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Summery: Elizabeth is a 17 year old girl who is on the run from Sir Guy of Gisbourne. She has her 5 year old sister with her and she is trying to get her to the other side of Sherwood Forest as soon as possible for if Gisbourne should find her they will both be sent to hang. On the way they happen to run into a bunch of outlaws. Some are nice others only seem to cause trouble for the two sisters.

Disclaimer: I own no original characters from the Robin Hood Series. I just like to play with them and make them my little puppets and make them do as I please! grins evilly the only characters I own are the ones I make up (and you will most likely know which ones those are).

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Chapter One…

The path seemed to move under Elizabeth's feet as she ran through Sherwood Forest. The sounds of the hooves beating the path and the yells of guards seemed to echo off the trees.

'I've got to keep running, I can't let them get her.' Elizabeth thought. She had her 6 year old sister in her arms as she ran. Gisbourne's men were hot on her tail. They were chasing her because for some strange reason Gisbourne believed she embarrassed him in front of the whole village.

Elizabeth was one of the maids that worked in Locksley Manor, and had been for the past two years. By being one of the maids her family was protected from the wrath of Sir Guy of Gisbourne. Her Father had died soon after she started working in the manor, the doctor claimed it was old age. She was fifteen. After that Elizabeth spent all of her free time taking care of her younger sister while her mother either rest or worked out in the garden.

The hoof beats were getting closer. As fast as she was she couldn't out run the horses.

'What am I to do?' thought Elizabeth. 'I can't out run these guards. I have to find somewhere to hide, and soon.' Elizabeth kept running along the path. She was growing tired. The weight of her sister in her arms and the sword she kept at her side were great.

She soon passed a tree whose branches were bending down so far they touched the ground. Giving her and Sarah a safe place to hide till the guards past. She quickly slid behind the branch and laid down on the ground as flat as she could with Sarah still in her arms.

"Shh…Quiet Sarah, keep your head down and don't make a sound." Elizabeth whispered to her sister as the guards approached. The air around them seemed to stand still as the horses rushed past. Elizabeth unknowingly held her breath, for fear if she were to breath it would alert the angry guards of their hiding place.

Soon the horses had past. Elizabeth held their position for just a moment longer, as if she expected the guards to turn around and ride back. When she didn't hear the hoof beats any more she finally stood up with Sarah.

"That was close, don't you think?" Elizabeth asked her sister. All Sarah could do was nod.

"Come on, let's get walking." Elizabeth said as she took Sarah's hand and began to lead her through the forest away from the path the guards took, knowing they would return on the same path to report to their master saying that she had escaped.

"Lizzie?" Sarah's small voice asked. "Where are we going?"

Elizabeth didn't want to scare her little sister by telling her that she didn't know where they were going but not answering her was just the same.

"Why that's simple, we are going to…to Wadlow." Elizabeth answered after a moment's pause. "We are going to Wadlow. We will go there and you can stay and play with your cousins, Alexander and Mary. You remember them and uncle Jacob and aunt Alice?"

"A bit, but what are you going to do?" Sarah asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You said I could stay with Uncle Jacob and Aunt Alice, but what about you?"

"Don't you worry about me, I will be fine. I just have to take care of some things before I can stay with you." Elizabeth didn't know how to tell her that she had been declared an outlaw when they ran into the woods. Sarah would be safe with their aunt and uncle but if Elizabeth stayed there no one would be safe. Besides the woods was no place for a grown girl like herself, let alone child such as Sarah.

They continued walking for what seemed like hours. It was soon growing towards noon.

"Lizzie, I'm tired, can we stop for a while. My feet hurt." Sarah asked.

"I know Sarah but if we stop then we will only have to walk longer, besides there are outlaws in this part of the forest." Elizabeth replied. She saw the hurt expression on Sarah's face. "Here, get on." Elizabeth said as she bent down to have Sarah grab onto her neck and wrap her legs around her waist. Soon Sarah was sitting on Elizabeth's back as they continued through the woods.

"Thanks." Sarah said as she squeezed Elizabeth's neck in a hug. "You're a good sister."

"So are you." Elizabeth replied. The rest of the walk was silent. Elizabeth's mind went over the day's events. So much had happened. She had been labeled an outlaw, her mother gave her Sarah and her father's sword and told her to run, she had been nearly trampled by horses. The day had been full of unexpected things. 'what could happen next? Could this day get any worse?' Elizabeth thought to her self. Footsteps in front of her interrupted her thoughts. She froze in mid-step. 'is it more guards? Had they found her?' Thoughts flooded her mind.

She looked ahead. She saw no one. But that didn't mean no one was there. She had to be careful. She had Sarah on her back. She couldn't let any harm come to her.

She continued forward while adjusting Sarah's sleeping form on her back. She heard the noise again. This time there were two. One on either side of her. Elizabeth grabbed the hilt of her sword ready to fight if she needed to. She continued cautiously, glancing from one side to the other, listening for any movement other then what her feet were making.

When she heard nothing she began to relax. The sky was starting to get dark. They would have to make camp soon. Elizabeth was having enough trouble walking through the woods when there was light there was no way she could make it during the night. She was about to find a spot for them to rest tonight when she heard another noise. This time much closer.

It was coming from behind her. She stopped again. This time unsheathing her sword as she whirled around. Sarah had already jumped to the ground. And hid behind Elizabeth's cloak.

"Whose there?" Elizabeth asked in a loud voice. Showing none of the fear that was in her. "Show yourself at once."

Two men appeared from behind some of the trees.

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