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"My god."

There they stood 2 best friends transfixed on something they had never thought possible.

"He did it. He really did it."

One a mage, and the other a tall swordsman.

"Should I kill him?" questioned the swordsman in an all too serious tone, gripping his sword in reflex.

"I'm not sure...part of me wants to strangle the life out of him, and the other part wants to congratulate him..."

The mages eyes were round as saucers, and his mouth was open. Almost as if the man was in awe.


"I mean, yeah! Let's kill that bastard!" He began laughing nervously, even as his companion looked at him accusingly.

"Wow, Nagi. I never thought you were into this type of thing."

"Oh, come off it! I was just caught off guard is all!"

A man in a featureless cloak happenned to come in at this very moment.

"Hello, gentleman. What's got you so worked up this fine evening?"

The two men rounded on him almost instantly.

"What you ask? I think you damn well know, Albireo-san!"

"Seriously Al! What the hell?"

Taking a moment to remove his hood, revealing a shifty looking but probably reasonably attractive man, the stranger blinked for a second before replying.

"Aya, I thought we agreed I wanted to be called Col. Sanders?"

"Who the hell would agree to that?!"

"Don't change the subject!"

Al finally looked from them to the subject of tonight's argument. Honestly, he thought he'd made a real breakthrough as far as this sort of thing goes...

"Well, she DID change into the clothes herself..."

"That's because you switched them out when she was taking a bath, pervert!"

"Ara, you saw that?" Touching his hand to the back of his head, he scratched guiltily.

Now, Nagi had known this fellow for a decent amount of time. Sure, not long in the other man's eyes, but being 16, knowing Al for 5 years did seem like a long enough time, given his understanding of some of Al's "unhealthier" habits. Now honestly, he really wouldn't have cared if he'd dressed her up in a sailor uniform (though at her age it'd be kinda weird), and he MIGHT have let a school swimsuit fly. Hell, he would've even been willing to ignore the French Maid's outfit (complete with glasses?!) altogether. But seriously, who tried to combine all 3? Not to mention, in the first place, putting all this on a 7 year old girl wasn't appealing in the least. Seriously! It wasn't like he was a pervert or something! Yeah! Wait, just when were we narrating from Nagi's point of view specifically?

Having finished scratching, AND of course having ignored the fourth wall and read my previous narration, Al began to dig into his robes for something.

"Oy, Al. What are you doing?" Nagi, with a hint of worry in his voice said, stepping back, as whenever Al actually needed to fish something out of his robes, it ended badly.

"I'm going to remedy the situation." Said mage said as he stepped over to the little girl swinging her legs while sitting on a log. "Here Asuna, say 'aah".

After she silently replied, he popped a red pill into her mouth and stepped back. Said samurai and younger mage could do little as the little girl disappeared in a cloud of smoke, replaced by something they were barely able to register before they fell unconscious from blood loss.

Taking a look at his still unconscious coompanions, he turned back to Asuna, said girl having long transformed back and changed into more "practical" clothing as she put it.


"Yes, what is it, princess?"

"I'm worried. I don't think it's safe for them to lose that much blood at once, especially not through the nose..."

"Ara, that's a completely natural thing for men to do when there are cute girls around. Don't let it bother you."

She seemed both unconvinced at that point, and asked what the purpose of his so called "experiment" was.

"Ohoho...the experiment isn't over yet." he replied with a glint in his eye, and even the stoic Asuna had to shudder momentarily.

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