one night, a legend was born. True, Nagi learned his lesson about the true nature of a Shinmei Ryu, but more importantly, the legend of the Kyoto Streaker, chased by an evil banshee across the entire city, was born.

"C'mon Eishun! It was a misunderstanding!"

"You can clear your name in HELL! ZANGANKEN!"

Considering Eishun's reaction, though, Nagi still wishes, just a little, that he'd managed to score with "Kimiko-Ojousama".

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(1) Anata means "darling" in japanese, right? right? oh no...